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Aura Reading — What You Need to Know as a Consumer






On April 1, I’ll announce the winner of our Aura Reading Contest. First, though, come some general points that can help you as a consumer, receiving Aura Readings.

Today’s post can also help you as someone who gives Aura Readings to yourself and others.

Bernie Madoff and More in the April Zine





What would a Face Reading show about Madoff? How about an Aura Reading? If you’re curious, sign up any time this month to receive the April issue of my free monthly zine, “Reading Life Deeper.”

This issue also includes my Face Reading Madoff — a rare treat to find someone so obviously a swindler!

Aura Reading Contest — Entries Accepted Until March 31






Blog-Buddies, our contest to win a free Aura Reading is still open. You can enter at this Aura Reading Contest link. There will be many Consolation Prize blog chunks as well, so do consider entering.

So far, only one entry really stands out in terms of asking excellent questions. Check out Comment #16. (Click onto this Aura Reading Contest link and scroll down to find it. Every comment is numbered!)

For the Best Aura Reading, USE YOUR WORDS






The best advice about Aura Reading I’ve read in years comes from an article called “Smell Bound.” I read it courtesy of United Hemispheres Magazine, March 2009 issue.

Okay, the article was mostly about wine tasting, and he never mentioned Aura Reading specifically. Still, if you have studied Aura Reading in books like “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” and “Read People Deeper,” you’re familiar with the term “synesthesia.”

Aura Reading and Face Reading — Upcoming Events






Here’s a quick reminder of fun opportunities just in time for spring.

Interested in receiving a Free Aura Reading? You can enter to win our Aura Reading Contest. Entries can be accepted through March 31!

Personally, I find the whole Aura Reading conversation at that part of the blog to be fascinating.

Such a Great Birthday Present




Blog-Buddies, you know that special feeling on a birthday, right? Today’s mine. I proudly and gratefully turn 61. (Yes, March 20 is the last day of the zodiac, as well as the last day of Pisces.) And, yes, this morning the Washington Post gave me such a fine gift.

Although the story won’t appear in print until tomorrow, online there’s an article “Science Fair Honors Student Accomplishments.” And with it, a not-bad photo of my son, Matt.

When Face Reading Works Best

A Face Reading article yesterday set me thinking. It was a New York Daily News feature, posted at Yahoo, sent by one of my apprentices. And I’m delighted that Face Reading has been brought to public attention. But I went “Wait-a-minute” when the face reader mentioned that she uses it to tell which checkout clerk at the supermarket would be fastest.

Brandeis Magazine Reviews "Read People Deeper"


Face Reading alert! Aura Reading alert! And, of course, Body Language alert!

Shakespeare it’s not. But the first book to combine all three ways to read people deeper, Read People Deeper, has been reviewed by Brandeis University Magazine in the Winter 2009 issue. Here’s the review:

Face Reading Shakespeare’s Villain Potential

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Yesterday, we pursued genius, doing a Face Reading of the first authenticated portrait of Shakespeare. No hangovers today, I hope.

So we can cheerfully look at the more menacing aspects of the man’s face. I’m especially curious to find clues about villany. The man may not have never hurt a fly, but what is his swatting potential? Surely something about his face shows challenges that he could have used to create Iago, Richard III, Queen Cymbeline, Lady Macbeth, etc. 

Face Reading for Genius in the NEW Shakespeare

Annette Bening Aura Reading


With the first portrait ever to show The Bard now authenticated, Shakespeare lovers are having more fun than we’ve had since the days of yore when we sat with the groundlings (or wealthier folk) watching those fabulous plays.

Yet media stories about the newly authenticated portrait are the opposite of thrilling. This CNN story is typical. Is the best we can do to notice the man’s posed expression? Or is it really such a huge revelation that the man looks quite wealthy, due to the lace around his throat?

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