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Aura Reading Oscar Nominee Mickey Rourke

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Aura Reading is the ultimate way to assess an actor’s performance.

Here is the final installment of an ongoing project to do my annual Aura Reading Film Critic role, assessing which actors have exceptional skill.

Of all the nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress, I have saved that tough-looking Mr. Rourke for last. What can he teach us about courage?

As for the acting aspect, it takes extraordinary talent to change so deep, it goes all the way down to a chakra. And that’s what I’ll investigate here.

Does he or doesn’t he? Only an Aura Reader knows for sure.

You don’t have to know anything about Aura Reading to enjoy my comparisons, but the biggest fun will be to mobilize your talent for Aura Reading — because you DEFINITELY have that — by developing this particular form of literacy.

To learn background about the technique I have developed for this reading, starting with my work for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, check out this earlier Aura Reading blog post.

In “The Wrestler,” Mickey plays Randy, a wrestler who resolves to change his life following a serious accident. For the role as Randy, I’ll use the photo above. Here’s the Aura Reading Randy link, in case you want to open the picture in a separate window.

For our comparison photo of the actor, let’s use the one here. And your Aura Reading Mickey link can be used to open another window with that photograph. We’re going to compare and contrast one Aura Reading Databank at a time, awarding Chakra Change points as appropriate.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

The Reality He Lives in

Root Chakra Databank

  • As Mickey: He’s not sure he enjoys everyday life, and certainly doesn’t trust it, but one thing is sure. He’s going to have a good time, the best possible. Laughter, drinking, rough-housing — it’s great to be  alive when you’re Mickey O’Rourke on a good day.
  • As Randy: Wow, this is a sample of the Angelina Jolie style of acting. Mickey’s character is just like Mickey except he is sending out a large thought form that goes, “I’m a very serious person now, very serious.” Plus he’s slightly subdued.

No Chakra Change point here, unfortunately. A thought form is an add-on to a person’s aura, something that skilled Aura Reading can clearly distinguish. It’s like the difference between wearing a big yellow smiley face vs. a real smile.

Sex Appeal

Belly Chakra Databank

  • As Mickey: So cute! What he projects is a huge amount of sex appeal. This is not the cerebral, tortured, “Ashley” from “Gone with the Wind” kind of lovin’ but more like puppy love for grownups. He’s enthusiastic, affection, and just plain into sex.

Checking out a related Aura Reading databank that I call “Real-Life Sexiness,” Mickey is just the same, if not more so.

Here’s a big difference, then, between Mickey Rourke and Angelina Jolie. Excellent! Now let’s see if he’s done much differently with his Sex Appeal Aura Reading databank, the acting as Randy.

  • As Randy: Nope.

So no Chakra Change point here, either.

 Using Power in Relationships

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

  • As Mickey: Never before have I done Aura Reading on a wrestler, so I’m mighty curious. “Life sucks. Life isn’t fair. I don’t have much say about any of this.” No wonder so much anger is stuck inside. Although I haven’t had clients who are wrestlers (to my knowledge), I’ve worked with plenty of people who started off feeling both powerless and angry.
  • As Randy: No change.

So far, it’s not looking good for those Chakra Change points.

Emotional Self-Awareness

Heart Chakra Databank

  • As Mickey: If an emotion is really strong, Mickey might notice it. One emotion at a time is about his limit, however.
  • As Randy: This character has sorrow going on. He feels his emotions through sorrow the way that you might see everything dark green by wearing green glasses.What impresses me is the much greater depth of emotion. It’s still only one emotion but, wow!, this is suffering at its suffering-est.

Score Mickey a Chakra Change point.

Communication Charisma

Heart Chakra Databanks

  • As Mickey: Communication Charisma is lacking. It’s as though he has a sign on his aura that reads, “Maybe there will be nonverbal communication, but don’t expect me to be good with words.” Gosh, he’s reminding me of George W. Bush!
  • As Randy: Interesting dramatic choice. Now the actor seems more like Karl Rove.

Just kidding.

Instead of Mickey’s usual mild, mostly thwarted, attempt to communicate with words, this character isn’t trying to communicate at all. He is so purely a victim. He’s taking it, taking it, taking it — criticism from others, with a martyr-like (fighter-like?) stamina for accepting the worst.

Philosophically, I’m not a fan of this approach, nor do I enjoy glorifying it in movies or anywhere else. You don’t have to tell me that genuine suffering exists, that people can feel powerless and struggle to survive the best they can.

Yes, there is a certain beauty in this. But I’m a healer by profession, and if I had a client who was going through something like this, I would urge him or her to have a session of  Energy Spirituality HEALING, so we could make life better, one session at a time.

Back at this performance, I’m beginning to understand why people could like this character and enjoy watching the movie. If I were awarding points for vicarious suffering to bring on catharsis, Mickey would have won 10 big ones. But since I’m critiquing acting here, score just one Chakra Change point.

Connection to Spiritual Source

Third Eye Chakra Databank

  • As Mickey: Here’s the really good thing about this actor’s aura: He’s sober now, and has been for some time. Otherwise, I find a kind of chronic clog that is typical of people who have done heavy drinking for a long time. This STUFF can be released, but while it’s there, life is harsh.

The ineffable spiritual connection that belongs to each human being… it’s still there for Mickey, but hard to recognize. He’s long since given up trying.

  • As Randy: Oh, this is so moving. The character’s Aura Reading Databank is very much like Mickey’s, except that Randy is trying. Unsuccessfully for now, at the time of this photo. Yet he is, at least, trying.

Score half a Chakra Change point.

Moral Development

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank

What summarizes the person’s guiding principle for ethics?

  • As Mickey: “I’d like to be happy, just for a while. Gee, I hope I get lucky.”
  • As Randy: “I’d like to be less of a victim for now. Will people be nicer to me?”

Different sentences, similar victimhood and lack of much concern about truly moral behavior.

Score Mr. Rourke 1/4 Chakra Change point.


The score of 2 and 3/4 Chakra Change points isn’t great. But it’s still better than most actors do, because most of them don’t change a single Aura Reading databank significantly. And let’s keep in mind that he has done way better than Brad Pitt did in his nominated role. (Check out the Pitt Aura Reading here.)

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    Neon Artemis says:


    How would you do a face reading on celebrities who have gotten plastic surgery and altered their faces somehow? Would the same techniques for face reading be applied?

  2. 2

    NEON ARTEMIS, if you couldn’t do regular Face Reading on celebrities who have altered their faces, how could we read most of them?

    Sad but true, botox is the new makeup, not to mention face lifts and more.

    You are right that the same techniques for Face Reading are applied.

    What most people don’t know in our vanity culture is that those “little” operations on the outside change people on the inside. The changes are very specific. In fact, my how-to “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup” devotes a whole chapter to the specific problems related to specific cosmetic surgery procedures.

    In general, however a face has changed, whatever the cause, you read it in the here and now to learn about that person in the here and now.

    Great question, NEON. Thanks.

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    “JESSICA” wrote:

    Here is a link where you can see how Mickey Rourke looked when he was young and without alcohol at:

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