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Blog-Buddy Ann recently made a request for Aura Reading here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical”:

“I’’m hoping that you’ll be able to share more actors before Oscar comes! Sean Penn perhaps?

“I was able to see ‘Milk’ at the Castro Theater. That was amazing energy and I’’d put money down on Sean scoring a perfect ’six’ for chakra transformation.”

I’m delighted to follow through, partly because I’m doing detailed Aura Readings of all the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees. Partly because this movie is close to my heart. Not that I’ve seen it yet. For decades, I have considered Gay Rights, Lesbian Rights, Transgender Rights, to be THE civil rights cause of our time.

And a fascinating issue it is if you are an Aura Reader or skilled empath. Just consider the progression of equal rights in America. Allowing rights to women. There’s an easy call, being able to tell male from female on the surface of life. Shouldn’t be too threatening to acknowledge this difference, right?

Allowing rights to persons of color: That’s somewhat subtler, but even doing the most surface level of “black vs. white,” etc., it isn’t terribly difficult for a human being to recognize another human, someone with equal value and humanity.

Allowing rights to disabled persons: This cuts closer to the bone. All disabilities do not show clearly, and all human beings have frailties. It’s a thrill to me that American society has lifted some of our collective denial and shunning around disabilities.

But on the topic of sexuality, all human beings are mixtures of male and female. I’ve written about this in depth in my latest book, “Read People Deeper.” Certainly doing a Skilled Empath Merge or Aura Reading about sexual chakra databanks is an education not to be missed.

I like to think that those of us involved in Aura Reading and Skilled Empath Merges help to dismantle ALL forms of prejudice. Judging on the surface, fearing the surface, fearing ourselves… all this changes as we open up to deeper perception. It is the opposite of pre-judging and stereotyping.

Every form of civil rights I’ve mentioned here has a long way to go, and it is my heartfelt hope that we can make a difference. Anyway, back to Ann’s request….

How Our Oscar Readings Work

Auras always tell the truth. No wonder Aura Reading can give you such an advantage in life!

Very few people have the ability to disguise who they are at the level of chakras. We call them “salesmen” and “politicians” and, alas, sometimes “crooks.” Usually, though, we call them “actors.”

Only truly great actors can make artistic choices that register all the way to down to the level of auras and chakras.

Whose chakras change and whose don’t? We can tell, using a method I first developed for publication in the Chicago Sun-Times. For Mr. Penn’s star turn in “Milk,” I’’ll compare a photo taken in role with a photo of that same actor playing “normal.” Then I’’ll compare bits of aura, chakra databanks about different aspects of life.

Milk is the story of gay rights activist Harvey Milk. This photo shows Sean in character. You might wish to open up this same photo in a separate window, so you can conveniently read along with me.

Here is a photo of Sean Penn playing himself. Again, you might want to open it in another window to read along with me most conveniently. If you copy the photo onto an email or word document, you can pull on the corners to expand the photo.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

On to the Aura Reading Show. Does he change all the way down to the chakras? Let’s take it one Aura Reading databank at a time.

The Reality He Lives in

Root Chakra Databank

  • As Sean: To call this man “intense” is an understatement. He is passionate and far more serious than most people you’ll ever meet. Life, to him, is mostly about suffering.

Deep in this databank, I find scar tissue, telling me that Sean has overcome enormous suffering in his life. It opened up his compassion and strengthened his will to make a difference. No matter how great his success, however, Sean identifies with pain.

Imagine a perpetually cloudy sky where, on a really unusual day, there could be an appearance by something called “the sun.” That’s Sean Penn’s reality. Many databanks, many chakras, are dominated by suffering.

One more important point for understanding Sean’s reality is that he emphasizes Life Lessons. Not that this is necessarily his personal terminology. Whatever it’s called by him — comments invited, Blog-Buddies — have any of you read interviews where he discussed this personal interest verging on obsession? — this is a rare choice for a soul. And it contrasts enormously with the screen version of this Aura Reading databank that I’ll read next.

  • As Harvey: Such a complete change, wow! Harvey is a man of the heart, very warm and caring, generous to others, with relationships to friends and community being a very central part of his life.

In the moment captured in our photo, this character radiates a guarded degree of happiness. Yet he is conscious of struggles from his past and struggles yet to be.

This Chakra Change point is awarded with awe. What a sea change! Such nuance! If I hadn’t know Sean was in both photos, I wouldn’t have recognized him. This is a Streep-sized achievement.

Sex Appeal

Belly Chakra Databank

  • As Sean: How lucky is Sean? Sex appeal for him sticks out a mile from his body, reading at the third layer out (my habit, although I can and do read other aura layers if there is a need).

Moreover, Mr. Penn has the benefit of an androgynous quality of sex appeal, greatly adding to his box office draw.

Now the bad news. Think this is fun for him? Hardly.

Surely there have been advantages of having such oversized, broad-ranged, sex appeal. But if you think this is easy to handle, you have never been around a person with a gift like this. Strangers get weak in the knees. Everyone stares when you enter the room. And the kind of vibe that is magnified, if you should be a star, continues to intensify the pull of sexuality.

No, people with this much sex appeal, whose auras I’ve read, seldom enjoy it much. Sean’s Sex Appeal Chakra Databank shows nearly as much suffering, fatigue, and misc. STUFF as it does raw sex appeal.

  • As Harvey: The contrast couldn’t be bigger. Harvey’s sex appeal is quite modest, five inches vs. a mile. Heart-fulness is the overwhelming quality. This is very much a homosexual variation on the theme of sex appeal. Only appropriate men need apply.

But here’s the most interesting thing about this character’s sex appeal. He’s quite shy about sex. He’s no flaunter. That chakra databank quality suggests he is the LAST man in all San Francisco who would feel comfortable proclaiming anything about his sex life in public. For this character, it would be no different if he were hetero. For Harvey, the comfort zone is quite clear: Anything about sex is private.

Consider the irony, Blog-Buddies. This is a film about a man who becomes a gay rights activist. Could there be a more interesting choice for this Aura Reading databank? And, of course, the contrast couldn’t be bigger, considering the actor’s sex appeal that, since puberty, has been so huge that it couldn’t be hidden at all.

Again, Sean Penn wins a Chakra Change point. Awesome!

 Using Power in Relationships

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

  • As Sean: Aw, Sean Penn, here is where I really, really would like to do a few phone sessions of Energy Spirituality Aura HEALING,. Please, get somebody qualified to cut cords of attachment for you. Because… ouch!

It’s rare to read a super-successful actor, especially a male, whose power circuits are such a mess. “I’ll always get screwed” could be his motto.

Bitterness, defeatism, resentment, etc. are part of the dark, Fellini-like circus at this chakra databank. Underlying all this STUFF is power galore. All of us have gifts of the soul. Here Sean exemplifies a common problem, where someone has had so much STUFF for so long that a goodly portion of his identity depends on keeping that STUFF around.

That could change in a twinkling, but (unless he’s acting) Sean Penn doesn’t do “twinkling.” Hey, it’s only one lifetime out of so many. He’s chosen an interesting experiment this time around.

  • As Harvey: Power is moving through this character. Newly acquired power has its own fragrance, like freshly baked bread. The sweetness here relates to the cause.

To this aura reader, it’s very clear that the motivation to become more powerful has been altruistic. “For the sake of others, I’ll learn how to be powerful.”

It’s enough to bring tears to eyes. And definitely there’s enough contrast to grant Sean yet another Chakra Change point.

Emotional Self Awareness

Heart Chakra Databank

  • As Sean: Man, how Sean hates going there! He’s got the equivalent of a lockbox installed.

Yet it’s not the typical lockbox. To fully describe this structure, I must admit that as soon as one opens it, going into the Penn Pile of Emotions, there’s the most curious experience.

Yes, I couldn’t resist doing a Skilled Empath Merge to peek into the Penn Pile. From the outside, there’s a sturdy metal box that is opened only on purpose and as necessary. But once you go inside, it’s like falling, falling, falling down… into a huge river. Or is it a sewer?

Those feelings are so starkly unpleasant, I have one more reason for admiring Sean Penn. Having this much STUFF at the level of his own emotions would drive a less disciplined man to drink. Actually, having 5% of this pain could motivate alcoholism, no kidding. Is his name Sean PAIN or what?

In our photo, Penn doesn’t have the aura of a man with drink-or-drug problem (something that I can teach you how to read in “Read People Deeper.”) But is he tempted? Incredibly much.

  • As Harvey: Oops, this Aura Reading chakra databank is a whole lot like Penn’s… partially. It’s evident that this character (or, more precisely, actor) tries to be openhearted. He’s got a heart of gold. He doesn’t struggle with demons of emotional anguish every day of his life. In that sense, the actor has done major chakra change.

But the lockbox structure still is there. Evidently Sean can’t get past his nightmare horror of feeling emotions. Therefore, this character has the equivalent of a smelly, grimy lockbox wrapped around with a few pastel ribbons.

Gotta give the actor credit. And of course I give him compassion. But in strict accounting mode for this Aura Reading Film Critic exercise, I can only score a 1/4 Chakra Change point.

Communication Charisma

Heart Chakra Databank

  • As Sean: Here’s a second Aura Reading databank that goes out a full mile. Sean has a huge gift for verbal charisma. Yet he has a specialty, too. Expressing pain is his thing.

He’s exquisitely calibrated for conveying every nuance of human suffering. In this way, Sean Penn reminds me of a sitar playing those Indian ragas replete with teensy semi-tones that the untrained ear might have trouble telling apart. He can easily play every pain note on the human scale.

Again, that’s an interesting and brave choice for a soul to make, isn’t it? Certain kinds of service to humanity can’t be done any other way. And so a soul makes a big sacrifice for all, or part, of a lifetime.

  • As Harvey: Aw, this character doesn’t have much charisma for communication. He’s the kind of guy who would rank “public speaking” higher on his Personal Terror List than “fear of death.”

So it’s very touching that he is opening up his throat chakra a whole four inches out, just so he can help others.

Reminds me of what I was like, back in 1971, as a new teacher of Transcendental Meditation. For my whole first year, teaching in Miami, I shook any time that I stood in front of a group. Public speaking was so terrifying to me back then. I can remember a student telling my husband at the time, “I feel so sorry for her.” And this happened after that long first year.

Glad to say, I no longer have that fear. And I’m also glad to award Sean Penn another full Chakra Change point.

Connection to Spiritual Source

Third Eye Chakra Databank

  • As Sean: You wouldn’t wish this Aura Reading databank on your worst enemy. (Especially if you knew about karma. 😉 )

Sad to report, at the time of this photograph, Sean’s spiritual connection is small, dark, and frightening. Much as I hate to bring up the drinking theme again — especially when he doesn’t have the aura of an alcoholic, and I want to be clear about this — this is very much the third eye you will often find in someone with a drinking problem.

Basically, he has learned to live with his inner demons, mostly through a process of denial.

  • As Harvey: Nice try, Sean. The Aura Reading databank is still small and rocky and smelly and depressed beyond the experience of most people you’ll ever meet — including you, I hope, Dear Reader. However, the actor has done something equivalent to pouring a bland, over-sweetened vanilla syrup over the rocks.

Oh, he has truly done the best he can, short of getting some healing for himself. But, in good conscience, I can only give this “Hell sundae” a 1/4 Chakra Change point.

Moral Development

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

Here is the person’s guiding ethical principle, as encoded energetically.

  • As Sean: “Manfully, I will hide my full pain. I have my pride.”
  • As Harvey: “Manfully, I will hide my full pain. I can still do good deeds.”

Score another 1/4 Chakra Change point for this courageous, but very stuck, actor.


Sean is such a talented actor, and he does noble service to humanity by living in so much pain yet refusing to wallow in it. The huge amount of STUFF in his Aura Reading databanks does limit his success as an actor, unfortunately.

Here I give him 4 and 3/4 Chakra Change points out of 6. Plus my personal admiration.

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  1. 1
    Ann says:

    I’m so bummed I got the score wrong! 🙁 But at the same time, I see what happened, which is an interesting learning experience.

    I think that I was so amazed by the shifts in which he did achieve the full point for transforming, that they overpowered my sense of what was going on in the other chakras. I’ve been going with a more global read than specific databanks and am enjoying seeing specifically what the ‘vibes’ have been with these actors that have been offputting for me. Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and Frank Langella have each had an element of that for me. Fascinating…

    By the way, Charlie Rose’s interviews with the various nominees are quite good and I was remembering how clearly Sean’s intensity came through when I was watching it. You can access past interviews via his website.

  2. 2
    Lisa (aka Bexley) says:

    Well, that was fascinating, Rose! I’ve checked out all your Oscar readings and enjoyed them even though I’ve not seen one nominated movie.

    Pain radiates off Sean Penn, doesn’t it? Wowza … he sure takes a tough road to learn his lessons. They all don’t have to be so hard but he is choosing to do it his way. Blessings to him for that.

    Nice work!

  3. 3
    Grace W says:

    It’s been a while since you read Sean Penn’s aura at Oscar time, Rose, but when I came across this article in today’s NY Times, I couldn’t help but think of that reading and how much of it is reflected in this interview.

    What a fascinating guy. And fascinating to learn that in his own pain-filled, crotchety way, he seems to be making quite a difference in Haiti.

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