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Aura Reading & Empath-Merge — Palin Pounce at the Debate


Annette Bening Aura Reading


Even before I had the chance to do Aura Reading, one behavior at the debate fascinated me, and I resolved to do an Aura Reading on it as soon as I could.

In my reading, so far, of commentaries on the Vice-Presidential Debate, nobody has mentioned it.

Tell me if you’ve noticed this fascinating behavior — or heard it commented upon. I call it a “Palin Pounce.”

Debating, Palin often showed the most fascinating way of smiling with her voice, lashing out with an attack, all the while seeming to maintain extreme pleasantness.

It’s like when a cat suddenly reaches out with claws to scratch somebody, then resumes a relaxed, purring posture. Hence the name “Palin Pounce.”

This sunny, calculated viciousness shocked me. I was listening to the end of the debate in my car, driving home from — what else? — a class where I was teaching Aura Reading and Face Reading.

I think of debates as a place to disagree, or even to grandstand, but — Call me “naive” in a different way than, perhaps, Palin says the same phrase —  I wasn’t prepared for all these fine nuances of hypocrisy. In my world, when someone attacks, that person doesn’t smile and simper, as if someone else entirely is pulling the pounce.

Tantalized, I wasn’t able to do Aura Reading while driving home late at night. As I listened, however, I knew the first thing I wanted to investigate this morning would be a skilled empath merge with Palin, right when she pounced.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet would have been on to Pouncing Palin: “One may smile, and smile, and be a villain”.


Just to give Biden a bit of time in this aura reading post, here’s another observation of behavior about last night’s debate — this one courtesy of my husband Mitch.

Mitch noticed the unusual behavior of Biden right after at the debate’s end. I had to watch the footage twice before I caught the quick thing noticed by my eagle-eyed husband.

Two groups had formed once the debate was concluded, one group around each candidate. Smoothly, swiftly, Biden found Palin’s husband, shook hands with him, and quickly caused the two groups to turn into one.

That generous, friendly-seeming impulse may have been calculated. Even so, actions like this have the potential to mean more than mere words.

And I’m thinking particularly of famous words from the politician Palin most resembles, George W. Bush.

“I’m a uniter, not a divider.”

All of us know how well those words turned out.


Pausing my video recording of the debate, I stopped just when she was doing one of her first digs at Biden:

I do take issue with some of the principle there with that redistribution of wealth principle that seems to be espoused by you. But when you talk about Barack’s plan to tax increase affecting only those making $250,000 a year or more, you’re forgetting millions of small businesses that are going to fit into that category.

I merged in, doing a technique for a skilled empath merge, and will describe it in the language of Aura Reading. (If you were to use a quality technique for Aura Reading from TV, you would get similar data, just without experiencing so vividly and personally.)


What’s most striking about being Sarah Palin? Her degree of narcissism is quite extraordinary. By comparison, she makes Paris Hilton seem almost caring. And I state that having vividly, memorably subjected myself to an Aura Reading and skilled empath merge of Paris Hilton. Here, I’ll highlight Palin’s narcissism-related data in red.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in The Room

Solid, stolid, and down to earth, Palin IS very physically aware. This brings her credibility even if she weren’t throwing out a strong facade laced with sexiness. Being a performer (beauty pageant contestant, TV news personality) isn’t just a kind of work experience from her thin resume. She chose those venues precisely because it is a talent to project strong facades, and she’s got it.

Apart from the subliminal appeal to sexiness, there’s the fact that Palin’s root chakra and belly chakra are her glory, in terms of Aura Reading. This is where she shows her much vaunted vitality.

Even without Aura Reading consciously, other people who mainly are aware at the physical level of life (technical term: “Young souls”) love that quality of being physically centered. Even without Aura Reading at all, Sarah’s folks are absolutely delighted to meet someone who is “just like me.”

As souls become more mature, lifetime after lifetime, they project more energy in their:

  • Mind (Solar Plexus Chakra Databanks)
  • Intellect (Solar Plexus Chakra Databanks)
  • Emotions (Heart Chakra Databanks)
  • Connection to Higher Power (Third Eye Chakra Databanks)

But not our folksy friend Palin, beloved of “Joe Sixpack, hockey moms across the nation.”

Root Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence 

Confidence is huge. At this chakra databank, Palin believes “I deserve to win.” No room for doubt, as far as she’s concerned.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Hey, it’s a talent. Beyond that, projecting big sex appeal is a way of life for Sarah Palin.

In case you’re interested, this aura reading databank is different from the one about ENJOYING SEX at the same chakra. Like many who use their innate sexiness for personal gain, Palin doesn’t seem to be particularly into it.

All those folks fantasizing about a romantic liaison with the former beauty queen — if you really want to make the scene realistic, in terms of what aura reading shows about Palin’s libido, expect that same endearing no-nonsense, businesslike ‘tude you have heard from the debate podium.

But sending out that sexiness is fun! “Wholesome! Ladies, I’m not threatening! Men, I’m adorable!”

Although you may find differences in language or image, doing Aura Reading here, I’m quite sure you will notice the hooks.

Ego hooks, stuck into sex appeal, can be merely manipulative or a feature of a narcissistic personality.  Nuances depend on the person. Given other Aura Reading databanks in this particular person, I would credit the Alaska governor with the narcissism.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

If you’re a Palin pal, you’re going to love what she projects: “When I have the power, I do as I like.”

No doubt, she brings much the same decisive attitude when hunting moose.

Supreme confidence and self-absorption can created decisive action, but Palin’s version correlates with low power integrity. Remember that remark defended by Nixon? “If the president orders it, that makes it legal.”

Another way to observe Palin’s low power integrity involves Face Reading. Note the pronounced mouth pull you may have noticed often during this debate.

In repose, her mouth often lies toward the left. But when speaking, notice how her lips lean toward the right. In a previous Face Reading post, I’ve gone into detail about the meaning of mouth pulls.

Biden also shows a mouth pull toward the right occasionally while smiling. He does consistently speak from the center of his mouth, however.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Dealing with Conflict as a Politician

In Sarah’s world, it’s “Us vs. them.” Although she may seem to pay attention to other people’s ideas, listening ability is really very limited.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Connection to Others

This aura reading databank is the real clincher about narcissism. Sure enough, here is what I find while doing aura reading on this part of Sarah Palin’s heart chakra:

“It’s all about me. What else is there?”

Intrepidly aura reading, my input continues with this:

“There are important people. Watch their signals.

“Mostly, there are little people. All I need do is to smile and act confident. They’ll fall into line.”

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

Don’t let the warmth in her voice fool you. Emotional warmth from Sarah Palin is a contrivance, neither spontaneous nor generous. She shows very little interest even in her own emotions.

That bleak inner landscape is like some semi-abandoned shack near an Alaskan ice fishing hole. Picture just one sign that tells you all you need to know about Palin’s Emotional IQ: “If I feel it, it must be right.”

No further self-examination needed! On to the next topic. Perhaps some ice fishing?

Throat Chakra Databank for Personality Projection when Communicating as a Politician

At this level, as with her physical presence (aura reading databank at the root chakra), Palin evinces talent at sending out a huge and powerful facade.

It goes, “I am such a nice person.”

The wacky thing for me, doing this part of the aura reading, is that I could really understand the impact of this facade. It was projected through the sweet, spunky voice I heard in the car.

I kept feeling, “I like her. Aw, dagnab it, golly, shucks, hey. I just like that Sarah Palin so much.”

With her talent at conveying messages to the subconscious mind, if this politics thing doesn’t work out for Palin, and she ever needs a job, here’s my advice:

“Consider becoming a professional hypnotist.”

I am. And many a hypnotist would envy Palin’s ability to speak effectively to the subconscious mind. Only, of course, a professional hypnotist is constrained to send subliminal messages that are actually for the client’s own good.

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity as a Politician

Slightly oily, the main quality at Sarah’s verbal integrity databank is a delight in sneakiness.

I’m not sure whether this quality would qualify as “tactic” or “strategy” to McCain, he being the self-proclaimed expert at distinguishing these two very difficult concepts.

Either way, nothing thrills Palin more than the experience of “Gotcha.” She is very practiced at hiding the resulting glee after she has scored a point over someone else.

Aura Reading, however, is a great way to tell whatever a person is hiding. In her case, sneakiness, gotcha, and pride are all tightly bound together.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

When someone goes on record as a very public Christian, it’s always a treat to admire the great and high-vibrational spiritual connection, the deep dedication, the sweet surrender, that pure connection to the sacred heart of Jesus. Except… oops!

I do know some devout Christians who have this, but Sarah Palin certainly isn’t among them. Her version of spiritual connection is tight and controlled:

“What I want in any given moment is my most sacred belief.”

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Sarah Palin does really well here, better than John McCain during debates or, for that matter, George W. Bush.

She’s just lovin’ the attention, the fame. She expects victory.

Gotta give Pouncing Palin due credit. She’s being as straight up with Americans as she can, given how much she knows, how hard she thinks, and how well the rest of her aura matches the supreme sense of self-confidence projected here.


What, Sarah Palin being incurious? Lacking integrity?

You don’t have to do Aura Reading to spot that from last night’s debate. And even without Aura Reading, you might have noticed the Palin Pounce.

But there’s nothing like exploring someone’s energy field to turn up surprises. And, to me, narcissism is the big surprise.

I know that politicians who strive for high office aren’t the sanest group of people on the whole. I’m also aware that Sarah Palin doesn’t necessarily appear a narcissist. And, guess what, it’s also quite evident to me that most people don’t yet do Aura Reading. Which would make Palin’s narcissism quite obvious.

On the surface, it isn’t. Today’s Washington Post, for instance, shows her in a photo with Biden. One of Palin’s daughters stands there, front and center. Warms the heart, right? We’re used to thinking, “Any mother cares about her child.”

Oh, really? Plenty of mothers just go through the motions in public. Just ask many of the clients I’ve had for cutting cords of attachment and/or Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

What did YOU notice about this debate? That’s what our COMMENTS section is for.

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  1. 1

    CHRIS ABRAHAM wrote:
    I am reaching out to you in light of the Vice Presidential debate. I was surprised and impressed by both candidates. In my opinion, both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden performed very well.

    My business partner, Mark Harrison, and I are super-interested in understanding how the popular view of Sarah Palin has developed as a result — and is developing.

    I’m posing the poll question, “If John McCain died or became incapacitated, would Sarah Palin be competent to be President?” over at AHPoll:

    Poll: [Link No Longer Available]

    I would love you to vote and maybe make a comment.

  2. 2
    Elly says:

    I think Palin father looks like Putin and her sister Heather looks like Hillary Clinton. I wonder if anybody done her family tree.

  3. 3
    Lisa says:

    YEY! I was waiting for your commentary all day! I’m right with you – Palin LOVES LOVES LOVES and needs the attention. Positive or negative, it’s all good to her as long as they are talking about her.

    She’s definitely a fan of the “Gotcha”, isn’t she? I also get a huge facade projection all around her. It was way amped up last night.

    And, like you, I can *almost* buy into it if I were just a wee bit less conscious of all of it. So yeah, she’s doing some work at a different level and not for the betterment of humanity, I think.

    I will be happy to have her gone when the time comes. She’s been such a distraction to a very important time in our country.

    Good reading, Rose!

  4. 4
    Lisa W says:

    Thanks for the reading Rose!!! I’ve also been looking forward to it. Yes, I noticed the Palin Pounce. It was obvious to me, but then I’ve been doing alot of reading and learning about sociopaths and narcissistic people.

    It’s frustrating that people with such a low level of awareness and lack of conscientious can achieve great power in this “one room schoolhouse” on Earth.

    I also liked the point you made about using sex appeal for personal gain (which seems somewhat deceitful to me): “In case you’re interested, this aura reading databank is different from the one about ENJOYING SEX at the same chakra. Like many who use their innate sexiness for personal gain, Palin doesn’t seem to be particularly into it.”

    Thanks again!

  5. 5
    anna says:

    Rose, thank you so much for the fascinating reading of Sarah Palin. Everything in it rings so true to me, though I do not yet know how to do aura readings.

  6. 6
    Joyce says:

    Using the understanding that we only recognize that which is within us, I had to laugh at her tricks and his, too. These are former states of consciousness manifesting their desires to the general public and the decison-makers in politics.

    I see “the need to speak confidently even when I’m wrong” in Biden and Palin and even Obama (typical power position choice) in some of his gaffes (men do a lot of this more than women but politicians and upper level management do it a lot). Both used the tricks that worked for them, as we all do.

    The sincerity is the question your aura reading answers for us. For example have you noticed how Obama always attempts to touch the person he is shaking hands with, either by using both hands or reaching out and touching their shoulder with the other hand? His empath way of leaving them with a feeling about him by reaching into their 18 inches of personal space. A means of gaining agreement with him.

    He genuinely reaches out to people with his emotions. He did that with Bill O’Reilly on the factor, even bending forward into the space between them to pull some agreement from Bill O.

    He uses both verbal and emotional, confidence and expectation of success so strongly that we believe him. That is his method of doing the same as Palin and Biden.

    I find that a necessary component of any strong person willng to take on the responsibility of any public office. They need that agreement from people no matter how they acheive it.

    He also uses the smile and humor to ingratiate himself during his statements on occasion. But remember he didn’t want the media to criticize his wife’s statements and ordered them to be cautious about attacking his wife’s comments. Raising the question for me about the right to free speech that we Americans value. How can he demand the media to be cautious? He assumes his position of power as he did during his tour abroad. another method we could criticize if we want to.

    I also find it hard to judge one method more harshly than another, but the true character of soul developement shines through more with the aura readings, so thanks for the info you publish. It’s important to the total picture for any of us. It fills in the gaps from another level of awareness.

  7. 7
    Ave says:

    Rose, I loved your take on Palin and couldn’t agree more! Based on what I’ve read thus far in your blog, I think where we disagree is Obama. I’ve read nothing but stellar things. Yes, he’s endowed with a deeper intellect and thoughtful nature. Areas where Palin (and MCain) are not so strong). However, I detected some rather unpleasant qualities into his nature when he’s not being treated with the reverence he thinks he deserves. When his prez-sized power/authority is seriously questioned–look out! Haughty disgust and resentment blaze out. Look back to the earlier debates with Hillary Clinton when she was doing well. Obama displayed disgust, resentment when she seriously questioned his credentials. I know he’s being challenged on that all the time, but it isn’t a threat now, as it was when Clinton nearly overtook him. Please look into Obama in terms of how he feels about DESERVING this position of power and recognition. That is the one area where he is not all roses and light. At least that’s my take on it and I’d love to hear what you see when you take a look at this. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. I’m voting for him. Yet I do pick up on this one negative aspect and can’t ignore it. I’m sure most politicians have quite the ego, but this aspect really stands out. Whereas Hillary seemed to be motivated more by service and a deep sense of purpose. Obama seems to think he deserves it and there is anger, fierceness when that vision of himself is called into question. Again, this doesn’t show when he’s doing well. Only when he’s close to losing.

  8. 8
    TC says:

    I am more concerned with why few are commenting on the youth who are singing and chanting for Obama. That is brainwashing at its worst and reminicent of extremely negative historical figures. Even in my own town college-age kids are attempting to register the homeless, the indigent, the deceased, and the under-18 to vote stating that it doesn’t matter because the election will be over and no one will catch it til its too late. Never has there been such an emotional mindless furor over a candidate before who cannot even be vetted for a government job.

    Where is the investigation into his relationships with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Rashid Kahlidi, Tony Rezko, and Odinga.

    Now, I know academics thrive on discussions with those who hold opposing views, but look at the complete history of all of those folks I listed and then look at their relationship and history with Obama (not just the relationship presented by his campaign). It is concerning to say the least. If any previous presidential candidate had even an inkling of a relationship with any of those folks, their campaign would be over.

    Since when has emotional cult tactics done a good job of electing someone to lead a country? When did this country stop thinking independently? How did 60% of this country get brainwashed and bamdoozled so fast?

  9. 9
    Fatoumata says:

    With all due respect TC, we have been brainwashed and bamboozled. I am still awaiting the information that make Ayers a “terrorist.” Who cares if they knew each other. I do not. That has nothing to do with his abilities to be President. I can not speak for the college kids, but, Obama, McCain, Palin, nor Biden can control all of what their supporters do. I personally believe this whole “terrorist” link is racially motivated because of Obama’s background and name. There are a lot of people that are fearful of him just for that reason. As for the unethical voter registration, we are seeing the same thing here in Florida on the Republican side. White supporters are freely using racial slurs when referring to Obama and believe that it is funny and it is not. As for the children chanting his name, we would first have to know if they were willing participants, did they have the right to refuse if they wanted, and were the parents notified. Esposing someone as a role model in itself is not harmful. When I was young we were constantly drilled with the story of George Washington being such a good, and honest person because he told the truth to his father about cutting down a cherry tree. As I got older and did my research, I learned there was no such story, and that fairly tale is often used with children to get them never to question our government. Now THAT is brainwashing. You have to understand that African-American children are going to see Obama as a role model an will be excited about him regardless of negative information.

  10. 10
    Fatoumata says:

    To Ave:

    Is it possible that you are misreading his “I deserve this?” He could simply be annoyed with the fact that his experience keeps coming up. Obama is also a Leo, a very strong Leo, which does come with a very healthy ego and king or queen like self-view. They often have that “How dare you?” energy when being treated with less respect than they feel they deserve. I myself am a Leo rising, like Palin, and I do NOT like to feel as though I am being talked down to, or questioned on things that I have PROVEN that I know. I don’t mind if I am not an expert on a subject, I realize I have to prove myself. If Obama felt that, of course he and any other person for that matter would not like it. Obama is also dealing with issues that people may not consider. There may have been a history of people talking down to him and he is simply fed up! As far as deserving his position, he does! He worked hard in school and earned his credentials. He had no “hook-ups”. I am not saying you are wrong, I feel the ego thing in him too, but I feel as though his is much more controlled than the other candidates. As far as Hillary, the way that she spoke to him and about him at times could easily ruffle feathers. I’m not so sure about her being totally service motivated either. Her energy was certainly VERY egomaniacal at times particularly towards the end as she was losing.

  11. 11
    Ave says:

    This is so interesting! Fatoumata, yes it could be that the How dare you/pride thing is related to a hurful past where he was not perceived in the light he wished. I’ll bet he WAS talked down to, or the very least people didn’t have high expectations of him and this hurt him and he carries those feelings with him today. I often wondered if that was the case when I saw him fume over implications he may not have ‘done the work’ so to speak for the position he seeks.
    It’s funny, I didn’t get Hillary as “VERY egomaniacal” at all. I didn’t get that much ego or emotionality fueling her at all, rather a determination to do the work to get it done. But not out of a sense of her own personal ego. Actually, whenever she did show sterness or speech that was forceful–I felt that she was forcing herself to show that toughness, that it was necessary to come across that way so she conjured it. I got that she was more even-keel, analytical, and less emotional than all of the candidates put together.
    I wonder what Rose thinks?

  12. 12
    Ave says:

    This is so interesting! Fatoumata, yes it could be that the How dare you/pride thing is related to a hurtful past where he was not perceived in the light he wished. I’ll bet he WAS talked down to, or at the very least people didn’t have high expectations of him and this hurt him and he carries those feelings with him today–and is trying to make up for those feelings now. I often wondered if that was the case when I saw him fume over implications he may not have ‘done the work’ so to speak for the position he seeks.
    It’s funny, I didn’t get Hillary as “VERY egomaniacal” at all. I didn’t get that much ego or emotionality fueling her at all, rather a determination and inner strength to do the work to get it done. But not out of a sense of her own personal aggrandizment. Actually, whenever she did show sterness or speech that was forceful, attitude-–I felt that she was forcing herself to show that toughness, that it was necessary to come across that way so she conjured it. But truly, I felt that she by nature was more even-keel, analytical, and less emotional than all of the candidates put together.
    I wonder what Rose thinks?

  13. 13
    Ave says:

    This is so interesting! Fatoumata, yes it could be that the how dare you/pride thing is related to a hurtful past where he was not perceived in the light he wished. I’ll bet he WAS talked down to, or at the very least people didn’t have high expectations of him and this hurt him and he carries those feelings with him today–and is trying to make up for it now. I often wondered if that was the case when I saw him fume over the implication he may not have ‘done the work’ so to speak for the position he seeks.
    It’s funny, I didn’t get Hillary as “VERY egomaniacal” at all. I didn’t get that much ego or emotionality fueling her at all, rather a determination and inner strength to do the work to get it done. But not out of a sense of her own personal aggrandisment. Actually, whenever she did show sterness or speech that was forceful, attitude-–I felt that she was forcing herself to show that toughness, that it was necessary to come across that way so she conjured it. But truly, I felt that she by nature was more even-keel, analytical, and less emotional than all of the candidates put together. In many ways I think she is more emotionally removed, and has to struggle to bring that side to the surface. Therefore there was less ego, pride, emotions in the mix. At least with her.
    I wonder what Rose thinks?

  14. 14
    Fatoumata says:

    Hi Ave:

    I love this conversation! Lol! Interesting take on Hillary, you are definitely right which is why I liked her at first, because I felt what you said. It seemed though that as that race went on it was a bit different. Underneath it all, I could still see that she was a good woman, who probably did not hold a lot of baggage. (Women just seem to be good at foregoing our baggage at getting what needs to be done, done) I still regret that her and Obama are not on the same ticket! They would’ve been unstoppable. I had the same instant/intuitive “like” with Obama. I guess they all have their good and bad days and still may struggle with a lot. One thing I have to acknowledge about Hillary, she REFUSED to attack Obama in ads by saying he was “un-American”. That certainly showed strong ethics.
    With the litle bit I have seen with Rose’s readings, she would probably agree with you on Hillary. Her open and even smile and symmetrical features come to mind. Am I right, Rose? (Hee hee)

  15. 15
    Joyce says:

    Well Rose, I wonder why no one was concerned about the idolatry being displayed by so many. It’s not reasonable for small children to sing songs to a presidential candidate praising his qualities as Stated by TC. I can relate to her concerns. I understand the song was writtn by the teacher and taught to the kids who were invited to participate. Did any of the parents know of the content of the song and did they all approve???
    I really think those that fell in love with him from day one will find any reason to continue that rosy feeling so they can justify or overlook his Leo ego type behavior. I wonder how that will be accepted by other leaders during discussions regarding the pressing issues of the day. One thing I’ve noticed about dictators is their proud demeanor. Their persuasive verbal presentation of their ideals and how closely they match the qualities of the super salesman who has been trained to present his/her ideas to a potential buyer.

    Remember all the statues of Saddam and the glorious statements blasted from loudspeakers and communication radio and TV – All touting the wondrous qualities of their great leader.

    PLease study his photo’s his commercials his look and feel around his followers and try to be willing to see what is true. Aura reading or face reading isn’t to justify our preferences, but to help us see what is hidden to te average persons view. To revela hidden qualities that will show up eventually or prove what is true with int he person we are trusting with our country and all that entails. It is useless if it doesn’t reveal the truth we must set aside our personal preferences.
    Rose how about another controversial man. Have you done Bill O’Reilley of Fox News and the Factor??

  16. 16

    Thanks, AVE, JOYCE, and FATOUMATA.

    Responding to your question, Fatoumata,I have read Obama’s aura and face in this blog. Repeatedly. Try a search with that handy button on top of the left column.

    Of course I haven’t read his aura for the enthusiasm of his followers. Nor anyone else’s, because that wouldn’t be aura reading but a kind of generalization best left to people with specialties other than mine.

    O’Reilly isn’t on my short list to read right now, but perhaps some time in the future. I want to do some teaching-type posts for a while, and then some more lighthearted aura readings, face readings, and empath merges.

    Meanwhile, keep reading and questioning, Blog-Buddies. It’s great to have your comments.

  17. 17
    Fatoumata says:

    Hi Rose:

    Thanks for responding but if you look at what I wrote again, I did not ask you anything about reading Obama. I have read all of your blogs on all of the current candidates. Ave and I were discussing Hillary. “With the little bit that I have seen of Rose’s readings, she would probably agree with you on Hillary.” Now if what you put in your response was a typo and you actually meant to say Hillary, then I will perform the search with the “handy button” as you suggested. 🙂

    To Joyce:

    You are absolutely right about people’s tendencies to see what they want to see and we should all be careful of that. One thought that I have had, that was strengthened by Michelle Obama’s interview last night on Larry King, is that between all of the pundits, the astrological information, the aura reading, the supposed intuitive readings, things can get over analyzed. There is still a lot of judgment about certain energies that one may intuitively pick-up. Just because something feels “uncomfortable” to an empath does not mean that it is wrong or has anything to do with that person. It may be a sign of some jugdgment or attachment issues that the empath has. In the interview, Michelle explained that her and Cindy McCain had already greeted each other backstage (at Tuesday’s debate) which was why the cameras did not see them greet each other. Of course all sorts of theories went around about that. She said that her and Cindy have a respectful relationship and feels that she is a wonderful person but she realizes with the media, they have to be careful of everything they do. There were some body language and intuitive experts that were so sure that there was animosity between the wives. Just one example about how we have to be careful on all sides. There are photos circling the internet of McCain and Obama in very friendly and playful gestures but you won’t find those photos on CNN or Fox News. The two actually really like each other but are political opponents.
    I also believe that people should be given a little more credit. Yes there are some that are fascinated with Obama and will not question anything he does. Then there are some, like me and my associates, that prefer him politically to McCain due to his policies but also openly criticize things that we do not like. I call it intuition balanced by logic. We still have to be careful though, because Palin and McCain supporters also believe their “intuition” is guiding them also. 🙂

  18. 18

    FATOUMATA, those comments have been flying so thick and fast, it has been hard for me to keep track. However, you can definitely search under Hilary Clinton, too.

    But do remember that Hilary has just one L. I have read her many times (and goofed on the spelling sometimes in my first drafts, too).

  19. 19
    Joyce says:

    Fatoumata, and Rose, Thanks for your feed back. With so much to think feel and convey to the public, it has to be a difficult balancing act. I agree with all that is said since a certain amount of logic or common or horse has to prevail in the end if we are to recover our political balance and position in the world. Today N.Korea is stepping up it’s Nuclear program and has been misleading us, Did I miss that Blog Rose? So whoever we favor must have a very active mind that can think globally. I don’t see McCain capable outwardly of keeping up with the rapid changes. He seems to be scrambling to keep up and changing his focus often.
    Did you cover that Rose and I missed it? I don’t believe what his TV images protray,or say about his strengths anymore, but independently would have voted for him until lately. IS it the aging Brain Rose or was it hidden and the aura reading will show it now? I find it harder to keep up with the changes myself so I empathize and still have to choose. IF he chooses Huckabee or Romney as Sec of State, he might survive the 4 yr term but I’m seeing/registering exhaustion in him creating confusion. A struggle to settle on any one plan just to win the election.

    Again the ego of Obama would make him the strongest candidate especially since he has the Dem support and they adore him too except those who are showing jealousy over the attention he’s getting. Palosi for one, Right Rose??? But his ego won’t let him admit if he makes a mistake, he will just go about changeing his approach to the problem and pass over the error n judgemtment. But is that a poor choice? The speed with which he travel through this incarnation indicates how rapidly the changes are happening. Have any of you checked the Karen Bishop site “” for her take on the evolution of the planet?? Empathically I feel his power and influence and it overwhelmed me with the need to approach carefully. The warning bells watch out! I knew from my past sales training and experience that I had “Just been sold” So many have told me the same feeling made them very cautious so How do we ignore those powerful feelings. They are meaningful to each of us and part of our guidance system. Rose is helping me see deeper into the personality and I’m not ignoring the long term influence of the personality traits as well as the code of ethics. MOstly I agree ewith you Fatuomata. thanks

  20. 20
    Joyce says:

    PS, I have seen those personal moments on Fox News and heard the reviews. Each moderator has a choice of what they air and much is instant news as it happens from the news services. Debates about those personsal moments is limited though but show up in other areas of each broadcast. Often it’s With Greta and often with Shepard Smith. OReilly usually saves them til the end of the show or the segment with the body language expert where he asks if the feelings portrayed are real or contrived. He’s trying to learn body language Rose so maybe you should do his reading and get him to respond. Get some free publicity?? He can be judgmental to the max but frequently he is asking us to remember the AMerican way as he remembers it or was taught in the Catholic church which we know is the ultimate conservative teacher. And while we manynot like his methods, he is constanly on a search for the truth and will spare no one if they are guilty of some wrong doing as in the FRanks case. Franks was overseeing the housing programs and has taken no blame for hit’s failure that he allowed to happen to the American people. So Far only OReilly is the only one to confront him publicly about his responsibility but it was harshly done in anger. So he’s proceeding more carefully now.

  21. 21

    Thanks again, ladies, for the latest round of comments.

    JOYCE, I haven’t found any evidence of jealousy from Nancy Pelosi toward Obama or Biden.

    But keep on observing and using the best skills you have to make discoveries. That’s what the skills are for, and there is no reason why using them everyone will come up with the same findings.

    No more than the skill of reading regular words!

    Have a great day, everyone. I’m preparing now to go on the air in Australia for an interview TOMORROW, which is so wild, but it happens across that International Date Line.

  22. 22
    Joyce says:

    Thanks Rose, and good luck or blessings on your interview. but only if that’s what you want for yourself. giggle

  23. 23
    Joyce says:

    Pelosi loves her position of power and is not happy when poven to be excercising too mcu personal preference.

    Remember the demand for a decision regarding drilling vs. development of oil substitues, she closed down, declared vacation and went on a five-week book signing tour for her book ( for which she would expect profit).

    Republicans refused to leave and tried to debate in her absence and the rest of the Democrats. She said she saw no reason to debate further, that they had already decided against drilling for America and quoted T. Boone Picket as her expert on the subject.

    He quickly made another PSA that stated partly that we shold drill,drill, drill and did not criticize but redefined his position and advice to the Senate and Pelosi.

    She came back and with a pained, unhappy look on her face changed her position on the subject, but her many statements regarding any subject she was really striking back at Republicans even though her own party had been at the helm of the last decisions made by our government.

    Neither Bush nor the Republican party.

    Her speech at the end was criticized by the media and she was really unhappy about the audacity of quentioning anything she said and lashed out more discreetly.

    She both loves and hates Obama (Biden is not a threat) because he has the ability to voice his critiques more carefully without the hard appearance of extreme hatered.

    He is upstaging her often and explaining the Democratic position slightly differently than she, and is better adept at gaining agreement of his ideals.

    While she supports him politically, I don’t believe she likes him taking over the public facade she had for sucess and admiration.

    She also loves the attention, the public admiration and support. She loves power just as much as the others but, again, it’s not a praise or blame thing, it’s what the ego creates to give them the desire to accomplish the goal of doing public service.

    If they hated it, they would do like we do and perhaps nothing at all in the way of public service. right? But that’s the philosophy of it. It’s a conscious awareness of her face during the changes of events, both favorable or not.

  24. 24
    Joyce says:

    It’s important to mention the blog on the site regarding where Rose discusses dangerous types of readings etc. Her advice is paramount to those willing to help but not forcing it on anyone.

  25. 25
    Lisa says:

    Correction on the spelling of names: Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

  26. 26
    LisaW says:

    Gay and Kathleen Hicks discuss the body language of Sarah Palin and John McCain:

    “Sarah Palin belts out her deceptions and distractions with a radiant confidence we usually only see in sociopaths and infomercial pitch-persons. ”


    “At least when John McCain lies, his body screams his discomfort by putting on an eye-catching display of twitches, phony smiles and robot moves. ”

    The Hendricks'”body language” system analysis of Palin is consistent with Rose’s perceptions in this post.

    [Link No Longer Available]

  27. 27
    Bonnie says:

    Re: Palin Troopergate Response

    First, I would like to thank Rose, and the other empaths on this board. Please, could someone with this gift tell me what is going on with Palin’s response to Troopergate?? Does she believe her own words? Is she just not emotionally ready to accept full responsibility for her actions? Is she consciously lying, supposing that her considerable personal charm can overcome facts?

    Why didn’t she say “no comment, as this investigation is not fully concluded, at which time I am confident I will be cleared”? Or, “I have exercised my authority as governor to legally terminate an employee”? That was all she needed to say to stay within the bounds of integrity. Why did she go on and say “cleared of any hint of unethical activity”?

    I don’t know if any of you out there can “pick up” what is going on internally with a person from just an audio recording, but in an phone interview with Anchorage Daily News ([Link No Longer Available]) she (Palin) goes on to say how she and McCain are “taking the high road, being positive” during their campaign”.

    I just can’t believe she would just flat out lie about reports and events so easily investigated; why she didn’t have smooth, believable statements regarding these two negative events. What is going on with her??? Please HELP!

  28. 28
    Neon Artemis says:


    If/When you feel up to it, would you ever consider an aura reading on a politician named Michele Bachmann and add her to your list? She’s from MN. I find her really disturbing, she gives me a predatory vibe just by looking into her eyes when she speaks on tv.

    Here is a pic:

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