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Aura Reading is the ultimate way to assess an actor’s performance.

To learn background about the technique I have developed, comparing one chakra databank at a time, check out this earlier Aura Reading blog post.

Today I want to start reading Best Actor nominees, comparing a photo from the movie role with a shot of the actor in the role of “myself.”

Who better to start with than the actor who played constantly against type — Pitted against his own makeup in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

We’re going to compare and contrast one Aura Reading Databank at a time, using photos of Brad as himself, and Brad as Benjamin.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

The Reality He Lives In
Root Chakra Databank

As Brad: Tough guy, here, even if he isn’t technically playing one. If you’re a fan, you’ll consider Brad Pitt to be manfully self-contained; less abject a fan might read his positioning in life as self-absorbed.

Senses tell all, in his world. So if he took Myers-Briggs, Pitt would probably go far to the extreme end of “S” compared to the alternate variable, “N” for intuition.

Ambition rises off the aura of this mega-star, strong as the distinctive scent of a good pizza. Of course, those of you Blog-Buddies who do Face Reading will notice the massive, and growing jaws. Every year this past decade, they seem to have grown more muscular. He could benchpress big weights with those babies!

The corresponding talent (in my system of Face Reading Secrets® at least), is determination.

As Benjamin: The character seems demanding, self-centered, whiny. Mostly, however, he still lives as Brad, in a sense-dominated world that is mostly about him.

Given the premise of this movie, we know that although Benjamin looks old, inwardly he is very young. Would we have guessed from his aura alone? Not this aura reader.

Score 1/4 point for chakra change here.

Sex Appeal
Belly Chakra Databank

As Brad: Not only is this man hot. He’s confident. It’s fun for him, accentuating the size of his sex drive. No inhibitions here, Brad knows that sex sells. His drive is linked to ambition, more than inherent interest.

Thus, Brad’s sex appeal can be switched on and off, can even fill a large auditorium if he decides to do that.

By contrast, the Aura Reading Databank about Brad’s Real-Life Sexiness is quite different. His sex drive is on the small side, providing a way to connect with a partner. (This counts as a pretty big deal because of his previously noted self-absorption).

Comparing the real sexiness with what is projected, the difference is huge — and very comparable to what happens aurically with his wife. You could say that Brad Pitt’s greatest achievement as an actor is his Aura Reading Databank for Sex Appeal in public when he is supposedly just being himself, Brad the actor.

How much of this concentrated charisma is he willing to change for a film role? Let’s investigate…

As Benjamin: No change at all, so no Chakra Change point results. But hey. That’s often a smart choice for an actor, keeping maximum sex appeal regardless of the role.

In this case, the sex appeal is identical down to the age of the actor in real life. Who, after all, would be interested in the drool factor of an old man or a baby?

Using Power in Relationships
Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

As Brad: He does power really deliciously. Reading this databank, I’m reminded of Brad’s performances in movies like “Ocean’s Eleven.” There, the actor built a whole character out of this highly attractive chakra databank.

Brad Pitt is not only strong in personal power but — to judge by his aura — admirably self-made. He has grown enormously as a person, compared to auric vestiges of powerlessness from his childhood.

He made the difference for himself. He used that strong will to make choice upon choice, intentionally building power into his personality. As part of the evolution, Brad has learned how to hold strength in reserve, so that he can afford to appear casual. And isn’t this chakra databank alone good reason for viewers to find him inspiring?

The process Brad invented for building this inner strength reminds me of body building. He tries one gambit after another, just like lifting a heavier weight. Even if the choice makes him feel ripped up for a while, he waits a short time, then repeats. Mostly he sets his sights on power and refuses to give up.

As Benjamin: Power has become small and broken, not big. The change is large enough to earn the actor half a Chakra Change point, but I must admit to being disappointed. This is such a one-note change. Nothing in this chakra databank reveals age. Nor is there really a change to Brad’s being Brad at this databank, only he gives us less of it.

This performance reminds me of someone pretending to limp.

Emotional Self-Awareness
Heart Chakra Databank

As Brad: Brad is a very physical person. He’s a guy and he’s super-successful. So maybe it should come as no surprise that he isn’t especially interested in emotions, not in himself, nor in other people.

Elsewhere in his heart chakra, I do find a high Emotional IQ. Not only can Brad Pitt notice emotions when he chooses to, but he names them perfectly and — here’s the cool acting part — he has learned how to use his body and voice to give a very convincing facsimile.

As Benjamin: No change. No point.

Communication Charisma
Throat Chakra Databank

As Brad: Brad’s charisma is moderate. But it is accentuated by pure determination. If you got up every day for a decade with a strong will to give yourself charisma, you might wind up with what this actor has now.

He aimed for charisma. He insisted on charisma. His reward, here on a free will planet, is to have developed auric patterns that cause him to be noticed, to impress, to intrigue.

As Benjamin: No change. No point. So sorry! I know people just love this movie.

Connection to Spiritual Source
Third Eye Chakra Databank

As Brad: The spiritual connection is small and not much used at the time of this photo. Brad responds to hard work more than some other-worldly God in the sky. To this aura reader, the actor has a very Protestant third eye data, straight out of the pages of “The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism.”

In this belief system, doing good works and being successful are proof of being among the Elect, and achieving spiritual connection. The capacity to experience spiritual connection, not merely prove it, still lies within Brad’s Aura Reading Databank, patiently waiting in case he ever does decide he is interested.

As Benjamin: Whatever the character is supposed to portray about Spiritual Connection, the aura doesn’t feel a thing. It’s business as usual for the actor and, therefore, he wins no Chakra Change point here.

Moral Development
Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

At this point in the Movie Aura Reading, I make an announcement a bit like,”And the Oscar goes to…”

Only here, I find the slogan or byword that expresses the guiding principle that I find in this Right-Or-Wrong Aura Reading Databank.

As Brad: “Whatever can get me my goals, without hurting anyone, is fair play.”
As Benjamin: “So sickly and frail and freakish am I, my big goal is just to survive.”

And thus Brad Pitt wins his only full Chakra Change point for this performance.


Gee, a total of 1 and 3/4 points out of a possible 6. I’ve seen worse in an Oscar Nominee. Of course, most actors don’t manage even one. It’s a big achievement to memorize lines, say them in a convincing way, getting the body right, etc.

Only a superb actor can change all the ways down to the chakra databanks. As Brad’s career illustrates, it can be plenty to act on the surface. For Brad’s doing this, he has the advantage of a sense-oriented perspective on life along with physical talent.

Brad is also famous for how he looks. To this aura reader, a related problem shows up right at the root chakra. I suspect that this strong-willed celebrity eats far less than his body would like. (Increasingly muscular jaws over the years can also be a tip-off to this problem.) If he does have problems with under-eating, this would limit his resourcefulness as an actor, as a person.

One reason I wish everyone would learn to read auras in depth and detail is that we will collectively lose our taste for actors who are, in the words of novelist Tom Wolfe, “starved to perfection.”

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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    Thanks for another great reading, Rose. Benjamin fell flat for me, as Brad always has. A pretty face, and from your reading, it’s clear why he’s never been my kind of guy.

    The hoopla over the movie has mystified me. Yes, it’s pretty, with all kinds of effects, but my experience was Brad walking around as Brad, with no chemistry with Cate.

  2. 2
    Dana says:

    This reading explains so much about Brad Pitt! That projection of huge sex appeal he has is very confusing…

    I haven’t seen Benjamin Button, but I have seen many of his other movies. I was pretty disturbed by Fight Club and the lack of emotion present in the acting. Yes, I know that was the point of the movie, but it makes more sense to me now that Pitt is not emotional ALL of the time, and that movie just exacerbated it.

    I loved the Ocean’s Eleven series because of how Pitt and his character did power “deliciously” as Rose said. I needed/need that auric modeling with power. But other than the power and sex appeal thing, I haven’t gotten much out of Pitt’s acting.

    Thanks for this reading, Rose!

  3. 3
    Renee Hines says:

    I was curious about my feeling whenever I see a picture of him that he seems unhappy. Maybe he’s just unhappy to be having his pic taken. I agree with Ann, I’m not a big fan.

  4. 4
    Yuonne Mcgowan says:

    I can’t wait to see Brad Pitt’s latest movie that is suppose to be released this summer, entitled “Inglourious Basterds”. The preview of it looks pretty good. To Brad, you’re totally amazing! Keep it up!

  5. 5
    Jordan says:

    So the moral development slogan can change, right?

  6. 6
    Jordan says:

    To clarify what I meant just now, obviously you can change it, as Brad did in this role… what I really meant to ask is if these slogans tend to stay the same over a lifetime or evolve?

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