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Aura Reading & Empath Merge — Malia Obama

Oooh! Let's be discreet as we research a person's spiritual life through aura reading.

Oooh! Let’s use deeper perception on President Obama’s daughter Malia

Happy New Year, Empaths, Aura Readers, and Face Readers.

Let’s begin a fresh year with an Aura Reading of Malia, the fresh-faced older daughter of President-Elect Barack Obama. If I like what I find, that Aura Reading just might turn into a Skilled Empath Merge.

Face Reading won’t be done, however, because Malia isn’t 18 yet. That’s the minimum age for ethically doing a Face Reading.

Let’s base our Aura Reading on this photo. If it will add to your New Year’s merriment, click on this Aura Reading link to bring up the photo on a new screen. As always, you can copy it onto a blank email or Word document, drag on the corners, and enlarge. When you can see a photo more clearly, Aura Reading is easier.

In this post, scroll down to the databanks for the Aura Reading. Basic definitions come first to help out you newbies. And you oldie-but-goodie Blog-Buddies might want to check out the part of BASIC DEFINITIONS where I popped in a NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT about Aura Reading. I will discretely emphasize this with blue type.


Auras are bodies around the physical body. They’re made of electro-magnetic energy and filled with bits and bytes of information. Everyone can learn to do Aura Reading in depth and detail. This could be just as easy as learning to use that new Wii or Kindle that Santa just brought you. Only auras have no instruction manual included. For that, it helps to know teachers like me.

Information for Aura Reading is especially concentrated in each chakra, places that correspond to parts of the physical body. Every chakra contains 50 databanks of information.

So if you’re not doing Aura Reading yet, what are you missing? Each chakra databank contains a gift of the soul. For keeps. No-negotiable. Not mess-up-able.

Each chakra databank also can contain STUFF, stored-up fear, pain, cords of attachment, frozen blocks of energy in cells, astral-level debris, etc. STUFF found in my version of Aura Reading can always be healed. (And for most of that STUFF removal, I can facilitate the healing. Or I can teach you how.)

In a short Aura Reading like the one for Malia, I will name the Aura Reading databank and read it first.

Then, if the coast seems clear, I will do a Skilled Empath Merge and do further research. This particular type of research was developed in 2008 through sessions held with the client I call my “Muse of Chakra Databanks.” If you’re a skilled empath, you may get the hang of doing this research right away. Otherwise, if you’re an empath of any kind, I can teach you.



Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Malia has been especially influenced by her mother’s view of reality. Like Michelle, Malia lives in a world where people can make a difference through taking action. Part of Malia’s gift is a spontaneous problem-solving ability, where she quickly figures out concrete strategies and actions.

And at this point in her life, Malia isn’t carrying STUFF to discourage her. She completely believes that her plans can, and will, make this world better.

  • Facade Presented in Public: “I may not look strong but I’m tough. Don’t mess with me.”  Note: I was curious how a 12-year-old would respond to the negative energies that have inevitably been thrown at her and the rest of her political family. Well, here’s the answer.
  • How the Present Scene Affects Her: This photo was clearly taken at a rally of supporters. Mom is hovering protectively, aurically supporting Malia as she prepares to speak. At 12, Malia is old enough to feel self-conscious as a person, knowing that listeners and viewers will be judging her as well as listening.

Doing a Skilled Empath Merge here, I find that Malia is tentatively (yet confidently) experimenting with her energy presence. Yes, she can hold steady while dealing with the large, swirling, intoxicating energies of the crowd. Her reality is growing, including her sense of effectiveness at dealing with Major Politician’s Reality.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power in Public

Malia was born with a soul-level gift for balancing one side against another or another, dealing with people. Although encoded in her from the beginning, this gift has recently begun to wake up within her; it may be several years before it is fully developed.

Right from the start, however, Malia has possessed a very strong will (verging on bossy). For years, her parents have been shaping this strength, teaching do’s and don’ts about behavior as a leader.

I find this finding from our Aura Reading absolutely fascinating. And rare! The closest thing I have encountered before shows up in some of my clients for Face Reading at parties. These families are outrageously rich, and sometimes (given their location in the nation’s capital) Dad and/or Mom are politically well connected.

Some parents like this take their social position very seriously, training their child to have impeccable manners. Social do’s and don’ts have been taught about how to behave as a super-duper rich person. In Malia’s case, however, the parental teaching doesn’t focus on money or status but leadership.

  • Facade Presented in Public: “My family loves me. I hope you like me, too.” Confidence and vulnerability show in equal measure. Do an Aura Reading or Skilled Empath Merge and bask in the very human glow.
  • How the Present Scene Affects Her: This is an intoxicating moment that Malia is sure to remember for her whole life. Yes, her subconscious mind could be storing an entire folder with memories like this one, all related to the campaign and election of her father.

I am enormously impressed with Malia’s opening up, bit by bit, to the huge waves of energy and love being directed toward her. Without thinking about it consciously, this wise girl opens up her aura to taste just a bit, gets used to it, then opens up a little more, and so forth.

Malia paces herself beautifully to avoid total overwhelm. Our Aura Reading suggests, this is the kind of kid who could be trusted with doling out her own Halloween candy.

Throat Chakra Databank for Charisma for Public Speaking

One look at Malia holding that mike and you can tell she takes after her Dad in the charisma department. Most of us don’t have a databank like this one. (Still, we have other goodies. Did the Tooth Fairy neglect you, back in the day? You can be sure that God isn’t neglecting you either.)

Joy is the overall quality of Malia here. Don’t confuse this with her joy in the moment, speaking to the adoring throng.

Joy is how Malia knows that her speaking is on the right track. Did you ever play the parlor game with temperatures? Some of you Blog-Buddies might know the official name for this game. If so, please put it into a comment.

The way the game works, the person chosen as It leaves the room. An object is hidden. When It returns to seek for the object, members of the group give hints in terms of temperature, like “You’re getting colder” and “Hotter, hotter” and “You’re burning up.”

Malia feels a comfortable version of hotter, hotter as her speech is on target. If things cool down, internally, she knows to change verbal direction. Lovely!

  • Facade Presented in Public: “I’m cool with speaking to zillions of people, live, in front of cameras everywhere. Sure, I do it all the time. No big deal.” This is Malia playing the universal kid game of Dress-Up.
  • How the Present Scene Affects Her: Gratitude is the great imprint. Moments like this are linking Malia’s natural charisma at the throat and root chakras with her spiritual connection at the third eye.

Aura Reading has led me to conclude that here at Earth School, people act, think, feel, and speak according to their level of consciousness. Malia fits right in with the old-soul culture of her family unit. For evidence, Blog-Buddies, consider this shift to her “Charisma for Public Speaking” Throat Chakra Databank.

Malia isn’t auditioning here for American Idol. She’s not seeking fame. And the shift to her aura isn’t about personal ego.

How many of us, standing before an adoring crowd, would have the presence to know “It isn’t about my ego”? How many of us would take that message from the scene, rather than the exact opposite?

That Malia Obama, she isn’t just a sparkler. She’s an inspirer.

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  1. 1
    Lisa says:

    Rose, well done! I’ve heard elsewhere that Malia will be the one to take after Barack in the political world. It seems, from your reading, that she carries the wonderful traits of service to others that he does.

    Enjoyed this very much! Happy new year!

  2. 2

    Thanks, Lisa, and same to you! You’re my first official comment in the new year. Hooray!

    Yes, I really was stunned and impressed to read this “little” girl. Next week, on to Sasha.

  3. 3

    TOM wrote: Just an idea I’d been holding out on.
    Barack Obama is the 1st Ox (Chinese year) to be elected. We had one appointed (Jerry Ford).

    And just so happens, the year of the Ox arrives this late January, a very industrious year. The timing couldn’t be better. An opportunity to do some good for the general welfare of humanity.

    I only say this because I too am an ox. 😉

    Merry New Year!

  4. 4
    lllllll says:

    My step father see auras does not infer them, you don’t mention any colors just inferences, he saw obama’s aura surrounded by black, palin and mccains as bright reddish. So presently I believe your aura reading ability is fraudulent unless you name the colors you have seen. From there describe how they relate to an emotion, or personality trait.

  5. 5

    LLLL, what an interesting perspective you bring to aura reading. Thousands of clients and students have been very pleased with my work; after decades of teaching, yours is the first to have called me “fraudlent.”

    The idea that aura reading must involve colors is a limiting one, in my opinion. What helps more is receiving detailed information, as you can learn to do from “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

    Personally, I am not particularly interested in an aura reading where the “full reading” is “bright reddish.” But perhaps your stepfather received more information than this.

    Some of my students and readers DO see colors. Some, like me, have other gifts that bring out direct perceptions of a different kind. All get to use the gifts that God gave them, which is invariably plenty for doing quality aura reading.

    An aura reading combines a direct perception with an interpretation. That is what I do and what I can teach you to do.

  6. 6
    Jyn says:

    Would you consider doing an aura read of Chelsea Clinton? She was so poised as she campaigned and spoke out on behalf of her mother during the campaign. She seems to have such a kind, gentle spirit. Previously you had declined to read her since she wasn’t a “public person.” But I see you have since read both of Obama’s children so I believe you may now be open to it.

  7. 7
    llllll says:

    He saw black over Obama, and a black vortex over michelle, with two black triangles pointing downward.
    At first glance he also saw only obama’s suit. “An invisible man”…physically just a suit. Now he sees the physical presence of Obama. I spoke to him again regarding Palin, apparently, he did not see Palins. I thought he saw red. I was mistaken. For Mccain he saw blue in the central portion and white light in the outer areas.

    I once saw my aura when I was in a state of fear… I was radiating in red/orange color . Almost on fire. I looked at my hands they were immersed in a red orange fire color. I looked in the Mirror, the color covered me to about three feet above my head. Red/orange are emitted from the base chakra, this energy center had enveloped my field due to my survival/ fear state. My step fathers abilities are well beyond my limited experiences.

    However, how can one sense the color of auras without seeing them? Everyone has an emotional intuition about someone/something, some times its good sometimes its bad. However, colors are absolute they are not a feeling.
    People wish for the best so they wish to assume Obama is “light worker/healer etc.” However, the color of the tape is “black” according to the only two readings I have known, up to date. If you would share some of the experiences of your students who can actually see colors.. Please do…I would like to hear other opinions…. however, they must actually see radiant colors!!!!..not inferences of colors, the fringe of a color, or inferences about behavior in a photograph.

    Blessings to you….OM… amen

    PS. I was not planning on responding……..however, by mere chance I hit your web site again..Just spoke to my step father for the info. I look forward to a response. Thanks.
    Also, he is famous but I cannot reveal his name. hehe. Bye.

  8. 8

    JYN: No matter how famous the aura reader, seeing a color is not a full aura reading, as I would define it. An aura reading is perception plus interpretation.

    Regarding how one can read auras from photos, you might want to stop by my blog and website long enough to actually read some of the material there. Then you would find an answer to this question.

    Do I agree with the aura reading ideas you have shared? No. But everyone is entitled to a perception. Incidentally, you can easily use the search tool on the left to find blog posts where I have done detailed readings of Obama and Palin and others.

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