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Talented Psychic or Just Unskilled Empath?


When I get into a taxi, my handler Chikako is always most careful. “Which seat do you want next to me in the back? Is it okay to sit by the door?”

Her request seemed bizarre the first few taxi rides.

Eliza Doolittle at the Japanese Ball


Songs from “My Fair Lady” are running through my head this morning because last night I was really treated like royalty. It followed busy days of doing sessions with my incredibly talented, kind interpreters Kyoko-san and Makiko-san. Before us came a parade of clients, these included:

  • I loved hearing the cello-deep voice of a pianist and composer, not my friend Jeffrey Chappell but a Japanese man whose inner child flames out through his eyes with a similar outrageousness.

Getting Ready to Mix It up with Mixi


Tonight is going to be a first for me. I’ll be giving what we call a Guest Event (public talk) for people who have subscribed to the Rose Method special interest group in the big social networking website called Mixi. The group was started by one of my very loved students, Nagiko Sunadori-san. When planning for this current trip, VOICE staff and I decided to devote an evening especially to people who have been posting away at this site.

From Japan, Tales of Delight, Rain, and Silliness


What was it like, teaching my first two-day workshop in Japan about reading faces? For me, it began by having an adventure with the toilet.

Here’s the back story. Literacy has been a big blessing throughout my life. Actually, reading is the ONLY skill in my life where I have been precocious, somehow figuring it out by the age of three. (By contrast, I was more than a year old before I could sit up on my own. And it wasn’t until age 14 when, thanks to a fascinating aha! experience in the New York subways, I finally realized that I could move my eyes in my head without moving my entire head.)

God and Me, a GUEST POST by Jeffrey Chappell


As part of our ongoing theme of connecting with God, I’m so honored to present this Guest Post by my friend Jeffrey.

Aura readings of this man, or empathic merges, are highly recommended.

Here’s a link to his website. And now here’s an essay by the man who played the chimes for my audiobook, also played the chimes when Mitch and I got married. Actually Jeffrey IS a chime in my life!



On a previous thread, Ryan raised a very interesting question:

Mainstream thinking claims that certain types of people such as narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths cannot be “cured”.

I am curious what you think about such people who are typically considered beyond help and how much you have worked with such people and what kind of results were obtained.

Strange Beauty Products


Being in Japan makes a woman feel beautiful. Everywhere you go, you see gorgeous men and women. In the neighborhood where I’m staying, embassies are nearby so people on the street dress especially well.

Come to think of it, everywhere in Japan I have visited, both during this trip and my six previous ones (all sponsored by VOICE) I have seen wonderful fashion choices, elegant creativity, huge sartorial finesse.  

Making Yourself the Most Important Person in the Room, Part Two


Your trusty reporter returns for Part Two in this series, writing to you from the country of small chairs, low enough so that her feet are pretty much guaranteed to touch the floor. (Being 5 feet, one inch, plus change, that doesn’t always happen for me in America.)

Besides having small chairs, Japan is also a land of gigantic politeness, where degrees of deference are built right into the language. Yet even here, it is possible to make yourself the most important person in the room.

The Most Important Person in the Room, Part One


Ah, there’s nothing like a slow-motion shuttle between East and West to drive home certain truths: Wherever you live, empath or not, you really owe it to yourself to become the most important person in the room.

No crown is necessary. Nor need you adopt the body language of a pushy person. Instead I’m recommending a certain internal positioning, done with your consciousness (that part of you which always is awake inside, a silent witness to all your waking hours).

Aura Readings of My Sumo Wrestler


Okay, he may not know he belongs to me in any way. Nor that I read his aura. Here’s how it happened.

He was waiting for the airport bus, just like me, only he was significantly larger and wore a blue silk outfit you won’t see guys wear back home in suburban Virginia.

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