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Cut Cords of Attachment – Radio Interview


Curious about cutting cords of attachment? Tune in this Monday, Dec. 22, 11 p.m. to midnight, for an interview on “So So Sensitive” with Intuitive Advisor Karen J. Lewis.

You will be able to ask questions, I believe. And from what I know, having met Karen, she’s going to have some very good ones herself.

Many people have questions about cutting cords, and I find it is really important to ask them because so much misinformation exists about what it really means to cut a cord of attachment.

“Betsy,” one of my clients, recently told me that she had been to at least one healer who “cut her cord” to her Mom. Yet Betsy hadn’t noticed much by way of result. I can’t say that I was surprised, since afterwards I researched this part of her aura and found a huge cord  of attachment to her Mom.

A cord that we were definitely able to facilitate cutting! Permanently!

  • So if you’re wondering if it is really possible to permanently “cut my cords” and do it with quality control, my simple answer is, “Yes.”
  • And my longer answer is, “Hey, that’s why I wrote the first book on this topic, to bring quality control to the field.”
  • And the fuller answer just might come out during that radio interview.

Information about this cut cords interview is here. Scroll down!

Click here to listen to the cut cords interview.

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  1. 1
    Tweet says:

    is it possible to cut cords for someone who is very ungrounded?
    and what if the cords are the cause of someone’s ungroundedness?

  2. 2

    Great questions, TWEET. You inspired a new post:

    If I haven’t completely answered your question, let me know there.

  3. 3
    O says:

    Dear Rose, I just finished the excerpt of your e-book on empowered empaths. you were obviously writing to/for me.

    my greatest/lousiest gift is spiritual and emotional empathy.

    i have been a psychologist for 15 years, where my gift is the most useful, but I burn out regularly.

    i have practiced many methods of cutting cords and aura cleansing/healing/meditating/crystals/NLP/EFT… etc..etc….i also teach yoga..been there, done that, explored every option to manage my vocation/gift…

    now at 43 i want to change direction, i’ve had it..

    i have been hiding alone at home for a year waiting for a spark. an insight. searching deeply to see if i have another gift..nothing…

    if i choose to stop empathising completely then who/what am i? what/who can I be? is it even possible?


  4. 4

    Dear O:

    A year is a long time to languish. I’m glad the tiny exposure you’ve had to my work has been helpful.

    But really! Whatever you’ve explored by way of Aura Reading, Cutting Cords of Attachment, Empath Empowerment has definitely not been the versions that I have trademarked.

    Just this morning, here in Tokyo, I had a client, Maxi, who said a practitioner had cut the cord of attachment to Maxi’s mother. Well, that horrible cord was still there.

    During Maxi’s session, we were able to remove it successfully. What made the difference is that I used a set of skills that really works.

    Many well meaning practitioners just aren’t doing what they claim. I can’t begin to tell you how distressed I was to read “been there, done that” about these potentially powerful forms of healing and Deeper Perception.

    Although I can never promise results for a client, I can tell you that it is very doubtful that, if you had received 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment ® or Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® or becoming a Skilled Empath in a way that actually works, or experiencing Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® that you would feel this badly. Or want to have theoretical comments about whether or not there is hope for you.

    These powerful technologies of Deeper Perception are not just another trivial exercise.

    All you Blog-Buddies, there are good practitioners out there. Find them.

    Use your consumer smarts and don’t assume that just because people claim to do these things that they are competent.

    I can think of one former student of mine who barely scratched the surface but then proclaimed herself an expert; she has, alas, gone on to teach people as if she knew what she was talking about….

    Consumers, pay attention to whether or not you really get results.

    Consumerism alone is reason enough to learn Aura Reading!

    As for you, O, what on earth are you waiting for? I’d recommend you schedule a phoner session a.s.a.p. (Right now, I think appts. are being taken for late-July.)

    And at a minimum I wouldn’t be content with a tiny glimpse of an e-book. For heaven’s sake, buy the thing. Read it. Do the techniques. Get the results!

    And thanks for writing, of course. Your comment may have spoken for many blog lurkers.

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