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This week, I’m going to pick up the pace of Aura Reading the Oscar Nominees.

I’d better! With the big show coming up soon, how could we miss out on the most counter-culture way of assessing what an actor really achieves?

That would involve comparing a photo of the award-nominated role with a photo of the actor playing “Himself.” In this case, be prepared for a most major shock.

Bring on the Aura Reading! And, of course, I have supplied the photos on which this analysis is based so that you can do your own Aura Reading and add to our comments.

Or simply add your comments based on the performance. Frost/Nixon is the only one of the nominated films I have seen, unless you count the 10 hideous minutes I spent watching “Slumdog Millionaire,” the so-called “heartwarming” movie with so much violence intercut that it is guaranteed…. to send toxic, frightening images straight into your subconscious mind.

In case you are thinking of seeing it, think again.

How sad that moviegoers are so used to violence that they don’t bother to mention this toxic aspect when describing the film. Maybe the end of that movie is heartwarming, with its famed Bollywood-style ending. I’ve got to be one of the biggest Bollywood fans in all the world. Except hellllllo! Bollywood musicals don’t contain graphic scenes of torture.

Only three times in my life have I walked out on a movie, and this was one. Run from the Slumdog.

Phew! Anyway, Blog-Buddies, to learn background about the technique I have developed for this type of movie reviewing, comparing one chakra databank at a time, check out this earlier Aura Reading blog post.


In this movie, Frank Langella plays Richard Nixon. It’s an amazingly suspenseful psychological drama. The character is attempting a comeback, of sorts, after David Frost has offered to interview him on TV.

So riveting was the movie, I never stopped to do any Energy Spirituality Aura READING. I was having so much fun with the surface-level portrayals, pacing, and other dramatic touches.

Now I’m at least as curious as you are to compare the photo from the movie still (which you can place on a separate screen using this Aura Reading link to “Nixon” with the photograph here, of Actor Frank.

Or use this Aura Reading link to “Frank” to bring up the photo on a separate screen.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

The Reality He Lives in

Root Chakra Databank

  • As Frank: Such a shock! You know that saying, “Big things come in small packages”? Here’s a very male-looking presence, with that bass fiddle voice, and yet bam! I was so unprepared for what I found…

Soon as I do my Aura Reading, I’m in the presence of an ultra-feminine energy. Just to make sure, I add a bit of technique tweaking and do a full-scale Skilled Empath Merge.

Going into the direct experience of being Frank Langella, it’s the same thing as Aura Reading, only more so.

Please note: I am not saying anything about the actor’s sexual persuasion. He could be straight or gay or bi. Whatever he is, the gift he brings in this chakra databank is the most uncanny, softly feminine energy. Normally, I would associate this with a very carefully dressed, ultra-girly-girl, delicate-looking female.

What else do I notice about this reality? Frank inhabits a reality where his eyes and heart work like mega-magnifying glasses. He can pause in front of anything, pay close attention, and notice the most minute details. Life is delightful for him, sweet even. The more he pays close attention, the more fascinating life becomes.

  • As Richard:  For the ex-president, it’s not only a very male reality. He lives in a world at war, where people go at each other with spears. Every interaction becomes a battle, unless he’s taking a break by chatting with his fellow soldiers.

In our photo, Nixon looks weary and sad. Yet the underlying reality, at the level of Aura Reading, doesn’t show sadness at all but anger. Anger and resentment and vigilance are a way of life for this character.

Score the actor a well earned point for Chakra Change.

Sex Appeal

Belly Chakra Databank

  • As Frank: What this actor can send out is huge. The sex appeal quality starts off as male. But within this, he’s also projecting female sex appeal. He’s like an equal opportunity grab-bag of sexual energy where, you, the viewer, can take whatever you need.

This is such a huge force of primal energy, and it includes a steadiness and balance that are quite unusual in anyone who projects so much sheer sex appeal.

Investigating more deeply, it seems to me that Frank has done a lot of healing to accept his sexuality. How does he help the audience through Auric Modeling?

Auric Modeling is a term I developed to describe how all people, by showing up aurically as who we are, model for others our particular way to be. One thing you and I have in common with Frank is that, on the level of Aura Reading, all our gifts of the soul, our struggles, our STUFF, our true selves, everything — is constantly available to others. Only, without Aura Reading, we won’t consciously know clearly what happens with Auric Modeling.

Frank is modeling exceptional self-acceptance, as well as a huge flow-through of sexual energy.

  • As Richard: Charisma available sexually? No way! He’s all masculine energy. That part is straightforward enough. But nearly no sexual charisma shows at all.

One thing I have learned to detect with Aura Reading is something I have never blogged about or put in a Zine. And have also refrained from mentioning this in my Aura Reading Reports. But in this case, I guess there’s no harm in divulging that, as portrayed here, Nixon is definitely impotent.

In his case, the lack of sexual performance (and its underlying causes) add profound resignation, tinged with shame, to what he projects sexually.

But there’s nothing shameful about the enormous 1 Chakra Change point that Actor Frank gets to add to his score.

 Using Power in Relationships

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

  • As Frank: Is this man powerful and confident? Does a rattlesnake have rattle? Frank may not be the nicest person you or I have ever met. But it’s very clear that he can outsmart anyone, also out-strategy anyone, and isn’t ashamed to do it.

A fair amount of contempt is part of the mixture, too. If Frank wants something, he’ll go after it with no qualms. Hey, I sure wouldn’t want to compete with this guy.

But you know what? If I had come into life with that strong masculine body, while inwardly carrying more feminine energy than most women, I might take advantage of a very masculine form of power called menace. In this chakra databank, as elsewhere in his aura, Frank does specialize in menace.

  • As Richard: Here the actor has created a masterpiece. For the publicly shamed ex-president, power matters so much. The energy projection at this chakra databank is easily 50 times bigger than the previous one I’ve read for him.

Power is just about everything in this man’s world. The quality reminds me of a particularly lush oasis, teeming with life.

As I go more deeply into this highly complex and nuanced way of being involved with power, it becomes evident that fantasy is a big component of Nixon’s power landscape. Yet reality and fantasy interact and intersect in endless variations.

I don’t think I have ever seen obsession (of any kind) portrayed with so much nuance, appeal, sheer fascination.

Hanging around with this character, one might almost catch the need to become power-crazed. Except, of course, the rest of his chakra databanks are so off-putting.

But if the quality in this part of the character’s aura could be extracted, put in a bottle and sold, folks would stop buying pot or booze. This drug would be so much tastier.

Soberly, I hereby grant Actor Frank one more Chakra Change point.

Emotional Self-Awareness

Heart Chakra Databank

  • As Frank: Such an interesting fellow! Frank is in touch with emotions, in a way. Only he specializes. Really, what interests him are the power struggles. Who is one up or one down? How does that make him feel? How do the losers and winners feel?
  • As Richard: It would have been so easy for Frank to just transfer his own emotional range onto the character. This would have been perfectly convincing. But what he chose to portray instead is far more elegant, and most convincing.

At this point in his life, Nixon has become a world-class wallower. The self-pity is pervasive. He’s not merely a narcissist but a narcissist balladeer, where every song has the same refrain: “Poor me.”

Sing along with me, Blog-Buddies: 1 Chakra Change point for Frank Langella.

Communication Charisma

 Heart Chakra Databank

  • As Frank: Much like his sex appeal, the actor has charisma as a communicator. He can use it quite consciously, upping the volume. What he radiates is power.

Many male stars bring this gift to an audience through Auric Modelling. Frank’s version is unusual, though, a Machiavellian version of personal power. He’s out for himself.

Thus, Frank isn’t picking himself back up from being disrespected due to being African-American. He’s not fighting for some noble cause or avenging a wrong done to others or otherwise bent on a worthy victory, where others would root for him.

No, Frank is like the poster child for the raw power of ego. “I want what I want just because I want it.” On the whole, his aura suggests that Frank Langella is not a nice man.

Frank, when you are writing an Oscar acceptance speech, you might want to re-write it several times before stuffing it into that tuxedo pocket.

Do moviegoers normally have a strong reaction to Frank? I’ll bet they do. He’s one of those love-him or hate-him people. Personally, I find it refreshing. So many people are terrified of being a Frank Langella. He isn’t.

  • As Richard: Although it clashes with his expression in this particular scene, this character’s chakra databank has some qualities of “The professional charmer.” Richard has developed a thick, serviceable, even kingly, facade.

This is a kind of strength in reserve, so he can send out the fake-but-charming charisma to get people to do his bidding.

Score a strange and sinister Chakra Change point for this performance.

Connection to Spiritual Source

Third Eye Chakra Databank

  • As Frank: Although the actor has more of a spiritual connection than many a “professional” Christian, he follows his own brand of religion. God is cordially invited to watch Frank conquer in life. The strongest underlying quality here is contempt.
  • As Richard: Nixon does believe in a God. It’s an aloof God who has chosen, for no good reason, to dash Nixon’s hopes.

I’m always awed when an actor with a puny third eye projection manages to send out a large, convincing facsimile. This is what Frank has done with this performance, creating a third eye projection that is about quadruple his own usual experience, emanating a completely different quality to the Frank Version of Spiritual Connection Databank.

Give him 1 amazingly well earned Chakra Change point.

Moral Development

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

Which sentence best summarizes his motto about what is right or wrong?

  • As Frank: “All I want is to win. You can keep your approval… or your pity.”
  • As Richard: “I have no morals any more. Everyone knows this. The shame is killing me.”

To tranform himself from one of the world’s proudest men to Mr. Poor Me, this definitely earns Frank Langella one more Chakra Change point.


Scoring a perfect 6 out of 6 Chakra Change points, Frank Langella has given a magnificent performance. I wouldn’t call it compassionate, because nothing I’ve read in his aura hints at compassion. Instead, this is a performance of great raw honesty, one ruthless individual understanding another.

Here is what I believe. Each human lifetime, we play a part. Long before birth we choose it.

We choose this part for any number of reasons: learning; karmic repayment; doing a kind of dirty work that somebody needs to do for the sake of history; or simply to show up in a certain role for the sake of another incarnating soul, someone we love.

During the working out of that Life Contract, we have free will. Therefore, we can do a half-hearted job or we can do a fabulous job, we can turn that life around so much it’s like an entirely different lifetime altogether.

I don’t know why Frank chose his life contract, but I deeply admire how he has made his peace with being himself.

No, he isn’t quite a nice person, but nothing that I have read in him is petty or gratuitiously nasty. Frank Langella is just perfectly the man he has come here to be.

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  1. 1

    Speaking of IMPOTENCE, this topic has come up recently in my conversation with a client for Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING.

    Drugs like Viagra are so common today, and used so unquestioningly, that I can’t resist sharing my perspective from Aura Reading.

    Impotence is usually a pretty complex issue.

    Consider this way of looking at physical problems that develop over time. When people are stuck in life, they will receive one invitation after another to heal, learn, and evolve.

    When ignored, these invitations tend to escalate in intensity. Sexual dysfunction is a pretty strong reminder to most men, and should be considered a severe warning to learn and evolve, lest something even worse develop.

    Impotence is more than a nuisance, or even a cause for heartbreak in marriage or other love relationships. If you are close friends with someone who takes Viagra, or the equivalent, do encourage that person to find a good mind-body-spirit healer.

    In my healing practice, I would start by cutting some cords of attachment, in Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING sessions. Many other valid approaches are offered by other healers.

    So often, in today’s society, men are just expected to perform. The use of Viagra is one more example, where men can be suffering horribly but that’s considered okay, if only the equipment can be fixed enough to perform.

  2. 2
    Ann says:

    What a fascinating reading, Rose!

    I thoroughly enjoy all these Oscar readings. Part of the fun of reading the actor as self portion, especially Frank’s, is to see all these different ways of being here at Earth School. I can’t think of a more real and compassionate way to describe him…not quite nice….but perfectly the man he has come here to be.

    What a refreshing point of view. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people were able to see others simply for who they are, for who they came here to be, without judgement? These readings nudge me more in that direction myself. Always a good reminder.

    I also enjoy the opportunity I have while reading these readings to hone my own skills. I always get a more global sort of ‘hit’ on these people and in your readings you articulate things in such a way that I’m able to connect the dots because you are able to be so precise. I’ve never paid all that much attention to Frank Langella probably because the hits I’ve had on him haven’t been that great and surely haven’t drawn me to him. Now I know why! It’s the same type of thing with Brad Pitt. Now I know why I’ve never really liked him.

    I know you are so busy and yet I’m hoping that you’ll be able to share more actors before Oscar comes! Sean Penn perhaps? I was able to see “Milk” at the Castro Theater. That was amazing energy and I’d put money down on Sean scoring a perfect ‘six’ for chakra transformation.

  3. 3
    Louisa says:

    After reading the bit about his femininity, I wanted to find out his sign. Turns out he is a Capricorn, born Jan.1st, which is a feminine sign. Also his destiny card is King of Spades.

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