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Aura reading myths abound. I heard this one just last week from a new client. “Gabriela” wasn’t just amazed that I could read her aura over the phone. She was shocked I could do it at all.

“My psychic tells me that my aura is too difficult for her to read.”

Blog-Buddies, you know better. Please, please, please, you know what to do when you hear someone speak out this myth about auras.

Just say NO. No need to sob with frustration (although I am tempted). You can just say “That’s ridiculous.”

I’m guessing that the psychic in question was talented but hadn’t had adequate training.

Anyone can learn to read auras. Anyone can learn to read them in depth and detail.

When it comes to reading auras from regular photos, I’m not surprised that most psychics can’t do it…. yet. Nobody taught them. I could teach them. A professional could probably learn how to do it really well one hour alone with Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.

Here’s the funny thing. Complete newbies at aura reading learn to read auras — including aura reading with regular photos — just fine. This happens when I teach in Japan, even while working with an interpreter. Many of you Blog-Buddies in America, Europe, Central and South America, Australia, and other parts of Asia (including India, where two of my books were just published by Macmillan) have become superb aura readers and face readers.

Some of you Blog-Buddies can do this although you never studied with me. Maybe you taught yourself. Or you studied with a competent teacher. Any teacher of aura reading worth the name can teach you how to read auras on anyone, not just certain people with really bright auras, standing against a particular kind of wall, and you happen to be reading them on a Friday afternoon.

The point is this: Of course you anyone can learn to read auras, read faces. If you were born as an empath, you can definitely become a skilled empath, and that has nothing to do with putting up a fake “wall of protection,” because this not only doesn’t bring true protection to your aura but adds an artificial (okay, phony) aspect to the empath’s personality.

One way you will know you are competent at any form of Deeper Perception is that nobody will have the power to be “too hard for you to read.” Either you have skill or you don’t.

So maybe you don’t go around volunteering to read auras wherever you go. Sounds like good manners to me! Also you’ll keep your day job longer. 😉

Discretely, then, spread the word. Any time you hear people parroting myths concerning the human energy field, speak up.

What happens when you read a box of cereal in your language? Must you ask the cardboard box for permission? Assuming you have graduated from elementary school, would you ever say that the words on your granola box were waaaaay to difficult for you to read?

And what if you were a professional psychic, I mean “literary critic”?


Aura reading is too valuable a skill to be sullied by myths like “Some people are just too hard to read, dangnabit!” You use it to:

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    In case you’re wondering about those two aura photos, they are part of an article with a load of pictures related to empath-merges. Click on this link to see all/read all:

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I was talking to a healer recently, and she couldn’t read somebody I asked her about (and that was pretty unusual for her), only at the second attempt she got him, I probably acted as a facilitator for reading him in this case by pronouncing his name.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    I have been curious about aura reading for a few years and Roses’ website and blog is the only one that has grabbed/resonated with me within practically a minute.

    I know I’ll be able to see them/read them I just need some proper training. Rose points out that you can read the energy without having to see it, I didn’t know that but it makes absolute sense.

    I want (maybe need) to learn aura reading, chakra reading, physiognomy, and other forms of healing, cranial osteopathy, etc…, it’s all interesting, fascinating. Every body part has a story, every hair, muscle, cell, everything.

    Roses’ cutting cords of attachment especially calls out to me. I know people need this, I want to learn this skill, but I’m questioning the Divine Beings aspect that she uses for it. I’ve had more than one negative experience with spirits/entities and I can’t yet reconcile working with spirit beings, I just don’t trust them, even if they are well intentioned.

    So is there a way I can do this work without their help, maybe build up my own internal chi/energies?, tachyon energy?, what else is there that could be used? I really want to learn some of this just to keep myself in tune, but I’m low on the green stuff 🙁 So I would appreciate some sage advice.

    Thank You.

  4. 4

    ANONYMOUS, thank you so much for what you have written.

    You may be relieved to know that we are pretty much on the same wavelength here about working with Divine Beings to read auras, cut cords of attachment, etc.

    You are not unique in having had less-than-ideal experiences with spirits. Some lovely work is done today with mediumship, angels, etc. And some not-so-great work is done that way, as well.

    If you — or other Blog-Buddies — already work with spirit guides, etc., I’m not here to stop you. Your angelic committee will come along quite nicely with anything that I teach.

    However… with the techniques that I offer, I invite you to connect directly with God. If you prefer someone in a body, then you could choose a form of God, such as Jesus, Krishna, Athena, Isis.

    ANONYMOUS, wouldn’t you rather connect with God than tachyon energy?

    As for learning my techniques and being in a tough spot financially, I would encourage you to buy a copy of “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” It’s a paperback with over 100 techniques. The cover price is $15.

    This book can take you from total beginner to very, very advanced.

    If you’re interested in cutting cords of attachment (and really, once you understand what is involved, who wouldn’t be?), you can develop professional caliber technique by getting and going through “Cut Cords of Attachment.” That cover price is $18.95.

    Incidentally, this more recent book contains plenty of goodies that you will enjoy, such as a super-easy technique to get quality info. about your aura straight from your butt, and the first discussion in print (that I know of, anyway) about how you can read 50 databanks in any chakra.

    At the end of that book is a very detailed explanation about WHY it’s better not to attempt to cut cords of attachment by working with spirits or other astral-level beings. Anonymous, if you read it, you’re gonna love it!

    By all means, ask your public library to purchase copies of these books, and my other ones, too.

  5. 5
    Jordan says:

    Hi Rose, I was curious about those pictures and I read the article where you merged with the crystals… wow, so cool!!! But I am still left wondering, what kind of camera is that??

  6. 6

    JORDAN, we used a good quality aura photo camera at the Be You Bi Yu Spa in Bethesda, Maryland. Hyun Martin, who runs the spa as a labor of love, has the best quality cameras of this type I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth a visit, if you’re into that.

    The spa is worth visiting for its services and workshops, also. I recommend the crystal-pure integrity of this place, the beautiful ambience, and friendliness as well. Check out the website if you’re in the metro D.C. area:

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