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Piracy, Psychic Vampires, Narcissists… And Far More Likely Threats


Blog-Buddies, we’re unlikely to be boarded by pirates unless sailing off certain dangerous waters in Somalia. But with yesterday’s piracy incident in the news, let’s consider threats that are better known… plus other threats to a person’s well-being that are far less known, yet more dangerous.

Yes, today we’re taking a break from the free Aura Reading series related to our recent Aura Reading Contest.

Famous Threats That Really Aren’t Such a Big Deal

Narcissists and psychic vampires — if you google on various energy threats, the numbers reveal where popular attention is today:

  • Psychic Vampire and Psychic Vampires: Over 85,000 hits
  • Narcissist and Narcissists: Over 100,000 hits

Compare that to the under-reported remedies we’ll discuss in today’s article

  • Spiritual cleansing and protection: Just over 100 hits
  • Skilled Empath: Under 1,000 hits
  • Cut Cords of Attachment: Just over 2,000 hits

So, you pioneer explorers of Deeper Perception, let’s consider a wide range of threats to your peace of mind.

Over-Hyped Threat #1: Psychic Vampire and Psychic Vampires

To define this concept, I’ll consult one of the net’s experts, the anonymous author of

Chances are you have a friend or family member who is a psychic vampire and you’re uncomfortable with the thought of them being one.  Don’t worry about having “bad” thoughts.  Psychic vampires are not evil; they’re just unaware of how to properly use and control their energies and emotions.   

If you suspect someone of being a psychic vampire, you can attempt to determine if they are in fact are vampires, by noticing how they carry themselves and how they hold conversations. If someone seems desperate for approval or excessively negative, chances are they are feeding off other people’s energy.

Blog-Buddies, isn’t that a convenient put-down of people you don’t happen to like? Since when does the truth about an aura — which is where “psychic vampires” would cause a real threat — show by how someone walks and talks?

Even if you can’t yet do aura reading to assess problems, even if you stay on the level of surface human behavior, will you find psychic vampires?

Here’s my experience: I can tell you that no family member or friend of mine is a so-called “psychic vampire.” What about hundreds of my clients who have asked about psychic vampires? I have read the related auras. Doing so, I have encountered maybe three people in the past 20 years who might, by some stretch of imagination, be considered psychic vampires.

Sure, there can be family members we don’t adore. Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned lay terminology like “obnoxious” and “silly-head”?

Name-calling has always been the refuge of the weak. If “Pat” finds it hard to handle a spouse, why not just add the name “psychic vampire” and then feel superior? Apart from the momentary feeling of virtue, Pat won’t heal a thing.

Here’s a contrasting way to use language. I believe that all the people and situations in your life right now are “the will of God.” If you’re looking for the fanciest, schmanciest growth seminar that could ever be, consider your life.

No, we don’t have to be at the mercy of obnoxious or power-hungry relatives. But we do need to learn how to deal with them. What can help? Social skills! Psychological healing! Healing on the level of auras, as will be discussed soon in this article.

Energy Hypochondriacs

As more people have started to become interested in Aura Reading and Empath Empowerment®, it was inevitable. People would start to act like — New term alert! Yes a new technical term is being coined here right now — Energy Hypochondriacs.

Energy Hypochondriacs are people who aren’t yet doing Aura Reading, so they can’t tell for themselves what is happening to them on the level of auras. But they do know enough to be scared. Hence the idea, “My aura is being drained by a psychic vampire.”

Sometimes I’ll have a new client who emails me, frantically worried, after a session where I facilitated cutting a cord of attachment:

“Did you really cut my cord of attachment? I have a funny feeling now in my elbow. Could the cord of attachment really be cut? Are you really, truly, sure that the cord of attachment is completely gone?”

Here’s what I have found, doing Aura Reading. I’ve found this both commonly and consistently: The degree to which a person complains about psychic vampires is directly proportional to how much STUFF is being carried in that person’s aura.

Clean up your aura and, surprise! That threat of psychic vampires will quickly disappear.

Over-Hyped Threat #2: Narcissist and Narcissists

Are some people chronically self-centered? Do they blame, rather than take responsibility? Do they feel that their emotions count, while nobody else’s feelings are quite real to them?

Yes. These people are narcissists.

Yes, narcissists really do exist. Aura Reading can easily show you who these people are.

But apart from identifying the narcissists in your present and future, what then? You’ll find loads of conversations, online and texted and Twittered, from Victims of Narcissists, and what does that do except keep people busy?

Yet victimization is optional.

Discussing the horrors of a narcissist in your life — that’s hardly the best you can do. Instead, consider cutting your cord of attachment to that narcissist.

Cutting a cord of attachment, when done with skill, will permanently remove your energy connection to that narcissist. That makes cutting cords Under-Reported Resource #1.

Under-Reported Resource #2: Spiritually Sparkling Skills

Everyone suffers from astral debris, some of us more than others. And I’m not talking about being an Energy Hypochondriac here. Astral debris includes:

  • Psychic coercion from others, blobs of energy stuck in your aura that makes it hard to know what you really think, feel or want
  • Stuck spirits — disembodied spirits (Yes, you could even call them ghosts) — stuck in your aura. They greatly amplify negative emotions like fear, pain, sadness and anger.
  • Negative thought forms, stuck energy patterns that can make it hard to lose weight, stop smoking, gain your full (and appropriate) amount of self-confidence.

These and other forms of astral debris won’t be healed by worrying, name-calling, or Energy Hypchochondria. Instead, learn to do the specific healing techniques that move out each problem.

I’ll be teaching them during my annual Intensive weekend workshop for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, offered soon. We’ll start Friday evening, April 17, and go through the weekend, ending Sunday night, April 19.

Of course, this skill set also includes learning how to tell which type of healing is needed when. I think of it as a kind of Psychic-Level Life Insurance. It brings great peace of mind.

See me talking about this topic, along with a Japanese interpreter, on my YouTube Video about Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. (And if you’re in Japan, consider attending this workshop when I give it this June. Of course, it’s so much cheaper to take it in America that I have a Japanese student flying all the way to America this April, just so she can take our upcoming Intensive in Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. Even with flight, hotel, and our modest course tuition for all seven group meetings, “Pat” will still save a lot of money.)

Under-Reported Resource #3: Become a Skilled Empath

I have literally helped thousands of unskilled empaths to become skilled empaths. Being an empath isn’t rare, like being a psychic vampire. In America, 1 in 20 people was born as a talented empath. Empaths have a variety of different gifts. The main thing that defines them is this:

Every empath has at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be other people.

And unless that empath is skilled, it’s invevitable that he/she will take on STUFF from other people right into his/her aura. Unskilled empaths suffer. Skilled ones don’t.

It isn’t unusual at all for an unskilled empath to complain about narcissists and psychic vampires. And that isn’t necessarily Energy Hypochondria but confusion. The empath is really suffering. The empath’s energy really is drained.

Do the math, given our previously cited Google statistics. A person is more likely to have heard of psychic vampires and narcissists than the skill set known as Empath Empowerment, or becoming a Skilled Empath.

But responsibility for that suffering as an empath starts and stops with the empath’s skill level. When you’re a skilled empath, you can be in the room with a narcissist or psychic vampire, or anyone else, and still be yourself. On the level of Aura Reading — plus every other level of life — you won’t have to lose energy or take on STUFF belonging to that other person.

I do recommend that, if possible, you learn Spiritually Sparkling. If you do that now, it will be easier for you to identify the subtle degrees of Empath Empowerment®. Learning to become a skilled empath isn’t rocket science. It’s subtle. And you just learn it one skill at a time.

No Worries

In conclusion, the news is good… unless you’re sailing in a small boat near Somalia. Psychic vampires and narcissists really don’t need to have power over you. The next time you hear people blaming these over-hyped threats, try raising consciousness.

Drop a hint about becoming a skilled empath,  learning techniques of RES Energy HEALING, or cutting cords of attachment. Any one of these three skill sets can be life-altering. And every one of them takes a person away from mysterious dangers, powerful hidden forces… Energy Hypochondria.

Most important, every one of these skill sets places control of your own aura right where it belongs. With you!

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  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    I am glad I had you cut a cord to an uncle who provided me with an eerie feeling of being isolated he had himself because of his excessive intelligence. Ever since having this cord cut I have been feeling more connected and at ease with other people than for a very long time before. Unfortunately I met this uncle at an age of less than 6, that gave me a very long time to profit from HIS problems before I finally got rid of that cord.

  2. 2
    Karin says:

    Some people claim that most actors are psychic vampires, and Caroline Myss even created the archetype of vampire. She classifies everybody with a set 12 archetypes.

    Concerning narcissists it might be a good idea to do a reading of Anna Wintour, the living version of Miranda in ‘The devil wears Prada’, to check out her narcissist potential.

  3. 3

    KARIN, thanks for both these comments rolled into one. It certainly was fun reading how Meryl Streep played the role of the narcissist in the movie. I’d enjoy doing the other reading, some day. Still have the rest of those Aura Reading Contest Consolation prizes to wrap up!

  4. 4

    KARIN, about the alleged archetype of “Psychic Vampire,” do those 12 archetypes work for you? Do you find them helpful?

    Systems can be great if they empower a person. I’m leery of systems that help a person to feel stuck for life, or to blame more effectively.

    Note: I’m not familiar with this piece of Myss’s work.

  5. 5
    Karin says:

    For an overview of Myss’s 70 archetypes go to:

    [Link No Longer Available]

    I think the archetypes are more of a confirmation of what one already knows about oneself and I haven’t cast them for myself. They maybe explain why somebody finds himself in a certain profession rather than in another one or explain some coexisting contradictory behavior patterns.

  6. 6

    Thanks, KARIN. Of course, contradictory behavior patterns might have more to do with a person’s STUFF, if the person wished to take responsibility and move beyond them….

  7. 7
    caroline stephens says:

    Hi, I’ve had to learn to handle being an empath, and develop energy system management, and can cut cords. I’ve also had to manage narcissists and sociopaths, and their horrible enegy aggressiveness.

    I don’t think you should mock things you don’t understand. People used to think the world was flat, and never used to wash their hands when helping women give birth. You’re ignorant like them, mocking things you aren’t ready to understand.

  8. 8

    CAROLINE, to set the record straight, I’m not entirely sure it would be fair to say that I mock, or don’t understand, such things as being an empath or cutting cords of attachment.

    The point I was making in this post is that, in my opinion, many people are apt to blame narcissists and sociopaths or psychic vampires. In my experience, such people are extremely rare.

    By contrast, it is quite common for an unskilled empath to hold others responsible for her or his problems and, perhaps, even exaggerate the energy dynamics of relationships.

    Since you have accomplished so much, you must feel much more peaceful than before, which is great.

  9. 9
    caroline stephens says:

    WOW. I’ve just read about what you said about people having ghosts stuck in their auras.

    My dad shot a child totally by mistake when he was only a kid, and the ghost got stuck in his aura and he has lived with a level of fear ever since that has almost driven him insane.

    I worked out that he had a ghost in his aura, but I’d NEVER read anywhere about that until i just read it now on your site. I thought that I was just sort of inventing something but I guess it’s actually true. Now i gotta figure out how to get it off him. Thanks.

  10. 10
    caroline stephens says:

    I just read your comment to my first post. Uh, I wasn’t criticising you, Rose, I think that someone had posted a comment saying that your stuff was rubbish, and since I know exactly what you’re going on about, I know that it isn’t, and I was upset that someone was ‘putting down’ things that they clearly can’t grasp.

  11. 11

    CAROLINE, about your Comment 10, no worries, and thank you.

  12. 12

    Hello again, CAROLINE. About your Comment 11, this sounds like a job for a professional to handle.

    I am not the one to do it, either. You need someone who specializes in heavy hauntings. Kind of a “Defense Against the Dark Arts” specialist. I’m not that sort of woo-woo “wizard.” I don’t work with angry ghosts, nor with clients in a state of emergency nor with people like your unfortunate father, driven insane (or to nearby “Semi-insane-ville”).

    After you find someone good, please share your referral here at this blog. Best wishes for a good outcome!

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