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Abigail Breslin Aura Reading

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading. Tremendous talent shows here. Read and be inspired!

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading. Let’s profile the talented child actress, using energetic literacy skills to learn about what she’s really like as a person.

But first, a personal update. Blog-Buddies, I’m back from Tokyo. Where I was doing workshops and sessions for clients, week after week after week.

So Good To Be Home

Since returning I’ve been enjoying the familiar creature comforts here in Northern Virginia.

Like being in the same room with my husband instead of talking with him by phone and email.

Loads of parks. A nearby swimming pool. Cheap and delicious fruits and veggies.

And sleeping deeply again, the way one does best at a happy home.

On the long plane ride back from Japan, I saw just one movie. The pretty darned dreadful “Nim’s Island.” But Abigail Breslin, who starred with Jodie Foster, simply dazzled. So let’s have fun reading her aura.

Abigail Breslin Aura, Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Physical Reality

In the water, Abigail Breslin is using her own will and using it hard. Doing this swimming scene scares her silly, but she’s enough of a professional to hide it, bravely trying to swim in character.

She doesn’t really manage this down to her root chakra, since the character she’s portraying would be exceedingly comfortable swimming. Still, who but an aura reader could tell the difference?

Abigail Breslin Aura, High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

In the water, Abigail Breslin’s gratitude to be acting pours out like a prayer of thanks. Sure, she’s not crazy about the swimming right now. But otherwise she’s doing what she does best, having the time of her life.

For one final, fun glimpse, let’s read that High Heart Chakra databank on her again, in Abigail Breslin’s breakout role in “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Again, Blog-Buddies, I leave it to your techno-ingenuity to find photos.

In this role, she’s very different, all over her aura. The character is insecure and shy. Doing this shift feels like putting herself inside the pages of a storybook. For Abigail Breslin, it’s a grand adventure.

At her High Heart Chakra Databank, Abigail Breslin is thrilled to be playing this game of pretend.

Love of acting — for her, acting also feels like a sacred calling.

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  1. 1
    Jordan says:

    wow! these readings make so much sense!! that abigail is so adorable. I actually saw her in new york city a few times (she must have lived down the street from me). Both times she was with a woman who i assumed to be her mother, and they seemed so normal that i got the impression that she was a good mother, not some crazy stage mother. so this reading reinforces that!

  2. 2
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,
    This is what I love best. Aura reading with all your
    senses, (or the one’s that you have gift wrapped with your name on it). Welcome home!!! You likely do not want to see “that” Harrison Ford interview ever again. I have only been a blog lurker, but did follow your Japan experiences with a smile on my
    face. Your sense of humor comes across wherever you are!

    Thank you for this reading of young Abigail as well as the great one on Tiger Woods. I would be interested in a full reading of Ms. Jodi Foster.
    I wonder what Hillary Clinton’s aura looks like now?

  3. 3
    tlchang says:

    I agree. I sat through “Definitely, Maybe” on a plane a few weeks ago and thought ‘dumb movie, but Abigail was a joy to watch.’

    I’d love it if you did a comparitive reading on Jodie Foster. I find her fascinating, if a bit distant from humanity in general.

    Welcome back.

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    Welcome back, Rose! Thank you for all of your posts from Japan!

    I am really interested in how Jodie Foster’s aura has changed, especially when read with her unchanging face. I haven’t seen her in a comedy, but her acting awhile back in the movie Contact really moved me – it was certainly a more intellectual role.

    Thank you for reading Abigail Breslin! I loved her performance in Little Miss Sunshine. It is wonderful to have her kind of young female talent in Hollywood, especially since out of the four you said that, she “knows the most about how to get out of the way.” Her creativity and spontaneity also stood out for me at her root chakra.

  5. 5

    Blog-Buddies, yes, I will read Jodie Foster, and soon. Only first I’m doing a post about technology and how it may impact what people expect from Deeper Perception.

    I’m very interested in your thoughts on this, so comment away!

  6. 6

    Yes, I’ve started aura readings of Jodie Foster, with reading faces added for fun. Click here to join our conversation:

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