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Spiritual Cleansing and Protection on YouTube


If you have had sessions of Energy Spirituality HEALING with me, I may have facilitated healings of various sorts of psychic-level debris, such as moving out stuck spirits, ETs, or psychic coercion.

Then you have experienced the benefits, including more clarity about yourself and less grime in your aura.

Such a quick and easy way to improve quality of life!

And if you are involved in healing, you might enjoy doing these healings on behalf of your clients, just to make your work easier.

This spring, April 17-19, I will offer a weekend intensive to teach this amazing set of healings, pioneered by TIC and adapted by me over the past two decades.

During my recent trip to Tokyo, I was filmed for a YouTube introduction to this part of my work. Check it out with one click, interpreter and all, Rose Rosetree introduces techniques for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

In the background is the voice of my beloved interpreter, and friend, Kaori Ueno. If you like this dynamic duo, you can watch us on three more YouTube videos. Take your pick.

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    Tweet says:

    Where is this link about spiritual cleansing and protection on youtube?

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    Monica Who says:

    You’ve got a great blog here and I’m glad I found it during my surfing journey today!

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