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Face Reading Michael Phelps at Olympics 2008

Who is Michael Phelps? A face reading shows exceptional talent.

Who is Michael Phelps? A face reading shows exceptional talent.

“Phelps Is Now Without Peer” cheers today’s headline in The Washington Post, and if that weren’t reason enough to choose him for face reading today, there would be Anita’s fine nomination in our ongoing contest, where she supplied three excellent photo links. (To add your fave, click here.)

Once upon a time, it was enough to swim well enough to win a gold medal. Or, perhaps, if you were truly ambitions and lucky, you would manage to break a world record. Phelps, at 23, has set a new standard, enough to cause much gnashing of teeth among aspiring record breakers. Why bother with reading faces, contemplating the greatness of Phelps? Isn’t it enough to reel off the amazing statistics?

Michael Phelps has now collected 11 career golds, 5 from Beijing 2008, with 3 still events to come. Already, he has won the most gold medals of any athlete, ever, in a single set of Olympic Games. No athlete has matched him, not even the legendary Mark Spitz. Now Spitz has become just the swimmer who set the previous record.

Face readers know that just about everything about an adult’s face has meaning. When you’re staring in the face of greatness, don’t you want to know the specifics? Let’s read him, then. And let’s start off using this photo.

Michael Phelps Has a Face Full of “VERYS”

In the 5,000-year history of physiognomy (reading faces for character), it is well known that extremism counts.

It’s so important for face reading:

A very extreme, or unusual, item of face data correlates to extreme, or unusual, talent. Four of them show immediately. See them?

Face Reading Data on Michael Phelps: HORIZONTAL FOREHEAD FURROWS

Most of us have some wrinkles stretching across the forehead. But not like these. Increase the size of the picture and you’ll see it clearly. (To increase the size of any photo shown here, copy it onto a blank email or word document, then drag on the corners.)

Three ultra-short, extraordinarily deep lines are located right at the center of Michael’s forehead. The one in the middle could be the deepest forehead furrow I’ve seen on anyone.

Yes, I know that Phelps is just 23. If you’ve done much face reading at all, you’ve learned to reject expectations and stereotypes, such as “Wrinkles come with age.” (For more evidence, see the heavily illustrated book that I worked on for 9 1/2 years about how faces change over time, “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup.”)

When I’ve watched Olympic coverage, I’ve heard sports announcers wondering how he can bounce back so quickly from an all-consuming race. Well, here’s part of the answer.

He uses his full brain power, and will, in a very selective manner, narrowing mental focus strictly to the current contest, absolutely nothing else. Michael can concentrate his mind to a degree that corresponds to that intense forehead furrow.

This mental “will of iron” matches his swimmer’s muscles.

Face Reading Data on Michael Phelps: LEFT EAR BORDER

This 3-4 view of Phelps gives us an excellent look at the structure of his left ear. Notice anything unusual about the ear border? That’s the wall-like structure between the inner and outer ear circles.On Phelps, it is angled to clearly become part of the outer ear circle. And that border is hard, raised, so strong that it is almost bulging.

One way to view that semi-circular structure on the ear is to consider it a miniaturized version of the human spine. The concept of multiple holograms within the body’s structure won’t be new to you if you’ve ever experienced the benefits of foot reflexology, auricular acupuncture, or other healing modalities that make use of this fact about macrocosm, microcosm, and the human mind-body-spirit.

So the meaning of this ear border is that it relates to the most inner component of how Phelps processes reality (Ear! Left ear! Experienced face readers, you know about the significance of these parts of the face.) Plelps knows how to join his objective view of life with his subjective experiences, making the most of them in a way that brings objective results.

Oprah is a famous example of someone with a prominent ear border, only hers angles into her inner ear circle, the opposite direction. She has made a career of helping viewers look past life’s facts to life’s feelings. Michael Phelps translates his feelings to facts.

Sure, that helps him bounce back. And so does the extraordinary strength of his back, corresponding to that super-tough raised semi-circle of cartilage.

Face Reading Data on Michael Phelps: UNDERBITE

Sure, this photo shows an underbite, with the lower set of teeth sticking out. This relates to grim determination, a major indicator of extreme competitiveness.

Yet you’ll also find exceptional jaw mobility in Michael Phelps. Look back at our first photo in this article. Or check out this one, where you will see an overbite rather than an underbite.

Smile yourself. Look in a mirror. You’ll see one of the following:

  • Overbite.
  • Even bite.
  • Or underbite.

Now try doing each of the other two positions, one at a time. Pretty tough, isn’t it? But then, with all respect, you haven’t set an all-time athletic world record for your physical skills.

More Astounding Face Reading on Michael Phelps

Just to sum up other face reading info. about amazing Michael Phelps, I’ll note a number of other distinctive items of face data, a quick summary of the meaning, followed by page references that will help you to see the data and understand its significance more fully, taken from my how-to books:

Right ear, extreme tilt; competing from a different perspective than others; WRINKLES ARE GOD’S MAKEUP, pg. 102-103

Extreme lowbrow; extraordinary ability to move into the present moment and give it all he has; POWER OF FACE READING, pg. 83-88

Distribution of hair in eyebrows, even with a bulge in the middle; high degree of follow through and stamina; POWER OF FACE READING, pg. 57-59

Priority Area III dominates; exceptionally strong physical awareness, POWER OF FACE READING, pg.251-258

VERY long, bony, narrow chin; solo motivation with amazingly strong recovery ability, POWER OF FACE READING, pg. 217-224

More Face Reading

Comment below with your observations about the great Michael Phelps.

To conclude, here’s one thing that you have in common with Mr. Phelps. Your face is perfect. It reflects your soul, your distinctive talents, and your life lessons. Having a human face is a game that everyone can win. All it takes is knowledge. So if you haven’t yet moved beyond society’s limited stereotypes for looking at faces, I would love to be of service. Reading People Deeper isn’t just a safe-but-extreme sport. It’s an arena where you don’t have to be ultra-coordinated to achieve greatness. All you need is a winner’s combination of curiosity plus willingness to learn.

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  1. 1
    Ryan says:

    Three ultra-short, extraordinarily deep lines are located right at the center of Michael’s forehead. The one in the middle could be the deepest forehead furrow I’ve seen on anyone.

    I cannot decide if Michael Phelps or celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay have deeper forehead furrows, but I see what you mean. Ramsay’s are much wider, though.

  2. 2

    RYAN, you intrepid observer. I haven’t seen Ramsay’s forehead, but part of the point about Phelps is, exactly, that concentrated short oomph!

  3. 3
    violet says:

    Amazing article! But can you elaborate on that jawline? It has to be the most powerful jawline I have ever seen!! Also, the ears are high set and have no earlobes. What do these features mean?

  4. 4

    VIOLET, powerful jaws relate to physical stamina.

    About the high ears, I wonder which photo you have been seeing. You may know that accuracy at Face Reading depends on the quality of photos being used.

    Check out the photo above, near the words: “Smile yourself. Look in a mirror. You’ll see one of the following:

    “Overbite,” etc.

    That’s a good on-the-level photo of Phelps and it shows that he has average ear position.

    Glad you’re interested in Face Reading. I do apologize that it took me a while to get to responding to your Face Reading question.

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