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Anger — Cut Cords of Attachment to Heal It

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


This Part Two post continues the topic of healing anger and how you can help it with techniques of Aura Reading, Empath Empowerment, and Cutting Cords of Attachment.

Aura Reading can show you clearly when people are angry. Granted, the surface of it can show on the surface with behavior. Talk about tip of the iceberg!

Even at a time of global warming, icebergs have way more than meets the eye, and the same is true when someone is filled with anger. If you do Aura Reading — and remember to use your skills — you won’t suffer a Titanic-like shock of collision.

Aura Reading and Face Reading at Pathways Expo

Rose Rosetree, Aura Reading, Face Reading, Empath






Blog-Buddies, if you’re local to the metro D.C. area, come get a mini Aura Reading and Face Reading with me at the 32nd Natural Living Expo, held at the University of Maryland University College Inn and Conference Center by Marriott.

It is a wonderful day of learning, exploring, shopping, networking and fun.

Anger — How Cutting Cords of Attachment Can Help


Whether you do Face Reading or Aura Reading on John McCain, his most significant problem shows clearly: Anger. He’s hardly the only one to have this problem.

Let’s devote a two-part post to exploring how anger can be helped by cutting cords of attachment.

Sophisticated readers, get ready for information that didn’t make it into my how-to book, Cut Cords of Attachment but instead is part of what I’ve been reserving for a sequel.  

Aura Reading & Empath-Merge — First Presidential Debate 2008


Let’s add the perspective that spin cannot hide. What does Aura Reading show about the debate between Obama and McCain? And what can an Empath-Merge show to enhance the usual method of following words and reading body language?

I’m fresh from watching the first debate. (Though sleepy.) Got off to a late start because a client session didn’t end until 9:30, but thank goodness for my cable TV recording ability. Here are the highlights of my detailed notes, faithfully doing Aura Reading and Empath-Merge throughout the entire debate.

Aura Reading of Personality Kid Sarah Palin

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading

What makes Sarah Palin so polarizing? Even without Aura Reading, you can find some obvious answers.

  • If your version of the election involves personalities, as Republicans have stated this election does, and if you like Sarah’s strong personality, you’ll vote for the former beauty queen.
  • If your version of the election involves issues, like Democrats who find nothing humorous or trivial about Obama’s being a “community organizer,” you’ll question Palin’s qualifications to serve the nation, a heartbeat away from America’s oldest first termer.

Aura Reading and Face Reading in the Media

Rose Rosetree, Aura Reading, Face Reading, Empath Merge, skilled empath






Three upcoming media interviews will be happening all on the same day, this Sunday, Sept. 28. Just not at the same time, because trilocation is not my thing! That would be Face Reading and Aura Reading and how to Cut Cords of Attachment — none of them topics one hears every day on the radio.

If you have a computer (and I just have a hunch you do) you can tune in online. Maybe even ask your question by calling in. Now that would be fun! So many of you Blog-Buddies have never spoken with me directly, and I’d enjoy meeting you that way.

Aura Reading & Empath-Merge with Warner and Gilmore

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


When Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner campaign for a seat on the Senate, little do they know what’s showing. It isn’t their underwear but something far more personal. Auras can’t be hidden, any more than they can be faked — which is why I’m going to proceed with a detailed Aura Reading of each candidate.

The words of this Aura Reading may gain extra resonance because I’m actually going to do an Empath-Merge with each candidate. For background information and resources for your own Aura Reading and, possibly, readings as a skilled empath, see the LINKS section at the end of this article.

About Answering Questions


Can a question came up about a question?

Hmmm, let’s investigate.  A Blog-Buddy has recently emailed me a long essay, including a question. Today she has emailed again, evidently angry that I didn’t answer her question.

Actually, “Suzy” must have been extremely incensed becaused she concluded with this:

Aura Reading Vs. Empath-Merge — What’s the Big Difference?

Aura Reading Vs. Skilled Empath Merge

Aura Reading Vs. Skilled Empath Merge. Do YOU know what makes them different from each other?

This week, let’s continue to profile this November’s rivals for the Virginia senate. Besides doing an Aura Reading of several chakra databanks, I’ll let myself go into an Empath-Merge. But let’s clarify basics today.

What’s the difference between the two, a “Skilled Empath Merge” and an “Aura Reading”?

Face Reading Obama, McCain in Virginian-Pilot Today





Good morning, Blog-Buddies.

Today some 600,000 readers in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia have a chance to read my Face Reading comments about McCain, Obama, Palin, and Biden. NOTE: The publication of this story has been pushed closer to the election and is now slated to appear on Sunday, October 6.