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Face Reading of Virginia’s Gilmore and Warner


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Last night Mark Warner debated Jim Gilmore. The latter sounded like an attack ad, a pit bull of politics. The former’s voice had a wheedling, whiny quality, reminiscent of John McCain, though belonging to the opposite party.

Listening to the radio as I drove, neither of their faces were visible, but they sure will be today… as I do Face Reading on both of these former governers, now turned rivals for Virginia’s hotly senatorial seat.

Face Reading is perfect for telling these policians apart, assuming that photos are available.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Ethical disclosure, I met Warner once, at a party where I was hired to do Face Reading. He left early, before I could read his face, but had the most charming way of telling me “Next time,” his trademark right-cheek dimple alight. (More on that dimple later.)

Our one-paragraph interchange (without the wheedling politician’s voice in evidence) does predispose me to like him, but I will bravely thrust all that personal aspect aside as I hunker down to read faces.

To see any of these photos more clearly, you can right click on it, copy it onto a blank Word document or email, and then pull on the corners. Give a little tug, to watch the face grow.

That’s what I’m doing in order to see the data clearly. “Garbage in, garbage out” applies to Face Reading, not just computers. For Face Reading, it helps to see a face clearly, and in detail.


Warner’s high ears are unusual for a politician. If you didn’t do Face Reading, you might never notice this, mostly because high ears are somewhat rare but also because, without Face Reading, who notices ear position at all?

Since I do Face Reading, let me tell you that I haven’t seen high ears in big-league Amrican politics since Bill Clinton. (In Face Reading, “high ears” means that ear tops rise above eyebrows.)

  • Talent: Mark thinks fast, learns fast, can make his best decisions quickly.

  • Potential Challenge: More likely to change his mind than people with lower ear position? For a politician that can, of course, create vulnerability to the dreaded charge of “waffling.”

 “Blarney Lips” is a term coined by my favorite Face Reading interpreter of ancient siang mien. Lailan Young uses that term for lip proportions where the lower lip is at least twice as full as the upper lip. Even though my system of Face Reading Secrets® is very different in most respect, I couldn’t improve upon Lailan’s interpretation here.

  • Talent: Charming, persuasive speech. (Yes, Face Reading is a great way to protect yourself against those blarney-stone-smoochers who can charm birds out of the trees.)

  • Potential Challenge: Can you trust Warner’s truthfulness? (Or for that matter, Gilmore’s?) In such cases, I prefer to supplement Face Reading with Aura Reading. And for that, stay tuned to my next blog post.

Meanwhile, check out the dimple on Mark’s right cheek when he smiles. It’s a huge powerline dimple (like a humongous parenthesis).

  • Talent: In career, though not necessarily in his personal life, Mark Warner can charm people — just about anyone but Jim Gilmore — with qualities like humility, graciousness, gentle self-deprecating humor.

  • Potential Challenge: With this item of Face Reading, compounded by his McCain-like cheek configuration (only with Mark, this shows when smiling only, not also in repose, as with McCain, which lessens the ominousness significantly), this face data might read “I’ll say and do whatever it takes to win your vote.”


Jim Gilmore has a low ear on the left. This is how he looks like Ronald Reagan! (Earlobe is below the tip of his nose.)

  • Talent: Decisions are made slowly and, once made, seldom reversed. Clearly, this personal style is very useful for consistency. Granted, Gilmore’s right ear has average position. If he feels strongly and personally about political matters, his left ear position does become relevant.

  • Potential Challenge: Resistance to change? In Gilmore’s case, that might include changing his mind that his term as Governor left his state prosperous. Repeatedly, during the debate, the former governor affirmed that he left Virginia with a balanced budget. Others disagree slightly, calculating that “Don’t sweat small stuff” Gilmore actually produced a budget deficit of, oh, $6 billion.

Straight-bottomed lower lip (where the shape right at the lower edge is like a line). One of the biggest types of learning, if you want to be good at Face Reading, is to look, really look at the many characteristics in each facial feature.

  • Talent: Communication style is direct, facts first, with nothing gushy or mushy.

  • Potential Challenge: Could there be gratuitious nastiness, harshness?

 No eyelids are visible and puffs of flesh hang over Gilmore’s eyelids. (With a double eyelid fold, as Gilmore has, there is a huge range of possible eyelid thickness. Gilmore is at one extreme. As you know if you’re used to my system of Face Reading Secrets®, VERY extreme face data goes with VERY extreme talent and VERY extreme potential challenge.)

  • Talent: Gilmore really doesn’t care if you like him, so long as you vote for him. He may even distrust charm. Emotionally independent to an extreme degree, he won’t try to be a people pleaser.

  • Potential Challenge: Temper, strong temper, nasty temper–gee, might the owner of those puffs sometimes come across as a pit bull?


With Face Reading, we can appreciate how Gilmore could mean it when he attacks Warner for being a waffling charmer and how Warner could confidently allow Gilmore to rant until he seems like a latter-day Rumpelstiltskin. Each one is leading from his own strengths.

Strengths and potential challenges, both, show in my system of Face Reading Secrets®. And all of us have them, politicians or not.

Before voting in any election, it’s vital to look at the records of the candidates, not just their faces or positions. Then, if you really want to use Deeper Perception to get an inside look, beyond spin, keep reading deeper….

Next post, we will supplement our Face Reading with Aura Reading. Comment here with what YOU notice, doing Face Reading of these very strongly contrasting politicians.

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