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Aura Reading & Empath Merge — Sasha Obama

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Meet the newest second grader at Chelsea Clinton’s old school. Here, in our first photo, Sasha Obama is shown more as people think of her, not as a schoolgirl but as the youngest member of Barack Obama’s family.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

In this photo, she poses against a backdrop of her mother and, then, a political crowd. Let’s base our Aura Reading on this photo… because it’s the best one I could find.

To enlarge it, click on the photo, which will bring it up on a new screen. As always, you can copy it onto a blank email or Word document, drag on the corners, and enlarge. Whenever you can see a photo more clearly, Aura Reading is easier.


Experienced Aura Readers, scroll down to the databanks in red to find Sasha’s Aura Reading. Basic definitions come by way of introduction, to help out you newbies.


Auras are bodies around the physical body. They’re made of electro-magnetic energy and filled with bits and bytes of information. Everyone can learn to do Aura Reading in depth and detail. Only auras come with no instruction manual. For that, teachers like me can help.

Information for Aura Reading is especially concentrated in each chakra, places that correspond to parts of the physical body. Every chakra contains 50 databanks of information.

So if you’re not doing Aura Reading those databanks yet, what are you missing? Each chakra databank contains a gift of the soul. For keeps. No-negotiable. Not mess-up-able.

Each chakra databank also can contain STUFF, stored-up fear, pain, cords of attachment, frozen blocks of energy in cells, astral-level debris, etc. STUFF found in my version of Aura Reading can always be healed. (And for most of that STUFF removal, I can facilitate the healing. Or I can teach you how.)

In a short Aura Reading like the one for Sasha, I will name the Aura Reading databank and read it first.

Then, if the coast seems clear, I will do a Skilled empath merge and do further research, questioning within a databank.


Empaths, note that I definitely do not recommend just oozing your consciousness into that of another person without purposely doing a technique to turn your gift(s) ON. It doesn’t matter how much you like the person or how much you want to help. You’re likely to take on STUFF that does not belong to you. Besides protecting you, a dedicated technique will help you to read more accurately.

Becoming a Skilled Empath is important. To protect your quality of life, first become a Skilled Empath, learning to turn your empath gift(s) OFF. Only then experiment with turning your empath gift(s) ON. By using a dedicated technique.

Aura Reading works the same way. Sure, you have gifts for Aura Reading. Everyone was NOT born with gifts as an empath but, if you’re human, you were definitely born with a full gift set for Aura Reading.

Talent isn’t enough, though. I urge you to honor your gifts by learning about how to use them effectively.

Never just slide in and out of reading a person’s aura. You’ll pay a penalty. Aura Reading is something to do or not do, on purpose.

You are in control of your mind. Techniques, like those I offer, help you to do Aura Reading when you wish and always be successful.


Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Sasha is curious and way smart. Even at this tender age, with her brain still developing, her soul-level gift is firmly in place. This individual seeks to understand reality, not just live in it.

I’m impressed by Sasha’s insistence on understanding, combined with open-mindedness. As you do Aura Reading, you will often come across “a mind like a steel trap.” Opinionated thinking can be the result of STUFF in an aura or, given the soul mission for some individuals, it can be a lifelong gift of the soul.

Sasha’s gift is different. She’s an intellectual explorer. The world still is new to her. But how new, exactly? Can life be fresh and new for a politician’s child? That is the poignant question for today’s post.

Doing a skilled Empath Merge at this databank, I find that Sasha has energetically relinquished childhood. Although she just turned seven, in our photo she still was six.

At seven and beyond, many children live in a fairy-tale world which has a magical sparkle. They don’t just play, an essential part of their cognitive and emotional development. Most sevens are deep-down playful, living in their own fantasy words; some also remain connected to the very real realms of Guardian Angels, fairies, and auras.

Sasha, by contrast, has playfulness. Yet otherwise she functions as a little adult, unusually realistic. That door to fairyland has long since closed behind her.

This discovery makes me curious about what she was like earlier. Fortunately, through the magic of photographs, we can do more Aura Reading. So here comes a…


Nearly a year ago, this photo was taken. See Sasha over in the left corner? Did she still have that childhood magic then?

To do your own Aura Reading or Skilled Empath Merge, click onto the photo link, which you can then enlarge by dragging the corners.

Aha! I find the same thing. The kid is such a realist. She’s simpler and younger but realism still rules. Could this involve Sasha’s soul age, as well as her training as the daughter of a politician?

Here’s one way to explore the question of how it alters childhood, growing up in a political family. Let’s bring in that other famous political child of similar age. Sarah Palin’s daughter, Piper, was caught in an often-viewed picture after her mother’s televised debate. The marvelous picture isn’t available for showing on my blog. But use this Aura Reading of Piper link and, if you followed news stories during the presidential campaign, glimpsing it you will, probably, remember it.

Either way, you can see Piper pictured here at age six. Check out that same databank, Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Piper’s princess tiara in this picture would suggest “Yes. This girl still is allowed to live in that precious and innocent world.” Either that or Mom has told Piper to dress up because soon she’ll be moving in to a much fancier new house!

Body Language likewise proclaims Miss Palin to be pre-grownup, not hiding her mood with that scowl and crossed arms. The undisguised quality of her expression suggests childhood innocence.

What does Piper’s aura say, however? I find a soul-level gift for social intelligence. Palin’s daughter lives with some of the sparkle of childhood, but much of it has rubbed off. For her, public attention isn’t what has pulled her out of her childhood but lack of bondedness to a parenting figure.

Piper’s Aura Reading databank about reality reveals this loss of joy. Her soul-level gift also peeks through. Already she is more aware than most children of the social roles people play. At six, she displays a simple understanding of her surroundings compared to an older child, yet is age-appropriately centered on herself. Still, it’s fascinating how very much she takes in about social settings compared to most children her age.

In this photograph, when I do a Skilled Empath Merge with Piper Palin, the message is as subtle as a moose crossing your neighborhood Main Street: “Pay attention to me. I’m fed up with being dressed and pushed out on display. When are you going to care about how I am, not just how I look?”

Meanwhile, back at a happier child…

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power in Public

Judging by this chakra databank, Sasha has been expertly raised. She feels confident about being able to get what she wants. Yet she knows clearly that her job in this moment is to support the family because, now, everyone is in public.

Sasha does this eagerly, partly playing her role as if it were a game but also revealing an precocious seriousness.

For most children her age, like Piper Palin, the meaning of life is is simple: Me, me, me. For Sasha, life has already become “Me + a friendly group of us.”

Throat Chakra Databank for Charisma for Public Speaking

At this Aura Reading databank, Sasha’s father, mother, and big sister all have soul-level brilliance at public speaking. How will the baby fit in?

Sasha charms through her beauty. This gift is most evident in the quality of her voice — or will be, when she’s fully grown.

Next time you listen to the radio, notice the voice quality of the broadcasters. Such a high proportion of them have that gift of a beautiful voice. Sasha possesses the vocal ability to attract and disarm, regardless of the particular words being spoken. Her version includes a clear, serene quality of feminine energy.

In general, the way Sasha’s personality is put together throughout her aura, she is balanced more strongly toward feminine energy than either her mother or sister. In years to come, look for Sasha’s distinctive combination of presence, vulnerability, harmonizing, and sweetness.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Moral Development

What underlying principle guides Sasha in making choices? “I am here in service to the world.”

That’s a big statement to hear coming through such a young body, but gifts of the soul come fully assembled, batteries included.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Soul Age

The corresponding soul age is on a par with her Dad’s, as ancient as they come.

During the next four years, big responsibilities and problems will be part of “home life” at the White House. For President Obama, one source of strength will be this youngest, twinkliest, seriously loving family member, the being known in this lifetime as Sasha Obama.

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  1. 1
    Barbara V.-H. says:

    “It takes a village to raise a child”. Let’s extend blessings to the children of celebrities, as they do not have an easy childhood. I strongly support endeavors to have their privacy protected 100% and to give them the protective umbrella to grow and develop without scrutiny.

    Barbara V.-H.

  2. 2

    Barbara, I have to say I agree with you. If I had not found such overwhelmingly positive things to say about both these girls, I would have kept that umbrella up.

    You’re still right though. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. 3
    Jordan says:

    wow, they’re both so impossibly freaking cute. now i wonder what my aura was like at 6….

  4. 4

    JORDAN, knowing you as I do, I’m guessing VERY cute, too. 🙂

    Next time you’re in session with me, you might want me to research that. All you Blog-Buddies, do keep in mind that I can do Aura Reading on any chakra databank in you at any time throughout your life.

    Also, I can do Aura Reading on any chakra databank in anyone else you have known. And do this at any time in your relationship.

    There are also some very interesting nuances about how you feel about people and how they respond to you.

    I don’t need photos for this kind of Aura Reading, just your voice over the phone, because the experience of all the auras you would ask about is carried within you.

    This is called an Aura Reading Research session.

    In a couple of weeks, we are planning to update the description at my website about this type of session in contrast to the Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING sessions.

    Usually one would choose one rather than the other; both choices can be a lot of fun.

  5. 5
    Lisa W says:

    Thanks for a great post, Rose. This was very interesting. Loved the word “twinkliest!”

    OT–I just viewed incredible photos of PE Obama’s appointees (or designates) to various White House positions published in the NY Times. Here is the link:

    Using my baby-sized skills, I viewed the pictures and came away impressed and inspired for the most part. I picked up a few concerns, but overall was incredibly impressed. If you haven’t seen the gallery yet, it is wonderful. I highly it advise a run through.

  6. 6

    LISA, thanks for the tantalizing info, and the link.

    Since your skills aren’t baby-sized at all (!!!), it would be great if you could share some of your observations.

    You know, my desire for this blog is that readers like you are bold and share your readings of people. I continue to do a big set for my monthly zine, and I have had to step away of doing them on the blog because otherwise I couldn’t publish my books, do sessions, etc.

    There is the weekly, usually Wednesday, article that relates to important concerns for Empaths, Aura Readers, Face Readers, Cutting Cords of Attachment, etc. But many of you readers are hungry for the kind of Guest Post that you could do magnificently, Lisa.

  7. 7
    meetooh3992 says:

    I am quite afraid sometimes of the things I pick up because I fear that there are dark secrets or evil acts that people do which give off a negative, almost magnet-repelling reaction whenever I have contact with a particular person.

    I could be having a great day at work and someone will come up to me and give off a really negative sinister reaction. I get frustrated because I feel helpless and want to bring justice to whoever that person did harm to. I just don’t know what it may be or what I could do.

    I started feeling this way right after my negative experience with childhood sexual abuse. It seemed to bring out a special protective sensor that enabled me to pick up on people’s negative intentions towards me and others. I have so many experiences that I could spend hours writing about how the confirmations to my feelings have always come true.

    The last one I felt left me shaking… I went to my father ‘s mother -in- law’s funeral and was introduced to many people I didn’t know. One particular person I was introduced to was giving off such a negative vibe that I became almost enraged but held it all in. Something in my mind said stand up tall speak very properly and act like you are God’s gift to this concubine’s worthless world…She will hate it. My dad told this woman, “Don’t you remember her?”. She said she didn’t. I told her in an almost regal-like fashion that is was a pleasure meeting her. I then turned my head as to whip my hair in the air and gave my dad a big hug and told him I loved him and that I had to leave because I was running late for dinner. I turned to her and said, “It was a pleasure.”

    I had such an urgency to call my mother and tell her what happened to me. To her astonishment she said, “How could you have known anything?” She began to tell me how when she was pregnant with me and mother had just come to this country. She had started working at a plastic product making factory and this woman worked there and would often threaten her with calling immigration on her. My mom said that at one point she was even shoved by this woman in the cafeteria while she was almost full-term with me. She also told me that she would often throw herself at my dad in front of her. My mom was shocked but I was afraid inside…this was last July/2008.

    I have many stories but prefer to talk about them one at time because seeing them all grouped up will only make me feel like a freak. My fiance is convinced and often asks, “What’s wrong?”. It is usually followed with an oh, oh if I have that look on my face about someone I just had contact with. I have told him to look out for certain people and has returned every time with a “You were right!”.

    I am scared…Places also give me the same emotional feeling. I can’t ever explain it. I felt that way whenever I walked by a particular tombstone near my aunt’s grave. Sadness would fill me and I would almost feel like I was cheated by some sort of injustice. I looked up the names on the Internet, and they had been murdered in the most heinous manner. It brought me to tears of how anyone would have the ability to do such horrific acts on another human being.

    I am very sensitive to animals and babies tend to react to me almost immediately even if they are crying. I don’t know if one thing correlates with the other but I can’t make sense of anything… :o(

  8. 8

    MEETOO, as a start you can do by yourself, I recommend that you get a copy of EMPOWERED BY EMPATHY and develop skills that will, to some extent, protect you.

    Please, also consider a personal session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, because you might benefit from this type of healing as well.

    Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, like cutting cords of attachment, can be especially helpful if there has been childhood abuse. I’ve had many clients have very good results from these two types of healing session. Information about all these is at .

    Only you know how very troubled you are by the experiences you mention. Don’t be shy about consulting a mental health practitioner. Techniques and healing sessions offered by folks like me cannot take the place of psychiatric medication and professional psychological counseling.

  9. 9
    Jyn says:

    Rose, a few months ago there was a request on the blog to read Chelsea Clinton, the former President’s daughter. You declined on the basis that you did not feel it was right to read a “private” person. You said her parents sought the public life, not her.
    Since you have since read both of President Obama’s young daughters, would you now reconsider doing an aura read on Chelsea? She seems like such a kind, gentle soul, lacking any aggressive/competitiveness most people have to some degree. I do wonder if she might be an empath herself. Since you have read Sasha and Malia as well as detailing their unique aura “gifts” might you consider doing the same for Chelsea? I think it would be interesting and many would appreciate your aura take on this intelligent and together first daughter.

  10. 10

    JYN, thank you so much for your request.

    On a regular basis, now, I receive emails with requests for me to read newsmakers, and I just can’t keep up with them all.

    So I’m not going to promise, even though this is a good idea of yours. 🙂 Instead, let me remind you, and other Blog-Buddies, of a few resources:

    If you ever are interested in having a Personnel Profile or Aura Report, I can do that of anyone you wish. You know, doing healing sessions and readings is my profession, so paying work has to come first. These inexpensive Reports are available through these links:

    For Personnel Profile — [Link No Longer Available]

    For Aura Report — [Link No Longer Available]

    Also, I am very open to GUEST POSTS where you find a photo, you use your Deeper Perception, and you write a Face Reading or Aura Reading. Email that to me, complete with your photo link, at:


    Most Guest Posts are reviewed and then, usually, posted. You get full author’s credit. (I do first check to make sure that submissions fit the tone and content of the Blog.) You can find Guest Posts by using the SEARCH function on the left column.

    So,thanks for writing, Jyn. I hope at least one of these options works for you.

  11. 11
    Grace W says:

    I happened to come across a brief ABC News video interview of Michelle Obama while she’s on her visit to South Africa.

    Her daughters Sasha and Malia are there, too, and while they are usually quite protected from the media, there is a snippet of each of them reading “The Cat in the Hat” to a group of school children.

    Michelle even commented on the reading, saying that Sasha has “flavor.” And I remembered this aura reading you did of her, Rose — in particular what you mentioned about Sasha’s voice. I think it comes through even in this brief snippet of her reading the story.

    I thought Blog-Buddies might enjoy seeing this.

    I get a huge kick out of experiencing behavior, seeing soul gifts reveal themselves, and other various bits of illumination that have been revealed through deeper perception. Such a delight!

  12. 12

    Thank you, flavor of GRACE.

  13. 13
    Jordan says:

    Thanks for sharing that video, GRACE. Their voices are beautiful, so strong.

    I thought Michelle’s love advice was kind of funny – “Find someone who makes you better.”

    Easier said than done, I think! Though do think it’s true for the President and First Lady.

  14. 14
    Grace W says:

    Can you imagine what story time at the Obama household would be like, if all four of them are involved? Wow! 🙂

  15. 15
    suzanne says:

    Wow–yes, great clip, GRACE.

    Anyone want to do an aura reading of the first lady?! She is one fascinating woman.

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