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Jodie Foster, Aura Readings and Face Readings


Blog-Buddies, you’ve asked for it. Especially DANA, TARA, and COLLEEN. I’ll do my part, with aura readings of Jodie Foster over time, plus reading faces as well.

But after I begin, I’m going to invite you to add your comments!

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

The first picture is Ms. Foster at 26 in her acclaimed role in the 1988 film,”The Accused.”

Has she changed much by “Contact” (my favorite of her movies that I’ve seen) in 1996?

Given the pressures of stardom, maybe she hasn’t changed much at all. Certainly, as a face reader, you might notice that these soul signature traits haven’t changed a bit.

To do Jodie justice, let’s include a head shot from the 1980 movie “Taxi Driver.” Just 14, some of those soul signature traits show especially clearly, although we wouldn’t read them of course. (Ethically, one doesn’t read faces on people under 18.)

Left-leaning nose (The Fame Trait): A destiny for public acclaim.

Right eye is smaller than the left eye: Valuing feminine energy, intuition, over masculine energy and authority figures.

Extra full lower lip, what my colleague Lailan Young dubbed “Blarney Lips”: Exceptional persuasiveness.

Straight chin bottom: Making choices based primarily on principle, not convenience, staying in control, etc.

Yes, with the skill of a sophisticated face reader you can look at all these photos and see how the photography and makeup have disguised the nose and eye asymmetries. Interesting, huh?

You’ll notice these same attributes in 2008, when Foster starred in “Nim’s Island.”

What has changed? Tighter skin. No bags under her eyes! With each passing year, wider jaws.

Friends, if you’re ever looking for a quick tip-off to who is pushing the body really hard to stay uncomfortably skinnier — I wouldn’t of course use those dreaded words “eating disorder” when such things are (a) a job requirement for Hollywood and (b) not usually publicly discussed — and when it’s not enough to look BELOW the face at the super-slim body, check out the jaws.

The larger those jaws, the greater the determination being used to whittle that body “down to size” and keep it there.


Jodie Foster has clearly worked hard to keep herself looking unchanged over the decades. What do you notice about her aura?

Here I’ll just choose one databank, the Throat Chakra databank I call “Communicating as an actress.”

  • At 14 in “Taxi Driver”: An ancient being is present in that aura, intellectually based for this lifetime. Jodie’s analytical awareness is superb, also very active. She constantly analyzes, deconstructs, notices how people use facial expression, posture, voices. As a performer, she is confident that she can mimic any combination of human affect and expression.

All she needs to do is to understand it intellectually, separate the parts, and command herself to express it. This is a kind of magic for her, still a new toy, using this gift of her soul. And at 18 there is an overlay of youthful exhuberance and confidence that she will be well rewarded for showing her stuff.

  • At 26 in “The Accused”: Jodie’s gift of the soul has become more established. At this time in her life, she is playing with cranking up the sexual energy, finding it fun to use this extra component of her human self to add power to a performance.
  • At 34 in “Contact”: By now, Jodie has more of a personal investment in being praised, appreciated, loved through her career.

Acting still isn’t about her ego. It’s a form of service to humanity that flows THROUGH her personal ego, and she’s still dedicated to exploring the human condition and showing it larger than life yet still believable.

However, configurations of STUFF in her aura have left her feeling pretty depleted in her personal life at this time. She wants good reactions to this performance in order to make herself feel better.

  • At 46 in “Nim’s Island”: All of the technical skill remains; Jodie Foster is a meticulous performer. If anything, her natural talent has been honed through dedication to her art.

Unfortunately, enormous STUFF bearing down upon her. Joy is largely absent, at the time of this photo. Many of the hopes and dreams that Jodie brought into this life have been shattered, and she’s bravely doing her best to pick up those shards, using the movie as a reason to pull herself together.

Acting is a cruel business, often ruled by karma rather than talent, and a long acting career at her level of fame has been extremely challenging.

Personally, I think I was sensing the growing brittleness under Foster’s skin… even before noting all the (gee, I’m just guessing here) cosmetic surgery. Maybe Foster’s face just never has developed any lines, bags or sags, and we’re seeing the natural face of a woman in her late 40s, bearing an uncanny resemblance to herself at 14.

I’ve always admired Jodie Foster. In a profession that attracts brainy people at least as often as bimbos and himbos, she stands out as uncommonly smart. Aura readers, empaths, face readers — you’ll find a lot to admire here.

Your turn to read and to share.

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  1. 1
    Jennifer says:

    “Acting is a cruel business, often ruled by karma rather than talent … ” I found this to be an interesting line, specifically the part about karma. I thought that possibly luck or popularity might contribute to someone getting a part, but how do you think karma might figure in? Would it be coming from past lifetimes or this lifetime? I just want to know more about it.

  2. 2

    JENNIFER, karma is just a fancy word for consequences. Every thought, word, and action produces a stream of consequences. I believe life is utterly fair in this way, as much as if you throw a ball against a wall. It will bounce back in a similar way to how you originally tossed it.

    When people worry that life isn’t fair — and I have certainly been one of those people on occasion — one problem with fairness is that the scope for evaluating “fair” is greater than the present lifetime.

    Karma, therefore, is one of life’s deep ongoing mysteries, along with Life Contracts, astrology, etc. Given all that a person brings into this lifetime, certain levels of success are more likely than others.

    Certainly, the more you read auras, the more you will be able to perceive talent in a performer, a composer, a person with any job at all.

    Based on your experience, you will soon notice that Jodie Foster has more acting talent in her right pinky than you will find in the entire, venerated, person of Angelina Jolie.

    Britney Spears may have more musical talent than you or me, but compared to Loreena McKennitt, she is about as gifted as a frog.

    Maybe it sounds harsh to put this so bluntly, but Britney and Angelina can content themselves with enormous celebrity, wealth, and millions more fans than either Loreena or Jodie. Fair? Yes, in its own weird way, karma like this is absolutely fair.

    But does it feel fair to the person who seems to have less? Maybe not.

  3. 3
    Dana says:

    Rose, thank you for reading Jodie Foster! That was amazing to compare her at such a young age with spans of ten years. I read two different auric databanks of Foster. The first was the one that you read, the “Communicating as an actress” at the Throat Chakra.

    Jodie at 14 – I also noticed that she was actively and smartly reading situations to determine what she should say and how to act.

    At 26 – I noticed a lot more control in her communication, but I also sensed a “tightness” meaning for me that she is trusting people less here.

    At 34 – She is communicating with so much passion and intensity in this movie, and communicating very concentrated ideas and messages, what I called “pinpointed.” I think this is why I had said that Contact “moved” me so much as a movie; I was feeling the focused and intense thoughts/ideas she was expressing.

    At 46 – I read here how she is communicating more with her body. Rose had said in the Abigail Breslin post that Foster’s role of physical comedian in Nim’s Island was one in which Foster wasn’t as comfortable as more brainy roles. I, too, read that she was trying and was more aware of her physicality.

    I was also curious how her use of intellect changed in the various roles from 14-46. So I will call this the “Use of Intellect while Acting” databank at her Third Chakra.

    14 – Her intellect is in balance here with other aspects of her aura. I noticed the lack of STUFF as compared to her later roles, which Rose talked about later. She seems spunky here and having fun.

    26 – In this very intense role her intellect is being channeled into her communication.

    36 – She was able to spread her wings more intellectually, thinking and being in ways that stretched her mind some. Still, her focus is on forceful communication. I had written down that she is “almost trying to prove something,” which Rose more aptly described as, “By now, Jodie has more of a personal investment in being praised, appreciated, loved through her career” and “She wants reactions to this performance in order to make herself feel better.”

    46 – A lot of her energy in this role is going into her personality, which for me means the social movie role she is projecting. I also sensed her very large intellect and how it isn’t really being used for the role, again, as Rose had noted before.

    p.s. I so appreciated the hilarious analogies of acting or singing talent between Jodie Foster and Angelina Jolie and between Britney Spears and Loreena McKennitt. It was like an elephant in the room for me. I thought, “I’m so glad someone said it!”

  4. 4
    tlchang says:

    I enjoyed your reading of Jodie Foster. She seems very sad to me – despite the public smiles. With a dollop of empty and disillusioned.

    Could you elaborate a bit more about your statement above “Yes, in its own weird way, karma like this is absolutely fair”?

    Do you mean that Britney and Angelina have attracted all the fans/money/success for karmic reasons rather than for present-life talent reasons? (And that more talented, less outwardly-successful people do not because…. why…?)

  5. 5

    TLCHANG, Great question. I will get to this!

    DANA, superb reading! Thank you.

  6. 6
    Lisa W. says:

    Thanks for the interesting face and aura reading! Regarding face reading, Jodie’s nose seems to have changed–the tip is smaller and more pointed; it no longer has the distinctive, almost chunky, almost up-turned tip. In addition, the bone down the middle seems narrower now. It’s sort of difficult to tell from the pictures, but that’s what caught my attention, along with the tightness of her skin in the most recent photo.

    Oh yes, don’t you mean the “right leaning” or nose angled to the right is the fame trait?

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