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Face Reading in Biden’s Era of Cosmetic Surgery & Botox

Annette Bening Aura Reading


How can you do accurate Face Reading if you suspect that the person has had cosmetic surgery or bought Botox? That question is asked often.

And it’s relevant to today’s news because, as documented quite compellingly in today’s Washington Post, Senator Biden has gone plastic… with his forehead.

Face Reading is accurate about the person at the time you read his/her face. Why? As face reading experts, physiogonmists, have known for 5,000 years, there is a reciprocal relationship between the physical face and the inner person. Change one and you change the other.

So the really interesting Face Reading $64,000 Question becomes, “How does it change a person inside to change the face surgically or with a botox injection?”


 Can we dare to be truthful about this, even if Face Reading gives an answer that is counter-culture?

Dare I compete with the mega-money industry that either does vanity surgery, sells this fad via “reality” programs on TV, or otherwise promotes Botox and scalpels as the new makeup?

Cliches will tell you that it’s A GOOD THING. You look better/younger/fresher. Other people like you better. Therefore, your self-esteem and prestige automatically grow.

What about the inner cost? Is there any change to the inner person apart from getting social strokes for buying the Botox?


Face Reading, like Aura Reading, have proven to me that there is such a thing as an inner self. Actually, I knew this long before I started to study either one. You, Blog-Buddy, have been aware of this, right? Because you have known about inner life, not just what shows in a mirror, you have been attracted to Deeper Perception like Face Reading.

So, for you of strong mind and stomach — and, perhaps, like me, still proudly wearing your authentic face — here’s the Face Reading perspective on cosmetic surgery and Botox in two major political players today.

Every physical change has a specific inner meaning. There isn’t one quick answer but, for those of you who are thorough, there is a very detailed book: Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face.

Here are some politically relevant Face Reading + Botox specifics:

 THE CHANGE: Biden erased three whole brain lines.

Face Reading Meaning: Biden dulled down his thinking a notch or three.

As long as we’re reading politicians who have had their foreheads “done”:

THE CHANGE: Hilary Clinton erased anger lines.

Face Reading Meaning: By changing the appearance of stored-up anger, Clinton may have made herself appear “fresher” but she drove the anger deeper within, in ways that may have a more significant impact upon her health.

Other photos available, Blog-Buddies? If you give the links, I’ll supply the Face Reading commentary.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t necessarily bad. It can win you social points. Maybe you’ll earn more money… to the extent that your income depends upon having your face be the blankest possible screen onto which viewers can project their fantasies.

In general, faces are changed in ways that cause the owner to become increasingly mediocre. Face lifts and Botox numb away years of life learning. Nose jobs, chin jobs, etc. generally move a person’s soul away from distinctive gifts in life.

Can Face Reading give you accurate information on the consequences of vanity surgery, comparing before-and-after pictures. Yes, indeed. Face Reading can also help you to detect the changes that usually go-unnoticed.

Left on its own, your natural face can change about 90% of the Face Reading data. And that doesn’t even count wrinkles.

Willing to grow fast as a person? Your face is going to change, guaranteed — and in ways to delight you when you get around to doing your own Face Reading, or having it done for you.

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  1. 1
    Lisa says:


    Here’s a link to a website that shows before and after pictures of Jocelyn Wildenstein, well known celebrity – mostly for her extreme facial surgery.


    I’d be interested in your comments about her – it seems her face is so far from what it was originally and I wonder what she is hiding beneath all that surgery.

    My face has plenty of lines on my forehead from scrunching it up all the time. Some women at my office have had botox treatments but I dunno, I really would rather be just plain old Lisa – for better or worse. I can’t afford to lose any “brain lines” as it is – I need them!

  2. 2

    LISA, you’re absolutely right that the sad, ultra-surgeried face of Jocelyn makes her a kind of poster child for excessive vanity surgery. Unless there is a very compelling reason for me to jump into that pathology, I’m going to decline the invitation to read her.

    On a happier note, those ways you scrunch up your face are meaningful. Over time the inner choices out-picture. This is why face reading isn’t about heredity but free will.

    I look forward to the day that all of us Blog-Buddies will view our own faces as comment-worthy as those of well publicized crazies. You’ve taken a step in that direction with the sequence of observations in your comment, Lisa. Thanks!

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