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Validating My Face Reading of Steven Colbert

Face reading Steven Colbert just got some cool validation. Probably this won’t make you laugh. But it might make you smile.

Steven “Zany Out-Angled Right Ear” Colbert has done it again. You might not think of “The Colbert Report” as a show about reading faces, with aura readings of important folk in the news. But think again. Not only has Steven spoofed me on his show but, indirectly, he has just validated that Steven Colbert Face Reading.

Sadly, the video link is no longer available in 2016. (As I edit this post.) Over 52,000 people did have a chance to watch it.

The latest? Surfing the Net recently, I happened upon another Steven Colbert interview clip, one where he was being interviewed by Charlie Rose.

Two Validations of my Face Reading and Aura Reading of Steven Colbert

There I learned that Colbert was the youngest of 11 children, which explains a lot about the “baby” comment in my profile of the cable-based superstar.

Colbert had already validated me before, with an interview in Parade Magazine. where he admitted that he’s a devout Catholic who teaches Sunday school.

Face Reading Steven Colbert in Print

Among my 800+ media interviews so far, some personal highlights were the 34 profiles of newsmakers that I did with witty reporter Paige Wiser for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Before commenting on Colbert and Jon Stewart for Paige’s interview, I think I had managed to see “The Daily Show” a couple of times, but we didn’t have “fancy” cable here until quite recently so I hadn’t yet seen “The Colbert Report” (unless you count the picture I formed mentally, hearing Colbert interviewed on “Fresh Air.”)

So much for the skeptics! What, they think I actually know anything about most of the people I read in media interviews? Where would be the risk, the adventure of the unknown?

Go Ahead and Do Your Own Face Reading of Steven Colbert

Face reading, aura reading. or making the huge pioneering leap into empath merges, huh? I’m here to tell you, these are direct experience that you can give yourself.

Just as you don’t have to know what a book is about before you read it, you can confidently do face reading on anyone over the age of 18. Or you could do an aura reading on anyone, from womb-time onward. Access resources here for doing just that. Now, here’s the article.

From the Chicago Sun-Times, the Face Reading and Aura Reading of Steven Colbert

Thanks to reporter Paige Wiser

Funny faces revealed

It may not be straightforward — but are the men themselves? Or is there more here than meets the eye? That’s what we asked Rose Rosetree, the author of The Power of Face Reading and Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. She did back-to-back readings of the razor-sharp satirist and his celebrated protege. Compare, contrast and discuss amongst yourselves.

Stewart’s face

“I call him Shiva-man, with an inner double chin,” says Rosetree, and she assures us it will eventually make sense.

Starting with Stewart’s face, take a look at his eyes. He has an especially close-set eye on the right side of his face

“That means that he pays minute detail to things, especially when he’s working,” Rosetree says. This quality comes in handy if you do satire or comedy; Rosetree points out that Jerry Seinfeld has “the closest-set eyes I’ve ever seen on a human being.”

And that mouth? Rosetree calls those “blarney lips.” “The lower lip is about four times as big as his upper lip. That’s about being super persuasive.”

The most distinctive thing about Stewart, however, is his “inner double chin.” The comedian has some curvy lines within his face that give him an “extra chin.”

“It means that he’s tough and very able to handle criticism,” Rosetree says. “He’s got extra heavy padding around him.”

Stewart’s aura

Right from the root chakra, Rosetree can see he’s a character. “He’s highly aggressive, like an athlete, but nerdy,” she says. “His weapons are verbal barbs and he’s got an exceptional ability to handle criticism. His creativity is such that he loves to make daring, shocking connections between one thing and another.”

Stewart has one main motivation, she says. “He’s a big iconoclast. He loves to knock down things people believe in that he thinks are a lot of hooey.”

Enter Shiva.

“Here and throughout his aura, he has come in on what I call ‘the ray of Shiva,’ ” Rosetree says. “He’s one of the three main gods of Hinduism and he is a destroyer of ignorance. That’s what Jon does in life; that’s how he gets his jollies. This is a thankless job.”

So Stewart is a kind of warrior.

“If you are on this vibration or ray, your creativity comes up when you destroy,” Rosetree says. “Not just for the sake of destruction, but so that what has more truth now can be part of life. It’s power. He has a lot of idealism and he also has a kind of chronic infection or inflammation about how other people are using power.”

Um, could Rosetree be speaking about politicians? “Of course,” she says. “And with Stewart’s intellect, it’s hilarious. He loves what is very subtle — something you really have to think about — and he loves the obvious pie in the face. He has no interest in bothering with what’s in the middle.”

Stewart’s heart chakra was a big surprise to Rosetree. “He’s shockingly tenderhearted,” she says. “He’s a warm person. He doesn’t wall himself off and when he feels pain or frustration emotionally, he uses that for his work. He uses it to motivate him in life. He is one of the most unprotected celebrities you’ll find.

At the third eye, or spiritual center, Rosetree finds a huge chakra. “He feels spiritually connected and protected when he’s performing,” says Rosetree. “That’s one reason why he can be so outrageous.”

His high heart chakra was another surprise: It’s “beautifully serene.”

Colbert’s face

There are three main points Rosetree wants to make about Colbert’s face.

“See the zany, out-angled top on the right ear?” she asks. “Right at the top, it bends all the way out. That’s perfect, because what that means is that in his career, when he first meets people, when he starts any act — he does the most outrageous thing he can think of. It’s just something he needs to do.”

If Colbert is thinking about plastic surgery anytime soon, Rosetree has one plea: “Don’t get a lip job anytime soon,” she advises. “It would destroy your humor.”

Colbert has “in-drawn lip texture,” which results in a very rare communication style. “You never say things just to please people,” she explains. “You say them because they really come from deep inside.”

Finally, note Colbert’s “tiny front teeth.” Believe it or not, that means that this man has a small ego. “That will make sense as we delve into his aura,” says Rosetree. “You can compare him either to Mother Teresa or Lucille Ball. And I’m sure he’d love being in that company.”

Colbert’s aura

At the root chakra, Rosetree sees someone who just does not quit. “He could do endurance sports like marathons,” she says. “Not so much team endurance, but personal endurance. He’s strong, he’s muscular and he’s exceptionally street smart.”

Colbert’s creativity chakra reveals elegance and spontaneity. “But the main thing is that he’s got an irrepressible sense of humor,” Rosetree says. “He’s a deep-down funny person. He’s probably been making jokes ever since he could blow bubbles out of his nose.” Right here, Rosetree can see the basis of much of his humor. “He loves to build up a premise, step by step, very methodically — and then add one thing that sends it crashing down.” Whoops!

The power chakra is also telling. “He aims to win,” Rosetree says. “He wants to win fair, but he definitely wants to win. If this Comedy Central thing doesn’t work out for Colbert, he might look to his intellect chakra for a backup plan.

“I can see here that he’s practical and he’s got really outstanding mechanical ability,” Rosetree says. “If he ever needs a new day job, he could fix broken watches.”

The heart chakra belongs to a shy guy. “He needs privacy,” Rosetree says. “He’s often coaxed by others into a social life, rather than initiating. Stephen is perfect in the role of little brother to Jon Stewart. Jon is more like the first born and Stephen is more like the baby.

The throat chakra is all about communication and here Rosetree sees someone with a huge amount of self-restraint. Even more surprises await at the third eye’s spiritual center.

“He is more devout than most people,” Rosetree says, “and he cares deeply about being good. It’s not necessarily what you’d think watching him. He’s not a zealot, but really wants to be a good boy.”

Colbert is really loving his life, according to the high heart chakra. “It’s like a tightrope act, balancing out the various temptations of his life: On the one hand, he has an ability to destroy other people; on the other hand, he has a desire to be good. It’s a balancing act, but he feels like he’s doing that.” Rosetree sums up the funnyman as “an iron saw in a velvet glove with jagged edges. He is out to fight injustice — and it’s very personal for him.”

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  1. 1

    “SUSIE,” a reader outside the U.S., emailed me:

    I was somewhat shocked by the Steven Colbert reaction. Your article was so kind to him and his reaction was so aggressive (fist) and not funny or intelligent. It just didn’t tie in with your description of him – someone that grounded surely shouldn’t react so defensively and so hostilely.

  2. 2

    DEFENDING STEVEN: The Colbert show is very loved among certain American liberals (of which I am one).

    It’s a sophisticated, sustained form of satire and many Americans, even liberals, don’t quite get it. But I think I speak for his fans when I say that Colbert plays a sustained role where he satirizes American conservatives by pretending to be unintelligent, rude, obtuse, selfish, etc. He acts like a kind of Rush Limbaugh (another famous American, who is unfortunately a super-popular and influential conservative radio star, whom fans take seriously).

    Even among fans, Colbert is definitely an acquired taste. So it is rather shocking for me to not mind that 52,000 viewers heard him say my parents must have been stoned hippies, etc.

    In the video clip, which I dared to link up to in this post, Colbert blusters and complains in his character-role, pretending to take great offense that I (also jokingly) compared him, via his teeth, to Lucille Ball (a universally loved TV performer) and the great saint Mother Teresa. Such over-the-top rage, to a fan, is enjoyable – perhaps comparable to enjoying super spicy curries?

    In “normal” people, I wouldn’t put up with such behavior for a moment, nor have I ever treated a person that way in my life, so fear not!

  3. 3
    Anabela says:

    The whole ridicule thing was just an act, consistent with his bigot character. I had a feeling that Colbert, deep down, knew you “got” him. That’s how I felt about the comments about lazy parents who can’t come up with different names – that it was a sincere “thanks for getting me” message hidden behind the farce on the surface.

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