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  • “I was there tee shirts” for sale.
  • Get your “I was there” magnets.
  • “Obama everything. Buy it today.”

Street vendors tempted me during my mad dash home from the Inauguration, but I decided that, on balance, I would be able to remember I had been there using the fancy souvenir known as “my brain.” 

Besides, it might make a difference for transport if I just raced through, not lingering over the merchandise.

In fact, that’s what happened. Just squeezing into my car at the metro station with the strange name, “Foggy Bottom,” I avoided the worst of the rush crush going home.


Before I get to the Aura Reading part, here’s the human story, a certified good luck travel tale. For weeks, media and emails have told us locals how hard it would be to get downtown, convincing most of me thoroughly. Except yesterday my heart, which had never been convinced, started pulling the rest of me, head, feet and all.

Most of the people I spoke with en route echoed my sentiments. “I have zero expectations. Maybe I’ll be turned away. But I figured it would be nice if I could get in, and I just had to try.”

Zero expectations may have helped, because it took just two hours of travel to land me a perfectly fine spot for viewing. Unlike some disgruntled yuppies I met metro-ing home, I did not purchase parade tickets, expect easy admission, then wait in line for three hours only to be turned away.

Huge stretches of the mall were closed, filled to capacity. From the Capitol to the Washington Monument crowds were as they showed on TV.

Strategically and realistically, I aimed for standing room along that final stretch, by the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pools. Plenty of room was available, along with jumbotrons and extreme loudspeakers.

Ironically, our giant screens were placed so that thousands of us stood with our backs to the new Prez, even as he took his oath. Some thoughtful soul had placed the screens away from the sun. Anyway, irony was hardly on our minds.

First I did some Get Big (a technique many of you Blog-Buddies know from my books); then I lodged my prayers deep into the earth. Next, I sent prayers up to ancestors, especially my parents. How they would have relished voting in this election!

Standing near the fence by the reflecting pool, I could clearly the screen, positioned just perfectly for Aura Reading. And Aura Reading I did, except for when President Obama took his oath. Jumping for joy, I couldn’t stop bouncing up and down then like a dribbled basketball.

Here are highlights of what I read the rest of the time.


In an otherwise perfect ceremony, Barack Obama stumbled a bit at the start, taking his official Oath of Office. Some people might call it nerves, especially given the huge local and international audience.

I don’t think so. Mr. Obama has long since demonstrated nerves of steel. [Added after the original posting: Yes, I have heard from many sources about the Justice’s mistake, how Obama gave him a chance to correct his stumble, etc. Factual explanations and aura-level explanations are not mutually exclusive, however.]

Here’s my Aura Reading theory.

A Presidential Inauguration is like a wedding ceremony. Frequencies do come into the auras of participants, pouring into the crown chakra. Entering into a sacred commitment, especially if one does it with sacred intent, the participant attracts the very finest celestial goodies.

I noticed this first with Vice-President Biden. As he took his oath, new frequencies came in from way beyond earth. Imagine a shower of finest moonlight, with the occasional gold tinsel — a symbol of other-worldly inspiration, tinged with the concentrated experience of the presence of God.

If you have ever felt shivers from standing beneath a full moon, amplify that sensation considerably to approximate what was going on with Joe Biden. Because this was an other-worldly unicorn-silver light, from far beyond earth, a higher-vibrational feeding of energy into the man, preparing him for this new responsibility.

Being on the receiving end, Biden was experiencing (it seems to me) the Aura Reading equivalent of a wildly scoring pinball game. Ping! Ping! Screech! Flash those colored lights and just watch the scoreboard set a new record. (This photo, from today, shows the frequencies entering in before the oath-taking.)

What did Obama receive? Soon as his image appeared on the jumbotron, quietly making his entrance, our group of viewers went wild with applause.

Our President-Elect walked with that deliberate grace of his public appearances. Yet, to this aura reader, Obama had more of his usual glisten. It was enough to make an aura reader’s eyes bug out, actually. I’m used to shimmering light pouring into Barack Obama, symbolizing spiritual connection to Source. But this was extra shimmery, suggesting a bigger and more fully actualized Divine blessing.

He’s quite used to carrying a lot of this. Or letting it carry him. Whenever people would comment, during the campaign, on Obama’s steadiness, I would think, “If you were carrying that much Divine love and light and power, it might slow you down some, too.”


Given his usual Aura Goodies, I didn’t know what to expect when Barack’s turn came to take the oath. Check out a photo from his inauguration, using your Aura Reading skills.

Here are my words for the shift:

  • Crystals of knowledge, a few of them understandable now but most of them to be absorbed later, as President Obama becomes ready.
  • The echoing silence of being in a highly charged sacred space.
  • A feeling of great peace and protection, like being in the still center of a whirlwind.

Maybe you would have stumbled, too. Whadda you think?

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  1. 1

    That wasn’t Obama who screwed up, it was the Chief Justice who got confused. Obama paused to give the Chief a chance to get it right. Mr. Chief Justice mixed up his words.

  2. 2
    Dana says:

    Rose, thank you for this incredibly uplifting post. I am eager to read Obama and Biden’s auras, but I will do so later when I am not exhausted. For the sake of a little humor, I will explain why.

    I was very excited to watch the inauguration today with the fifth grade class that I teach. The plan was to show it on a projector in the cafeteria while 16 classes were eating lunch, and the students were supposed to remain absolutely quiet the entire time, “like in a movie theater.” My students starting off bouncing up and down with energy. We had discussed the importance of the ceremony and Obama’s speech. Unfortunately, the streaming video from the Internet kept freezing. The politicians would freeze mid-sentence, sometimes mid-kiss, and the students would go nuts. They were also missing their recess and they knew it, which made their energy even higher than usual. They could feel though that this event was monumental, even if most didn’t fully understand it.

    Everything was fine actually until the students finished their lunches. Then before them lay empty milk cartons, uneaten tater tots, straws, straw wrappers, and forks. The temptation was too much. Instead of an awe-filled spectator, I became teacher-lady on patrol. I started off giving them “the eye,” but it clearly lacked intimidation. One student managed to get a tater tot stuck on every finger, like new fingernails. I marched over and hauled him back to my table, along with his friend, who began chewing on and tapping every object on his tray. I took the tray away. “Tap, tap, tap” went his hands. I muttered threats. He pulled his hood over his head, closed it shut, then put his face to the table. “Take it off!” I hissed, embarrassed. He groaned, “This is so boooooorrrrring!” I glanced at Obama but could only see him from a fifth grader’s perspective: some guy talking way above their reading level who was the cause of lost recess.

    “Fine!,” I said, “I”ll get the assistant principal to take you out.” I walked as quietly as I could around the giant cafeteria to the assistant principal and explained the situation. “Take him out?” he asked as he looked lovingly at Obama. “Uh… Get a support staff to take him out if you really want.” I hustled all the way back to my group and whispered my final threat to my student, which seemed to sober him up enough. Another teacher had taken trays away from two of my students. One of them was my “Little McCain.” I guessed that Little McCain was probably trying to start some sort of rebellion, so I escorted him back to my table, too, which was now full.

    Later back in the room I asked for responses about Obama’s speech. “Boring,” “tiring,” “too long.” Then Little McCain raised his hand: “Well, that was rather rallying and inspiring,” he said. The whole class stared.

    At least someone enjoyed the show and maybe received some Darshan!

  3. 3
    Mary Mock says:

    Hello Rose! Thank you for explaining what I saw as I observed this amazing event on TV at home in Woodbridge. I could feel the amazing energy of hope and utter amazement all the way down here. I had the impression that Obama was “caught” listening to two voices. The voice of the Chief Justice and the Spirit voice. And for a brief moment he was confused about which voice he was listening to. What a day it has been!

  4. 4
    Jean Bellegarde says:

    Hi Rose. I was an inaugural volunteer today and also loved being THERE, in the heart of it. Your comments about the “shimmering light” pouring into Biden and Obama, their sacred intent, along with new information threads, also ring true to my senses. It’s always felt like he walks with spiritual giants behind and beside him. Thanks for SAYING what you SEE; it helps me develop more trust in my own sight.

  5. 5

    THANKS everyone so far, for writing. DANA, you made me laugh out loud.

    JEAN and MARY, how delightful to hear from you both.

    RANDY, I did know about this from some other sources. To me, the two levels are not mutually exclusive! I am going to go back to the original post and note this info, and I do thank you for pointing this out.

    The main thing is, what a relief to have the shift in consciousness that this election represents, right?

  6. 6
    Annie Shaw says:

    Rose, I’m chiming in appreciation for your comments as well. Today the sensations (from television) of such holy joy radiated outwards.

    I have a question about an experience I had yesterday while volunteering at the MLK Jr Day of Service. I spent the afternoon working with geriatric residents at St. Elizabeth’s (psychiatric hospital) and while in conversation especially with one woman who was quite pleased to talk and have her hands massaged, I kept looking at her face while we talked. Between her eyes I seemed to notice a huge recessed and blank (almost triangular) area. Occasionally I felt like she was peaking out behind shutters…

    Anyway, on my way home (strangers happily talking with strangers on the metro–what a concept!) on my way home I began to feel great pressure on my chest and very nervous. When I got home I remembered the handouts from the energy healing workshop you gave last spring and used all the energy healing (for entities, etc) and ended with the human limitation healing. I felt “myself” after that and restored. Sooooo, I have the sense that next time I’d find closing my aura to all but my higher self useful and preventative.

    Any comments? (other than I think I’ll start to say these daily?!!!!)

  7. 7
    Annie Shaw says:

    Rose, I also looked at my face before and after the clearings… before, my face was puffy and round-shaped with tiny eyes (smaller & narrow). After clearing, my face looked like me. The puffy-round disappeared and my eyes (though never large) were larger and “not narrow”. Seeing the difference in my face before/after shook me up as much as the feelings in my chest.

  8. 8
    Lisa says:

    Rose, I felt like I was right there with you! Your picture will be found in the dictionary under the word BEAMING! LOL It was amazing watching it on tv so I can only imagine what being there in person was like.

    There is a calm that President Obama (I love saying that!) exudes that really resonates out to everyone around him. He knows his purpose, on a soul level, if not a conscious one. I was uplifted by his words and my sincere hope is that we can begin the healing and ascend to where we all need to be at this point in time.

    Great post!

  9. 9
    Karen says:

    Rose, Thanks for your deeper perception review of the inauguaration. I did not go to the inauguration. Instead, I had some neighbors over for an inaugural brunch; we all watched and celebrated the inauguration together.

    I think this was the Chief Justice’s first opporutnity to swear in the President. From my perspective, it seemed that the great download of energy to the President impacted the Chief Justice and “knocked him for a loop” so to speak. I don’t the Chief Justice had any idea what would be coming his way (just by standing so close to the President) and it blew him off course in administering the Oath.

  10. 10
    Lisa says:

    I felt that during Obama’s speech that he was channelling JFK and Martin Luther King Jr, or at least from the same source that inspired these two influential figures.

  11. 11
    Marya Michael says:

    Rose, I loved reading about your perceptions at the mall. The deeper perceptions are so revealing of what is really true and transpiring as our new leaders take office.

    There was no question that I, too, was to go to the inauguration. I awoke with the words, “Its time for those who love, to lead.”

    Arriving just before the ceremonies, I followed the masses that moved me along to the Washington Monument. “Let go and let God” became my mantra for the rest of the day.

    My overall experience was that the light was moving around and through all there. Powerful joy coming through the light. So deep, so rich, this joy, this love.

    I, like so many of us, have waited my whole life for this moment.

    I’m sure that my wait has been extremely mild, though, as compared to what the wait has been like for the vast number of African-Americans who are now, so unbelievably relieved, while still in disbelief that we have elected such a good man, who also happens to be in part, an African-American.

    All of the transformational experiences that I have experienced or witnessed over the years don’t hold a candle to this VERY REAL moment in time.

    Some historical background: My father, a Methodist minister, was asked by his bishop to oversee the integration of the black and white churches into one district in the early 60’s. As a result of his appointment, I visited a lot of black churches growing up. I learned that real love, feeling, and a sense of soul do exist mightily within church walls.

    I also took part in a demonstration in Cherokee, North Carolina when I was 12. A missionary from Africa wasn’t served lunch. So the youth that were present were led by adults to sing a song of demonstration in the town square. We were all crying. I was so sad and so shocked that this is what people actually do to each other.

    It was definitely a rite of passage that impacted my yearning for love in this world.

    Bill Cosby took photos of his parents into the voting booth with him. I brought the spirit of my parents with me on Tuesday.

  12. 12

    WOW, everyone. Keep those comments coming!

    ANNIE, your questions are a bit technical and so I’ll respond to most of them by private email.

  13. 13

    ANNIE, in response to your Comment #8, you were seeing how faces change physically. They do this far more often than non Face Readers notice. (Even alas, viewers of the new TV show on “face reading” that is really about “expression reading.”)

    Faces change a great deal, even short-term, due to all the involuntary muscles hidden beneath the skin. These muscles respond to our feelings and ways of holding ourselves spiritually and psychically.

    In general, normalization happens when you do techniques that remove STUFF from your aura, including the techniques taught in my workshop for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

    Facial distortions tend to leave and you look MORE like yourself.

    I think you had such dramatic results because you are a really talented empath. So you were especially likely to take on that woman’s STUFF. Because of who you are, you took it in at a super-deep level, and with your usual spiritual exhuberance of going all the way.

    So the contrast was extreme for you. Make sense?

  14. 14

    CECI MILLER, of [Link No Longer Available], wrote:

    I had exactly the same sense of Obama as he first stepped out to take his seat. Prayerful, humble, and ready.

    He’s a real live bodhisattva, this one! How fortunate, so fortunate! May we be constant in our help to this great leader/teacher with prayers of protection and the healing light of loving support.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Rose,

    Thank you so very much for your beautiful insights! We are truly blessed to live in the age of Obama.

    One thing puzzles me. I know that you discourage students from feeling like they need to “see colors” to read auras. Yet so often you, mostly an empath for sound, I believe, describe what is happening in very visual terms. Do you “see the colors?” Or is it metaphor for us very visually-oriented beings? Would love to read your comments on this. Thank you for sharing your abundant gifts!

    With love,

    Wondering Anonymously

  16. 16

    THANKS so much for your comment, ANONYMOUS. I use all my senses when reading auras and then wrap language around it the best I can.

    I certainly didn’t mean to present myself as seeing Obama, more than using other senses. Sometimes language comes out one may more than another.

    One technical point of importance to me involves going from a perception with auras to an interpretation. I always mean to do both parts of an aura reading. Definitely call me on it if I don’t!

    It baffles me that sometimes people throw out a color description and think that constitutes a complete aura reading. Just today, I got an email from a friend who is an acclaimed psychic. Bless her heart, she said Obama’s aura had white and gold on top. Period. As if that meant anything in particular except for her particular visual experience.

    To me, this isn’t a reading. It’s the start of a reading.

    When people stop assuming that any particular color has a set meaning, we’ll know that society has developed more literacy about auras than present.

    Meanwhile, you’ve reminded me to go back and make sure I wasn’t sloppy!!!!!

  17. 17
    Barbara V.-H. says:

    Dear Rose,

    Your report on Jan. 20 and sharing your perceptions makes it a most special and treasured keepsake of this so important day! Thank you for it.

    Let us all join with the Good Forces that the new President and all around him may be blessed and protected to bring about the so much needed change: here, abroad, on and for this planet.

    And equally important, let us remember that “yes, we can” is also a new beginning in each individual; that each small deed towards the greater aim is a pearl that counts and carries weight.

    What a task ahead! No time to lose.

    Peace and Love, Barbara V.-H.

  18. 18
    Sylvie says:

    Hi Rose,
    I tried to find you in this picture at the Inauguration, but I couldn’t… 😉
    I hope you do…..
    Kindest regards and thanks for this web.

    This is the biggest photo of Pres. Obama’s inaguration.
    It was created by 220 images taken from the press cabin.
    The result is that is that you can keep zooming. Wait a few seconds and you can see most of the faces of those who attended the ceremony. Awesome.

  19. 19

    SYLVIE, what a great photo! Thank you for sending it.

    I was all the way at the other end of the Mall. So I was out of the picture.

    Any of you other Blog Buddies find yourselves here?

  20. 20
    Dana says:

    In eight years I never heard Bush utter anything even close to the following words, even when he was cornered with overwhelming facts:

    “I take responsibility for this mistake” and
    “I screwed up”.

    It is so refreshing that Obama has only been in office for 15 days and he has dared to utter words that are rare for a politician. Clearly he has a higher level of moral development.

  21. 21
    Doug Sobers says:

    Celestial goodies for Biden, whaaat? Are you joking?
    Oh, maybe all that partying at Bohemian Grove finally paid off.
    A ‘higher vibrational feeding of energy into…’ Joe?
    i’m sure he’s flattered.

  22. 22
    llllllll says:

    Dear Rosetree,

    I came across your site again. I used your “techniques” to read your aura.

    I sense purity, good will, greed, and insecurity. I used no clairvoyant powers.

    However, like I have previously posted
    being Clairvoyant and seeing the etheric colors, give a perception beyond the cognition and subjective nature of your auric reading. Using such “powers” may help YOU grasp auras at a deeper level then you have.

    If you mediate daily drawing up your kundalini force, as well as expand the third eye by visualizing light and love being emitted outward from the point at the center of your eyes, you will surely see the etheric colors of the aura. Also, existing in a state of love and light at all moments may help you. I first saw etheric colors after I made the firm resolution to do so, and I was blessed with the vision, which scared me insanely. Partly why I saw radiant red orange fire stemming from the basic chakra.
    I have encountered three persons with clairvoyance who all have independently seen my aura as the same two colors. Gold and White. I have documented the experiences. I did not tell any of three about the previous experience. Thus, confirming some degree of reliability on etheric aura readings. However, one reversed the gold and white. All saw the aura extended about 2 feet above the head and around the body. The colors were not faded into to the back round(for doubters) they were radiant and fully surrounding the body. Oh also, I met a hands on healer, upon preforming a healing she saw her handed saturated in light blue at least one foot in all directions. I had the same experience with red orange fire. It was insanely radiant, I was terrified. It looked my body was on fire.
    My impetus for this post is the inaccurate and subjective reading you have done for Obama. My step father the “clairvoyant artist”…saw two things; Obama’s aura being surrounded by Black and a black vortex near his head, he also initially saw Obama as just a suit. His eyes did not see flesh, just a suit. Perhaps, meaning Obama is a man unable to make decisions or unable to form an identity…… The black indicates grief ,unresolved trauma and a energy drain, IBID. You have let your political views occlude the unyielding power of spiritual vision. Let the outcome of political events affirm or disprove the veracity of my claims.

    Hope this helps.
    Hope you can succeed on your spiritual journey.

  23. 23
    Vivid Reality says:


    Let me tell you that I have been doing astrology for many years and can read energy pretty well.

    I expected there to be issues during the oath as mercury was in retrograde motion. This leads to miscommunications and miscues. The same aspect happened during the 2000 election mess.

    Anyways…I look at Obama and I see nothing. Just ice. Its really weird. From what I gather people are projecting what they want Obama to be and what he represents symbolically.

    When I read him I get at best a confused person. I do feel his charisma but it is heavily tied to an intense narcissism. But the aura is like its not there. I can’t explain it.


  24. 24

    VIVID REALITY, I believe I have an answer for you.

    Your present level of skill at “reading energy” isn’t yet full energetic literacy. It’s great you are doing as well as you are, but you’re not yet able to read as full a range of experience as is possible for you to do when that full energetic literacy is established.

    One tipoff to this is your problem with not finding anything in President Obama. Many people hate this man, and research has shown that huge numbers don’t believe he is an American. Furthermore, many of the Obama haters even believe that he is the Anti-Christ. Yet, with all the loathing, racism, etc., I have yet to hear the charge that he is actually dead.

    And you undoubtedly know enough about auras to know that people without auras ARE either dead or very close to death. This couldn’t be the case with Obama (God forbid) or I’m just sure it would have made the news. 😉

    VIVID REALITY, another tipoff that you have room to grow as an aura reader, with all respect, is that you refer to what you do as “reading energy.” This is a great start but it is like being able to read a picture book. When someone has full energetic literacy, it is more like reading a regular book. You can read within chakras. You can read chakra databanks, for instance.

    In my experience, people who have full energetic literacy do not refer to simply reading energy. They make precise, accurate, detailed observations about what is going on in one chakra, or chakra databank, at a time.

    Do consider that as your skill level grows (as in, perhaps, studying with a teacher in this field, just as you undoubtedly did in order to become a professional at astrology)….

    You will be able to read all the way through your usual levels of the astral (where it sounds as though your efforts have been focused), and become able to read anyone’s aura at ALL the levels of the astral, or psychic, level.

    Later in your progress at gaining energetic literacy, the real treat will come when you can read auras at the level of akasha, or Divine frequencies.

    If you browse a bit more at this blog, you’ll find many references to reading “gifts of the soul.” Those can easily be read in auras, when you have full energetic literacy.

    Last month, I gave a weekend workshop in my system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R). Of the course participants, every single graduate had developed full energetic literacy and could do detailed readings of auras — in person and also from regular photos. Most of those course participants started with much less developed aura reading skills than you evidently have.

    So don’t give up on the scope of aura reading and three cheers for you for asking that question.

    You know, I have great respect for astrology. Every year, for the past two decades, I have had an astrological progression with the great Pat Hayward. It is the only type of reading I get, period. This helps me plan publishing dates, workshops, etc.

    I know just enough about astrology to value it, knowing how much is involved at being a professional in this field. I do hope you don’t mind my comments, coming from someone who happens to be a professional in a different field, aura reading and energetic literacy.

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