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Aura Reading of Personality Kid Sarah Palin

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What makes Sarah Palin so polarizing? Even without Aura Reading, you can find some obvious answers.

  • If your version of the election involves personalities, as Republicans have stated this election does, and if you like Sarah’s strong personality, you’ll vote for the former beauty queen.
  • If your version of the election involves issues, like Democrats who find nothing humorous or trivial about Obama’s being a “community organizer,” you’ll question Palin’s qualifications to serve the nation, a heartbeat away from America’s oldest first termer.

Aura Reading helps you to understand personalities and issues, both, with reference to as many as 50 databanks in each chakra.


With an Aura Reading you can fathom mysteries of personality from a photo. During debates or televised speeches, you can read how a politician’s aura changes. Those words on the teleprompter may be static, but not what you’ll find in an Aura Reading.

So for the truth about how a politician really feels about political issues, supplement regular watching and listening with Aura Reading.

I’m greatly looking forward to all the presidential and vice-presidential debates, hopeful that the Friday debate will proceed as scheduled despite McCain’s recent attempt to postpone it. Those of you who have learned Aura Reading, be sure to tune in and read away.

Among my collection of media interviews, I vividly remember being an Aura Reading Pundit for USA Today. Perched before my TV, I did Aura Reading for the vice-presidential debate between Lieberman and Cheney.

Back in the day (unlike now, when power-seeking has greatly distorted his aura), Lieberman spoke in an extremely congruent fashion. Aura Reading was a delight. I’d experience one emotion at a time bubble up in one of his chakras. Immediately, it would be expressed in an authentic manner… within seconds.

Cheney was fascinating because he constantly watched himself. Do an Aura Reading on him today and you’ll find what became obvious to me back then: The detached configuration at his solar plexus chakra means a deep preference for secrecy.

The only times Cheney became excited and enthusiastic were when he spoke about drilling for oil in Alaska and military engagement. These emotions were low-key, consistent with his carefully controlled persona. It would have been hard for anyone but an empath to tell what was going on inside him.

Except anyone with a good level of skill at Aura Reading can read deep inner secrets, and unlike talent for being an empath, if you’re human and can think normally you have definitely been born with talent at Aura Reading. You would have been onto Cheney as fast as white on rice (or slick on oil).

So, Blog-Buddies, if you’re curious about Palin’s personality, remember: Deeper Perception gives you three good choices to learn what really makes her tick:

  • Do a Skilled Empath Merge,
  • Try some Face Reading
  • Or simply sit back now for some Aura Reading.


An article in The Washington Post on Sept. 7 described an incident where Gov. Palin joined the chief of the state prison system on a tour, a 90-minute drive north of Anchorage. She held the baby in her arms. Later, there was a complaint that she didn’t strap her son into a car seat instead, a complaint she dismissed as petty.

That’s typical Palin, isn’t it?

  • Palin fans see a loving mother and irresistably independent personality.
  • Palin skeptics aren’t so keen on breaking the law.

I’m in that latter camp, but that doesn’t mean I have no curiosity about reading her personality deeper. So here comes my Aura Reading, exploring three chakra databanks I’m most curious about.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence

She’s confident! She glows! Doubts do not bother her.

No wonder women love to identify with Sarah Palin.

Life is simple for her, at this part of her Aura Reading databanks, and she does not carry significant STUFF. 

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Aw, that Palin has loads of sexual energy. The sex appeal pops right out, and she’s confident, proud, sassy, loving all attention.

Yet there’s nothing sleazy about this gift. Doing an Aura Reading at this databank, it’s clear why she would enter a beauty pageant back in the day. She really loves to show off and play in the energy of being sexy.

Sex is important to voters, of course. President Kennedy’s sex appeal was, arguably, stronger than his political ability. And hers is a lot more wholesome. She doesn’t put hooks or sleeze into her sexual energy but simply lets it show as the great asset it is.

Of the four candidates, she undeniably has the strongest sex appeal. (If you’re crushing on Obama, he’s not boring in this part of an Aura Reading, but he has many other qualities like verbal charisma. Palin, by contrast, MOSTLY has sex appeal going for her, aurically.)

As a lover, she’s warm and affectionate. This is especially important as a balance to the next part of our aura reading.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving

Well, there’s good news and bad from this Aura Reading databank. Sarah has a sunny disposition and connects best in relationships where everyone is cheerful. She doesn’t like doom or gloom or too many complicated emotions.

At her level of spiritual development, Palin’s emotions are all primary colors. More nuanced emotions, equivalent to blue-green or regret, simply mean “fake.”

Again, this has got to be appealing, even refreshing, to voters at a similar level of development. To them, Sarah is like a breath of fresh air. They also would be able to relate to her in terms of her auric modeling.

Unfortunately, this level of emotional development goes with being what non-fans would call “a narcissist.”

That childlike simplicity of her feelings includes a five-year-old’s tendency to have everything about “Me-me-me.” And it works for her.

Just like a child, Palin can be sweet, adorable, winningly full of personality. If crossed, she can lash out, but doesn’t everyone? Young souls who vote now have Sarah Palin as a candidate who can make them feel understood and well represented. That will make a bigger impact to them than anything in the news.

We’ve all been there. We have a strong feeling about someone and, well, do words have to mean anything more than “Blah, blah, blah”?

Funny, I don’t remember that America’s Founding Fathers made a big deal about setting up our system of government about choosing leaders based on our being able to identify with them as personalities.

Was it really important to them, and should it be important to us, that the least evolved people in the country would be able to have someone “just like me” representing them? And speaking of evolution…

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Moral Development

Blog-Buddies, here is my best translation of the energy encoded at Palin’s Aura Reading databank about moral development:

  • Smart people win.
  • We win because we are better.
  • Choices are simple. Can you tell black from white? Then, duh!
  • Anyone who tries to stop me should be punished. And will be, because God just made some of us better people than others.
  • I’m modest about this. I don’t need to brag, anyway. My superiority just shows clearly to anyone with a brain.
  • That’s why I don’t have a whole lot of patience for people who don’t get my point of view. If I have to try explaining to you, why waste my time? You wouldn’t understand.


Draw your own! Or just reach for a hankie.

Of course, your own Aura Reading insights are welcome in our comments section.

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  1. 1
    Lisa says:

    Hi Rose,

    Before I read your insights, I popped into her energy from that picture and all I got was GRRRRR! Just pissy and angry and nasty. Whatever was going in with her at that time (from a negative point of view) was so visceral, I had to really work to pull ‘Lisa’ back. (and yes, I cut psychic ties, thank you!)

    I can’t imagine myself in her situation for any number of reasons so to be in her skin right now is probably pretty frightening. What a life lesson, eh?

  2. 2
    Fatoumata says:

    I think that you are spot on about Palin. My initial resistance for her was due to my support of the Obama/Biden ticket, but as I watched her she definitely does have a strong charm and is extrememly attractive.

    The mother thing is very appealing though she really does not resonate with most of the mothers I know. Myself and other mothers in my community consider her scary.

    My intuitive feeling for her is that she really is as tenacious as she says, but it is in the wrong direction. I also think that she has been used to talking and charming her way through any situation.

    As of late, that seems to be wearing off, particularly in the case of her interview with Katie Couric.

    When challenged, Palin gets flustered. She does better when giving speeches. It is obvious when she does not know and answer, has not reharsed or is uncomfortable.

    The knlowledge that she is on television keeps her from bullying her challenger like she is used to. I think that this contributes to the decrease that I have noticed in her projected energy. I think she is a little loose because she does not know what to do. The world is much bigger than Wasilla, Alaska.

  3. 3
    Lisa W says:

    I love finding comments indicating that other people “see” the same thing, but just use different methods for “deeper perception.” See this link to a photojournalism site with a picture of Sarah Palin returning to her office:
    [Link No longer Available]
    (its Nov. 8, 2008 “Balloons”)

    Here is what the author of the site said: “These “Welcome Back” decorations remind me of a child’s birthday party, and I don’t think the association is an accident.

    In fact, this photo is probably one of the most honest and unspun portraits of Sarah Palin I’ve seen. What it speaks to is her very real immaturity or lack of emotional development.”

    Wow—I am so impressed by what people “read” through various types of deeper perception and I am learning to “see” these themes and symbols also. It sure makes things easier!

  4. 4

    If you’ve been following Sarah Palin’s remarkable career, check out the latest installment with this Aura Reading post:

  5. 5
    Mendsaikhan says:

    Hello. Could you tell me one thing. Every person have many (7) spiritual body. for Example:
    Astral body, Mental body , Causal body ……
    What about babys? how many spiritul body baby have? 6 moth baby , 1 years old baby ??? do they have also 7 spiritual body? or Babys don’t have??

  6. 6

    MENDSAIKHAN, good to hear from you here at Deeper Perception Made Practical.

    Actually I’m not going to answer these questions because this isn’t a blog about esoteric matters, paranormal experiences, or psychic development.

    What you WILL find if you consult experts at such blogs is that they have many conflicting theories. I prefer to teach people how to read auras of people, including babies, for themselves.

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