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Aura Reading & Empath-Merge with Warner and Gilmore

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When Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner campaign for a seat on the Senate, little do they know what’s showing. It isn’t their underwear but something far more personal. Auras can’t be hidden, any more than they can be faked — which is why I’m going to proceed with a detailed Aura Reading of each candidate.

The words of this Aura Reading may gain extra resonance because I’m actually going to do a skilled Empath Merge with each candidate.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

To see each photo more clearly, copy it onto a blank Word document or email and pull on the corners. To supplement this Aura Reading, you can see a Face Reading I have done on both candidates.


I’ll read for you what I want to read for me. Aura Reading is no substitute for facts, so it is a concern for me that Gilmore campaigned on “No car tax.” To his surprise, but not mine, he helped Virginia move from financial surplus into debt, with a $6 billion shortfall. He also left the roads here full of SUVs, and perhaps one factor was that they were bought cheaper due to our state having no car tax. By contrast, Warner moved the state forward financially.

Facts like these are my first consideration before voting, but I still need to find out more about politicians. Here are the chakra Databanks that seem most important to me, and you’re welcome to add an area of life that you’re curious about in the COMMENTS section below. I don’t promise to add onto my Aura Reading but it’s possible, especially if I can find an Aura Databank that corresponds to your question.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence When Campaigning

Whenever you walk into a room, you bring a thin slice of your aura, a kind of hologram. Here’s what I find for these politicians.

  • Warner: Comfortable within his own skin, and emotionally confident as well as physically confident, youthful, and healthy. Warner is action oriented as a person, smart but not particularly reflective, and definitely not brooding. He has an athlete’s ability to throw himself fully into the present moment.
  • Gilmore: Meet the battle-scarred warrior, who has seen trouble and survived it, bringing his experience, stubbornness, and pugnacity into every fresh campaign.

Root Chakra Databank for Facade When Campaigning

In contrast to your presence, a facade is projected. Most people don’t do it consciously, but some do it consciously. Some do it modestly while others do it on a grand scale. Only an Aura Reading tells you for sure.

  • Warner: He is so not good at this. Projecting a facade, trying to impress people as the person he is, is a weak point for Warner. Impressing people with his position is something else; that’s not about him.

You might find it endearing or (if campaigning against him) useful to know, how very hard it is for Warner and how much shyness he must overcome every time he’s in a position where it would be to his advantage to make a big, splashy first impression. Early on in his romantic career, Warner didn’t feel like the world’s biggest hit with girls; that awkwardness and pain are with him still.

To Warner, personally, I’d say, “Let me help you to move out those cords of attachment related to shyness. They’re still recirculating inside your subconscious mind 24/7, as all cords of attachment do. And they’re definitely holding you back.”

  • Gilmore: Here’s a man who really enjoys sending out a large personality facade. He gains extra ability to do this from his religious faith. Gilmore feels he has a righteous role to play, and this inspires him to send out an extra strong personality projection: “I am like a grandfather to you, an elder statesman who knows better than you do. I can keep you safe.”

Is this projection done consciously? Not exactly. Gilmore might think of it more in the context of prayer. Aura Reading is not mind reading, and even a Skilled Empath Merge doesn’t take you into a person’s specific thoughts. What does show clearly is that Gilmore projects a facade in a comfortable manner, not with cynicism or strong manipulativeness. This set of energies broadcasts his own best opinion of himself.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power with Other Politicians

Encoded deep in his aura, each man has a gift of the soul for dealing with power when involved in political deal-making with other politicians. Being human, each man may also have STUFF. (In my opinion, any worthwhile Aura Reading must be able to report on both types of data, the gift — which is for life — and STUFF — which can always, always, always be healed.)

  • Warner: Intelligence and curiosity are the gifts Warner brings to these power-laden conversations. He doesn’t come across as threatening, more as persistent. STUFF inclines him to wobble about his own positions, under duress. Although he can hide it well (unless having an Aura Reading 😉 ), I find that Warner really dislikes confrontation. This isn’t just his personal style but is STUFF-related.
  • Gilmore: To use a technical term… BOSSY! Gilmore comes from the old school, where a man is a man but a white man is a god who never should be contradicted. Gilmore tends to attract other men, especially white men, who are similarly bossy. They will respect him. This STUFF shows outermost in Gilmore’s personal style. His real gift of the soul, underneath, is courage.

Root Chakra Databank for Relating to Money as a Politician

 You have a way of relating to money personally and also a way of relating to money if you work for a company or volunteer organization. Do people usually talk about how they relate to money? Of course not! Even if they blabbed constantly about style with money, you might be greatly amused if you were to compare that with an Aura Reading.

Incidentally, you can learn a great deal about how a person relates to money with Face Reading and Body Language, as described in my book with the 50 practical categories, “Read People Deeper.”

  • Warner: He’s disciplined with money the way he is disciplined with eating. Warner has an unusually strong ability to implement his choices with strong follow through. Although his impulses are generous, Warner’s mind rules his heart when it comes to spending money.
  • Gilmore: In our photo here, Gilmore’s palm is open. Yet the term that best describes his relationship to money is “tight-fisted.” Staying in control is a major priority for this man. It comes up in many of his databanks, his way of fighting worry.

Gilmore’s need for control feels very different from Warner’s self-discipline. The Democratic politician is motivated by his idealism when he says no. The Republican politician’s experience is far more complex. “Control” is very strongly linked to Gilmore’s personal identity, his sense of self: To be Jim Gilmore is to be a man who stays in control.

With money, Gilmore bears witness to his values, punishing the weak-willed and wrong, upholding the good ones, those on his team. Money is power, and Gilmore does all he can to bolster the power of those who deserve it.

If you are doing an Empath Merge at this databank, not simply an Aura Reading, you may notice a powerful mixture here around religious duty, confidence that “this is God’s way,” a strong sense of moral imperative, and a refusal to question his own motivations or make contact with his own very human emotions, including personal fears.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

When campaigning, a politican can say anything. This has been hilariously demonstrated recently by presidential contender McCain (a joke that admittedly would be way funnier if we weren’t all busy crying over the death of Wall Street). To quote Eugene Robinson, one of my favorite columnists for The Washington Post, as he wrote today, “Within one week, McCain has gone from saying ‘the fundamentals of the economy are strong’ to declaring that ‘we are in the most serious crisis since World War II.'”

That isn’t just a problem with mental confusion or verbal integrity. It’s a symptom of McCain’s lack of power integrity, where he will do or say whatever seems expedient.

When enough voters, or even pundits, do Aura Reading, they can predict which politician is likely to display a lack of power integrity. This goes beyond reneging on a promise because outer circumstances change. Lack of power integrity means an intent to do what you want, regardless of what you officially tell others you intend to do.

  • Warner: Mark tries hard to hold to his integrity. He struggles with it, sometimes losing, other times winning. It is, at least, encouraging that he struggles.
  • Gilmore: Bitterness is one component here. Another is a dragon-like need to “hold onto what’s mine.”

Maybe you’re familiar with the great Lutheran hymn “A mighty fortress is our God.” Jim Gilmore’s power integrity is a mighty fortress also, a walled city where he can do no wrong, wheeling and dealing however he wishes. For Gilmore, being elected means that he has officially been given license to do as he likes. Virginians, we have two flawed candidates here. Mark Warner is like a slightly chipped teacup. Jim Gilmore, however, is more like a teacup with several long, deep cracks. What kind of glue holds them together? It’s Gilmore’s sense of being right, no matter what.

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