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Empath Myth #1

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Empath myths abound, although I haven’t really numbered them all in a systematic fashion. The empath myth for today comes in chronological order. It came up during a session last night. Here’s how it goes:

Empath Myth #1:

If you have an emotional gift as an empath, you’re unusually aware of other people’s feelings.

Not necessarily. Behold my aura reading of “Empath Mary.”

Her sister, “Ruth,” requested it as part of an RES Energy READING Session. Here is a summary of what we learned about Empath Mary:

One empath gift is in her gift set. That’s enough to qualify her as an empath, even one gift.

That empath gift is for Emotional Oneness. With this, an unskilled empath often moves in and out (in consciousness), doing an unskilled empath merge with another person. The empath trip happens in a tiny fraction of a second and it is not conscious. So Empath Mary has no idea she is doing this. Still, it happens, and brings a bunch of consequences.

Among the consequences of any unskilled empath merge, the empath will take on some of that person’s STUFF (fear, pain, etc. stored up in the aura), then returning to her own aura within seconds. So Empath Mary does this a lot, around emotions.

With the empath gift of Emotional Oneness, Empath Mary takes on another person’s emotions — especially the negative ones. But, because she is still an unskilled empath, she doesn’t know these emotions don’t belong to her. So she has that quaint roller coaster experience so common to unskilled empaths of all kinds.

Empaths with different gifts might be taking on intellectual confusion, spiritual angst, physical pain, etc. For Empath Mary, however, the experiences are emotional. So you might expect her to be unusually aware of other people’s emotions, right?


To appreciate Empath Mary’s plight, and just help her sister Ruth understand what was going on with her, I went into related aura reading databanks. Guess what?

Did Empath Mary also have Emotional Intuition? That’s another empath gift, about being able to know in-depth what another person was feeling. NO.

Did Empath Mary have Emotional Intelligence? This is the term coined by Daniel Goleman. It involves being able to read people’s emotions. Emotional Intelligence can be learned, by studying the correct names for labeling emotions and interpreting body language. I also recommend face reading and aura reading, of course.

Back at our question, Empath Mary was NOT using her innate abilities for Emotional Intelligence.

Did Empath Mary have Social Intelligence? That’s another term coined by Dr. Goleman. For Empath Mary, the answer was YES.

So she was keenly, even painfully, aware of social status, pecking order, which member of any group responded to her in a positive way and who didn’t.


What is it like to be Empath Mary right now? Summing up, because of her gift for Emotional Oneness, and the fact that she’s unskilled so far, Empath Mary has a constant inner parade of emotions.

As she goes through the ups and downs, there is no clue that the emotions belong to other people. Empath Mary isn’t good at telling what those emotions might be, anyway.

Say, for instance, that Empath Mary is talking with her friend Barbara.

“How are you, Barbara?”

“I’m great, Mary.”

But actually, Barbara isn’t doing so great. She’s depressed, angry, and fearful. Empath Mary accepts the label she’s given, winds up taking on Barbara’s unstated emotions, and leaves the visit feel just terrible.

Sound like anyone you know? It did to Ruth. It sounded just like her sister, Empath Mary.

If you know anyone like that, please spread the word: You can learn to become a skilled empath. It won’t solve all your problems but can help a whole lot.

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  1. 1
    Maurice says:

    I listened to your section of the Newstalk show today.

    I can see and read auras all the time. Sometimes the colors that your spoke of are evident and but lately it is both the colors and a sense of just where the person is at. I see where there energy is the darkest or the where their energy is trapped and I can release that energy by placing my hand over but not on that part of their body. I have done this for my family and some friends and people I know. But it took a while for me to accept it in myself.

    I also agree with your sense of both McCain and Obama. I am not an American. I am Irish and I am not voting but I believe Obama and dont trust McCain. He has too much going on in him.

    I will save your website and come back to it. There seems to be a lot in it. I have never heard of anyone talk of this gift and you sound so happy and alive and content. That is a blessing I am sure. Yours photo by the way, confirms this.

  2. 2

    MAURICE, it was lovely of you to write. Being interviewed by Moncrieff was fun, and you have just doubled that fun. 🙂

  3. 3
    Karin says:

    Some people seriously think that the term empath has been invented by the creators of Star Wars, and quite a few seem to think that empaths do not really exist or are people who could be ridiculed easily.

  4. 4
    Karin says:

    Do you know more about the Yoda factor, or is there really a scale for empaths (like best-worst).

  5. 5

    KARIN, people who could be ridiculed easily — that’s got to be a larger number than the 1 in 20 who are empaths!

    As for your question about the scale for empaths, that deserves a much longer answer — its own post, one of these days. Thanks for asking!

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