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Empath Merge coming up! Pallin’ around with Palin from the inside. Yoicks!

Empaths, when you have learned to safely turn your gifts OFF, only then is it wise to use the different skill set involved in turning empath gifts ON, so that you can use a technique of skilled empath merge without taking on other people’s STUFF.

And you really, really don’t want to do that with Gov. Palin.

A sense of destiny is the clearest inner experience for Sarah Palin. She has been chosen. See, she has everything: The looks! The support! The scripts! The sense of purpose! That wonderful drive!

Her very biggest talent in life is persuasiveness. In the aura reading part of this article, yesterday’s post, I referred to throwing out a personality projection.

Now, reading Palin from the inside, reading her as an empath, what strikes me next is how clearly Sarah knows that “being a performer” is her biggest talent. Troopergate, as a scandal, brings her only as much terror as an ant would arouse.

The far bigger deal, the elephant in her GOP campaign room, is more like this: “God gave me this gift for being a performer and God has chosen me to do great work in politics.”

Underlying this sense of mission is an experience of herself as all important — what others would call “narcissism” and what I suspect that Palin, if asked, would call “how everyone is.” And, really, how would she know otherwise?

But here’s a clue. Non-narcissists do consider themselves important, just not all important.

Because Palin doesn’t understand this distinction, it seems natural to her that she would have been chosen for this political role. Of course, she wouldn’t think twice or blink once before accepting a nomination for which is she is so catastrophically unqualified.

Back at the empath merge, I was curious about researching the Hockey Mom aspect.

Does Palin really believe that she is just another Hockey Mom? Yesterday I saw a TV feature on how much has been spent on her hair, makeup, and wardrobe during this campaign — over $100,000. Not exactly the clothing budget of hockey moms. Maybe polo moms?

Doing the empath merge, I find that Palin quickly and conveniently skips over some facts about herself and her feelings. It’s like the conventional wisdom that the more often a person repeats a lie, the more thoroughly she can believe it. Doing a cute little inner wiggle, Palin sincerely believes all that she says.

Most important for understanding what makes Sarah Palin tick, doing this empath merge, I have to remind you Blog-Buddies that most of you would have to make an enormous inner leap to make contact with Palin’s particular inner reality. It is very much smaller than yours.

Doing a skilled empath merge (and please, only, do this if you really have skill as an empath), be prepared for a huge jolt. It’s like traveling to another planet, where gravity is so different you now weigh 500 pounds.

For Sarah, outer show matters, not inner truth. Ratio of outer to inner in Sarah’s world? Maybe 1,000:1.

So, confidently putting one foot in front of the other, speaking one scripted joke after another — in Sarah Palin’s world, that’s all she need do. All the rest will be taken care of for her.

If this politics thing doesn’t work out, perhaps she might consider running a beauty academy. When it comes to being a looker, Palin has exactly the qualities needed, including a perpetual need to look (and blame) outward, never inward.

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  1. 1
    bronson says:

    Rose, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I think it would be interesting considering the previous posts on this blog to do an aura reading on Bill Clinton’s speech last night. Of particular interest would be the integrity in speech at the throat chakra when he said he believed Obama possessed the ability to execute his philosophies. Does he truly believe the ringing endorsement he gave? Bill Clinton is certainly a smooth talker and it would be revelant to examine this.

  2. 2
    bronson says:

    In addition, he is a fascinating character and I don’t believe I’ve seen you do an aura read on this man.

  3. 3

    Great ideas, BRONSON. A few other posts are in the pipeline, and so I’m not going to promise that I can get to it. So I would like to invite all you Blog-Buddies who are experienced at doing aura reading and skilled empath merge.

    Go ahead, friends! We haven’t had a Guest Post in ages. You can place a full Guest Post as a comment here or just email it to me at roserosetree[at] Be sure to include a good photo link or two.

    BRONSON, thanks so much for writing.


  4. 4
    Dana says:

    Rose, the Guest Post guidelines section of your blog says to send guest posts to “rose[at]” Is that still a valid email address or should we send them to roserosetree[at] Because I had tried the .com one before, so I just wanted to check.

  5. 5

    DANA, both work, and it would be great to hear from you either way. Bring on those perceptive skilled empath insights from Mme. Dana!

  6. 6

    “CHRIS” invites us to see a brilliant article about Obama and Palin by the great Deepak Chopra:

    [Link no longer available]

    I found this to be the single best article I’ve seen about the upcoming election, down to the details about Reagan.

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