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May Contest: Role Models for Empaths


Of all types of intuitive readings, my favorite has got to be empath merges. It’s the ultimate way to sample an energy field, one step farther out/in from doing aura readings or other spiritual readings.

Contrary to 99% of the conversations I find in cyberspace, being an empath is NOT necessarily about weakness and suffering.  Instead it involves talent, and talent with you… from birth.

As for the science-fiction school of comment about empaths (“I am a fallen angel empath” etc.), I just have to say, “Are you kidding?”

However long you make being an empath a fantasy conversation, for just that long you are dooming yourself to suffer. Becoming skilled as an empath takes some care and attention here on the earth plane!

This is true regardless of which type of empath you may be. All unskilled empaths suffer.

Yet you’re not born to suffer, whether your (biggest) gift is emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, even animal. The definition of empath, after all, is not “born to stress out, then whine.”

Instead, being an empath simply means that you have at least one significant, trainable gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Whatever your gift set, you can become a skilled empath.

When this happens, you will habitually turn your empathy OFF most of the time, the turn it ON at will, for wisdom or service to others. (Ideally, for the latter, you will use dedicated techniques that make the experience extra strong, while protecting yourself against taking on fear, pain, etc. from the person.)

I call this incredibly fun act of service doing a “skilled empath merge.”


This morning, GingerSnaps at got me thinking that it is really important to have role models as an empath.

Which people do you know, like GingerSnaps, who have found their way into having their gifts turned OFF most of the time? These empaths don’t complain about how much they suffer because of being talented. They have learned how to harness that talent as part of a glorious life.

Are there any public figures, like celebrities, who are role models for you?

And do you consider YOURSELF a skilled empath?

One glowing example who comes to mind for me is the singer Alanis Morissette.

I did an empath merge and aura reading about her for a newspaper interview. Actually, I would be glad to share it. Although it wouldn’t be legal to post it here (Chicago Sun-Times articles are copyrighted, after all), I could personally send you a copy if you send me an email here: Rose[at]


Let’s create a list of skilled empaths who have juicy, sane, happy lives. Might be a first anywhere in cyberspace! Please put just one name in your comment. Fill up the rest of that comment by telling us Blog-Buddies about this person and why you believe that he or she is a skilled empath.

Whoever brings in the most comments, I’ll choose one of those people for a detailed Skilled Empath Merge here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

And that skills are about way more than what is commonly called “protection.”

Let’s celebrate everyone who has found a personal way to be skilled, whatever that way, so long as it works. My how-to, Empowered by Empathy, provides a reliable set of techniques, but they’re not the only techniques in the world.

This contest will close May 31, so I will just have time to do this special post, and proudly display our list, before I go to Japan for a month. You know, to teach about becoming a skilled empath!

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  1. 1
    Lisa W. says:

    Role models for empaths; now there’s a thought! Too bad I didn’t have one (Rose) until I was in my 40’s. I’ve been an unskilled nube, sloshing through life, absorbing pain. This thread will be great for people like me.

    My youngest son has had health problems for the past year. He just had surgery and is suffering a lot. I’m right there with him, wearing myself out. It’s hard for me to “turn it off” when it comes to my three children. I’m wondering what this does to my body (possibly contribute to heart problems)? (Rounded teeth bottoms, smallish front teeth and nose bonus will tell you that I learn life lessons through my heart, have a smallish ego and live to serve others.) None of this leaves much room for ME.

    I’m not aware enough to “turn it off” and come home to be rated as skilled or even somewhat skilled, especially when it comes to my family. Rose’s book was a God send; finally someone acknowledged what it’s like to live in my skin and go out of it frequently. But I’m still rushing out to empathize with my family and others. So, I‘ll eagerly read about empathic role models. I don’t know of any, besides Rose.

    Any role models for empathic mothers who live daily with that deep bond with their children yet allow their kids to live their own lives?

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I have felt the need for getting myself different kinds of therapies for years, but didn’t know that I was an empath. Maybe now that I have learnt to shut off my empathy at will I may feel more at ease with others and won’t have to continue going to different therapies.

    Other empaths who don’t want to feel probably become heavy smokers, that also kills sensitivity.

  3. 3
    JHS says:

    Thanks for participating in this week’s Carnival of Family Life. Be sure to stop by on Monday, May 12, 2008, and peruse the other wonderful articles included in this week’s edition!

  4. 4
    Ned says:

    I don’t have someone to offer, but you did make me realize why our paths have met.

    A few weeks ago, I got the feeling I should start reading people’s auras, but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I have a strong sixth sense, but it’s not something I’ve harnessed in this way.

    Seems there is something I can learn from you ;D

    I guess I’ll elect you Rose as my role model.

  5. 5
    Anita says:

    I think the young actress Natalie Portman or the reporter Ann Curry are good examples of skilled empaths… Maybe Diane Sawyer as well?

    Viggo Mortensen and Daniel Day-Lewis for men, but you recently read both of them for one of your e-zine articles.

  6. 6

    This article was selected for The Carnival of Inspiration and Motivation. Find other articles from today’s Carnival here:

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  7. 7
    Julie says:

    This is a hard question. Skilled empath role models! I’ve been thinking and thinking, without much success.

    Rose, I think you OWN that title. I can’t think of another person who can possibly compete. Those movie stars have nothing on you.

    But if I had to name one, I’d put a guess out there about Claire Danes, the actress from My So-Called Life, that delightfully angsty show from the 90s. She won a Golden Globe award for that when she was only 15 years old and has gone on since to be in movies like Little Women, Romeo and Juliet, and Stardust.

    She seems pretty stable, intelligent, and talented. I heard an interview with her where she had some interesting things to say. They asked her what it is like to be celebrity and she said it’s like being a blank canvas where people project onto you whatever they want to see. She said she sees it as part of her job, being of service to people as a canvas they project onto, and she’s okay with that, as long as she shields herself from it. It was that comment which made me think she’s a skilled empath, and has found ways to protect herself from taking on her fans’ thoughts, emotions, and miscellaneous “stuff”. So, she’s one possibility from Hollywood.

    BTW, now I’m curious to know what a “fallen angel empath” is. I’ll have to go look it up.

  8. 8

    Do share, Julie, if you find out.

    And thanks for everyone who considers me a good role model. Aw….

  9. 9
    Julie says:

    Sure, here’s a forum that defines the term “fallen angel empath”, along with seven other types of empaths:

    And here’s a quiz you can take to find out what type you are:

    I took it and got that I was a “Universal Empath”, which means I’m a little bit of everything, I guess. But then it went on to describe me as a genetic mutation, which I laughed long and hard over…that’s what I get for asking!

  10. 10
    Doris says:

    Is it possible the Academy award winning Marion Cotillard had an empathic experience in portraying Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose? In an interview she said though she studied available material on Piaf’s life and her lines, it seemed that as the shoot begin, she just knew what to say or do.

    One critic credits her performance as “…the performance for the ages..”

  11. 11

    JULIE, I’m laughing, too.

  12. 12

    DORIS, how wonderful to have you commenting here at the blog!

    I am a huge fan of Ms. Cotillard. I read her aura twice, for my annual readings of all the top actor/actress nominees. This article is part of what was sent out in my zine, which can be subscribed to at

    Meanwhile, for you and other fans of Marion Cotillard, I’m appending that part of the article below.

    Marion Cotillard and Piaf’s Oscar Aura Readings

    When you think of Academy Awards, do you think “spiritual reading”? If not, why not? Until you’re comfortable doing spiritual readings at will, how well can you use your full potential at doing Energy Healing?

    I have an annual custom of doing aura readings, comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles; it’s a great way to practice using deeper perception.

    Anyone nominated for Best Actor or Actress has the technical skills down cold. The voice, the walk, the imagination, the ability to make a role seem spontaneous and real.

    But an intuitive reading can show you something even more fascinating. Who changes so deep, even the aura is altered? What happens deep within energy fields?

    Auras combine changing experiences with gifts of the soul, components that usually don’t change. But can a super talented actor change all the way down to that level? Some can.

    This year, I have researched five ultra-revealing aura databanks on each nominee for Best Actress and Best Actor. Then I have used a photo of each nominee as herself or himself. For comparison, I have read those very same databanks on the actor or actress in the nominated movie role. In this article, we’re reading the super-duper performance of la merveilleuse Marion.

    Until you can do aura readings through a dedicated technique, try this short-cut. Look into the actor’s eyes, in the photo being read. Then turn to the comments on one chakra at a time. Alternating this sequence, you can taste the flavor pretty strongly.

    This is a kind of intuitive reading, a super-scaled-down version of one of my techniques for reading the soul through the eyes. You’ll receive just about 10% of the clarity from doing bona fide aura readings, but it’s fun. And it’s a start.

    However skilled you are so far with Energy Healing, whether you emphasize more your own healing or healing others, you know how important it is to be able to read energy fields. Who better to practice on than a film role that portrays the poster child for I NEED ENERGY HEALING, that great artist Edith Piaf?

    This is the one biopic in this year’s nominated performances for which a photo is available of the original character. That would be Edith Piaf, subject of “La Vie en Rose”, played by French nominee Marion Cotillard.

    Let’s read Cotillard first, using this picture: [Link No Longer available]


    Her big, intense, emotional presence has interesting qualities of being authoritative, demanding respect. And, of course, there’s the Frenchly feminine factor.

    SEX APPEAL at the Belly Chakra

    Huge as this presence is, I find uncommon warmth mixed in with the more typical actress quality of “Hey, pay attention. Swivel your head.”


    Marion leads with her heart. That’s how she finds her strength, and I can find plenty of growth in her life, unmistakable signs of struggle and learning. It is an impressive presence, blending great courage with an intrepid heart.

    Emotional Connection to Other People at the Heart Chakra

    Yes, she connects. Yes (like all of the actresses shown in this year’s group of nominees), Marion is most definitely an empath. What strikes me most about her as an individual, at this databank, is the softness.

    Even in public, she allows her heart to be open softly to others. That gentleness shows that she has chosen, then learned, a great deal about how to trust.

    SOUL DEVELOPMENT High Heart Chakra

    Compassion is the signature quality of this super-evolved being, now having a super-duper lifetime.


    Now let’s the same databanks on the real Edith Piaf, subject of “La Vie en Rose,” shown in this photograph:

    Talk about someone who needs Energy Healing!!!!!!!!


    Love her or fear her, Piaf is a walking embodiment of pain. Picture someone so traumatized that she shouldn’t be able to walk at all, yet she has regained the ability to move again. Most of this pain has, clearly, been emotional because Piaf is so heart-centered.

    SEX APPEAL at the Belly Chakra

    Ouchers! Piaf’s energy cascades like a fountain… of heartbreak.

    She specializes in tragic romance. It isn’t an especially huge display at this part of the great singer’s aura. Still, the poignancy is so intense, listeners might not be able to handle any more of that kind of misery.

    Think “lonely.” Think “abandoned.” Think “loved and lost.” Qualities like these form the subtext of Piaf’s being and, therefore, her singing.


    Power isn’t huge, but again it’s intense. Piaf’s dynamic is to struggle a bit, trying to stick up for herself. But she’s such a tragic figure, even to herself, that soon the struggle turns internal, even self-destructive.


    The chanteusse reaches out valiantly and oh, how she does need people! Piaf has a huge, un-fillable void within. If you should crave to be needed, you will fall in love with this woman. And if you have ever felt that there never could be enough love in your life, you just might identify with this singer.

    SOUL DEVELOPMENT at the High Heart Chakra

    Edith Piaf has a gorgeously young-adult soul, specializing in romance and pain. Her ability to give 200% through her art is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.


    Now for the performance by Marion playing Edith, as shown in this photo: [Link No Longer available]


    Golly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The resemblance to Piaf is uncanny. This is the “Open up a vein” school of art.

    SEX APPEAL at the Belly Chakra

    Here’s a cute cross between Piaf and Cotillard. The size of projection is way more like the film star, which means about five times bigger than anything managed by the singer.

    But the quality’s drastically altered. Instead of Cotillard’s usually happy, free-spirited sexiness, I find an imploring “Love me” connection to her audience. This is way more fun to watch than the real singer’s misery. Yet it does acknowledge the bottomless pit of Piaf’s torment.

    This performer’s choice couldn’t be smarter. Which kind of sex appeal would you rather watch for 10 seconds, let alone in a full-length movie?


    Here comes the victim! Cotillard has made herself quite Piaf-like, only the actress hasn’t managed to contort herself into as much a victim. Instead, there’s a brittleness.
    Not only does the quality impress me. I’m fascinated that the actress has dared (and managed) to compress her normal power to about one tenth of its normal size.


    The match is perfect, only Marion has considerably more charisma… which, mes amis, is saying a lot.

    SOUL DEVELOPMENT at the High Heart Chakra

    Cotillard transformed herself into a younger soul, getting the soul age just right.

    Total number of chakras dramatically changed: 5

    CONCLUSION: This is a magnificent performance, with changes all the way down to all five databanks studied. Cotillard did an uncanny imitation of Edith Piaf, yet she has made some smart artistic choices to make the character more appealing.

  13. 13
    Doris says:

    Rose, your readings of these individuals as well as the actor as the legend gives an even more fascinating dimension to the movie and a true confirmation of Cotillard’s acting skills used to portray her empathic impressions of Piaf.

  14. 14
    Anita says:


    That’s hysterical! But we always knew you were a genetic anomaly.

  15. 15
    Julie says:

    Thanks, Anita. Genetic anomaly sounds much better than genetic mutation, for some reason:)

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  16. 16
    miwi says:

    There is someone that I can recommend, Jenna Avery. She is a life coach that I have worked with. Jenna only works with HSPs (including empaths). Many of her clients seem to be healers, shamanic practitioners, psychics and those who work in the helping professions. The focus is on balancing the various areas of one’s personal life, living in the world at large and most importantly self-care all while being an HSP.

    There may be some variations in ideology as well as terminology. However, I believe that Rose and Jenna have the same goal of empowerment.

    One of Jenna’s mottos is learning to work with your sensitivity rather than against it. She is at

  17. 17
    Kristy S. says:

    This is in response to the recommendation of the Life Coach for helping to develop skill at being an empath. While I use a Life Coach for healing of soul issues as well as practical goals, what Rose teaches and helps us with as empaths is entirely different — in fact, it is not offered anywhere else except in her book, Empowered By Empathy and her workshops (…yet.)

    Rose’s approach to skilled empathy uses techniques that go beyond any “doing” and instead her techniques focus on how you can be you, with your empathy, skillfully, completely and with joy. It’s a wonderful method… and I recommend you read about them in her book.

    A personal session with Rose can help you to improve your skills at being an empath — by removing blockages you may have. I have had these sessions myself. Rose uses aura reading to tell you about your blockages and what can help your growth. These sessions are insightful and have helped me move forward as an empath tremendously, and with great improvement in my life.

    For a personal session with Rose, visit

  18. 18
    Anita says:

    Another celebrity I think is an empath and might be a skilled one is the musician John Mayer. Even before he became famous to the mainstream public, I was listening to his music and loving it (and him, too, I admit!).

    He has a fascinating face, especially his lips, which are unusual for a celebrity – the equally if not more full upper lip and lips that look like they have been outlined with skin-colored lip liner.

  19. 19
    Kaleigh Kliger says:

    Youve got much to declare regarding this subject, and therefore considerably understanding.

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