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Who Is Torturing John McCain Now?

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Watching “The Daily Show” comparing clips of John McCain pre-2006 versus now, my husband and I were fascinated.

He said, “When McCain speaks now, his mouth looks as though he is tasting something bitter.”

Good point about that shift to McCain’s body language!

Check it out, next time you see a photo or video with McCain un-mavericking himself.

In this article, I’d like to do an aura reading on this hero to so many Americans, specificially to compare and contrast different databanks in John McCain’s photos from these two periods.


“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.” I agree. Normally, political attacks about flip-flopping make me cringe. But consider these facts and you’ll see that John McCain has really earned a reputation as a flip-flopper, rather than a “maverick.”

  • Campaign Finance Reform: In 2008, McCain went from proponent to violator.
  • Immigration Reform: Compare Senator McCain’s work across the aisle with Senator Ted Kennedy, helping illegal aliens, the Arizona senator’s 2008 position, dropping immigration reform in favor of border control.
  • Religious Bigotry: From calling Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson “agents of intolerance” in 2000 to delivering the commencement address at Falwell’s university in 2006. In 2007, McCain flopped to this extent: “I would probably have to say yes, that the Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation.”
  • Bush Tax Cuts: From opposing to supporting.
  • Allowing Torture by America: From opposing to supporting
  • Swift-Boating Fellow Veteran John Kerry: In 2004, McCain went from opposing attacks on the Democratic presidential nominee’s war record to joining the Republican throng.
  • Allowing Abortion after Rape or Incest: From supporting to opposing.


Facts about flip-flops are easy to read if you’re an Independent or Democrat; easy to ignore if you’re a Republican. What about when you do an aura reading? Anyone can do that, regardless of political persuasion.

Aura reading means investigating the human energy field, which is loaded with information that can’t be faked. Some parts of an aura show gifts of the soul, which are wonderfully permanent. Much of an aura changes, however, due to choices and values and the consequences of a person’s actions.

Anyone can learn to do aura reading in depth and detail. Anyone can learn to do aura reading accurately from regular photographs. To read resources related to my discoveries teaching thousands my system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® click here.

Here, I’ll use two different photos of McCain, as a basis for comparison aura reading. First comes the photograph from his 2005 interview with the late Tim Russert.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

“Maverick” McCain may have voted overall for Bush policies 90% of the time, but he still showed dissent that precious 10%, in the areas previously mentioned. So I call this photo “Before flip-flopping.”

Second, I’ll use a photo that comes to us courtesy of Campaign 2008. Aura reading one chakra databank at a time, we have a great opportunity to find out what it is like to be John McCain.

Every action has a consequence for our auras. The term “flip-flop” has a lighthearted quality, doesn’t it?

But how lighthearted does it feel inside McCain’s own aura? Has his mind truly changed on so many issues? Or did he knowingly throw out principle for the sake of electability?

Behind any pretense, auras always contain the truth. Your faithful aura reading pundit will do her very best to read impartially how McCain’s aura changed in the campaigning mode that I call “After flip-flopping.”

Root Chakra Databank for Personality Projection

Most people project a small personality facade. Sometimes it is congruent with who we are, sometimes not. (Aura reading, you can tell the difference; yet one more reason for learning how to do aura reading.)

Then come the superstars at projecting an image. Often successful politicians, actors, and salespeople do this, and John has real talent in this department. Count that as gift-of-the-soul talent that shows clearly in an aura reading.

  • Before flip-flopping: “I’m honest, truthful, and humble. You can and should trust me.” Another strong projection is innocence, as in, “Shucks, I don’t understand those crazy Washington politicians.”

  • After flip-flopping: “I’m battlescarred and strong. I have withstood torture. You can depend on me to protect you.”

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity, Speaking Politically

When making speeches, this is what’s going on with McCain’s aura at the level of telling the truth.

  • Before flip-flopping: Charisma is small but serenity scores high. McCain really believes in what he is saying and hopes that others will come to understand his reasoning.

  • After flip-flopping: Charisma has grown because McCain’s aura contains many hooks, at this part of his aura and elsewhere. He is calling in support, demanding loyalty, beseeching people to pay attention. Truthfulness is way less important here than the fact that McCain is fighting for his political life.

In a way, reading McCain’s aura here, he reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, who also gave her communications everything she had. Only McCain is more desperate. He has come to identify saving his candidacy with saving America. He truly believes this.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

Reading auras, this databank is at least as important as the one about speaking. Action-type integrity means what a person does, or intends to do. Lying on this level can be very different from verbal prevarication; both show clearly with aura reading.

  • Before flip-flopping: McCain has begun to identify doing what he thinks is right with what IS right for the country. Perhaps one of you readers will remember the precise quote where Richard Nixon was questioned about something he’d done that was illegal and said, in effect, “It can’t be wrong. Because I did it!”

McCain’s ego is small in a way, and his integrity is high in a way, yet the foundation of his all-around energy field in this chakra databank has gone “beyond mere integrity.” In his self-concept and aura, McCain he has been tested and even has “paid the price” to become the ruler of the country. He feels so strongly identified with his patriotism and with his role as a savior for his country that it is difficult finding where personal integrity would even seem relevant to him.

And if this seems unusually nutty to you, you haven’t done aura reading on many people who actively aspired toward major political power. Yes, I realize I’m aura reading McCain even before the flip-flopping. Gee, will he now move into greater integrity, the way two negatives make a positive?

  • After flip-flopping: To this aura reader, the change is dramatic. For sheer amount of energy available in this part of McCain’s aura, he has become way more powerful. Reading his aura right here, the man has improved (literally) enormously.

However, the desire for power is now absolutely colossal in a demogogic way. Doing aura reading, layer by layer, to get to this chakra databank, I couldn’t help noticing a sad loss of libido. But when I get to this part of the aura reading, guess where that sexual energy has migrated?

McCain’s drive to become president is so huge, it has become a kind of survival drive and sexual drive all rolled into one. His need to win and have the power has become “the ultimate good.” What “lesser mortals” would call integrity is absolutely irrelevant.

The other thing I notice, reading auras at this level, is the enormous rage beneath all of McCain’s current striving. There is a quality of “Having greater political power is how I will get even for all the wrong that has been done to me.”

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

The last of this trio of aura databanks matters because it is about doing right and wrong according to a person’s own belief system. Unlike Senator McCain (after flip-flopping), I do not agree that the USA is a Christian nation. However, everybody’s third eye chakra databanks reveal un-fakeable truths about a person’s religion and/or spiritual connection and/or lack thereof.

  • Before flip-flopping: McCain’s ultimate religious authority can be summed up in these three words, “Me-me-me.”

Hey, it’s understandable. Many successful people believe in themselves. Under torture, the young McCain may have literally spent years crying out to God with no visible result. However he has come by his “faith,” McCain lives it honestly at the time of this photo. Religion/spirituality plays only the tiniest part in his life, and he doesn’t pretend otherwise.

  • After flip-flopping: Ouch! The spiritual projection is even smaller, and aura reading at this databank has become distinctly unpleasant.

Spiritual connection is painfully blacked out. McCain may not believe much in God at this point in his life, but he sure does believe in “sin.” And it seems to me, doing this aura reading, that McCain feels deep down that he is sinning, quite knowingly sinning, going against what he believes.

Yet it’s for a purpose. It’s all he can do. And because lying about principles is the best he can do, and essentially he is a very principled man, the quality here in his aura combines feeling a compulsion and feeling tortured.


 Yes, I know that I’m using strong words about a public figure. If you’re new to aura reading, or just conventional in your aura reading background, you may have started this article thinking that “Aura reading is all about seeing the colours.” Or, perhaps, “Aura reading is all about seeing the colors.”

Actually, no. Aura reading is about learning the truth about people, learning it THROUGH your senses, not with your physical senses. Compared to me, you might do quite a different aura reading of John McCain’s photos, but assuming that your technique is sound and you’re doing your best to leave your ego and personal beliefs at the door, your aura reading will have value, whether what you read in his aura is pretty or not.

Heart Chakra Databank for Conscience 

Deep down, how does a person feel he/she is doing as a person. At any given time, aura reading at this databank can reveal the innermost experience.

  • Before flip-flopping: John McCain is sincere. He feels proud of his actions.

  • After flip-flopping: This part of McCain’s heart chakra (unlike other databanks in his aura that one could read, ones that are still quite lovely) has become the energetic equivalent of a withered limb. The projection of energy has become small, black, and shrivelled. Deeply ashamed of himself, McCain nonetheless keeps moving forward. “I have no choice” is the inner defense to his own inner revulsion.

Denial of his own emotional experience is another portion of this aura databank. Sometimes an aura  reading will uncover the equivalent of a “keep out” sign. On McCain’s heart chakra, this sign is called “necessary sacrifice.”

Solar Plexus Chakra for Peace of Mind 

Reading auras, if you are looking for a person’s deep down sense of security, this chakra databank is the go-to place.

  • Before flip-flopping: Used to feeling worried, but also purposeful — at this stage in his career, John McCain has a lot in common with us “little people” who line up at Starbucks and try to keep ourselves psyched despite worries. We keep hoping that if only we accomplish the next big thing, we’ll feel better.

  • After flip-flopping: I’m so sorry. The only appropriate words I can find, reading McCain’s aura here are “Tortured” and “Whimpering.” The pain is so acute. And that’s only because McCain is a good man; deep down, he remains an idealist. Therefore, he’s deep-down aware that he has been selling his soul.


You may know that, besides aura reading, I do sessions of emotional and spiritual healing with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

Having been involved in many regression therapy sessions, both giving and receiving them for more than two decades, I have witnessed a great deal of evidence that people have more than one lifetime. Moreover, I have gained the perspective that there are no innocent victims.

This belief isn’t held as a callous “Nyah, nyah” kind of pat answer. I don’t take anyone’s suffering lightly. Because I care, I often am in the position of helping a person to heal old wounds — whether from this life or from other lifetimes.

I have held clients’ hands as they sobbed, or at least tucked a fresh Kleenex into that deeply vulnerable client’s hand. I have helped people to release causes of nightmarish events. (And if you read on my website about the technical aspects of my work, you’ll find that I take very careful precautions against false memories.)

Those of you readers who, also, are involved in healing have been there, too. You have witnessed torture in the lives of your clients, maybe in their auras, maybe in some other form. Isn’t torture the word we use for being the victim of unrelenting cruelty?

With the particular kind of Past-Life Regression and Hypnosis background I have, it is especially fascinating to me to consider the life of — and read the aura of — John McCain. Because I don’t believe there are innocent victims, what happens when I hear the story of a brave man who was hideously tortured for five long years? I wonder, “What could a man have done to set in motion such a consequence?”

Sometimes, working with clients, I’ve helped clients to release very strong experiences in perpetrator lives, like being responsible for the deaths of thousands of “unimportant” people, or wiping out even larger populations, being a super-successful businessman as an opium dealer, or selling thousands of terrified souls into slavery.

But doing aura reading on John McCain, I wonder. I wonder if perhaps all he has done before to set up his Vietnam torture was a similar kind of self-torture, where he held his own conscience hostage.

I have no way of knowing. I don’t do psychic readings. (Yes, it’s true. One can do aura reading, even be a teacher of aura reading, without being a psychic. I’m a spiritual teacher and emotional healer, not a Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, or Sylvia Browne.)

Here is what I do know, as a practical person who simply includes aura reading as a skill set for reading the truth about people. Free will is a wonderful thing, and so is the healing power of life as we experience it one incarnation after another.

Is it really possible to sell one’s soul? Personally, based on my experience as a healer, I don’t think so. We can’t even damage our souls long term. But we sure can create painful karma, receiving the inevitable reaction to our every thought, word, and action.

Frankly, I’m cheerful about John McCain’s long-term prospects, regardless of the problems that show up with aura reading. My optimism is based on what I’ve seen about free will in my clients.

But during the rest of this election, from now on, whenever I hear McCain’s fans boast that his claim to greatness is based on withstanding torture, I won’t be thinking “Brave, innocent victim.” I will be thinking about his own self-torture this time around.

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  1. 1
    Gene says:

    “assuming that your technique is sound and you’re doing your best to leave your ego and personal beliefs at the door, your aura reading will have value”

    Three questions, Rose:

    1)In your experience, does what you call “stuff” in people’s auras tend more to inhibit (cloud, shut down) their ability to perceive accurately what is real in another’s aura, or does it tend to “skew” perception into direct UNtruth?

    2) In your book on empathy, you say untrained empaths unconsciously use certain levels of their aura to merge with that same level of aura in another. Do you say that “aura reading” works by some associated parallel mechanism–that is do people read the “3rd chakra–3rd level of aura” reality using their own “3rd chakra-3rd level” energy?

    3) If people have “stuff” as well as ego and personal beliefs at work in their own internal mechanism, do you say they can still accurately read auras, and is there a way to actively “step aside” from all that described in your books?

    Just wondering…

    Love your political readings…so right on!

  2. 2
    Lisa says:

    That was fascinating. I think I really felt it most when you got to the part about his heart chakra now, I felt so sad for him.

    One of the main reasons I love doing spiritual healing work is that time and again I see layers that don’t usually see the light of day. Most of them are quite lovely, some not so much. But your reading really solidified my feeling that we, all of us, are full of joy, pain (sunshine and rain! as the song goes) and so many other things and what is presented on the surface (the facade, as it were) is not always all there is to the person. In fact, it’s probably not even 1/10th of who is really underneath there.

    Using skills you’ve taught me as well as others that I’ve learned over the years, I know I can trust the information I get when I tune in to who someone really is. That’s a gift I give MYSELF. And the coolest thing is that so many of us can do this easily. We just need a little guidance here and there.

    Thanks for posting this. I eagerly await your reading on Ms. Palin. That should prove interesting.

  3. 3

    Thanks for your comments, LISA and GENE. Let’s dedicate one comment to each of your good questions, Gene.

    Your Question 1:In your experience, does what you call “stuff” in people’s auras tend more to inhibit (cloud, shut down) their ability to perceive accurately what is real in another’s aura, or does it tend to “skew” perception into direct UNtruth?

    My best answer, simply put: Depends on the person.

    But here’s my more practical answer, put bluntly: Who cares? It’s more important to just make sure that one’s own aura doesn’t have STUFF. Use whatever form of healing you favor, but get out as much STUFF as possible and meanwhile just do the best you can.

  4. 4

    GENE, responding to your question about “Empowered by Empathy,” which can be viewed by clicking on the cover at….

    2) In your book on empathy, you say untrained empaths unconsciously use certain levels of their aura to merge with that same level of aura in another.

    Do you say that “aura reading” works by some associated parallel mechanism–that is do people read the “3rd chakra–3rd level of aura” reality using their own “3rd chakra-3rd level” energy?

    My best answer to this really fascinating question, simply put: I don’t think so.

    The empath-merge experiences of an unskilled empath have their own fascinating dynamic. It isn’t controlled. You wind up picking up random insights about people and, simultaneously, having random STUFF from people deposited in your aura.

    By contrast, aura reading is more like regular old literacy in a language where you have learned to read-and-write.

    You use a combination of skills you have learned (such as those taught in the 100+ techniques in “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses”) and then you apply them, using your pesonal gift set, in a specific setting.

    Like regular reading, you have complete control, directing your consciousness and bam! There you go.

    Hope this helps, Gene.

  5. 5

    Now for your question 3, GENE:

    “If people have ‘Stuff’ as well as ego and personal beliefs at work in their own internal mechanism, do you say they can still accurately read auras, and is there a way to actively ‘step aside’ from all that described in your books?”

    Absolutely, people can read auras accurately, the same way they can read regular old words. Of course, if you look back over the techniques I offer for reading auras in “Read People Deeper” or “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses,” you’ll find that there are steps of the technique that help the aura reader to be clear and objective.

    I mentioned the need for this in this blog post because, obviously, people use many techniques, not necessarily mine. Many techniques do NOT include help for directing intention, expanding consciousness to a higher level than the STUFF that causes suffering in a client, etc.

    Phew! Now, assuming that I actually understand the second part of your question, there is plenty in the books to actively step aside from STUFF, ego, etc. before reading auras.

    However, it’s also true that the clearer your system is, the better you’ll do at aura reading. As one student pointed out to me (best paraphrase to follow):

    “It’s great that I can go back and forth between: A–Learning techniques and ideas that help me read auras, become a skilled empath, etc.
    and B–Having personal sessions with you to move out cords of attachment, etc., in order to get STUFF out of my aura.”

    Both facets of this work are available to help you with what you need most. Long term, the goal is the same: Helping you to be yourself fully, with as little extraneous STUFF as possible. Also empowering you to use the gifts that God gave you for reading yourself and others in depth and detail.

  6. 6
    Ryan says:

    If “innocent victims” do not exist, then how do these cycles get started? If I do something, say murder somebody, and this event causes me to attract something comparable in a future life, then what about the person I murdered? Could my “victim” be somebody who did something bad to me in a previous life? Did that person attract that experience some other way?

    The problem with these explanations is that at some point this cycle had to start. The only thing I can think of is that at some point maybe some souls “volunteer” to be victims just as they might sign up for any other type of experiences.

    I have searched for the answers to these questions in the past, but this is one of those areas that “metaphysical” and pro-reincarnation people do an incomplete job of addressing.

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not even too sure that he would survive the 4 year term when looking at him as somebody who works in the health services and as a ‘medical empath’.

  8. 8

    RYAN, it’s daunting to try to address your question when you seem to already be convinced that it can’t be answered to your satisfaction!

    Still, boldly going forth (and very glad to have heard from you, since it has bene a while), do remember that every soul does not make it into human embodiment on the same day. Instead, there are many souls evolving here, each one with a personal soul age. So everyone has a history, with plenty of opportunities to sign up for different types of life experiences.

    Not to make it sound too much like an algebra problem… On December 1, 1492, Person A decides to experiment with the special learning that one can gain by going through a perpetrator life. He plans to murder three people.

    Persons B, C, and D, have all had previous perpetrator lives. By December 1, 1492, all three of them are ready to fulfill their own life contracts (that include being murdered).

    No innocent victims here. Make sense, Ryan? Even on a date other than Dec. 1, 1492? 😉

  9. 9

    ANONYMOUS, you make an excellent point. Even on the level of actuarial tables, McCain isn’t a great health risk.

    Personally (and maybe it’s because my specialties are emotional and spiritual health, rather than your own specialty), I am far more concerned about McCain’s emotional health.

    Back on this blog, I did an earlier reading where I expressed strong concern about his stored-up rage. Only later did I learn he was quite notorious for his temper while in the Senate.

    Watching recent convention coverage on PBS, I heard a pundit (Mark Shields?) recount a story with rather alarming implications about McCain’s mental health. Evidently, he was working with another Senator to co-sponsor legislation.

    Suddenly, McCain started treating this Senator like an enemy, unprovoked and extreme rage coming out for 15 minutes straight. Later, McCain apologized.

    Well, personally, I consider that this incident disqualifies McCain’s claim to having the kind of temperament appropriate for a president of the U.S. That amount of time — 15 minutes, out of control with unprovoked rage — could be sufficient to start a nuclear war.

  10. 10
    Jordan says:

    The part about John McCain being tortured really struck a cord with me. It has always bothered me when they start talking about John McCain’s years in the POW camp. Not because I am “insensitive” (haha), though it can come off that way. Because I sense that he’s still being tortured. He feels as if he is fresh from that POW camp, and it is not fun for the empaths around him to experience! His emotional state calls for some intense healing, not for him to be elected President!

  11. 11
    Fatoumata says:

    I hate that I am just discovering this. This was very insightful and similar to my own thoughts. There is something that makes me feel sorry for Mccain and I could not put a finger on it.

    As you know by now the first Presidential Debate was last night and for the entire two-hour event McCain could not address Senator Obama directly nor look at him.

    When he bagan to throw criticism (indirectly) at Obama, he began to bink rapidly.

    Senator Obama was the clearest and most composed that I have ever seen him in contrast. I have seen Senator Obama look uncomfortable in the past when given questions that he knows that his true convictions are against the majority’s.

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