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How to Tell an Empath, with Aura Readings of Natalie Portman


Beautiful Natalie! Is she really a skilled empath and great role model for other empaths, as suggested by Anita in our earlier thread? Let’s explore.

Reading aura databanks along with me, you might find it helpful to use the photo reading technique explained at length in Read People Deeper. Actually, many of the techniques in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses would be helpful as well. One click away, you can find FAQs about aura readings here.

Thinking about background that might be useful for you, I’ve just had an Aha! The way I’ve developed of seeking out empath gifts — I guess that I never have explained to anyone… exactly how I do that.

So here’s a little theoretical interlude to include you in the small group of people in the world, so far, who know how to locate specific empathic gifts in my particular way.


What is an empath, anyway? By definition, an empath has at least one significant (trainable) gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Unskilled empaths suffer, because they instinctively take on the fear, pain, and other STUFF of people they have contact with. This stays inside the empath’s aura indefinitely. By contrast, a skilled empath learns to turn the built-in circuitry OFF most of the time, using consciousness.

This effortless turning OFF protects the empath; it is also great preparation for using techniques to turn empath gifts ON, doing this on purpose and safely. (As you probably know, I introduced both types of technique in Empowered by Empathy.)

Undoubtedly you know of many popular misconceptions about being an empath. Yesterday’s blog conversation addressed the “born to suffer” idea. An equally common misunderstanding is that being an empath means an emotional way of connecting to others.

You’ll find this, for instance, in Karla McLaren’s book about being an empath. I do find it fascinating that both of us independently came up with the term “skilled empath,” despite approaches that are otherwise so different. For instance, I don’t share her recommendation that empaths need other empaths for support because our lives are so hard. Also, unlike Karla, years after writing for empaths I haven’t repudiated my work and become an outspoken anti-New Ager!

As I researched what it means to be an empath, I found that empaths can have very diverse gifts. If you have any one of them, it will show up in the chakra related to that gift. In the reading of Natalie that follows, I’ll check out every chakra that can be related to a gift, so you’ll get the idea of how to do this type of research on your own. On anyone, in person or by means of a photograph.


I recommend two different approaches as the best way to find out if YOU are an empath and, if so, just which gift(s) you have.

1. Self-Recognition, Paying Attention, Giving Credit Where Due

In The Empowered Empath you’ll find definitions of many different gifts, followed up by examples about practical benefits and problems that show up as a result of having that particular gift. Each chunk of description was carefully designed to help trigger recognition if you have that gift. Or not trigger it if you don’t.

You can trust your reaction. If you can relate to a gift, as described, don’t second guess yourself with nasty little interrogations like, “But am I absolutely-tootly positive? Is it obvious to everyone else in the world? Ooh, horrors, might I be bragging?”

2. Aura Readings

Of course, information about empath gifts is encoded in aura databanks, just like any other gift of your soul.

Need you be an empath to tell if someone is an empath? Not at all. Having read thousands of auras, I don’t need to possess all those gifts in order to read them. Same goes for you.

Reading auras is a form of literacy, an essential survival skill in the 21st century. With regular literacy you can read about qualities you don’t have as a person, as well as qualities that you do have.


Okay, all is nicely framed now. Still using a photo of Natalie Portman:

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

This is always a revealing databank, and useful when scouting for empath gifts. Here I look for gifts like these:

  • Environmental Empath
  • Animal Empath
  • Physical Oneness
  • Physical Intuition

Even if there aren’t any, at this databank you can tell if someone’s empath nature is allowed to show as part of that person’s personality. Sometimes empath gifts are hidden. Sometimes they just can’t be hidden. Sometimes they are even exaggerated.

And that last possibility is the case, I believe, for Natalie Portman. Strongly empath, she has surrendered to her gifts. To put it another way, she identifies strongly with her consciousness, rather than her human identity.

In Natalie’s case, I suspect that a contributing factor is what she has needed to do to herself inwardly in order to achieve the “anorexic ideal” for movie stars.

Really, if you didn’t gasp with horror at the photo above, take another look. A camera is adding 10 pounds to what? If Natalie’s gorgeous, glowey face and magnificent dress were changed to those of a starving woman, would those arms and shoulders look much different?

Many of today’s movie stars are scarcely in their bodies, especially the women. Some are naturally thin, but how many people are naturally that thin? Natalie has been evolved enough to shift into identifying with spiritual awareness, rather than merely being cut off from a full experience of life, which is more common.

(If you want to explore an example of this, check out the comparison photos of Lady Diana in Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup, where I fill a chapter with references to how much she changed in a few short years. Read her aura and you’ll see how she shifted from being sensuous and grounded to being photogenically thin and detached from her body.)

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Intellectual Connection to Others

Natalie shows wonderful intellectual qualities: tenderness, refinement, and using her heart in conjunction with her mind. None of this is about otherness, however, so I wouldn’t consider her an Intellectual Empath.

Heart Chakra Databank for Connecting to Others Emotionally

Yes, here it is: Emotional Oneness. This is the emotional gift where an empath personally experiences feelings that really originate in other people.

Does Natalie also have Emotional Intuition? Not in my opinion. In fact, she has a psychologically oriented way of observing people’s emotions, probably part of her upbringing, certainly habitual, and rather creative. Does this way serve her now? Not particularly. I suspect she is in the process of realizing she has outgrown this; it could limit her experience of people and her acting.

Now that I have found a gift, how does one research whether an empath is skilled or not? Just read around more in that databank. Is there pain belonging to other people? What else do you find out.

Granted, you might need a bit of experience reading auras, or healing, or doing skilled empath merges to have this more 3-D experience of walking around inside a person’s aura databank. Having a fair amount of internal clarity (i.e., your own aura) But once you grow accustomed, I can assure you, it’s easy as tasting the flavors in a bite of apple pie.

With Natalie, do I find her to be a skilled empath, reading around in that same databank as the gift for Emotional Oneness?

I’ll put it this way: Portman is trained in the way that SHE would consider trained but not in the way I would consider trained. What’s her way? She takes in a great deal of emotional experience from other people. She takes it in without using consciousness to turn her gift OFF, so this is inevitable. She carries a significant part of pain belonging to others.

Yet, as it seems to me, Natalie believes in this kind of suffering and equates it with art. She sometimes explores how to look facially, use her voice and body to convey nuances of these emotional experiences. So her dedication to acting is part of the experience.

If someone told her that she could do all this better by being the kind of skilled empath that I train people to be… would she believe it? Would she dare to risk changing her ways? There’s an awful lot at stake right now. It would be very human to avoid changing something so intimately tied in with her life purpose, habits, artistic methodology, etc.

Come on, Natalie Portman. Give me a call. Then you can knock me over with a feather, or we can use feathers to tickle each other, your choice.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Something lovely is going on at this part of Natalie’s aura. She has a lovely spiritual connection, replete with Spiritual Oneness. Joy for others and sustenance for her own inner life are both flowing like a multicolored fountain.

Still, according to my reading, Natalie isn’t consciously using this empath gift as she uses the emotional one. She isn’t conscious of her consciousness. When she does this, then she’ll be able to make more use of all this.

Incidentally, the third eye chakra is my favorite place to go hunting for that rarest of empath gifts, being a Molecular Empath. (Not present here.)


If you have read along with me all the way to here, perhaps you have formed your own conclusion about whether you would consider Natalie Portman a skilled empath. Comment away with your insights and opinions!

Here’s my opinion: Natalie wears her empath nature as part of a winning, adorable, soft, and relatively sane personality. In that sense she is a great role model.

Here she is, a very talented empath, intentionally going into her experiences without the benefit of training about how to have skill. That sanity is really a feat, given her line of work and (not to be counter-culture unappreciative of the will strength involved) the vocational need to starve herself to the required degree to be a female star. I won’t begin to list all — or any — of the show biz folks whose auras show they are pretty darned messed up, arrogant, self-absorbed, drug-dependent, sexually obsessed, etc.

So yes, I admire Natalie Portman. She’s one beautiful empath.

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I really love this reading and thank you so so much for doing it. I’ve been curious about this young actress for a long time because I find her to be rare among the young, wealthy, and famous, and even more so in the world of acting and Hollywood.

    I really appreciated how you articulated the subtle difference of someone who is empathically talented and thinks she is skilled vs. someone who is actually a skilled empath (has trained the natural talent to be able to turn the gift ON, like a volume control, and by choice, and then also be able to turn the gift OFF, like turning the volume dial down).

    Because she wears her empathic talents so openly on her sleeve, so to speak (she has surrendered to her empathic gifts), and has her head and heart so well-integrated, I found it hard to distinguish whether she was truly skilled according to Rose’s lexicon or whether she was exceptionally winning… or both.

    Incidentally, Natalie was a psychology major when she studied at Harvard, so this may explain some of her psychological bent.

    I still admire this young actress for staying sane in a tough industry, for moving more into her spiritual experience rather than becoming detached from her body, and for being able to do all that so well without being a skilled empath. What a feat to take on so much of other people’s pain and projections and not end up like poor Britney Spears!

  2. 2
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,
    I just love this reading of Natalie Portman. I can’t add much to what Anita has already said. I am curious, though, about the term molecular empath. I thought that it is a stage of development and is no longer a type of empath,(as was previously mentioned in “Empowered By Empathy”)?

    I received my books in the mail yesterday, (including the newest one), and I spent last night and this morning going through it…how exciting!

    Thanks so much,


  3. 3
    Brian says:

    “Come on, Natalie Portman. Give me a call. Then you can knock me over with a feather, or we can use feathers to tickle each other, your choice.”

    Oops missed this on the list of sessions available, is it possible to bring your own feather ?.

  4. 4
    Karin says:

    Her anorexia looks horrible, it looks like fashionistas need to have women look weak, in other words the ideal victims.

    I wonder how anybody could admire this.

  5. 5

    KARIN, BRIAN, COLLEEN, ANITA — I admire all of YOU and thank you for sharing your comments.

  6. 6
    Ned says:

    I agree with your reading. I think she has a high level awareness of other people, more than most in Hollywood. I imagine she is a very intelligent woman. Her empathy comes from her intelligence, the third eye. This does not necessarily equate to an open heart, though. I do not feel that intimacy that comes from an open heart chakra. She probably only reveals this in privacy among a select few. Can’t say I blame her. That’s a tough business and she makes it look easy.

    If you are ever in Chicago, Rose, let me know. I don’t live too far from there.

    Japan’s awesome, I hope you have a wonderful trip. 😀

  7. 7

    NED, I would love to come to Chicago. All I need is a sponsor for workshops and sessions. Because of all the interviews I did for a Chicago paper, the Chicago Sun-Times, (34 profiles, each one 1 page or bigger) I feel a special pull toward your part of the country.

  8. 8
    Brian says:

    Cameron Diaz has had huge amounts of publicity as a film star, previously I thought she was/ is pretty but wondered if I was still missing something.

    Whilst watching Charlie’s Angels – Full Throttle yesterday I was mega impressed. Boy, is Cameron absolutely amazing. There were so many scenes when she went from being normal to being lit up like a like bulb with this amazing life force intensity. There were also loads of moments when she just reached out and connected with the heart to the other 2 stars, Lucy Liu & Drew Barrymore, who it seemed were totally unaware.

    Possibly check out more Cameron films, maybe I might just be a fan after all.

    Haven’t read any chakras for gifts so no idea if she is an empath but she is just so delightful to watch.

    Apologies to Cameron for tagging you on to the bottom of Natalie’s thread.

  9. 9
    Anabela says:

    I read an interview where Natalie said she cries easily. In fact, she says she cries all the time because of the world’s suffering. No doubt emotional oneness is there and it’s not something she has mastered.

    I always felt cool towards Portman – her acting leaves a lot to be desired, although many peers think she’s top talent. I find her acting to be awkward and unnatural. The reason is I feel she is so sensitive and inwardly turbulent that she projects these feelings into her characters – Acting is about who and what the character you’re playing is about – your character is not you. It was very evident to me that Portman’s acting was a filter for her pain, rather than a masterful acting talent where she creates a whole body language, manner of speaking, facial expressions for the character itself. In The Other Boleyn Girl, I felt Portman played her inner turmoil out more than she presented the character of Anne Boleyn – from what I’ve read the real Anne Boleyn would probably not wail and cry in public during execution. Anne Boleyn, a graceful and educated lady, tried to die with as much dignity and grace as possible. Portman played Boleyn to be a virtual psychopath – now I don’t know if Portman was merely playing Philippa Gregory’s diabolical version of Anne Boleyn or the actual historical version of Anne Boleyn where Anne Boleyn is remembered as a Renaissance woman. In any case, I feel Portman has benefitted from her emotional oneness, but I don’t think she understands that leads to overacting. If there is no detachment from her emotional oneness, there is also no detachment from her playing characters that are a version of herself. In my opinion to play a character effectively is to honor that character by creating a whole universe that tells what the character thinks, feels, emotes, expresses, etc. I just don’t think Portman has that kind of detachment, and I think it has a lot to do with her lack of mastery of emotional oneness.

  10. 10
    Anita says:

    Great comment, Anabela.

  11. 11
    Colleen Shannon says:

    hi Rose, I was in your empathy group a couple of years ago in your Reston home. I’m in Chicago and wonder what you mean by a sponsor? What’s entailed in that????

    Colleen (a different one than the Colleen above 🙂

  12. 12
    Colleen Shannon says:

    oops…. I mixed up your whereabouts. I stayed in Reston while at your class. I realize you don’t live there. (it’s been a Loooong week) ~Colleen S.

  13. 13

    Colleen, so that’s where you are. I have thought of you often.

    Sponsoring me involves setting up workshops (can be living room ones, but it’s also good to network with local places that have their own traffic), finding a place for me to do personal sessions as well as a place for me to stay, providing transportation once I have landed in your area!

    If you are interested in bringing me to your area, email me at RoseRosetree[at] and we can discuss.

    Right now I’m focused on finishing up details for existing commitments and packing for that month-long sponsorship in Japan, so best to contact me any time after July 15.

    Whenever workshops and out-of-town sessions are scheduled, they’re listed on the home page at my website,


  14. 14
    Mindy says:

    I so agree with you, Anabela! Natalie is physically very lovely and she seems to have a sweet way about her and I know she is well respected by her peers, but I don’t find her acting very moving. It feels to me like a lack of power – not grounding so much – but of gathering, harnessing and using the emotional energy she takes in. It seems she’s always taking in but rarely giving much back – at least in a focused way. She feels a little lost, actually – like she’s just meandering through her roles and her life. Maybe it has something to do with her eating habits?

    By, the way, if you have not read Rose’s book “Empowered by Empathy” I highly recommend it! Rose, I was in a group reading/class of yours about four years ago and you told me I am a molecular empath. There wasn’t much dedicated to that in “Empowered by E”. Do you have any articles about it that I can read? I don’t know if this is related but I have so many allergies and sensitivities and I think it has a lot to do with my empathy – whether it’s the molecular part, I don’t know. I’d love to learn more about it, though. Any other empaths here sensitive to their environment and food?

  15. 15
    Mindy says:

    Hi, Rose! I don’t know if this is the appropriate place for this but I would love to see an aura reading of American Idol, David Cook. Every female I know is totally enamored with him – even us non-American Idol fans. I would suspect most of you are like me and can’t bear to watch the first round auditions – I always feel so bad for those poor souls who are rejected!

    Anyway, there is definitely something about Mr. Cook and I’d love to get your take, Rose!

  16. 16
    Anita says:

    Mindy –

    Rose has done an aura reading of David Cook. Just use the search function on this website to find it.

  17. 17

    MINDY, thanks for the kind words about “Empowered by Empathy.” MOLECULAR EMPATHS are extremely rare at this time.

    What’s the advantage of being a molecular empath? You’re a tremendously powerful change agent for others (whether aware of your gift or not.)

    Otherwise, managing your gift with skill is no different from having an intellectual gift, any kind of physical one, or any of the other empath gifts. The skill set you learn to stop picking up other people’s pain is really important. The skill set you learn to turn your gift(s) on is enormous fun.

    Why aren’t there a lot of articles about it? There are so few of you, Mindy. Besides, there are precious few articles that have much to offer ANY empaths. Maybe you’d be interested in doing a guest post, Mindy?

  18. 18

    ENVIRONMENTAL ALLERGIES, and other allergies, may be quite common among empaths compared to the general population. In short, I think you’re on to something, Mindy.

    What do I recommend? You guessed it. The first thing to do to help, other than seeking medical assistance, is to become a skilled empath. Yes, I have had students for whom this was a real turning point in healing.

    Besides, there are so many other benefits to becoming a skilled empath, it makes sense from many angles: More self-confidence, better relationships with others, less psychological stress, more congruence as a person, projecting a more powerful and unique voice as a communicator, etc.

    If you still have allergies afterwards, there are many resources within the body-mind-spirit community as well as the medical community. One resource that I offer is SOUL ENERGY AWAKENING HYPNOSIS®. The cause of allergy may lie in frozen blocks from this life or previous ones. Remove the cause and there goes the allergy for good.

    For instance, I had a client who had suffered from a life-threatening allergy to chicken for some 30 years. After one regression, it was gone for good.

  19. 19
    ave says:

    On the subject of possible empaths…I would love to get your take on Chelsea Clinton. Have you ever taken a look at her aura? I suspect she is one.

  20. 20

    AVE, I can appreciate your curiosity about Chelsea but she is someone I would not consider appropriate for a public reading. Sure, she has been in the news because of having her father and then mother be politicians, and I know she has done a bit of campaigning for her mother. While her Dad was in office, she made trips abroad with her family.

    Nevertheless, Chelsea hasn’t really sought limelight in her own right, like the Bush twin who published a book. Therefore, I feel it is more appropriate to read her privately, not on a blog.

    So, one of those ethical judgment calls, you know? You might choose differently for YOUR blog. 😉

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