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Aura Reading & Skilled Empath Merge — First Presidential Debate 2008


Let’s add the perspective that spin cannot hide. What does Aura Reading show about the debate between Obama and McCain? And what can a Skilled Empath Merge show to enhance the usual method of following words and reading body language?

I’m fresh from watching the first debate. (Though sleepy.) Got off to a late start because a client session didn’t end until 9:30, but thank goodness for my cable TV recording ability. Here are the highlights of my detailed notes, faithfully doing Aura Reading and skilled empath merge throughout the entire debate.


Right from their entrances onto the stage (which I got to rewind and watch twice, again thanks to cable TV), Aura Reading revealed big differences between the candidates.

Obama brought in a large auric field, brimming with soul-connection at the high heart chakra. Throughout the debate, Aura Reading showed that Obama maintained a consistent spiritual connection.

What made him uncomfortable? Not much. And Body Language was consistent with Aura Reading on this score.

On a few occasions, Obama attacked McCain (or attacked him back). Twice, my Empath Merge revealed that Obama’s heart was beating fast after speaking.

Why didn’t he go on the offensive more often? Obama doesn’t like attacking. Defending is different; he’s eager to clear the record when he has been falsely accused, and wants to swing back immediately, like a player lobbing back a tennis shot.

By contrast, McCain brought in a tight auric field, low energy, made stronger ONLY by attacking and building up myth. Aura Reading was quite entertaining that way.

On the surface, McCain didn’t have senior moments and appeared vigorous all the way through the 90 minutes. Aura Reading, however, showed that his energy slowly diminished during the course of the debate so that, by the final statements, McCain’s aura projected only about 1/20th the amount of Obama’s.

Let’s go into full Aura Reading detail about the two things that perked up McCain.


McCain really enjoyed making all those digs against Obama. Even on the surface, an observer could count that McCain attacked early and often. Body Language was carefully controlled. Still, Aura Reading revealed the extent of McCain’s delight whenever he got to go on the attack.

Meanwhile Obama defended himself and corrected inaccuracies and slurs, but attacked less often. Body Language did some masking for this candidate as well. He spoke with his customary debonair grace, hiding the discomfort with attacking. Aura Reading revealed a complete absence of glee.

While Empath Merges showed a real distaste on the part of Obama for attacking, McCain’s Aura Reading showed just the opposite. and when I dared go into a skilled Empath Merge with McCain I could feel how much he enjoyed making every one of his many digs during the debate. His throat and root chakras particularly reflected that glee.

For instance, attacking Obama repeatedly on “pork barrel spending” — McCain’s throat chakra was awash with glee.

Reading Body Language, you may have noticed also that McCain often smiled while attacking, especially toward the end of the debate. An Aura Reading showed this to be accompanied by that nasty quality of delight.

By contrast, Obama was more likely to smile while being gracious toward the moderator, conceding that the debate needed to move on. And what lit him up? Aura Reading and Skilled Empath Merges alike showed a quality of joy, inspiration, and connection to spiritual Source.

For McCain, the debate was one more battle. For Obama, the debate was, to some degree, sacred.


In one way, McCain really restrained himself. He only called himself a “maverick” once. But throughout the debate, he often sent out a powerful facade connected to sending out his comfortable, though factually inaccurate myth.

Aura Reading is the best way to separate a facade from a person. Just last night, a very talented student of mine had me do Aura Reading on some lawyers she considered hiring. “Eloise” really liked Lawyer “James.” The first thing I noticed about him was his powerful personality projection about being likeable and trustworthy.

Then I proceeded to take the Aura Reading further and noticed many integrity problems. Basically, James cared less about helping his client to win and more about toting up billable hours.

Falling for facades is very common when someone is still learning Aura Reading. It’s also common for people who aren’t yet reading auras. And this success of the phony is precisely where McCain and Palin excel. Biden sends out a facade to some extent, too. Obama doesn’t. If you’re not doing Aura Reading yet but wonder why he seems so exceptionally authentic, there’s your reason.

Back at McCain, “I’m feeling better,” he said early on, starting to spin his story. If you were doing an Aura Reading, did you notice the oil slick spread on that throat chakra? And it wasn’t a spill from Exxon.

Later, McCain spoke about Eisenhower. Again, an Aura Reading revealed a subtext not shown in Body Language: Rage in his heart chakra, strong discipline at his root chakra, and that destructive glee in his throat chakra.

“I want every family to have a $5,000 tax cut.” Again, an Aura Reading provided sinister entertainment. Out went the oily projection from McCain’s throat chakra — an Aura Reading tipoff that The Maverick Myth was being sent out again, full grease ahead.

McCain just loves telling that story about his being a maverick. Just as consistently, Aura Reading reveals that he’s enjoying the ego boost, while comfortable with lying and play acting. If it doesn’t frighten Americans to have another president whose best strength is lying, we’ll need more than having politicians tell us “God bless America.”

Heaven helps those who help themselves. When the American people carelessly (or knowingly) accept lying representatives, we need more than God to help us.

Often it’s liars who cannot spot liars. The greasy experience becomes too familar. It’s like someone with greasy fingers touching butter. Where’s the contrast?

Aura Reading is the only reliable way to tell if someone is lying. In other posts at this blog, we’ve shown how Face Reading can be helpful to find extreme prevarication. Body Language won’t help you at all, not with a seasoned campaigner like Mr. McCain.


McCain paid careful attention to sending out his Maverick Myth, criticizing his opponent at every opportunity, repeating “he doesn’t understand” as though Obama were the less intelligent man of the two… here’s where McCain wasn’t so controlled: Aura Reading.

Also, did you notice this huge Body Language gaffe? I never once saw McCain look directly at Obama. This was especially strange while Obama was speaking. McCain either looked away, or checked his notes. What’s McCain’s problem? Can’t he see black men?

By contrast, Obama usually took a courteous and respectful look in McCain’s direction and appeared to listen. Yes, to a large extent this was a show of Body Language, because an Aura Reading suggests that Obama didn’t respond energetically to what McCain sent out. Instead Obama held steady, connecting to his source of inspiration.

Aura Reading reveals that McCain’s did respond and react energetically while Obama spoke, even though the older man looked away. It was clear from Aura Reading, and even from Body Language micro-expressions, that istening to Obama made McCain furious.

Many Empath Merges with the Arizona senator caused me to make notes like, “Angry and disgusted. McCain doesn’t want to listen to a word.” Again, in this respect McCain is frighteningly reminiscent of George W. Bush, with Aura Reading, Body Language, and the words being spoken.

When Obama spoke about tax cuts, McCain’s rage silently roiled. Along with diminished reserves of energy during the debate, Aura Reading and Empath Merge both revealed a steady increase in McCain’s stored-up anger.

In fact, Aura Reading makes it quite clear. John McCain runs on rage.

I noticed the same thing about another war-hero-turned-politician. Remember Bob Dole during his long-ago debate? An Aura Reading of Senator Dole showed that he was energized most by hatred and rage.

Aura Reading suggests that McCain is only slightly different. He constantly battles his rage, has learned how to control it and hide it. Yet he finds glee in attacking and building The Maverick Myth.

Not surprisingly, Aura Reading showed McCain at his absolute peak during this debate when he said, “I haven’t been Miss Congeniality [….but] a maverick of the Senate.”

If you were keeping track, Aura Reading, at this point John’s throat chakra expanded so much, swelling with a practiced and habitual gloat, that this part of his aura actually managed to grow until it was a full 1/3 the size of Obama’s. That was McCain’s shining moment, at the level of Aura Reading.


Watching debates is easy. Dealing with all that pressure, while on the podium, requires tremendous self-discipline.

At the start of the debate, McCain’s aura actually wobbled, and so did his voice. By the end, Aura Reading showed that he centered himself nicely. Empath Merge showed how… with rage, self-control, self-righteousness, and myth.

Obama brought grace to the debate from start to end, with a remarkably steady, large, clear aura.

I noted three times when McCain tried to make jokes, smiling and attempting to engage the audience. All three attempts fell flat. Aura Reading showed that, every time, no laughter was bubbling up in his aura. Instead he was grim. That mixed message had a lot to do with the failure of his attempts at humor.

What did you notice when watching the debate, Blog-Buddies?

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  1. 1
    Sherry says:

    Great presepectives of what you noticed. Much of what you said cleared thing sup for me of what I felt.

    I still have a hard time with reading auras because of the background colors. I will have to do some reading here to see if I can find info that will help me with that.

    I did notice a big difference in their auras. I did feel at time rage from McCain and a deep disgust. He seemed to have a hard time speaking and just stating the fact without at the same time wanting to speaking from ego.

    His willingness to take cheap shots and throw out put downs, that reminded me of high school trash talking, made me feel like all I was watching was another one of his trash talking commercials.

    Obama handled tha distasteful shots well and found it easier to stay cool…I felt because he fully expected McCain’s behavior. At one point early on McCain was really pissed. I didn’t read it in the aura but just my empathy. Oh, he was quite mad.

    I didn’t merge from the beginning of the debate but towards the end. I kept picking up something in my solar plexus real store which I guess was McCain attempting to hold back his anger and keep it together.

    Overall I picked up on McCain’s overall desire to want to control people.


  2. 2

    SHERRY, well done. And you’re right that I can absolutely teach you to read auras in depth and detail, regardless of background colors.

    For the most practical way in, I would recommend READ PEOPLE DEEPER. Not only does it have a technique described in detail for reading auras from photos — and this works just as well on TV images.

    In addition, you learn how to seek out details on the categories that interest you most about a person, including LYING, RESENTMENT, JEALOUSY, and RISK TAKING, all of which were interesting factors in last night’s debate.

  3. 3

    The morning after the debate, Blog-Buddies, I started reading my newspaper and listening for how the big-time pundits were going to spin this debate.

    Agreed, it wasn’t a mind changer. Yet I’m hoping undecided voters noticed McCain’s negative and self-isolating body language, his failed attempts at humor, the grim posture. I’m hoping they noticed that Obama listened to McCain and the moderator, looked each one squarely in the face, responded in an unshakeable manner.

    If viewers were looking for which candidate was more presidential, I think the choice was pretty stark. We’ve already had nearly eight years of someone whose body language is similar to McCain’s.

    On the substance, this morning I heard an NPR commentator say there was little difference between the candidates. He said they had similar positions on Iraq.

    Is that what you heard? I heard Obama say “Bring the troops out asap, deploy some in Afghanistan” while McCain said, “Leave troops in Iraq until we can make a triumphant return in victory.” Which, of course, could be never.

  4. 4
    Lisa says:

    Rose, I watched the debate and also hung out in a chat room with others watching (being the online maven I am hah) and I’d say many of the things you noticed others did as well.

    Particularly noticeable was McCain’s refusal to look at Obama, as if doing so would somehow force him to acknowledge his presence. Lots and lots of anger and rage were on full display, even to non-aura readers in the chatroom. It’s interesting to note that anger and rage are where McCain gets his power and how that will color any decisions he makes if he is chosen as president. We have had eight years of that with Cheney in charge and I really don’t like where we are now.

    My technique to watch aurically was really just to watch the screen without hearing what they were saying and seeing what jumped out at me. There were times, I felt, that Obama was aggravated at the untruths but it didn’t feel to me like anger – more like a big sigh … as in “okay, let me correct that AGAIN”.

    For those that want to do this during the next debate, I’d recommend not even listening to the words (they’ll be all over the media later anyway) but to see what you are feeling as you watch these men speak. As Rose teaches, plug in with the intent to learn more about them and see what you get.

    I look forward to the thoughts and ideas of others shared here.

  5. 5
    Angela Wesley Hardin says:

    Apropos of the assertion these candidates are similar, I seem to recall Ralph Nader saying eight years ago on national TV that Al Gore and George W. Bush were the same. I thought this was a ridiculous statement! And I hope that time has proven how ridiculous it in fact was.

    From a purely political standpoint, Obama and McCain are obviously not the same.

    But more important, I think the kind of perception you are delineating shows how completely different these two are at a more fundamental level. I really appreciate it.

    I don’t consider myself as having gifts of deeper perception or empathy, but I do know that I have had a hard time over the years understanding why anyone would vote for a W. Bush or a McCain or a Palin. A political-writer friend of mine told me that people liked Bush because he was “handsome”–I was shocked. I am equally shocked to hear Palin described as pretty. I guess that technically they look nice, but their underlying bad qualities are elicit revulsion in me, to the extent that I cannot experience them as at all attractive.

    I didn’t understand very well why other people might not see this the same way until I started reading your blog, so again, thank you.

  6. 6
    Fatoumata says:

    This is wonderful. Almost everything that I felt in the debate was echoed in your reading.

    The fact that Mccain did not look Obama in the face or even adddress him directly was apparent to me immediately.

    I was very pleased to see Obama be so clear and remain sipritually conntected because at the religious forum that they both attended, Obama appeared a bit shaken, however stuck to his convictions when answering the abortion questions. McCain gave the answer that conservatives wanted to hear because he knew that was his audience.

    Your readings kind of make it obvious who you are supporting (smile) but I do believe that you are accurate in every way, particularly in McCain and Palin being experts at phony. Palin especially though as of late, she appears to be falling apart.

  7. 7

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

    LISA, it is important to add to your technique to first Get Big by connecting to God. Just think the name in your own way.

    That’s oversimplifying, for the sake of convenience. As an aura reading technique, I would rate watching TV volume off, with an intention and, even, a quick “Get Big” as about 3-4% value of what would happen if you did a technique like “Plug in and ask” as described in “Read People Deeper.”

    That small percentage is still fun, and way more than most people do.

    I would encourage anyone who wants to do more to get a copy of “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” or “Read People Deeper” or “Empowered by Empathy” so you can have the fullest experience, one that you deserve! This is my easiest way to personally coach you.

    Incidentally, the technique you suggested — turning off the volume and having the intention to read — may be a 3% quality technique of aura reading but it is a 100% useful technique for reading body language and nonverbal communication. Reading the latter is quite obvious, once you decide to do so.

    Some people expect that everything they need to read people should be really simple. They insist, no need to study with a teacher or read a book. And if that is what they want, they really should put off aura reading or skill as an empath and stick to body language!

  8. 8
    Barb says:

    I picked up on all the things everyone else has mentioned already. I also very strongly noticed one more thing. The way each candidate greeted their wife at the end. I felt a sense of warmth when Obama went to his wife. Then when they showed McCain and his wife kiss on the cheek I felt an overwhelming sadness wash over me. Like something is definitely empty or not right in their relationship.

    Anyone else pick up on that?

  9. 9
    Fatoumata says:

    Hi Barb:

    I agree with you and have always felt warmth with Obama. I did not feel the sadness so much with the McCain’s, (not to say that it is not there, I mamy have been tuned out) but I have always felt an emptiness. According to other readers though, the sadness that you felt may have been from Cindy McCain. Some beleive that she is a good person deep down but may be sacrificing some of herself for the sake of her husband’s career.

  10. 10
    Lisa W says:

    Thanks for the reading. I did not see the debate; I’ll have to watch the next one carefully.

    In all the pictures and video that I’ve seen, Obama and his wife seem truly connected, like real partners. He seems to be a part of his family.

    McCain and his wife seem separate; not connected at an intimate level and not partners. Nor does McCain seem to be an integral part of his family.

  11. 11
    Lisa W says:

    Regarding McCain not looking at Obama and not wanting to listen to a word Obama said, McCain is from a generation that experienced segregation and had a very different perception of anyone who was not white. I think Obama’s ethnicity very well could be aggravating to McCain.

    The joy, inspiration and connection to a Spiritual Source that you found in Obama remind me of the former statesmen, those people who held public office in order to serve the greater good.

  12. 12

    LISA W, thanks for your feedback, and in particular what a fascinating comment about McCain’s refusal to look at Obama. That sure makes sense to me.

    The debates really are fascinating opportunities for reading auras, and I found McCain’s instant closing down and refusal to listen whenever Obama talked to be completely consistent with his refusal to look at him.

    Meanwhile, Obama has been faulted by pundits for saying a full seven times words like, “John is right about this.” He has been called too deferential. I think he was simply displaying the kind of leadership where one is willing to team up rather than attack.

    McCain may brag all he likes about his “proven record of bipartisanship,” but I hope voters consider what he demonstrates right now about his willingness to listen, whether his problems come from ego or racism or simply having a closed mind. Haven’t we Americans had enough with 7+ years with a president who wouldn’t listen?

  13. 13
    Jordan says:

    “Meanwhile, Obama has been faulted by pundits for saying a full seven times words like, “John is right about this.” He has been called too deferential. I think he was simply displaying the kind of leadership where one is willing to team up rather than attack.”

    I totally agree. For a while, pundits have been commenting that people want Obama to get more aggressive, attack McCain more, be less “cool”… the first time I heard this, I was perplexed! His reluctance to attack and refusal to act like anyone other than himself are some of the things I love most about him!

    It’s just like what you talked about in your Palin reading — people want other people to act the way they would act, and are attracted to people at a similar level of spiritual development.

    Thank goodness Obama is going to win 🙂

  14. 14
    Ellen says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    You have really validated my own perceptions (reading) of the candidates. McCain’s rage is very unsettling as is Palin’s immaturity. Thank you so much. I was doubting my abilities.

  15. 15
    Jim R says:

    I watched a few minutes of the debate. But, typically this level of displayed emotion is a bit more than I’m willing to tolerate. I appreciate all of your perceptions and tend to agree with the emotions perceived. But I do notice some things about your observations.

    McCain has trouble looking at anyone he perceives as an interogator, not just Obama.

    I notice so many of you pair McCain and Palin automatically, even though Palin was not part of the debate. Why don’t I hear about Obama-Biden? How has Biden slipped your notice, or mention, so easily? If you’re going to boost Obama by attacking McCain and Palin, then you should expect others to notice the serious issues with Biden’s character and attack him as well.

    Yes, Obama has a serious spiritual connection. I see him as constantly reciting a prayer and that prayer is “God, please help ME.” Once past that bit I see Obama as every bit the deceptor as McCain. I don’t believe Obama has anyone elses interests at heart other than his own. This election is about his own political power.

    I noticed the distance in the McCains’ relationship right away and took a deeper look. Yes, I see Cindy as thinking she is making sacrifices. But those are sacrifices to promote herself as well as John. Her generation puts great stock in the title of “First Lady.” And, she would not be the first to go beyond her husbands perceived greatness.

  16. 16

    Marilyn Baars asked me to post this comment, as she had a computer limitation:

    After about an hour of internet searching about Joe Biden’s childhood [related to what you had in an earlier post here], I finally found out for you and your readers (including moi) that his childhood athletic abilities were in baseball and football.

    Just so we all know, finally 😉

    Don’t know if this is important to his capabilities as Vice-President-to-be (I have my fingers crossed about that!).

  17. 17

    JIM R, it’s great to have a detailed and empassioned comment from you.

    If you take a bit more of a look around the blog you will find that:

    1) My post about the debate was actually about McCain and Obama

    2) I’ve done quite a lot of writing about Biden, including his crooked smile.

    Keep reading and commenting. And thanks for your contribution this time.

  18. 18
    Fatoumata says:

    Hi Jim R.

    As for me, personally, I can admit to not really looking at Biden because he simply is not as interesting. I will take responsibilty for that.

    I really see Obama running the show alone and have not given much thought to Biden. I’ll be sure and do that now.

    I think it is interesting that as a reader you can see such a vastly different Obama. Let’s face it, he is a politician, some things come with the territory, however, Obama is also fighting for and representing something much bigger and more sacred than his own power and I also believe strongly that he is aware of that fact. I believe that knowledge gives him the connection that we are “seeing” or “feeling”.

    My grandmother always said, “Baby people can say what they want. but their energy don’t lie.”

    So far, Obama is one of the few that I have seen whose words match his aura. On that note, I do agree with some of Rose’s notes on Palin. I really do not get a maliciousness with her. It seems as though her thoughta are very simple, innocent, but just misguided. She seems very childlike to me.

    Anyway, thanks for challenging our perceptions and making sure we are not just seeing what we want to see.

  19. 19

    STELLANOIR has sent me links to some fascinating but troubling videos about John McCain:




  20. 20
    Lisa W says:

    The above links are fascinating.

    I’ve discovered a blog that uses a form of “deeper perception” to analyze photographs and micro-expressions. Although not as deep as aura reading or empathic merge, it is nevertheless a source of deeper perception of people and events than merely taking in the spoken word and the view.

    The blog states that it is dedicated to “visual politics, the analysis of news images …”

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