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A Shift for the Blog

Rose Rosetree, Aura Reading






My blog silence from Japan — whoa! It has been falling even more quietly than the tiniest flake landing atop Mt. Fuji.

That blog silence started with the 18-hour door-to-door trip from home, followed by much deep snoozing sleep. By then I had whole lists of blog posts to start sharing with you.

Why This Empath Loves Japan


On the morning of Trip #8 to Tokyo, I’m so excited. Bouncing out of bed as if today were a major world holiday! Which, of course it is, in my world.

Bouncing out of bed at 6 a.m. when my plane doesn’t leave until 12:45? As if this made a lot of sense!

Oh, but it does. Even though I really need every hour of comfortable reclining in an actual bed. Nobody, not even the coolest traveler outside of first class, emerges comfortably after 13

Aura Reading in America’s New Age

Annette Bening Aura Reading


The elephant has left the living room. Even without Aura Reading you can feel it, but — as with so many situations in life — Aura Reading adds the most delicious relish.

With the election of our first African-American president, something in our collective consciousness has changed. Even the stodgy Washington Post carried a quote (from California, where else?) that now there is a “new aura” in America.

Face Reading in Lithuania


Yes, Blog-Buddies, on the cusp of my trip to Japan, I’ve learned that the Face Reading interview has come out in a major Lithuanian newspaper. Here’s the link to forward to any friends who happen to speak Lithuanian and are also curious about Face Reading:

We Have Come Through


Finally it happened. You knew soon as you woke up this morning. Finally, you have broken through the fog into the light.

Rose Rosetree, HolidaySometimes life grows murky by degrees, with change so imperceptible that you never feel the fog start. You only know that, increasingly, your journey has become difficult. Maybe there’s a specific problem with a relationship, a job or a deadline.

There can be any kind of nuisance: Repairs to your home, the illness of a loved one, your own physical worries. Newspaper headlines could match your inner doom and gloom, or set it off.

Or maybe there’s no outer reason, and you know full well the problem lies within. Somehow you just don’t feel like yourself. And you wonder, will you ever?

Empath Protection on Election Day




If you are an empath, here are some words of advice for Election Day.

Before you leave home, for mercy’s sake, do NOT just think about where you are going. Important though that is! Yes, voting today is extremely important. But now we’re talking about you, the voter, as an empath.

(Incidentally, the skills in this post would also be helpful to some degree if you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), not an empath. If the reason isn’t clear to you, put a

Publish Your Book and Win a Free Trip to Iraq





Publish that book and you might win a free trip to Iraq. It happened to me. (Not that I accepted the trip, as I’ll explain later.) The purpose of this post is to help you decide whether or not to follow that dream you have of publishing a book.

It’s a big dream, also a mighty popular one these days — with an estimated 500,000 titles published last year alone, and most of these self-published. Besides, we live in a culture that says “Always follow your dream, no matter what the cost.”

Cigarettes, Regression Therapy, and Your Sacred Journey

Your own experiences with cigarettes probably have meaning as part of your spiritual journey through life. Today’s post tackles the tender topic of how Regression Therapy might enhance that part of your sacred journey.

Originally, cigarettes were brought to us — not by a TV sponsor or cartoon character Joe Camel — but by Native American spirituality.

Although I’m mostly ignorant of that path, in 1986 I did participate in a beautiful sacred ceremony to bless the land.

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