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A Blog-Buddy and Face Reading enthusiast first alerted me to take a good look at new Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Kevin wrote:

With all the hoop-la these days, I wanted to suggest that you do a face reading of Secretary Geithner. I notice that his left ear is much larger than his right; the tip of his nose is quite elongated,— a good sign, I guess, if he’’s secretary of the Treasury. 

[Note, Kevin noticed correctly about that ear asymmetry, except he forgot to cross over to tell left from right. I’ve edited his original comment accordingly.]

Kevin’s instincts are brilliant, as always. There is plenty to read in the fascinating Mr. Geithner, and this new political appointment makes him one of the most powerful men in America.

I’ve tried to give you the simplest, most easy-to-read comments below. Do keep in mind that the potential challenges are not necessarily problems for the person whose face is being read. That’s why I add the question mark.

You can absolutely become really skilled at Face Reading. Any one of my three Face Reading books could do it for you, and there’s even a special Correspondence Course in Face Reading, in case you want professional-level skills at Face Reading.

To read along with me, you might want to open up all three pictures I’ll use here. Copy each one onto a blank document and then you can pull on the corners to enlarge the pictures, just as I do from Face Reading Central here in my pink office.

Face Reading Photo 1 of of Geithner, shows something fascinating about his eyebrows and forehead.

Face Reading Photo 2 shows a wild contrast at the same facial area. Although this picture is cropped more than I like, it’s still a good look at a micro-expression.

Face Reading Photo 3 gives another interesting, contrasting, view of Geithner.

Although I can’t display Face Reading Photo 4, for copyright reasons, this final Face Reading link will open up a new window to help you read Geithner’s lips… straight from The India Journal.

 Face Reading Data: Extra big left ear

See it? As Kevin rightly observed, Tim Geithner’s left ear is significantly longer than his right one. To tell the difference between right and left in a photo, do remember to cross over, as if shaking hands with the person.

Both ears are long for him. According to the ancient principle of Face Reading, VERY = VERY. So physiognomists for the past 5,000 years have known that something extreme on the outside is equally important on the inside. This physiogomist, using the system of Face Reading Secrets®, will therefore suggest that what I’m about to describe is especially applicable to Geithner’s personal life, although it will also relate to his public life.

(In my Face Reading system, the right side of the face is about public life, while the left side reveals more what one is like with family members and close friends.)

The corresponding talent: Gathers information constantly, doing it without even consciously trying. That could be important if the new Treasury Secretary seeks input from Main Street as well as Wall Street.

The potential challenge: May not know HOW he knows things, because the information is absorbed without trying. Could this make it hard for him to justify his every move? He’ll surely be expected to do this.

NOTE: Kevin, why did you notice that extra long left ear? Surely it’s because it is out-angled, while his right ear is in-angled. That suggests that Geithner appears conservative in public; in his personal life you can expect him to show a more unconventional side.

Face Reading Data: Right angled nose

See it? The nose ridge and tip are angled toward the right side of Geithner’s face. As a visual aid, take a blank sheet of paper and cover up one side of his face at a time. Which side shows more nose?

The corresponding talent: The Fame Trait. However he came by that right-angled nose doesn’t matter. It goes with having more status and power than most people do.

Call it luck or good karma, but notice it, because you’ll find The Fame Trait on many public figures. Some develop it after they become famous, like Elvis Presley and John Lennon.

The potential challenge: Doing things just for the sake of popularity?

Face Reading Data: Extra-long nose tip

See it? Our Face Reading photo #2 gives an especially good view of this unusual item of Face Reading data. Geithner’s nose tip really is unusually long.

The corresponding talent: Know that phrase “Think before you speak”? This Face Reading data suggests that Geithner thinks before he saves. The need to think through financial decisions is soul-level, highly intuitive.

And by “think through” I don’t mean to reflexively apply a favorite label, like “Regulation is good” or “De-regulation is good.” This is one-of-a-kind, situational thinking, Geithner’s need to know facts and analyze before he decides.

The potential challenge: Can this annoy others? Situational thinking may get Geithner into trouble with stalwarts from either party. Financial choices are, to politicians at least, about power and standing, not economic principles. But Geithner is all about shades of grey, not black and white. He needs to use his intellect to decide, which may require long sound-bites.

Face Reading Data: Close-set right eye

See it? Our Face Reading photo #2 shows it especially well. Remember to cross over and I think you’ll see quite easily that Geithner’s right eye is so close to his nose, it practically slides in for a home run.

The corresponding talent: Meticulous attention paid to details in his work life.

The potential challenge: May he have a tendency to be critical of those who miss those details? Often people with that Face Reading item of close-set eyes forget how special they are. Instead, they consider others to be deficient.

One reason I love to do, and teach Face Reading is that it keeps reminding us all not to expect anyone else in the world to be “just like me.”

Face Reading Data: Relatively thin lips

See it? Geithner’s lips aren’t plump. There’s no evidence that he’s been injecting tush fat into his mouth. Personally, I consider that a good thing for everyone to avoid. But especially someone where people might say, “Put your money where your mouth is.” Or was.

The corresponding talent: Speaking to the point, without the need for self-disclosure. Don’t expect personal details, or gushing, from this money manager.

The potential challenge: Those who expect, or prefer, warm-fuzzy communications– could they find Geithner lacking? Yet he has another very interesting mouth characteristic…

Face Reading Data: Muscular Lip Texture

See it? To see this item of Face Reading data, you’ll really need to click on our link for Face Reading photo #4. Then you’ll see exactly what I mean by muscular texture.

The corresponding talent: Speaking with passion and conviction. Geithner is no bland number cruncher. He may not need to speak about personal matters but that is way different from having a passion for choices, actions, ideas, and ideals.

The potential challenge: Scary, if you don’t agree with him? Again, Geithner doesn’t gush but he doesn’t do bland, either.

Face Reading Data: Exceptional forehead mobility

See it? Compare Face Reading photos 1-4 and you may notice something extraordinary about Timothy Geithner’s forehead. Sometimes that forehead is clear. Sometimes he shows a double pair of curvy lines toward his nose. Other times he has forehead furrows in the form of whole brain lines.

I haven’t been able to easily locate other photos that show the forehead furrows. This leads me to think they come and go rapidly, what is technically known as “micro-expressions.” (Something I discuss in some detail in Read People Deeper.)

The corresponding talent: Intellectually, Geithner has amazing versatility. Whole brain lines correspond to exceptional use of mental powers. (Most of us have crooked, partial, or broken horizontal forehead furrows. His extend the full length of the forehead.)

If I’m correct, that Geithner brings them up facially very quickly, that implies he can bring his full power to bear very rapidly, too. By having those lines appear but then leave — if you didn’t know much yet about Face Reading, you wouldn’t realize what a big deal this is.

The potential challenge with having more-or-less permanent forehead furrows is that the person seldom moves out of full-focus mode. We’re talking serious, incessant concentration. Geithner enjoys the forcefulness without the perpetual intellectual emphasis.

That matters because it suggests he can get out of his head, into his heart or soul or spirit or body or environment. We’ve had plenty of financial experts who were virtual “Prisoners of My Own Brain,” and the results weren’t pretty.

Now look again at the vertical lines that sometimes appear and then vanish. You can see this by copying this Face Reading Link  to a document and then pulling on the corners to expand the details.

Actually there are five lines in all, three on the right and the remaing ones on the left. All of them signify focus with a caring intent.

Be sure to notice the curviness here, because otherwise you might confuse these with the Anger Flags described, especially, in  Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup.


Tim Geithner is one of the brightest public appointees we have had in a long time. By comparison, the hallowed Allen Greenspan had all the verve of that food supplement known as “dessicated liver.”

Geithner brings exceptional flexibility with the drive to understand. He evaluates situations on their own merits, rather than squeezing situations to fit his ideology.

His biggest problem, as I do Face Reading, is that his thinking will not lend itself to quick sound bites, so popular in our Twitter-pated pop culture. But if we want someone with passion and brain, we’ll celebrate President Obama’s choice.

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  1. 1
    Karin says:

    I also have a permanent whole brain line, what happens if I have it erased?

  2. 2
    Kevin says:


    You did it again! Great face reading.

    I should admit to your bloggers that I am the Kevin who posed the original question/observation. What I’m really excited about — other than the fact that Tim ol’ boy is a good strategic thinker who can summon up his analytical powers in a moment’s notice — is that the system of face reading you use is wonderful. And, that I was able to see a lot of what Rose explained in detail here.

    Since I came to you via an article in the Washington Post almost 4 years ago, I’ve read several of your face reading books. Gotta admit that I’ve always felt insecure in my ability to read faces, except that lately I’ve been noticing more and more about faces (slow learner/late bloomer). For instance, I’ve been seeing Geithner’s face a lot in the press, because of his new job. And, I’ve noticed the things you pointed out right away. I’m in a new job and have been reading faces at meetings, to try to understand where people are coming from.

    Being an empath — now trained thanks once more to you, Rose — I can intuit a lot just by looking and feeling.

    The moral of the story is this: if any of your readers is a closet face reader or empath, come out come out wherever you are and take a class from Rose. Rose is a wizard in the league with Merlin.

    This is not an unpaid ad — lol — just a wonderful testament to the ancient craft Rose Rosetree practices to the good of our democracy still in its stages of experimentation. I’m grateful to have learned a bit of this to enhance my life.

    Thanks, Rose!


  3. 3

    KARIN, if you get it erased, I call you stooopid instead of brainy.

    What is the goal of all the plasticizing of faces, anyway? Do any of you Blog-Buddies believe it makes people look authentically better?

    When any line of the face is surgically or chemically tinkered with, there are inner consequences, as I detail at length in “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup.” Here, Karin, you would be telling Life: “I don’t want my intelligence, and all I have done to develop it. Make me look (and be) more intellectually blank.”

  4. 4

    KEVIN, awwwww.

    I did study with Merlin, back in the day, if that explains anything. Experienced it vividly during my first experience of past-life regression.

    It was a spiritual battle that did not go well. I’m feeling more hopeful about the current one, especially lately.

  5. 5
    Anita says:

    I second Kevin here. And, no, I have never believed that the plasticizing of faces has ever made anyone look better – it makes people look weird and fake.

    I realize the pressure is intense to do it – I can remember when Janet Reno was criticized for all of her wrinkles (why should that matter when she was Attorney General?), though a) I could never understand why, b) I thought they suited her well, and c) I was glad she didn’t cave into mainstream pressure to plasticize her face or any other part of her body or personality to just be like everyone else.

    If you’re Attorney General, you’re not like everyone else anyway – if you were, you wouldn’t be Attorney General.

    I hope we are moving toward a society in which we can embrace beauty and individuality in all its forms, inner and outer, in all permutations of race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and age. It would seem to be the 21st century modern thing to do.

  6. 6
    Andrea says:

    But Rose, what about Geitner’s tax evasion? Tax evasion IS a crime. Apologizing doesn’t negate that. He’s now the United States’ Treasury Secretary in charge of the IRS of all places. With the greater position of power and responsibility should be the greater litmus test for personal integrity and character.

    (love you)

  7. 7

    ANDREA, you’re right. I totally agree with you about the importance of integrity in life always. Integrity matters, especially, with greater power and responsibility.

    However, I’m inclined (being the Democrat, in contrast to you, the flower of Republican wisdom) to consider the tax matter a mistake for which Geithner not only apologized but fixed as quickly as possible, once he found out about it — much as you or I would do if we learned that we had inadvertently done something wrong.

    To me, this isn’t like nabbing Al Capone on intentional tax evasion. But just to check further…

    Integrity isn’t something I set about reading in the profile above. Using my three-part AURA READING LIE DETECTOR TESTS (verbal, action, and spiritual), now, Geithner does come out okay.

    Just on the level of Face Reading, as you and other Blog-Buddies may know, one quick way to learn a lot about integrity is to check for mouth symmetry, and there Geithner is, right down the middle of his face.

    Whether or not you agree with me about Geithner, it’s great that you shared your perspective. And most important of all, Andrea, I LOVE YOU, too.

  8. 8 says:

    Love your insights into the politicians and people in the forefront of society. How about doing a similar look at someone in the metaphysical realm, such as David Ike?

  9. 9

    NIROULI, good to hear from you. I do one detailed new blog post per week and do take suggestions, so I will take this idea under advisement. Thanks!


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