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Obamaland, with Aura Reading, Empath Merge, and Face Reading


Let’s celebrate the new First Family by adding our readings of Mom and Pop and the two kids. Sign up for my zine to receive a free face reading and aura reading article. (Click onto my home page, then scroll down to find the signup link.)

Add your comments here. Soon I’ll be adding aura reading for each of the daughters.

Face Reading Secrets(R) in Arabic

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Face Reading is alive and well in the Arabic language, as of 2008. One of the very nicest things that happened to me this year was the first publication of any of my books in the language with the maze-like curlicue writing.

A friend who studied the script told me that any given letter could mean three different letters, depending on something or other. Clearly, I was not the translator, or readers would be kept waiting for a very long time.

Face Reading Review by Ceci Miller

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Face readers, rejoice! Ceci Miller has written the most inspiring review of The Power of Face Reading. Actually, she wrote about the edition in English, but the cover is remarkably similar to a Russian-language cover that I found fairly recently.

Ceci’s kind words are to be found at a blog that brims with sparkling book reviews, BigMouth Bookworm.

To a writer like me, book reviews are the ultimate Christmas gift. Thanks so much, Ceci. Blog-buddies, take a look. And if you do, don’t just lurk but talk back to the

Healing with Energy Spirituality on YouTube

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It’s on YouTube. It must exist!

Yes, Rose Rosetree does sessions for spiritual healing, whether it be healing auras and chakras with Aura Transformation or facilitating that hypnosis-and-healing specialty, Energy Release Regression Therapy.

So often, people who are considering a personal session with me want to meet me first. That’s one reason I write books, a pretty intimate way to meet somebody, actually. Plus, books offer the opportunity to learn something about the author’s various specialties!

Aura Reading on YouTube


Have you been curious about Aura Reading? I have been. I still am. And a big part of the fun, for me, is not just doing Aura Reading a lot but also teaching people like you how to do it.

Everyone was given a complete gift set that can be used to become a really good aura reader. Recently I filmed a set of YouTube videos about different parts of my work, and one is about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), the system I use to help people succeed.

Check out my Aura Reading YouTube video here.

Empath Empowerment Intro on YouTube

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Empaths, you deserve to become skilled. It’s not enough to merely be talented.

Sometimes an empath likes to vibe out a teacher in advance of studying. Well, here’s your chance, a You-Tube video where I talk at some length about the importance of becoming a skilled empath.

It may appear that I am speaking Japanese. This Intro to Empath Empowerment was filmed in Japan. My dear friend, and interpreter, Kaori Ueno, is off

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection on YouTube


If you have had sessions of Aura Transformation with me, I may have facilitated healings of various sorts of psychic-level debris, such as moving out stuck spirits, ETs, or psychic coercion.

Then you have experienced the benefits, including more clarity about yourself and less grime in your aura.

Such a quick and easy way to improve quality of life!

Cut Cords of Attachment – Radio Interview

Cut Cords of Attachment






Curious about cutting cords of attachment? Tune in this Monday, Dec. 22, 11 p.m. to midnight, for an interview on “So So Sensitive” with Intuitive Advisor Karen J. Lewis.

You will be able to ask questions, I believe. And from what I know, having met Karen, she’s going to have some very good ones herself.

Many people have questions about cutting cords, and I find it is really important to ask them because so much misinformation exists about what it really means to cut a cord of attachment.

Giving Christmas 2008


It can be hard to give when there is fear.

The media that connect us blast it out.

If Santa felt it, how his sleigh would screech!

You need not be an elf to hear the doubt.

Incessant worries: “Will there be enough

tomorrow? How about months after that?”

Well, let’s remember fear is optional.

The world we live on curves. It isn’t flat.

Sunrises come with regularity

Aura Research Workshop to Shape Your New Year

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Whatever you are planning to do in this new year, and whomever you’re planning to share it with, maybe it could help to do some research at the level of aura reading.

This method is what I will be teaching at my upcoming one-day Aura Reading Workshop, annually offered at the start of a new year.

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