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Maybe you don’t expect presidential ticket candidates to tell obvious lies… and get away with it.

But increasingly, that’s what happens. Today, I’m going to do aura readings — my three lie detector tests — on all four of the major candidates in support of holding politicians accountable. is an invaluable resource, if you start wondering which innocent-faced lies are going to be perpetrated by the party that invented Swift-boating.

Repeat a lie often enough and gullible people will believe them. Maybe, but people who do aura reading won’t.


Even the front page of The Washington Post reads like this morning, with two (count ’em !2!) front page stories about Republican lies.

It’s saddening.

About her former painkiller addiction, Cindy McCain has said on national TV that she tries “to talk about it as much as possible,” yet she and her husband, presidential candidate John McCain, were unavailable for comment for today’s story in the Post, which describes in detail how they covered up the full story of her addiction and people whose lives she ruined.

Well, why would he or she bother discussing little people?

Today’s second story, incredibly, is about how “Palin links Iraq to Sept. 11 in talk to troops in Alaska.”

Reporter Anne Kornblut notes, “The idea that the Iraqui government under Saddam Hussein helped al-Qaeda plan the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a view once promoted by Bush administration officials, has since been rejected even by the president himself.”

But why would that stop Sarah Palin? She keeps repeating her lie about “Thanks, but no thanks.” Although she’s the one who requested funding for Alaska’s notorious “Bridge to Nowhere” and Congress cut off funding before she had a chance to say “Thanks or no thanks.”

Later in that article, candidate Palin is quoted from her TV interview yesterday with Charlie Gibson. She didn’t hesitate when offered the No. 2 spot on the Republican ticket, bragging that she’s ready because she’s so committed to America’s “mission, the mission that we’re on, reform of this country and victory in the war.”

Actually, that’s two wars. Unless you also count the one she said might be necessary with Russia.


My students and I have demonstrated repeatedly that you can do accurate aura readings from regular photographs. Yes, I could definitely teach you if you’re curious. Aura reading isn’t available only to the clairvoyant. My trademarked system can help you to use your inborn, natural gift set for aura reading.

Face reading, the ancient art of reading faces for character, is even easier than aura reading — though it is not as quick and easy (and misleading) as simply judging a face at a glance. (If you see a book that promises to show you how to do face reading or aura reading in five minutes, be aware you’re being handed an empty promise.)

Legitimate face reading, like aura reading, takes a bit of time. Not a huge amount, though, just a reasonable amount. For example, I’ve taken on crooked smiles of politicians in depth in this previous blog post. Take a look at the face reading article if you are ready to see more than you’ve already noticed right on the surface.

Moving deeper, to the level of aura reading, this article uses the photos being shown here. If you can’t tell these four candidates apart, you need more than aura reading! Go straight to a newspaper of record, like the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the L.A. Times. (And I’m proud to say that two out of three of these have praised my work in print.)

If TV ads leave you scratching your head, check out

The unexamined political life is not worth living. I know too many otherwise intelligent, thoughtful people who believe the lies being told today. Don’t you know many people who fall into this, too? Having different points of view is one thing, but when people uncritically gobble up lies, favoring for the most trivial reasons, it can give a friendship… indigestion.

Aura reading, like face reading and body language, are no substitute for getting the facts. Personally, I know that distinction is very important. I never miss an election. I get the facts before voting for president. Then, like any responsible voter in the 21st century, I supplement the facts by using deeper perception to read character. And that’s the point of this article.

When aura reading and face reading become routine forms of literacy, we won’t suffer today’s Orwellian culture of political lies being repeated.

Below, I’ll going into the specific aura databanks that matter most for spotting liars. Remember that you can enlarge any photos easily for doing your own readings. Just right click to copy the photo, paste onto a blank document in Word or an email. Pull on the corners and there you go!

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Throat Chakra Databank for VERBAL INTEGRITY IN PUBLIC

  • McCain: Deep down, he’s a thoughtful person with a laudable capacity for viewing complex issues honestly, bringing a fresh perspective. On the surface, where he projects his personality, McCain’s aura shows something similar. Unfortunately, in the middle — like some sinister type of double-stuff Oreo — John McCain knowingly lies. He’s been doing it for quite a long time. The slimy pattern says, “I must do this even though I feel guilty about it, because otherwise I won’t have the chance to make a difference.”
  • Obama: Charisma pervades this databank. On the outer edge, charm is accentuated, with the attempt to show an extreme degree of coolness verging on “Nothing bothers me.” Underneath there’s a great deal more seriousness. Also principle. Telling the truth is something this man cares about passionately.
  • Palin: Aura reading suggests that Palin works hard to project a strong and appealing image. Like a fine beer, it has high notes and low notes, including, “I am someone you can depend upon, like the next female face at Mr. Rushmore” and simply, “I’m so cute.” Regarding the pattern beneath this facade, Sarah Palin doesn’t merely lie routinely in public life. She is proud it. Cleverness and cunning are prized values for this woman.
  • Biden: On the surface, Biden doesn’t project any qualities strongly. Alas for him, in that way, the senator is like most people, rather than most politicians. Beneath that, Biden is what I’d call a minor-league liar. He compromises and cajoles and bends the truth, doing this as a kind of social skill. Yet deeper beneath there’s conviction and integrity. Bottom line: Although a pattern of social lying exists, at least it is not substantive lying.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for POWER INTEGRITY IN PUBLIC

  • McCain: Here I find McCain truly frightening. The drive to power is overwhelming, distorting, convoluted. The man has deep pockets — and I don’t mean those he can claim financially, through marriage. His deep pockets are about anger. For more details, see my previous aura reading article about torture.
  • Obama: Although the Democratic nominee isn’t as hungry as the Republican, make no mistake. Obama’s power chakra has a lean and hungry look. Yet idealism is part of the picture, something missing entirely from McCain’s aura. And yes, pure power integrity in Obama looks excellent: He does what he says he will do.
  • Palin: Power integrity is worse than she knows. Why? Sarah Palin dumbs herself down, as convenient. Long-term patterning in this part of her aura reading suggests that she does things her own way, not what she has promised necessarily, then attributes the difference to qualities like “independence.” Isn’t the human capacity to rationalize a wondrous thing? Then Palin lets her mind close down, forgetting everything that happened that would cause her to possibly add 2 + 2 and get 4. No wonder her self-confidence is so unusually strong. Even John McCain has the grace to feel guilty about his deceptions.
  • Biden: Integrity of action matters a great deal to this good Catholic boy.


  • McCain: John’s spiritual connection is small and sad. See more details at the aura reading article about torture. Here I’ll just add how refreshing it is that McCain does not cover up his lack of spiritual connection with George Bush-style hypocrisy.
  • Obama: Anyone doing aura reading who has watched Obama walk into a room and talk has felt the glow. Spiritual integrity is high, and so is the degree of spiritual inspiration.
  • Palin: Are you kidding? Spiritual? Integrity? If you are used to spotting narcissists, you will find a familiar quality here, rather than much of a spiritual presence.

Again, she represents a fascinating contrast with her running mate. McCain lacks spiritual integrity because he has been through hell and it hurt him. Then he compounded the problems with lack of verbal and power integrity, those famous flip-flops, feeling deep guilt about all he has done.

By contrast, Palin is refreshing! She’s fresh!

Yes, she’s fresh out of integrity and doesn’t look back. For her, political expediency has been an easy choice. No guilt complicates things.

Yes, I’ve read that Gov. Palin has strong ties to the Religious Right, but an aura reading reveals that connection to God has little place in her life, except as a way of positioning herself socially. In this way, she fits right in with other leaders of the Religious Right.

  • Biden: He may not have Obama’s rare quality of inspired connection. Yet Joe Biden does carry a sense of the sacred in this part of his aura. Of the four candidates, Biden has the second largest spiritual connection at the third eye. Spiritually, he doesn’t compromise.


Follow Campaign 2008, doing aura reading as you go, and you’ll find much to inspire you. can point you in the direction of integrity. Aura reading will show you even more.

Maybe, like me, you scratch your head sometimes. How can politicians lie the way they do? Even worse, how can they get away with it?

Use aura reading and face reading, Blog-Buddies, and spread the word. When voters learn to read people deeper, politicians won’t be able to get away with those lies.

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  1. 1
    Kathy Wilewski says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for confirming my own feelings about these candidates. I think we really need to overhaul the whole political process.

    Negative adds need to go. I’d love just to see debates paid for by the networks and end the huge amounts of money spent in an effort to have media mind-bend us.

    When did the word peace fall out of fashion and intelligence become a liability? When did diplomacy become appeasement?

    I don’t want pitbulls in the whitehouse, lipstick or not! It saddens me that society has fallen so far that we choose our leaders solely on the basis of being just “like me”. That’s ok for Access Hollywood, but not for our beloved country. We deserve more.

    Kathy (Lilylady)

  2. 2
    Lisa W says:

    Thank you for your aura readings and face readings on the candidates. I’ve learned so much. I recently watched an interview of Palin and, by using my new skills, detected her speaking out of the right side of her mouth.

    (At the same time she failed to answer the questions asked of her and simply gave a preplanned monologue. The total lack of responsibility, concern or guilt regarding both (1) her failure to address the questions posed and (2) the obvious inconsistencies between what she said or did earlier and her canned monologue during the interview was evident to me now; whereas it wouldn’t have been without the skills you teach.)

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