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Quick Face Reading to Spot Narcissists


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What is the one quick way that Face Reading can help you to spot a narcissist?

Quit looking for that.

Really, that’s the best way to use Face Reading if you must find one quick thing. Don’t. At least you won’t make wrong assumptions, false judgments.

Yesterday I received an email from a smart and eager Face Reading student. She asked:

“I have often wondered about the people with noses like Sarah Palin and Paris Hilton’s. That extended flesh blow the level of the nostril is part of the similarity of personality. Narcissism? The expectation of entitlement and reward, acceptance and self confidence may be the characteristic that I see in comon with them.”

Sorry, but Face Reading does not have a quick label to show you the bad guys.


Instead of looking for one quick thing, try an in-depth Face Reading. Really, I do sympathize for the desire to judge and get the thing over with. In our frantic, texting, multi-tasking age, dare to be truly counter-culture.

Gossip is the only truly quick fix. Wisdom could take you 10 minutes.

If you really want to learn about people, slow down. Do Face Reading unto others as you would have them do Face Reading unto you.

Or follow up on an item of face data by reading more than that single item. When you do the Face Reading on just about any single item, you can always follow up with Aura Reading in precisely those databanks that are related. That’s how you find the specifics you seek.

Is Face Reading a way to spot narcissists? It could help you to suspect a narcissist, which is quite different.


Face Reading Secrets®, the system I use, is set up so that just about every single item of face data you might notice is paired with two related possibilities:

  • A talent that corresponds to that face data — a way of doing something well.
  • A potential challenge — the flip side of that coin — a problem that may or may not yet be overcome.

Back at that characteristic on Paris, I call that a “Nose Bonus.” It’s an extra bit of flesh between and below the nose tip.

The talent is a need to be of service to others to stay motivated in career.

The potential challenge is not being motivated to work if you can’t find a way to be of service to others.


About Paris, a cynic would say that she just has been too lazy or pampered to seek that work. But, actually, I believe she has found her calling. It’s “being a celebrity.” And in her own distinctive way, she does take that seriously.

Once I saw a clip of her on TV where she talked very seriously about being a role model for millions of teenage girls.

So maybe she has overcome that challenge and maybe she hasn’t.

To supplement reading that one item, do a full Face Reading. It will take you some 30 minutes or longer, until you are very experienced at reading faces. But if you want to know how to read faces accurately, the answer is this:

Read one item of face data at a time. Patterns emerge. They’re complex. And that’s what makes Face Reading part of Deeper Perception, not Quicker Perception.

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  1. 1
    Joyce says:

    Well am I ever embarrassd to find that a closer look at your phots indicates a similar nose as the Palin, Pais nose I commented on, but am I right in that you all three enjoy public recognition in some small way? not as in an out of balance situation but as a charachter trait that makes it possible to put your ideas forward so we can all enjoy them. I do not view these things in a critical way but as a signal to help recognition, just so I know. I’m really into knowingness.

    I think there was more to this reply but I found this so I’ll send it on.

    PS, I’m seeing so many of those noses now. But for awhile I was seeing so any white teeth on display (I almost wrote to the advertisers saying I didn’t buy their product because I didn’t know what to do with all the teeth and did it clean my teeth as it freshened the air) that appear to be part of it. Check out the Glade commercials. Too much of a good thing for me. chuckle
    I have so much to learn…………. happily, Joyce

  2. 2
    Lisa W says:

    I just read an article by Erica Jong in which she said that Sarah Palin reminded her of Paris Hilton! Woo hoo!

    Joyce–check out Rose’s face reading book and read up on the nose bonus. I have a nose bonus and Rose’s interpretation about needing to be of service to others in my career absolutely fits me in my career as an attorney and in my personal life.

  3. 3
    Joyce says:

    LIsa W , You betcha, of course I will check out the nose bonus. Thanks for seeing what I saw and for the Erica Jong tie in. I don’t know enough yet to make decisiona so my observations are merely the fact that I noticed anything. Again I wonder about all the teeth we are seeing in all the commercials. I think an alien would wonder why we are baring our teeth as many animals do when they feel challenged. Especially the Glade commercial. A forced cheerfulness about the product? She doesn’t look like she’s in agreement with the product to me at all, do you agree???

  4. 4
    Neon Artemis says:

    What I pick up from Narcissists is a very hard wall blocking them from their true selves (which usually feel ashamed, fearful, or what have you since they were walled off in the first place.) Their persona to me feels like a cracked fragile shell they are trying so hard to keep together. That’s a lot of energy expenditure for a “false self” that cannot admit to any wrong doing because it’s scared to death of “dying” if it is exposed. I’m really looking forward to being able to see this in Auras and getting more in depth insights. This is exciting!

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