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Aura Reading Sessions — a Consumer Secret


One of the least known facets of my work involves Research Sessions of Aura Reading.

There I can do an aura reading of anyone you have ever known, at any time you have known that person.

If you want details about how that person deals with money, power, sex — any aura reading databank at all, just tell me what you’re interested in and I’ll read it for you. We can also go back into those same aura reading databanks to add how you affect that person, or gauge how someone else has an effect on any of your aura reading databanks.Popular research choices include:

"Cut Cords of Attachment" — Includes What?


A recent comment from Blog-Buddy Ryan got me thinking about “Cut Cords of Attachment.”

What is in that book, anyway? What is involved in the system that I developed over a 20-year period, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®?

For starters, the original cut cords book IS in English. (Although it’s also in a couple of other languages, my favorite foreign cover so far being to the left. Keep reading to see the wackiest cover yet.)

Empath Myth #1

Rose Rosetree, empath merge, aura reading






Empath myths abound, although I haven’t really numbered them all in a systematic fashion. The empath myth for today comes in chronological order. It came up during a session last night. Here’s how it goes:

Empath Myth #1: If you have an emotional gift as an empath, you’re unusually aware of other people’s feelings.

Not necessarily. Behold my aura reading of “Empath Mary.”

Cut Cords of Attachment — Goes International

how to Cut Cords of Attachment, Rose RosetreeYes, we have a new e-book edition available now, for those of you who want to learn how to cut cords of attachment… and do it with quality control.

One reason for becoming interested in Kindle, the e-book service from, is the ease of getting my books if you’re in a foreign country and speak English. Buy it here.

This last week, clients told me that this book is being sold on the biggest websites in Sweden and Russia, English editions.

Why Cut Cords of Attachment to Crazy Moms?

Rose Rosetree photoWith all you have done to deal with that crazy from your past, why would it still make a big difference to cut that cord of attachment?

Everyone is a little bit crazy. Some of us are more than a little. Cords of attachment are formed regardless of degree of sanity.

Empath Merge about Troopergate

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Empath Merge coming up! Pallin’ around with Palin from the inside. Yoicks!

Empaths, when you have learned to safely turn your gifts OFF, only then is it wise to use the different skill set involved in turning empath gifts ON, so that you can use a technique of empath merge without taking on other people’s STUFF.

And you really, really don’t want to do that with Gov. Palin.

Aura Reading about Troopergate

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Step right up for the best Aura Reading and Empath Merge I can give you about Troopergate. Bonnie requested it. (See yesterday’s post.) So today I’m ready to hold my nose and take the nasty- tasting medicine.

Just remember, Blog-Buddies, usually it’s inspiring to do an aura reading. Usually, you emphasize gifts of the soul. If it’s a healing session (see LINKS at the end of this article), you do discuss STUFF, the emotional and spiritual problems that can show up. And if Sarah P. were my client, I’d encourage her as best I could.

Politicians are held to a different standard, however. They must be.

Palin’s Troopergate, Kali Yuga, and Why I Teach Aura Reading

Just when I thought I was going to avoid doing aura reading and empath-merges on politicians for a while, Bonnie sent this heartfelt question:

First, I would like to thank Rose, and the other empaths on this board. Please, could someone with this gift tell me what is going on with Palin’s response to Troopergate??

  • Does she believe her own words?
  • Is she just not emotionally ready to accept full responsibility for her actions?
  • Is she consciously lying, supposing that her considerable personal charm can overcome facts?

How Can I Help You Become a Skilled Empath?

Rose Rosetree, empath







I’m honored to have written the first book to help empaths develop skill. More books for empaths have been published with each passing year, but they still don’t teach this method.

Instead, you’ll find two different approaches.

First, there’s emphasis on shielding and protecting yourself.

Empath Empowerment Skills Can Now Be Learned from an E-Book


“Empaths of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your pains.”

Okay, that’s a semi-serious parody of “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.” If you were born as an empath, you need humor. You need skill, besides. Otherwise, every day of your life, pain is likely.

empath, skilled empath, Rose Rosetree, empowered by empathyWhy? When you have the circuits of an empath, but are not yet a SKILLED empath, you will take on pain from other people. It will land right into your aura.

Maybe it helps that I’m an aura reader, giving me the ability to observe this directly. But you don’t have to read auras (yet) to know that something unsettling is going on, not if you’re unskilled as an empath.

Even if you don’t know exactly what that something is, you will often feel anxious, troubled, depressed, tired, easily hurt or way too vulnerable… as though your skin doesn’t quite work right.

Actually, it isn’t terribly uncommon for an unskilled empath to feel a whole sequence of moods like this, one after another.