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Loreena McKennitt — Aura Readings and a Skilled Empath Merge


The Canadian singer/writer/composer is our second Loveable in this series. TLChang requested an aura reading, pointing me in the direction of her website, Quinlan Road. (Click here for the image used for this spiritual reading.)

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Don’t know another thing about Loreena, and I love it that way, doing aura readings as the first thing to inform me about a person. Some people think of auras as intuitive reading; others strive for scientific accuracy at reading energy fields. But for me, it’s a matter of preparing properly, then asking about a person, plugging in, and finding answers directly from a super-accessible hologram of the soul. For background about my approach to doing aura readings, click onto this set of FAQs.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Loreena still carries vestiges of shyness from her childhood. It reminds me of a thin, hard icing on a cake.

Next comes the softer frosting, a strong feminine energy, a quality that predominates in her entire aura and, no doubt, informs her art.

Finally, I note her presence as an ancient being, a very old soul indeed, who comes in this time with an almost uncanny degree of perceptiveness, a huge empath talent, and strong analytical awareness. Meeting people, she first makes contact with her intellect.

Belly Chakra Databank for Creativity as a Singer

Steadying herself is the big creative challenge. When singing, Loreena is so strongly connected to feelings (her own, the audience’s) that she must perpetually find ways to come to a place of outward calm and make that the prevailing texture of her voice. Letting go to express emotion isn’t hard part. It’s creatively coming back, again and again, to “her sound.” Each journey back is a creative, and technical, achievement for her.

Belly Chakra Databank for Creativity as a Composer

Mostly, Loreena just writes it down. When she swims through the space in consciousness where the music finds her, Loreena shows the grace of a swan. Just enough of her stays present as an individual for her to notate the music. Otherwise, she is truly out of the way, surrendered to the experience.

I should also note that while she’s composing in this way, her display at the High Heart Chakra is just glorious. Performing is necessary for her, sacred even, but the pure experience of receiving the music is mega-glory, quintuple the festive display at her High Heart, all lit up with Divine connection.

Belly Chakra Databank for Creativity as a Songwriter

If you ask Loreena, I think she’ll admit that this is her least favorite (being Canadian, she’d say “least favourite”) one of the trio. Composing and singing are way more pleasurable for her as creative acts. But writing the words? Sure, she can find those words, make them work, refine them. But mostly I feel that she does this part because she sure as heck isn’t going to let anyone else write the words to those songs.

Actually, the process of songwriting is good for her spiritual growth, because she must integrate the Divine with the human, hammering together the words that work best, compromising, using patience and stamina, employing all she has learned so far about keeping self-criticism at a difference, just letting the art form be.

Empath Interlude

Before describing the last two aura databanks in this profile of Loreena McKennitt, I may as well go into detail about the empath gifts that I notice in her.

My basic definition will be familiar to those of you who have studied with me (personal mentoring, taking an Intensive, just plain reading one of my many books for Empath Empowerment® and using the techniques there). Empaths are born, not made. Being an empath has nothing to do with having a high emotional IQ. It need not be emotional at all, neither how the empath gift is experienced nor how the empath’s personality comes across to others.

What is an empath then? It is someone who has at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be someone else. By doing a Skilled Empath Merge (using a dedicated technique to turn your empath gift(s) on extra strong), you can safely “become” that person energetically, for a short time, then return to your own experience of self. And, as is true of all that you do as a skilled empath, you will not pick up any of that person’s “stuff” to carry within your aura.

So, having just done an Skilled Empath Merge on this wonderful artist, I can report on her sequence of lifelong Empath gifts, starting with the strongest: Spiritual Oneness, Intellectual Shape Shifting, Environmental Empath gift, Animal Empath gift, Physical Intuition, and Emotional Intuition. (All these are defined, in detail, in The Empowered Empath)

Yes, Loreena isn’t just an empath. Having even one of these gifts would qualify her as an empath. She is a super-talented empath, which will surely affect how she sings. So bring on those last two databanks in our research.

Throat Chakra Databank for Singing Before an Audience

Energetically, Loreena merges with her audience. She moves healing energy into them, getting out of the way in a manner that is similar (though not identical) to what she does inwardly while composing.

No wonder steadying herself is such an important component of performing for her.

Noticing how she does this merging, I must say that I would love to be an Empath Coach for her. Hey, if singers have voice coaches, why shouldn’t Empath singers have empath coaches? Technically, I do notice some problems in how she merges while singing, and I believe that the method she has stumbled upon causes her to be quite exhausted after a performance. I would love to help her change this.

Otherwise, describing what it is like for the listener, in general, if you’re in the audience you will feel touched by a nurturing, intelligent, witty presence. During and immediately after the performance, you will feel better than usual about yourself.

Throat Chakra Databank for Studio Singing as a Recording Artist

Energy flow from Loreena is mega-bigger than when she performs. It has taken her a while to make a shift from her singing style live to the studio mode of performing, but the shift allows her to play more with the technical values of her singing. And, because she really does co-create with God (in her own way, whatever she’d call that), the inspiration rings through, rings true.

Ms. Chang, thank you so much for introducing this artist to our blog community at Deeper Perception Made Practical. As an artist yourself, and one with a colossal spiritual commitment, it’s no wonder that you love this woman.

All you Blog-Buddies, comment away. Add your readings, whether aura readings, Skilled Empath merges, or reading faces. If any of you have actually heard Ms. McKennitt sing, do tell. Can you relate to my description?

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  1. 1
    Kathy (Lilylady) says:

    Hi Rose,
    Henry and I have many cds by Lorenna. She definitely is an old soul and much of that old soulness comes through in her singing. Her voice and music is lovely.

  2. 2
    tlchang says:

    Rose, Thank you so much for this posting.

    I was introduced Loreena McKennitt’s music over a decade ago and was immediately grabbed by it at a very visceral level. In reading more about Ms. McKennitt’s creative process and approaches to life and art in the intervening year’s, I’ve felt an even greater affinity for her and her work.

    I got the chance to see her perform live in Seattle last year (I feel very lucky – she does not tour often!) and it was a gorgeous experience on every level – visual, auditory and visceral. There are a couple of paintings I want to do inspired by that performance. Not many artists impact me this way.

    You have wonderfully detailed here many of the things I have felt about her but not been able to fully verbalize. Especially in ways that I’d like my own creative process to be more ‘inspired’…

    Thanks again!


  3. 3
    tlchang says:

    Rose, I wanted to ask you a follow-up question if I may.

    In speaking of Loreena McKennitt’s creativity as a composer you said: “Mostly, Loreena just writes it down. When she swims through the space in consciousness where the music finds her, Loreena shows the grace of a swan. Just enough of her stays present as an individual for her to notate the music. Otherwise, she is truly out of the way, surrendered to the experience.” – which I just LOVE the feeling of.

    Can you tell me, is this something that just “is”, on a gift level, or is this something that can be learned or otherwise aquired? That ‘swimming through consciousness to where (art) finds you’ is a thing I long for, but find incredibly elusive. I feels like there is a complete disconnect between what I am feeling and wanting to express creatively, and my ability to visualize it or otherwise express it in tangible form. It is a constant frustration and I feel like I can’t really progress much further as I’d like to in the realms of art and creativity unless I can get past this…

    I’d appreciate your thoughts?


  4. 4
    Karin says:

    Coming back to the question why some performers turn very weird during their career and drop out in the end (like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and others) I wonder how the others protect themselves of the impact of their audience and how the audience exactly impacts them?

  5. 5
    Karin says:

    There are samples of how she sings at her website: [Link No Longer Available] is one.

  6. 6
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,

    Thank you so much for the lovely reading of Loreena McKennitt. I have listened to her music many times
    and it thrills my “celtic soul”. It would be great if she were consciously aware of how multi-talented
    an empath she is.

  7. 7

    Thanks, KARIN, COLLEEN and TARA for your comments.

    And, Karin, thanks for your comment elsewhere about properly enabling comment notification as a subscriber!

    Tara, I’m devoting today’s blogpost to your question.

  8. 8
    Celticmyst says:

    My compliments, you did very well, everything you say about her is true.


  9. 9
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    You compare Loreena to a swan. If you haven’t heard her sing yet, the FIRST thing you should listen to is her recording of “The Bonny Swans.” I think you are spot-on with your assessment. When she performs in concert, the audience is so silent you could hear a pin drop in the musical silences. People in the Neo-Pagan religions adore her; back in the 1990s I actually wanted to BE her. Ironically, having gotten away from being a “wanna-be” anything and focusing on telling the story of Persephone as a rock opera, NOW people are telling me, “I always wondered what it would sound like if Loreena McKennitt wrote a musical — this is it.”

  10. 10
    Jeanne says:

    Rose, yours is a wonderfully remarkable assessment–and I’d like to ask, have you by any chance had the opportunity to hear Loreena sing in a live performance as of yet, or are you planning to, one day? Hers is an incredible presence, a talent which should be experienced ‘live’ to be fully appreciated. I’d like to tell a little story here about a relatively short yet highly personal experience I had with her, and see what you and others may think of it. I apologize in advance if my story becomes a bit long in the telling.

    Loreena has fascinated me since I began hearing her music anonymously in the late 90’s, finally figuring out ‘who she was’ by 2004, then obtaining all her recordings to enjoy. It was listening to her live CDs which really did it for me–her voice virtually settled into the center of my being and shook me to the core, forcing me to pay attention, somehow letting me know there was ‘something I was supposed to learn’ from her. Never had I experienced anything quite like this before; I’ve listened to plenty of music all my life and was formerly a performing musician myself, so this extreme reaction felt puzzling, and more than a little disconcerting, to say the least.

    Last year after attending three of Loreena’s US concerts, I was privileged to be asked for a pre-concert, private sit-down chat with her which ended up lasting for an hour and 15 minutes. At previous concerts, there’d only been time during after-concert meet-and-greets to exchange a few pleasantries and then quickly move on, but this little pre-arranged get-together was to be something quite different. I could never have expected what was about to happen both during and after our scheduled talk.

    While discussing some highly personal matters with me, Loreena began non-verbally ‘asking for hugs’ here and there throughout our conversation. Not being a person easily given over to being hugged by anyone, this greatly surprised me. Yet strangely (for me), those hugs did not upset me in any way. Instead, they afforded me a benefit I wasn’t expecting: I could ‘feel her insides’ and thus experience her emotions and fairly well feel what it was like, to have lived through some of the most recent unfortunate episodes she’d been forced to undergo, and I also felt a glimpse of both her inner strength and her ‘protective shield’ (for lack of a better descriptive phrase) she has built, against the world’s prying eyes. Most of all, I realized how different a person she is from what many of her fans seem to believe of her, how carefully she perpetuates a unique ‘public persona’ she wishes to be professionally known by instead, and how truly vulnerable, even emotionally fragile she can be at times. It’s that very vulnerability and shyness she has worked so hard to learn to disguise when necessary, for her own survival and sense of well-being. And I realized that, as the hugs continued to come periodically, she ‘knew’ that I also was coming to ‘know’. I cannot help but think that she could also ‘feel me’ inside.

    Surprisingly, at the end of our chat, she asked me if I’d please remain after the concert, because she wished to say goodbye. I hadn’t planned to stay; feeling more than a little dissociated, of course I agreed to come see her again later at the informal meet-and-greet. I had found it virtually impossible to disagree with or not totally believe all the many things she had spoken with me about earlier, and now I found it equally impossible to refuse her a simple last request. All I had to do was, relax and enjoy my way through another ‘mind-blowing Loreena McKennitt concert’, first–always a rare treat and truly profound experience.

    That little after-concert exchange involved perhaps her most ‘telling’ embrace. She said nothing, just grasped my hands–hard–and it didn’t even hurt, despite the arthritis in my fingers. Then she turned loose, gave a little choking sound followed by a gasp, and grabbed me in a full-body hug, absolutely filled with emotion, which of course transferred right into me. It all seemed to last for several timeless minutes, but surely must gone on for only 60 to 90 seconds or so. Eventually, I managed a few words of thanks for the wonderful concert while I struggled against bursting into tears from the power of that intense encounter. Although it felt very much as though we were in a world all our own, I could eventually sense the eyes of those behind me (who were still waiting their turns to speak with her) virtually burning into my backside. Oddly, I didn’t mind, despite the spectacle the two of us so ‘entwined’ must have surely have made. Somehow we managed to break apart from each other at the exact same moment, and I could see that Loreena, quite rosy-cheeked and teary-eyed, was obviously experiencing something to do with me on a deeper level, too. Upon looking heavily into her eyes at that time, I instantly fell into a comfortable, trance-like state, made as graceful an exit as possible, found my car, and drove back to my motel. I remained in that rather stunned state the entire night, unable to fall asleep; I finally slept when I arrived back at home the next day. But that intense trance-like condition I’d fallen into lasted for several days; happily, I wasn’t ever uncomfortable with it. In fact, it took several weeks for the feeling of it to totally dissipate.

    For whatever reason, the chat, the hugs, all the ‘exchanges’–our encounter seemed to afford Loreena some sense of ease, a source of comfort for that evening. Now, then–I do not believe that she actually remembers me, or even recalls any of what transpired between us that night, but I can’t help wondering: are these kinds of ‘temporary connections’ something she does engage in, when the opportunity presents itself? Could ours have been an actual brief but strong empathic merging? It sure felt that way. I am far from being her equal though; she seems incredibly powerful, and I must admit to having felt as though I were under some sort of pleasant, gently induced but persistent ‘spell’ I couldn’t step out of.

    Just as Loreena’s voice appears to have some wonderful healing qualitites–I’ve personally experienced some of that physical healing–I’m thinking that perhaps she also has the ability to seek out others, even among her fans on occasion, from whom to obtain something akin to what she appears to have received from me last October. I mean, this was a mutual sharing–I don’t wish to imply that she ‘took’ without giving back. Indeed, what she ‘gave’ me packed quite a punch!

    I would simply like to know something of what it all most likely meant, or didn’t mean; it’s not exactly a subject I could ever ask her about, as I’m certain she has far too much on her mind to even remember it. I feel somewhat uneasy even telling this story here, as I understand how private a human being she is. That is why I’ve waited so long to make this reply in your comments block. But, my continuing curiosity about this encounter finally got the best of me.

    I’ll admit to being an extremely ‘unskilled’ emotional empath who is ‘off-the-charts’ on the HSP scale. There have been several empathic mergings with others before, but those were with friends, not with people I didn’t know rather well, much less performing celebrities who didn’t know me from Adam. When this first began for me many years ago, I had no idea there was a term for it. Perhaps this matter of empathy, and the merging, is ‘what I am supposed to learn’ about, and that wanting to know more about it is the thing I somehow received from Loreena through her music.

    Thus, I do look forward to soon purchasing your book about empathy, and see if I can better learn what if anything I’m supposed to do with this small bit of ‘gift’ I seem to have, and perhaps not do with it, as well.

  11. 11

    JEANNE, what a lovely and generous sharing you’ve done here.

    No, I haven’t heard Loreena yet, though I would love to. Maybe a bit easier when I return to America from Japan, in about nine days.

    EMPOWERED BY EMPATHY might well make a difference for you. If you can manage it, the audiobook edition might be especially helpful; it has a whole layer of empath energy encoded into the hearing process as Marilyn Cooley and I were the narrators. You can hear a sound bite by clicking on the book cover at, then clicking again where the link takes you.

    Hugs are such a great way to connect to people, and when I finished today’s workshop for empaths for about 30 people, most came over for a handshake or hug. I’m looking forward to being with them again tomorrow.

    And to reading further comments by YOU.

  12. 12
    Shan-Lyn says:

    Hello Rose,

    Shan-Lyn here. Just letting you know that I will be writing to you shortly. I respect Loreena’s privacy, hence what I’d like to share is not for all the world to know. Will catch you soon. 😉

    Kind regards,

  13. 13

    SHAN, now that is a mysterious comment. If you, or other Blog-Buddies, are in touch with the talented Loreena, please share the reading I’ve done of her.

    One way or another, I’m looking forward to being “caught” by you.

    Thanks for writing,


  14. 14
    Shan-Lyn says:

    Hi Rose,

    Shan here again. My next few comments are not meant to make anyone feel uncomfortable, and I do pray the understanding is there.

    I just wanted to shed a bit of light as to why my previous comment might have seemed ‘mysterious’. It’s that, I do so much respect Loreena’s privacy, not just in physicality but in all strata of her life, and yes, that includes her spirituality/mind.

    Personally, (and perhaps I’m projecting myself here – naturally, by way of psychology and not literal projection), being the acute Empath that I am, if someone would have given my photo to someone else, asking them for a ‘reading’ of me, I would not have been a happy camper because, I would have found this an invasion of my personal energies, and also, I have experienced ‘connections’ with people trying to read me, and it’s not always a pleasant experience, literally, as energies are literally ‘forced’ upon me to begin with, aside from the invasion of my ‘inward privacy’. I know immediately when people try to read me.

    Many people have asked me to ‘read’ others for them, and I refuse, because I don’t feel I have that right. Oh, I certainly have the capability to ‘pick up’ or sense what another person is going through, but I keep this private within myself.

    In returning to Loreena, if she is an Empath (and she is), then out of respect towards her, why should people be so curious to take advantage of her energies just to satisfy their curiosities? Why can’t they just write to her and ask her, “Who are you Loreena?”, and then wait.

    Loreena already knows this about me, that this is what I would support/defend her for the most. She’s proven more than enough that she can certainly defend herself on the physical plateaus, but I’ve often sensed how so many seem to want to ‘cheat’ their way into her private ‘insides’.

    This is why Rose, I wanted to write to you privately. Out of respect for Loreena, you see? It’s the ethical thing to do.

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Kind regards,

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