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Loveable, Cheeky John Bogle

If you’re going to choose a candidate for aura readings and reading faces, why not think big? Why not think of a man whose mission of mercy-and-money is big?

When we had our Three Loveables Contest, Elise wrote that Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, has had a mission ever since college to make investing “accessible and affordable (and free of rip-off) to regular people.”

Let’s start our parade of spiritual reading with some face data. To read along, and comment with additional face insights, click on this link, then copy the picture and enlarge it. For basics about my system of Face Reading Secrets, one good place to start is the FAQ section at my website about physiognomy.


High ears are so rare. But notice that John’s aren’t just exceptionally long but placed high, peeking out over his eyebrows. This suggests a gift for understanding things long before others do.

Recently I heard a radio interview about  a different John and his reputation as “a maverick.” Hearing that he has voted with other Republicans some 85% of the time, I also heard sound bites of media reporters reinforcing the label unquestioningly. Clearly Senator McCain’s status as a “maverick” is mostly myth, though about as prevalent as references in Homer to the Dawn being called “rosy fingered.”

How refreshing to read John Bogle instead of the Dawn or the presidential candidate. Even the most casual physiognomist will notice that these ears suggest something special. In my system of face reading, they really do mean vanguard tendencies. If I were a cowboy, I might even call HIM “a maverick.”

The potential challenge with high ears, on Bogle or anyone, is frustration. If he has positioned himself in such an unconventional role within the financial industry, he could have been receiving frustration two-fold, from his peers in the industry as well as investors. With mortgage scams unravelling, the American public is seeing the venality of that industry as we haven’t since the savings and loan crisis, or even the Great Depression.


With Bogle’s unconventional line of work, you might expect surprises from his cheeks. Nor would you be disappointed. Cover one half of his face at a time with a piece of blank paper and the asymmetries will jump out at you.

In personal life, corresponding to his left side of the face, Bogle has developed the Pacifist Power style, where he works hard to keep the peace. If necessary, he’ll bend over backwards, he tries so hard to keep things pleasant.

At work, however (corresponding to the right side of hs face), John Bogle is pure Leaderlike cheek thrust. He takes responsibility. He handles criticism.

And, if you look again you will see how extremely bony and prominent that right cheek is. You’ll even see a great example of something rather rare, a true high cheekbone. In practical terms, John Bogle uses his clout to stand up for his beliefs, popular or not.

Put all these cheek attributes together and what’s the biggest challenge? He has chosen something very unpopular to do, given the financial field. Wealthy interests aren’t used to being challenged by one of their own, and we’re not just talking potential unpopularity but facing rage from the rich and powerful, those whose arrogance grows with their sense of entitlement.

What do YOU see in that face to show John Bogle’s courage, shining a rare light into the murky corridors of financial power?

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    Outangled ears with exceptionally large earlobes. This is another “maverick” quality of not just following the unspoken rules. The exceptionally large earlobes are a sign of exceptional ability to pay attention to physical reality and to be grounded – a great quality to have in the financial world.

  2. 2
    Colleen says:

    I,too, noticed the outangled ears and the large earlobes…and I am not a face reader! Those are very excellent observations. See what one learns on this blog, and the E-zine, alone?

  3. 3
    Elise says:

    I was so tickled to see that Rose picked John Bogle to read for the #3 lovable reading! I am a fan of his and thought he made an intriguing nominee, because he seems to live out some fascinatingly spiritual virtues while fully appreciating the rules of the material world. Also it seems to me that the financial world is full of BS and greed and delusion, and challenges to anyone’s ability to keep their head on straight and see clearly, to which folks like John Bogle and a handful of others serve as a bracing antidote.

    I have read Wrinkles are God’s Makeup as a library book, so I will try to apply some of that book learning from memory.

    The main thing I notice in looking at Mr. Bogle’s image is that he has incredibly thick eyebrows, perhaps even thicker at the ends than at the beginning. If I correctly recall Rose’s book, eyebrows relate to the energy and application a person brings to endeavors from start to finish. As the creator of indexed mutual fund investing that relies on buying the entire market and then ‘staying the course’ until forever, those eyebrows suit him very well.

    Since reading the book, I am always aware of lower lip width, on the lookout for blarney lips – where a lower lip is several times wider than the upper lip. It interested me to see how thin Mr. Bogle’s lower lip is and it suggested to me the opposite of blarney – perhaps that he gives it to you straight, no prettifying?

    JB also has a very strong chin, though it is not out of proportion large. I’m pretty sure I recall the chin strength indicating a toughness of will, an ability to bull through obstacles?

    The other thing I notice is that he has a sort of notch or furrow wrinkle between his eyebrows. I am hazy on what that means, but I’m pretty sure it was something very good. I do recall in Rose’s book there was a photo of Mother Theresa showing the same sort of furrow. What did it mean…??

  4. 4
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    Nice to see an aura reading today as the second hologram.

    I find it difficult to see ear angles if the photo or face is taken at an angle – and the ear angling on JB is subtle. His maverick qualities are subtle – he’s not “out there” like Ross Perot was, but rather more wily, more creative – he plays by the rules but isn’t bound by them in a rigid way. He sees beyond the rules but knows how to work within the structure set before him – but can think “outside the box.”

    Unlike Elise, I don’t think the financial world is full of BS and greed and delusion, I just don’t think it is filled with people like JB and people who operate according to this values – which, if I read correctly, have to do with helping “the little guy” and a spirit of selflessness – or as Elise pointed out, living out spiritual values in a material world. Many people interested in finance aren’t really out to cheat the system, per se, they are just out to make a lot of money, with a lot of big players, and aren’t interested in giving any money away, even a dollar, or helping other people figure out how to make money. But they don’t necessarily try to cheat the system either, as Michael Milken did with selling “junk bonds.”

    I can think of several friends who never bought me a cup of coffee or even a birthday gift – I thought they were cheap, but not necessarily filled with BS, greed and delusion… They just didn’t want to spend money on other people.

    Yes, the large earlobes – I never language that properly. Myself having small earlobes, I suppose. I think of it as a form of grounding because it’s paying attention to the material things in life, but that is actually more specific and more accurate languaging. Thanks for bringing that up and adding that clarity. And I suppose people could pay attention to material things and still be ungrounded, too. They aren’t the same thing. But people with large earlobes aren’t ones I think of as off into the ethers.

    Bogle has a lot of interesting facial features. I’m also struck by his very thin eyelids on both sides. He’s exceptionally independent and needs space in his relationships, both personally and professionally.

    I’ll let others comment on his other very interesting facial and auric features.

  5. 5

    Anita, it does take a lot of practice to see face data confidently. The main thing is to keep looking on the level, and noticing whether the face that you see is on the level or not.

    We’re all used to seeing professional photographers work their magic, and much of it involves positioning camera angles and subjects to make a subject APPEAR more symmetrical.

    It gets to be a game after a while — outwit the wily photographer and see the real face. 😉

    Back at your comments here, you have done a real Anita job once again of combining perceptiveness and clarity with balance. You are going to make an amazing psychiatrist. In fact, you’re amazing right now!

  6. 6
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    This is true! Thanks for responding. Sometimes I debate whether photographers are working for artistic effect or otherwise… I love the beautiful photographs in all the glossies, but I also have to remind myself that with the photographers and Adobe photoshop, all is not as it really is. I admire celebrities who have been honest about the hair, makeup and airbrushing.

    I know why Elise made the comment she did. I used to think that all finance people were evil (and sometimes still do, on a bad day). And there are a lot of people who go into finance from my school. Some of them are great people, some aren’t, almost all are interested in making money. That’s just about the only common thread that they share. But some, like Bogle, are also great at helping their clients and their friends make money, too, by helping them to figure out where to invest and how to manage their money. And people like me (with our small earlobes) really need that and benefit from their expertise. So I’m grateful for those that are willing to help people like me.

    But I would still like to be treated to coffee every once in a while and get a gift on my birthday!

  7. 7
    Anita says:

    It’s hard to tell from this photo, but it looks like Bogle has very defined lips, almost like invisible lip liner – the singer John Mayer also has this unusual quality.

    It has to do with an exceptional talent with communication – being able to communicate especially well and to be persuasive to an audience as a result.

  8. 8
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,
    This reading on John Bogle has made me think of Suzy
    Orman. A face/aura reading on her might be interesting as well. She will be on Oprah today
    talking about what to do in a recession.

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