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Ethics of Aura Reading and Empath Merges


“How dare you do aura reading on politicians without their permission?”

So began a stinging e-mail received yesterday from a reader. Apart from “Rhonda’s” rage, it was a good question, not just for those of us who do aura reading but for every skilled empath who does the occasional judicious empath merge.

Rose Rosetree, aura reading, reading auras, how to read auras, chakrasQuick definitions: Aura reading means delving into the human energy field. The way I do and teach it, you can choose from 50 databanks in every chakra. You can learn about gifts of the soul and also about STUFF (problems like cords of attachment). You can do aura reading on yourself, aura reading on anyone you meet, even aura reading on strangers.

When you have had as much experience as I have (not to worry about talent for aura reading, because you definitely have that already), you can also use aura reading and empath merge techniques in some fancier ways. Imagine, you can do aura reading or empath merge on anyone you, or a client, has ever known. And at any time the person was known, because all that information is stored up in you or your client.

So you could do an aura reading on your ex, comparing how he felt about you emotionally on the first day you met versus what was going on in that same aura reading databank on the last day you saw each other.

Aura reading is not the same thing about being an empath. Empaths are born, not made. (In America, I estimate that 1 in 20 people was born as an empath.) As you regular blog readers know, you can do really amazing in-depth readings of people that I call “empath merges.” That happens when you combine talent as an empath with skill and a quality technique for turning your empath gift(s) ON.

Any empath-merge, unlike an aura reading, takes you inside the person’s skin. Just in consciousness, not to worry! Otherwise it could get crowded in there.


You betcha! Knowledge is power. If you believe that, there is clearly a lot of power available for you when doing aura reading.

As an empath, I am delighted to proclaim that you empath readers also have oodles of power in your future, if you will only claim it.

So when is it fair to boost your knowledge and power by doing aura reading or empath merge? I can’t decree ethics from on high but I can share with you how I have sorted this out for myself, after wrestling with the question.

DOING aura reading or an empath-merge? I believe that you have the right to do that whenever you wish.

TELLING OTHERS what you find after doing aura reading or an empath-merge? That’s where discretion and ethics converge.

If the person is running for public office or agrees to be interviewed on the evening news or, even, has put his photo on Facebook, that is a public appearance. You have the right, I believe, to comment in public about aura reading databanks that will affect public life.

What if you find personal information, like discovering that the person is a narcissist or a drunk? Again, I think discernment is needed along with the aura reading or empath merge. I wouldn’t necessarily out the drunk right there on Facebook. But if I were doing a Relationship Report for you, or doing some other kind of aura reading report, I wouldn’t hesitate to give out that information in a confidential aura reading.

Honestly, if you’re dating Mr. Small, wouldn’t you like to know sooner, rather than later, if:

  • He’s a drunk or drug addict.
  • He’s a narcissist or psychic vampire.
  • He’s cruel as a lover.
  • He’s a power freak.
  • He’s seriously stingy or wildly extravagant.
  • He’s physically abusive.
  • Lying is a way of life for him.

For you, that kind of aura reading information is hardly idle gossip. You’re dating the man. It could become a matter of life and death.


Recently we ran a blog conversation about coercion, as suggested by an online teacher of empaths. I think it is very important to say that I advocate using specific techniques of aura reading and empath merge. Okay, they are techniques I have developed and tested. 🙂

I advocate using these techniques, not just experimenting with any old aura reading or empath merge practices. Subtler levels of life are also more powerful levels. Would you rather have someone experiment with your shirt or your genes?

All the techniques in my books and workshops have been designed carefully and tested so that the person doing the aura reading or empath merge:

  • Is protected
  • Doesn’t hurt or coerce anyone receiving the aura reading or empath merge
  • There will be maximum accuracy
  • The exercise, in itself, will help the aura reader or empath become wiser, not weaker
  • And the aura reader or empath is especially likely to succeed, gaining quality results in a way that is easy

See LINKS at the end of this post for more about the resources I offer. And, whether you choose to study in depth with me or not, please do study with a professional teacher. Find someone with skill and experience who can guide you at subtle levels. I know it’s counter-culture in our everything-goes Internet age, but I believe teaching aura reading and skills for empaths to be a sacred responsibility, something very serious indeed.

Conceivably, there could be practices, like the one described in that other blog entry, where aura reading or empath merge could be mixed up with changing a person, hurting a person, attempting to influence or heal or do something of one’s own choosing.

Now that’s off limits, in my opinion.

You’re not going to have that problem, or horrid karmic consequences, if you’re using the techniques of aura reading and empath merge in any of my books. Period. And neither will those people who receive your aura reading or empath merge.


Develop skills as an empath with this simple, inexpensive tutoring session between pages, Empowered by Empathy. In America or Canada, you can order it 24/7 with a toll-free number: 800-345-6665. Or use this magic empath button to order online. (Just teasing about that name. It’s regular old ordering, with money, that helps to keep me blogging and, otherwise, doing this wonderful work.)

If you prefer audiobooks, you’re in luck with the audio edition of Empowered by Empathy. And you can hear a free sample by scrolling down the page to which this link takes you.

Sometimes an empath-in-training will prefer personal mentoring. This can be done over the phone or in person. Empath Empowerment is a skill set, not just a wish. It takes some learning, and the great thing about study of this kind is that you just get one session at a time. One session might do it for you, or maybe you might need several, but either way you will only commit to the time and cost that is appropriate for you. These sessions are still $125 for 55 minutes. To set one in motion, start by ordering a personal session here.

Try one of these sessions also if you’re not sure you’re an empath.

As an empath, or simply a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), or if you worry that you are under psychic attack, you may find a great deal of relief by doing a personal session of Aura Transformation. This will involve healing with Energy Spirituality, probably including my cutting a cord of attachment.

Another way to free you up as an empath is Regression Therapy. My specialty in this field is Energy Release Regression Therapy, which is done in person here in metro D.C. (Sterling, Virginia, to be precise). If you are having trouble developing skill as an empath — or suffer from other problems described in detail here — this method of healing could be just what you’ve been seeking.

Loads of free FAQs at my website can help you to learn more about:

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  1. 1
    Joyce says:

    Rose, I think you answered that clearly and with insight. It is a gift you developed to the point where you can help other learn more during this time frame.

    Looking at the serious condition our nation is in, starting long ago and including things like the crime rate etc, I feel like it’s important to use all the tools given to us by whatever God we are in harmony with.

    Your ethics are sound and you teach them without apology to your followers/clients. What you are doing on your website is allowing some of us to learn by osmosis as well and test our own abilties against your deeper reaings to see if we are on the right track in our own understanding of our gifts.

    To deny that gift, as the letter above suggests, would be to say “close your eyes when you meet someone in case you invade their space by seeing who they really are.” It is sight on another level or feelings at another level which is how the empath reads as well. Does this person turn off her senses when she sees someone?? I hope not for her sake. Learning to understand those clues is the hard part since we begin forming them as a child and they seem true to us as we develop and grow into adulthood.

    The danger in that is believing our attitudes during the development through our childhood experiences, teen angst and attitudes. All those colored by our lifestyle, karma, relationship in our world with the people and events around us. What a session that will be Rose. I look forward to it.

    Blessings, Joyce.

  2. 2
    Joyce says:

    Rose – Where is Fatoumata with her insights? to add to your blog about privacy from Rhonda; To read the aura of a public figure is an acceptable way of learning about them. So is reading a photograph using the 5 senses reasonable and that is also allowed. Perhaps it’s lack of understanding of the gifts of spirit that makes it seem like it might be used for the control of others for Rhonda??? Does she know how Soul struggles to grow through lifetimes of learning to earn the right to recieve these spiritual gifts and the responsibility of using them is so much greater than that of using the 5 senses. You know Rose or you couldn’t have developed the teachings that you have indicating the need for a good understanding of the code of ethics andthe price to be paid for abusing them.

    I hope the reader meant that it would be wrong to try to influence that person without their permsission or subliminaly (Sic) invade their thinking using mind control. It’s not like an open debate where an exchange of ideas takes place. You explained quite well the issues of ethics in another blog.

    I personally would hesitate to do an empath merge, but I have been accused of having stepped into someones space when all I did was think of them while wondering if they wanted a ride to the store before I could call them on the phone so it’s possible that I do some of those things without my knowledge or intent. Who among us hasn’t thought of someone just before they call us?

    But I need to know more about empath merge and perhaps I can get one of the books soon. I’m not willing to try it without some kind of protection. That’s a little scary for me but I can get into enough trouble using the spoken or written word. Laura are you monitoring?

    Blessings all, Joyce

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