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Aura Reading of a Pothead


Marijuana is in the news today, even if Aura Reading isn’t:  Would Mexican drug cartels have their power without all the American demand? And is American demand for recreational substances like pot mostly a legal problem, stimulated by the excitement of seeking a naughty, forbidden substance?

As the outcry grows for legalization, I believe one of the smartest things we can do is add the perspective of Aura Reading.Of course, I always believe one of the smartest things we can do any time is Aura Reading. 😉 Other smart things are Face Reading and Skilled Empath Merges, as part of Empath Empowerment.

Recently I did a detailed Aura Reading of “Gladys,” asked to do so by her spouse, “Ray,” as part of his session of Aura Healing and Transformation (Energy Spirituality). We had cut Ray’s cord of attachment to her; he wanted to stay married, but feel less conflict about the relationship. Ray also sought to understand his long-time love better.

Gladys had been smoking pot daily for 20 years and had explained to him that nothing would ever keep her from continuing. Interestingly, Gladys refused to consider this an addiction.

Equally interestingly, many advocates of pot smoking tout the benefits, such as pain reduction, and claim that marijuana is safer than cigarettes. As an Aura Reader, I can only laugh — and not because I’ve got the giggles and the munchies. Cigarettes ground an aura slightly, that’s all… unless it gets to the point where the smoking addict develops an illness like lung cancer. Pot does something much, much worse.

Whenever people take non-prescription drugs, they are altering their auras in significant ways. I’d like to share the highlights of my reading of Gladys. It’s just one example of the serious distortions created by pot smoking — not just on the level of auras but on the level of life.

Aura Reading Basics

As usual, doing an Aura Reading, I’ll make use of the fact that every major chakra contains 50 different databanks. And each databank includes two types of information:

  •  A gift of the soul, that can’t be damaged or lost.
  • Accumulated astral-level debris, from cords of attachment to problems from childhood to significant amounts of hard-to-remove debris that become attached to an aura every single time a person smokes pot. I call all this debris STUFF.
  • STUFF can always be released, but while it’s around, it can cause suffering, fear, pain and other major and minor problems.

For more background on how I do Aura Reading — and how you can, too — see the LINKS section at the end of this post.

Presence in the Room, Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra

Gladys is an exceptionally caring, loving person. She’s fascinated by people, and you can feel her warmth as soon as she enters the room.

She’s also sexy, able to deeply enjoy physical and sensuous experience.

All of these soul-level gifts must compete for attention, however, when you first meet Gladys. Because she also has a palpable detachment. It’s as if she’s there with you, yes. But she’s also highly ambivalent about being there with you.

Also, Gladys’ aura proclaims that she wants to be part of life but she equally strongly doesn’t want to be human at all. Partly, she no longer feels identified with human life at all.

For all that chronic ambivalence, Gladys can thank the pot.

Other people, responding to her aura even if they aren’t consciously doing Aura Reading techniques, will respond to that ambivalence. This will set off a set of consequences related to:

  • Trusting Gladys? Maybe not
  • Respecting her work at her job? Probably not
  • Wanting to give Gladys opportunities for more career success? Why? She would only despise them.
  • Unless you are also a long-term pot user, with similar ambivalence to life, you’ll sense that something is wrong. And you’ll be right.

What Pot Does to an Aura

Let’s take a breather. (It’s safe to inhale.) What actually happens to an aura when someone is high on pot? Certain patterns are generic, while other parts of Gladys’ experience are specific to her individual situation.

Your aura consists of a series of bodies made of electro-magnetic energy. They’re set up in layers, around your physical body. It’s fine to think of it like layers of an onion or those stack ’em toys that toddlers play with. (Although technically it’s more correct to appreciate that every one of those differently-sized bodies actually interpenetrates the others. By all means, add this concept unless it is too, too trippy for you.)

Non-prescription drugs like pot and cocaine will open up a wall, or gateway, at one of the subtle bodies so it is easier to travel out to an astral realm through your consciousness. Those vibrations are higher than the slow vibes of Earth. So it’s very appropriate that the person feels “high.”

While “high,” you can interact with discarnate entities at the particular realm you attain. You can attract beings at that level to become attached to your aura, even after you return to the “normal” state of you physiology. You can also appreciate how that particular astral level of life is present while on earth. In short, you perceive human life very much as a spirit might perceive human life.

Unlike an astral being, however, Gladys is human. Repeated trips, via pot, have caused her to identify with her astral body more than her physical body. She cares more passionately about astral life, at the particular plane where she travels, than about human life.

One reason to keep smoking that pot every day is that, still being human, she’ll feel like she can’t keep the high. And there’s more information she’s not quite able to get.
“If only she could be stoned more of the time, she would understand those things better.”

Actually this “reason” for not quite getting the info. is caused by two factors. Toxic STUFF builds up in her aura every single time she smokes pot. And she never will “quite be able to get” astral experience as long as she still has that physical body. She won’t “succeed” at understanding this kind of experience until that body is dead.

Not pretty, is it?

Moreover, running after the level of life where she’s not designed to evolve — whichever astral realm she visits while under the influence — Gladys has really screeched on the brakes for her human evolution.

Living on earth is a huge privilege for spiritual evolution. It is actually possible (among other things) for a person to wake up so well with consciousness exercises, learning various techniques, that an ordinary person like you or me could consciously be aware of life at ANY astral level, by choice, and also at the level of GOD, the etheric level.

In fact, one way to do that is “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

By evolving spiritually without taking drugs, a person is empowered. A person gains circuits of experience that can be used for the rest of this human lifetime, plus subsequent lifetimes in other bodies and dimensions.

By contrast, a pothead like Gladys squanders the opportunity for long-term evolution during her human life. And every block of STUFF that becomes part of her cells will continue there, creating problems, until those frozen blocks are released.

Kundalini Yogi includes techniques specifically designed to move out these imprints. Energy Release Regression Therapy is another method. If Gladys were simply to stop smoking pot, this wouldn’t release frozen blocks. In this way, pot smoking is different from smoking cigarettes where, at a certain point in a cigarette addiction, if the smoker stops the sense of taste will come back, breathing will come back, etc.

Every bit of STUFF from smoking pot lingers until it’s removed. And that isn’t pretty at all. Definitely, it’s better to stop and not take on more STUFF. But people like Gladys also need to know that stopping does not mean that the consequences of pot smoking are over. Smoking pot even 5 or 6 times in one lifetime can cause significant damage to emotions and spiritual life, damage that will persist until that STUFF is healed.

Personal Power, Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

Gladys is way smart. Her innate way of claiming personal power includes figuring out with acute common sense and perceptiveness what is happening around her, then deciding how to get what she wants and following through.

Unfortunately, STUFF lodged in her aura (courtesy of the pot) has broken down most of the coordination between these three parts of her natural response to power.

She notices what happens around her but doesn’t necessarily think about how she, as a person, might engage to fulfill a particular desire. Then she really, really forgets about following through. It’s a kind of “space out” that sabotages her success in life. Indirectly, this may contribute to a vicious cycle where life becomes less fulfilling. This, in turn, causes her to become more and more dependent on her marijuana high.

In terms of successful, clear action, pot acts like a slow poison. I find this to be a consistent pattern among those who love weed, even if the details of the poisoning and breakdown of effectiveness are very individual (and heart-breaking).

Ability to be in touch with her emotions, Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra

Gladys is fascinated by emotional life. She’s perceptive, caring and emotionally intelligent. With the influence of pot, however, Gladys has developed a huge and overdeveloped need to pay attention to her most minute emotions.

Each one of them feels like a whole world to her.

But to other people on earth, ones who aren’t high, there’s another term for this: Being self-absorbed.

Ability to be in touch with other people’s emotions, Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra

To me, this is the very saddest part of our Aura Reading research of Gladys. The ability to be in touch with other people’s emotions is a lifelong passion for her, and she has a real gift for connecting to others and helping them.

But she won’t. Not really. Not while she remains a pothead.

Barely any contact is made with authentic emotions felt by real people. Instead, Gladys is making contact with fantasies that she has about what people feel.

Much of the time when she’s high, Gladys is paying attention to emotions and becoming fascinated with nuances of what people feel. Except this information isn’t especially accurate; really it has a great deal to do with all the STUFF in her aura, as she slips in and out rather randomly through different dimensions.

Instead of using feedback that might come to her from people that her theories are wildly inaccurate, she feels superior (related to the pot) and figures that people who don’t smoke as much as she does “just can’t understand.”

Long-Term Aura Problems from Pot

Yes, those long-term problems are a very big deal. On the level of behavior, one might just say, “Out of touch with reality.” But really, what’s going on is being out of touch with the earth plane of reality.

That high comes with an awfully steep price.


Don’t just take my word for the dangers of smoking pot, as shown with with Aura Reading. Learn how to read auras for yourself.

One useful, and distinctive, skill set that I teach can help you to do Aura Reading from regular photographs. Click here for information about the first how-to book to introduce this kind of Aura Reading technique, “Read People Deeper.” It’s easy to order, whether by clicking on this link or calling our toll-free number, for U.S. and Canada, available 24/7: 800-345-6665.

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“Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” is the name of that book. It is easy to order, whether by clicking on this link or calling our toll-free number, for U.S. and Canada, available 24/7: 800-345-6665.

Yes, my trademarked system is called Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R).

Discourated or skeptical about your ability to do Aura Reading? You don’t have to “see the colours.” Just find a teacher who knows how to help you to find your innate gifts and then use them to give you quality results. Not that different from a regular reading teacher, except it’s an Aura Reading teacher.

For personal mentoring, helping you to develop extra-fast at doing Aura Reading yourself, click here.

Another way to get experience of Aura Reading databanks from the inside, as if the data were part of YOU, is to do an empath merge. I must admit to having done this when reading the Moral Development Aura Reading Databank in this article.

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I think this is a really important post and your illustration using “Gladys” and the effects on several of her aura reading databanks was especially effective and compelling.

    It is so important for people to know that illicit drugs don’t just affect people physiologically, they also affect people in other profound ways.

  2. 2
    Bobo says:

    This cannot be serious

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    What about legal drugs? Specifically, I was on Anti-depressants for a short time about 2 years ago. Ever since, I have been very jumpy.

  4. 4
    fatdeets says:

    I wonder how much pot you had to smoke to come up with this mumbojumbo.

  5. 5
    Will says:

    As a pothead with 24 years of recovery, I’m very grateful for you and your perspective.

    I felt a lot of damage to my spirit body from the use of pot and it’s taken two decades, and the assistance of number of healers, for my spirit to become whole again. It’s resulted in a kundalini awakening and a more balanced view of my role in the world.


  6. 6
    Lisa says:

    I too wonder about some of the thousands of prescribed drugs. I would think there are some common drugs that don’t really affect the aura in a positive way.

  7. 7

    WILL, thank you for coming forward. And congratulations on overcoming a pernicious habit!

  8. 8

    KATHY and LISA, prescribed drugs can have side effects. But since they are taken to make the nervous system function more normally, and because they aren’t comparable to pot, they don’t deposit STUFF into an aura that weakens consciousness and slows down human evolution.

    When you’re very experienced aura readers, let me know if you would like me to mentor you at researching ANY medication in terms of multiple chakra databanks. This is a much more refined kind of testing than muscle testing, pendling, etc., useful though these approaches can be.

  9. 9

    To hear the sound recording of my comment about pot smoking on “All Things Considered” on April 21, click here for the related post:

  10. 10

    Blog-Buddies and Lurkers, I do find it fascinating how many comments have come in that have had to be deleted because they did not meet the civility policy of this Blog. Some of the milder angry comments have been enabled, but it would be silly to give an audience to the more abusive and violently insulting comments.

    I can tell you this: Every one of the very, very angry comments was from someone defending pot. Usually the someone was saying that marijuana causes no problems or damage to the user.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Reminds me of one time I had a temp job working for the National Rifle Assoc. At lunch I took over the switchboard and was coached how to handle a certain type of call. Sure enough, I got many calls like this:

    “The police took away my xyz, swear word, !!!@#$%^!, etc. Those xyz, swear word, !!!@#$%^!, etc. They wouldn’t let me have my gun, those xyz, swear word, !!!@#$%^!, etc.”

    At the time, I was asked to listen politely for a few seconds, then hang up. Guess I’m having to do the equivalent here, monitoring this blog.

  11. 11
    Anita says:

    Prescription drugs are designed to restore an individual physiological function. Nothing man has synthesized has managed to perfectly imitate or resemble nature, so many drugs do have side effects, some mild others not-so-mild. Drug side effects are also individual- and dose-dependence, since all of our physiological make-ups are different (as are our genes).

    Sure, it’s true that “back in the day,” people didn’t have prescription medications. Of course, back in the day, people also didn’t have bathrooms, plumbing, or electricity either. If returning to our natural state means giving up prescription medications, might we also not also give up our cars, schools, and houses, since these are also not “natural” and are “man-made”?

    Not to mention that there are many “natural” things that cause harmful effects. Snake venom comes to mind. So do toxic mushrooms. These have been dubbed “natural defenses” to protect organisms and wildlife from predation (some of those predators being humans!).

    Recreation, aka illicit, drugs were never designed to return people to natural or normal functioning. They have specifically been designed to produce a “high” or a euphoric state. The last time I checked, cancer medications were not designed to produce a high, they were designed to kill out-of-control malignant cells.

    Prescription pain medications, like opioids and narcotics, were designed to eliminate pain. When misused, they produce addiction – but that was NOT the original intent behind the production of these medications.

  12. 12
    anonymous says:

    As the wife of a long-term pot user, this description–of the problems and consequences of long time use–is spot on.

    I have used pot in the past myself, I know how it affects me, and it is/was my favorite substance of choice. One of the main reasons I started smoking more in the last year, was to feel more connection to my husband–we would talk more, and seem to enjoy whatever we were doing more. I now realize that this wasn’t building or evolving our human/earth relationship. (kind of like if you don’t know someone well, but you do drugs with them, then all of a sudden you can feel an incredible ease or intimacy with them while high, but then see them sober and there is just an akwardness. It’s not real!!–it’s not a real human connection. But then bingo, get high, and you’re best buddies again…)

    In particular, Rose, these comments of yours make a lot of sense to me:

    “Non-prescription drugs like pot and cocaine will open up a wall, or gateway, at one of the subtle bodies so it is easier to travel out to an astral realm through your consciousness. Those vibrations are higher than the slow vibes of Earth. So it’s very appropriate that the person feels ‘high.’

    “While ‘high,’ you can interact with discarnate entities at the particular realm you attain. You can attract beings at that level to become attached to your aura, even after you return to the ‘normal’ state of you physiology. You can also appreciate how that particular astral level of life is present while on earth. In short, you perceive human life very much as a spirit might perceive human life.

    “Unlike an astral being, however, Gladys is human. Repeated trips, via pot, have caused her to identify with her astral body more than her physical body. She cares more passionately about astral life, at the particular plane where she travels, than about human life.”

    My husband is interested in VERY few things. He doesn’t initiate social interactions or experiences with other people (he works from home, which exacerbates this aspect, perhaps), he doesn’t ask many questions about people or develop relationships with others.

    Yet I know him to be an incredibly sweet, caring, intelligent, wise man. But, pot and being high are THE most fascinating experiences for him. It saddens me how detached, closed off, and just not so interested in “regular” life or “regular” people he is. It is heartbreaking and has been confusing as well. With words like, “why?” “how” is someone like that? What are the benefits to being like this? Your post touches on these topics and has been helpful to me.

    He has been smoking for 26 years, most years daily in the evening. So it has been a slow poison, as you describe. I watch as he becomes less and less interested in being just a regular human, and as you so aptly described, a long term user, over time, becomes more identified with the astral experience they have while high.

    It is sad for me as his wife, and a loss for all the beauty, caring, love, and understanding he could share and bring to people by just being a regular, plain old human being.

  13. 13

    THANK YOU so much for this deep share. I encourage other lurkers to share, as well. It can be confidential, no problem.

  14. 14
    Dana says:

    Hi Rose,

    Sorry you’ve received so many nasty emails/comments about your pot smoking posts. That is so ridiculous. I think those people should be emailing you with their profuse thanks for being the first to alert them to the damage they’re doing and that it’s time to stop and start healing!

    I am very grateful that you wrote that. Not that I smoke it, but it was such an in-depth reading and made so much sense to me.

    I think I have always sensed that about pot but I was always labeled “goody goody” or “chicken” for not being part of that crowd. Hah, if they only knew!

    I have been showing your posts to someone I know who does smoke sometimes, and she is really absorbing what you’re saying, which makes me so happy because I want her to be healthy.

    She noted that she completely agrees that people who smoke pot often do consider themselves part of an elite “club” who are the only ones who can “understand” each other, especially, she said, on the college scene.

  15. 15
    Dana says:

    I was also thinking that the “news” about pot that we can get from aura reading is kind of like when people first learned from scientists decades ago that cigarette smoking is bad for your health. Before the medical studies, people mostly did not know that cigarettes had such damaging effects. No one had ever told them otherwise. Was there a backlash at the science? I’m sure the cigarette companies flipped out because they’re still doing so. Some people chose not to listen. Did they get angry? Why?

    Maybe they got angry because they preferred to remain blissfully ignorant. When you learn a truth, you become responsible for that truth and maybe some people prefer not to take responsibility.

  16. 16
    anonymous says:

    I am preparing to go to my first Naranon meeting to get support around my husband’s chronic, long-term pot use. Naranon is like Alanon, except it is for narcotics–addictive substances other than alcohol. Here is a link:

    While doing some google research, I came up with the following, extremely diverse information about the effects of long-term pot use. No wonder people are confused about this substance–is it OK, is not OK, how much? etc… etc…

    I wanted to share the following links to what I thought was mind boggling in how contradictory the opinions and scientific “proof” is.

    First up: here is a link debunking the “myths” of marijauna’s harmful effects, going so far as touting the important “benefits”

    Hmmm, I wonder if Mr. Levine, the writer, is a long-term pot smoker???

    Here is a book he recommends celebrating pot and its physical, SPIRITUAL, and psychological benefits:

    Here is a yahoo grouping of blog posts on pro and con pot use from users and non-users. Completely contradictory posts. Interesting.

    And finally, here is a website dedicated to long-term pot users who want to, and do, stop using. There are a few testimonials.

    In conclusion, all I can attest to is my own experience. I’m pretty sure my husband would forfeit a married relationship to his cherished wife (yes, he does cherish me…) and forgo a family life with our young son, whom he adores, if he was forced to choose between his beloved “spice” (as he calls marijauna) or us. If that’s not addiction and a negative force in his life, then I don’t know what is. What person in their right mind would give up the 2 best things in their life to smoke a plant out of a bong?

    Yes, marijauna is addictive, effects cognition during and after the “high”, effects memory, cravings, weight gain, apathy, motivation levels, and interest in “regular” life. It doesn’t resolve painful emotions, it numbs them. I’ve seen it and experienced it.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Being ‘ambivalent’ and ‘out of reality’ are sadly also frequently present in psychotic disorders, and pot has been shown to cause schizophrenia in some, obviously not in those who recommend to smoke pot and who won’t pay for the lives of the ‘friends’ they dragged into consuming pot who get sick and can’t make a living for the rest of their lives.

  18. 18

    Ooh, Anonymous, just a tiny bit of sarcasm in the last part of that comment, huh?

    I really do wish the national and international conversation about pot would include deeper perception. Otherwise, how is a person to fathom the harm pot does, except through wrenching personal experience?

  19. 19
    Mary says:

    Rose, how do you feel about the medical use of marijuana? It seems to alleviate suffering for a good many cancer and AIDs patients. Is that worth the risk of aural damage or do those folks suffer that at all? Thanks.

  20. 20
    Melissa says:

    Here is one possible explanation for pot addiction….it makes one far less discriminating about the energies they allow into their aura. Some of those energies may be people who died with and/or because of an illegal drug addiction.

    These discarnate beings (DB) are STILL hooked, and continue to search for vehicles to satisfy their cravings.

    They latch onto a person who gets high and have a field day. So now you have a person who’s carrying an addiction that in some cases, isn’t even his/her own. One’s ability to think critically becomes significantly marginalized at this point.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that some of those who attacked you, Rose, were actually acting out the DB’s anger…..and fear……cos they don’t want you to shed light for people dealing with an addiction….who could make a decision to end the addiction, and the DB’s are left “high and dry” (pun intended), without an vehicle to continue on with their habit.

  21. 21

    MELISSA, thanks for your contribution here. I think you’re absolutely right about the role of what you call “discarnate beings” and I call Astral Entities.

    In the reading of Michael Phelps here:

    I did comment on this aspect a bit. Healing a client’s interaction with Astral Entities can take many forms, all different parts of my skill set and, perhaps, of interest for some future post here at the blog. (Let me know, Blog-Buddies, if that interests you.)

    Meanwhile, the short answer is that people always have more power over their own aura, thinking, feeling, etc. than any Astral Entity BUT the intensity of Astral Entity influence can be extremely strong for a pothead.

    So I would agree with your basic idea that this contributes to a pothead’s addiction, including lashing out with rage if the “good” of marijuana is called into question.

  22. 22

    MARY, I’m so glad you raised the question of the medical use of marijuana.

    At the risk of being counter-culture (ooh, scary), and especially the risk of seeming uncaring, my view is that ALL use of marijuana is a big mistake for which the user will, long term, have to take the consequences.

    Hey, let’s be bold and put this up as a new blog post! See here:

  23. 23
    lisa says:

    HI Rose,

    This does interest me… You wrote:

    “Healing a client’s interaction with Astral Entities can take many forms, all different parts of my skill set and, perhaps, of interest for some future post here at the blog. (Let me know, Blog-Buddies, if that interests you.)”

    Astral entities/discarnate beings are new terms for me, but on an intuitive level it makes sense to me. It makes sense to me that there can be many different energies “pulling” on a person, or clouding one’s perspective/feelings/experience.

    I would love to learn more about this in a future blog post! Also, when you do a session, is checking for “astral entities” something routine, or does the person have to specifically ask for this??? Are there certain situations that lend themself to the thought (on your part…) “hmmm, maybe there are astral entities interfering”. This is all new for me, so this is how the questions are coming for me! thanks!

  24. 24

    LISA, at some point it would be fascinating going into more detail about all this. Here’s the simple answer, for now.

    Whenever I do a personal session with a client that includes Aura Healing and Transformation of any kind — Energy Spirituality — I check to find out if there is a major problem with any kind of astral-level debris, expecially astral or E.T. entities, wildly incongruent personality facades or psychic coercion.

    And, sometimes, yes, the most appropriate way to help a client is a release of a negative energy pattern (i.e., exorcism).

    If any of these astral-level problems is strongly present, I will recommend healing it in the very first session.

    Clients are sometimes surprised or a bit disappointed, because the client has brought the idea of “I will cut the cord of attachment to my father.” etc.

    If the client insists, I will go in that expected direction. But usually, I’m glad to say, the client does allow me to use session time for that recommended type of healing. Otherwise, for me, it is like “The elephant in the room” if I don’t have permission to facilitate that kind of healing.

    Moving out intense astral-level debris isn’t just for my sake, of course. This can bring huge results for the client, and sometimes just one session of this type has been quite life changing.

    Other than those extreme kinds of astral-level problem, which can generally be lifted in just one session — there really is nothing to be concerned about.

    BTW, the other thing I will routinely check for in a first healing session with a client is whether it is appropriate to refer the client to a mental health practitioner, recommend that the client be evaluated for taking psychiatric medication, etc. Obviously, if a client mentions being very depressed and anxious, I will suggest a referral. That’s just common sense. Mind-body-spirit medicine is a complementary form of medicine, not a substitute for established medical practice.

    But I mean that sometimes I will initiate a conversation about recommending a referral when the client doesn’t notice any problem at all. Why mention that? Sometimes a chronic mental health problem presents itself strongly in that client’s aura. It’s never fun to make such a recommendation, as I have done rarely — perhaps 20 times in as many years. After decades of doing sessions, it can be pretty clear to me, the distinction between patterns of STUFF in a client’s aura (even if quite intense) where sessions like mine can help, versus patterns of dysfunction where a referral is appropriate.

    In the long run, that kind of referral can save a client a lot of anguish. Over the decades, I have learned a fair amount about ways that various forms of astral debris and cords of attachment can be involved in mental health problems. I would love, at some time, to be involved in systematic research — reading auras, facilitating cutting cords of attachment, etc. — as part of a research study or facility that includes mental health professionals.

    It thrills me enormously, just thinking about how we could work together. I’ve put God on notice that I would really love this opportunity and now, I guess, mid-blog-comment, I’m putting the rest of the world on notice, too.

    Yes, the primary audience for “Cut Cords of Attachment” is healers and mental health professionals. And, yes, I await that invitation to bring the skills of Deeper Perception to collaborate in ways that make psychiatry and psychotherapy more productive. (And also to keep on learning as a spiritual and emotional healer.)

    Anyway, back at you, Lisa: The main message is not to worry. Since we’ve had our first session by now, you can feel confident that I didn’t find problems like the ones mentioned here for you. The same goes for any of you clients who have had at least one session of Aura Healing and Transformation with me.

    The last practical part of the answer is that if you — or any Blog reader — is interested in the topic of learning how to heal astral debris, be on the lookout for my annual Intensive on Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, viewable through the home page at .

    Mentoring sessions by phone or in person are also available, in case you’re interested in learning this skill set at other times of the year.

    And this was the SHORT, SIMPLE answer. 😉

  25. 25
    lisa says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for this response. I enjoyed reading it…

    Your comment:

    “I would love, at some time, to be involved in systematic research — reading auras, facilitating cutting cords of attachment, etc. — as part of a research study or facility that includes mental health professionals.”

    Just wanted to say that you would be SUPERB in this kind of team/research inquiry. The other parts of the “team” would be blown away by your abilities, perceptions and understandings.

    I wish these disciplines (psychotherapy/traditional mental health approaches and understandings) would be combined with different forms of energy work and Energy Spirituality. That would be fantastic, to work these two disciplines together in an integrated, mutually beneficial way, to enhance healing, meaningfulness, and joy in a client’s life.

  26. 26

    Aw, LISA, thank you so much. 🙂

  27. 27
    Lisa says:

    Hi Rose,
    Another post relating to addiction– the 28th!!! comment on your blog post.

    I will make it as succinct as I can… It is something I have been thinking about for a while. Here goes…

    I am wondering on a spiritual/energetic level why do some people succumb to addiction, where as others can use a substance, such as, marijauna or alcohol, and not abuse it or become addicted?

    To define addiction, I am using what I understand from 12 step programs: a progressively developing DISEASE that one is unable to control. And it is a spiritual, mental and physical disease.

    The “disease” definition seems important in that it isn’t a lack of morality or ethics or character, but a disease that someone is losing to. Your information about the energies that an addict is interacting with when they are “high” work well with this definition, atleast in my opinion.

    In your busy schedule, if you have the inclination, I would love to hear any thoughts or views you may have relating to this topic.

    kind regards, Lisa

    p.s. I understand your view that ANY use of substances that make one “high”, are detrimental to the integrity/health of one’s aura…

  28. 28
    John says:

    I hope this is not a stupid question considering your article lol…

    I have combined EFT with pot about three times. At the same time, those three sessions were the most powerful sessions I have had. Pot helped me relieve some deep rooted issues and gunk when partnered with EFT. Pot and tapping provided some deep healing for me.

    1st question: Do you think it is a good idea to combine the two?
    I have slowed down heavy with my usage of pot.

    2nd question: Should I just quit all together? I really enjoy my high lol but my spirit body is a lot more important to me.

  29. 29

    JOHN, how could a heartfelt question (spiced with your great sense of humor) ever be considered “stupid”?

    Do I think it is a good idea to combine EFT with smoking pot? No, no, no.

    When you are doing anything under the influence of marijuana, you are not in the waking state of consciousness. A skilled aura reader could go into detail about what, exactly, is going on with you, but even at the most obvious level, it’s clear that you’re not functioning with your everyday conscious mind, right?

    When EFT works — and for those Blog-Buddies who don’t know, that acronym stands for Emotional Freedom Technique — part of the beauty of it for producing results is that you are connecting your conscious mind with the subconscious level, where energy is stuck in your aura.

    EFT can move out STUFF permanently. However, the technique will work BEST when you’re using your conscious mind, not an altered state.

    That’s the first reason not to combine pot smoking with EFT, Cutting Cords of Attachment, Energy Release Regression Therapy, or ANY OTHER technique for moving out STFFU.

  30. 30

    JOHN, what’s the second reason to avoid in future combining any STUFF-removal technique with being high on weed?

    You don’t know what the consequences will be. Neither do the founders of that technique, not unless the technique starts with instructions like:

    1. Roll a joint.
    2. Light it up.
    3. Breathe in.

    On pot, you can be activating a range of experiences — moving around STUFF in your conscious mind, opening up Pandora’s boxes of STUFF buried deep in your subconscious mind.

    And, unfortunately…

  31. 31

    Continuing, JOHN, with a response to your Comment 29, here is something you may not have considered. (And fortunately, it does not seem to have been a problem with you so far. And I do mean fortunately.)

    Whenever someone is high on drugs or alcohol, astral-level beings can very easily become attached to your aura, causing many kinds of everyday discomfort and increasing a person’s “Yechhh” factor, being a turnoff to them socially.

    This happens for technical reasons I go into in my workshop on Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. The practical point is that it is really foolish, IMHO, to smoke pot in conjunction with techniques that work in a powerful manner to rearrange what is going on in your subconscious mind.

    You could unwittingly be giving astral entities access to portions of you that are very private. Meanwhile, any protections built into the technique itself (all of mine have such protections, for instance) will be nullified.

  32. 32

    JOHN, here’s another part of the response to your very interesting, smart question.

    What if, lacking pot, you don’t have easy access to the source of your problems? What if your conscious mind just won’t go there?

    Well, hello, consider hiring a skilled practitioner of EFT. I would, for instance, recommend Gwenn Bonnell (google her for more info.) for a phoner. Email her at gwenn[at]

    If you’re in Northern Virginia, I would recommend Belinda Waters, bwaters7[at]

    One session with a skilled professional can bring you better results than 200 tapping sessions on your own.

  33. 33
    John says:

    I am sold, Rose, lol.

    I feel like you did a mini reading on me based on my comment lol. I actually stumbled unto your website after googling “can EFT cut off cords or clear away other peoples energy from my aura” after watching a video on youtube saying that i could.

    then i found your article (thank you God!!!) about how eft does not cut off cords.

    then i stumbled across this article.

    wow your response was something i knew deep down inside but i could never really put it into words.

    after reading other blogs, i am definitely going to set up an appointment and call you very soon. i have some junk to move and dying for some relief lol.

    i am very excited for the call because i really believe you can help me!

    its so funny. once i stopped looking for “the answer” real solutions having been popping up. thank you VERY much for your services, Rose! i honestly honestly honestly appreciate it!

  34. 34

    JOHN, maybe you stopped looking for “the answer” but you did a lot of research.

    I am honored that you did a thorough, thoughtful survey and have decided to try a session of Aura Healing and Transformation.

    Helping people move away from weed and/or alcohol is one of the specialties I have developed over the years. I have helped others and would very much enjoy doing what I can to help you, as well.

  35. 35
    Amanda Flood says:

    Rose, reading all this has been incredibly illuminating. I used to smoke pot in my university days and on and off for a while after that and when I read your description it really struck a note. Thank you, once again.

    What I wanted to ask was, what about cords of attachment to people who smoke dope? My last boyfriend was a longterm potsmoker and I’m aware that some of my most troubling cords of attachment are to people I know who smoke a lot of dope. This has been a lifelong connection pattern for me. ‘Spiritual’ men, lol

    Now I know I’m an empath I’m wondering if I might be holding their patterns in me? Like I said I don’t smoke dope but I do very easily become the people I’m with. I’m allergic to alcohol but if I’m out with people who are drinking I feel a little tiddly and often have a headache the next day.

    If that’s the case can cutting the cord of attachment remove that stuff from me / my experience? (Still obviously determined on continuing with my empath empowerment work so that goes without saying)

    Thank you. 🙂


  36. 36

    AMANDA, you are absolutely right. It is very important to cut any cord of attachment to a pothead, or someone with whom you often got stoned or drunk.

    And you are so right, too, that becoming a skilled empath is smart to continue. Both lead to less STUFF and, therefore, work synergistically.

  37. 37

    Last but not least, AMANDA, thanks for your courageous feedback about smoking weed.

    It is, apparently, truly counter-culture these days to not be a fan of “wonderful” “medical” marijuana.

    To me the wackiest part of the big embracing of this here, in the U.S., is how hypnosis offers such a superior solution. Some of my colleagues in this field really specialize in pain reduction. They work ethically and skillfully to use the power of the subconscious mind to reduce pain.

    This all-natural approach can be at least as effective as smoking pot. Yet there won’t be deposits of STUFF in a person’s aura. To me, hypnosis for pain reduction is way cool.

  38. 38
    Amanda Flood says:

    Hi Rose, thanks 🙂

    It seems to me (from my own personal experience) that people who smoke pot, rather like alcoholics or anyone who distances themselves, put out a big energetic pull – and if something’s shouting loudly inside you then we tend to assume it’s because it’s important. It’s taken me some time to appreciate that the stillness inside is much more satisfying and freeing, it’s why I’m so determined to clear this stuff out!

    Marijuana also has a history of association with spirituality, with fun, with being a counterculture good timer who can laugh and be different in a cool way – and though it’s clear when you stop and think about it that it’s dulling, it’s got that seductive image. An easy way to be a kid again, and it’s very appealing to see that in anyone, I think that’s why it has such good press.

    Now that I’m nearly 40 I’m starting to realise how socially acceptable a certain level of alcoholism is. Similarly, it’s about recreating that sense of fun that comes naturally to kids!

    Here’s to giggles without stimulants!



  39. 39

    I recently wrote about pot and indigo adults:

    One of my readers just linked to this page and I wrote a response to this post on my site, but also wanted to rewrite it here because I truly am curious about the answers to my questions.

    Sorry it took me so long to reply…

    That link is great! The post was very interesting but it took me a while to get through and I want to respond to it thoughtfully.

    First of all, like rose-rosetree, you would be surprised how vehemently people have written about the benefits of pot. Usually it’s got a bit of edge to it, which makes me wonder if it really mellows people out in the long run.

    That being said, these are the two statements I like the most from her post:

    “Repeated trips, via pot, have caused her to identify with her astral body more than her physical body. She cares more passionately about astral life, at the particular plane where she travels, than about human life.”

    “Accumulated astral-level debris, from cords of attachment to problems from childhood to significant amounts of hard-to-remove debris that become attached to an aura every single time a person smokes pot. I call all this debris STUFF.”

    I agree with both of these statements, though it also made me ask some new questions.

    If the bit about relating more to the astral body is true, then how to highly successful people on the physical plane who are (or were) known pot smokers (Michael Phelps, Bill Clinton, Kevin Smith) become successful on the earth plane? And joyfully successful?

    And if we pick up all this debris while high on pot, if we go to energetically clean places with clear intentions of using the pot for well being, then is the attachment of STUFF likely to happen? I am thinking of the Native American use of pot for medicinal and/or religious purposes… with a direct and positive intention in an energetically clean place (like a forest).

    Great comment, though! Thank you for sharing it!

    ~ Peace ~

    Indigo Leslie

  40. 40
    Ronn webber says:

    hi rose i would like to say although you post has some intresting features of it i cannot quite see how you would know of anything about “stuff” or blocks unless you have smoked pot yourself. and you want to tell me how its going to affect me?makes about as much sense as you instructing an astronaunt on how to fly his rocket. first off what are these blocks made of? and how can you say anyone person is alike and it will affect them. maybe some are able to handle it better than others. maybe its god course in opening your mind. or others. everyone has their own foothold and life. dont step in other peoples. thanks. -ROnnn~

  41. 41

    RONN, there are so many blogs you could go to and enjoy more than mine. Feel free.

    I wouldn’t call the work that I do “step[ping} in other peoples.” My paying clients, folks who pay to buy my books, and Blog-Buddies here who pay (in) attention, none have been coerced by me.

    That includes clients who chose to stop habits with pot or cocaine or alcohol. They voluntarily came to me for help and I have been able to help them live substance free. Their choice. All important credit is due to them, but my support and help were a factor in the recovery process.

    Actually I agree with your idea (third to last sentence) that God helps potheads. God helps everyone.

  42. 42
    Kathrin Atkinson says:

    Thank you for your article. My partner and I are only just discovering for ourselves how much damage our pot use in the past has caused…and we’re pretty devastated about it. We both turned to it in our teens following traumatic life experiences that we weren’t able to process. I feel full of other energies that I feel jumped on board during my heavy smoking time. I regret it with all my heart. I too had believed that it was harmless or even beneficial. I wish I’d had your article back then. Can you do distance healing sessions to clear the effects of cannabis use?
    Thanks again – Kath

  43. 43

    KATH, you’re so welcome. Please know this:

    STUFF can always, always, always, always, be healed.

    Yes, I facilitate phone sessions of Energy Spirituality on a regular basis. What you might call a “Remote” session.

    Not so remote, really. It could even be fun. 🙂

    You and I (or your partner and I) would spend 55 minutes together in each session.

    You would bring an intention for that particular healing session, something emotional or spiritual, such as “Trust life more” or “Make better contact with objective reality” or “Have a stronger sense of self.”

    Then the session would proceed, with my researching your aura and then choosing a Healing Centerpiece to help, communicating all the while.

    More details about these aura healing sessions are here:

  44. 44

    KATH and others, one way you can help your friends is to offer a counter-culture point of view regarding marijuana.

    You might forward a link to this very blog post:

    Other blog posts that might be helpful are:

    1. To stop smoking pot, how Energy Spirituality can help

    and 2. Legalize Pot? An Aura Reading Perspective.

    Coercing those we love is never a good idea, IMHO. But if someone is curious, words might fall on attentive ears….

  45. 45
    Beth says:

    Hey Kath – call Rose up – works really well to get rid of all the accumulated funk from your druggie-daze. I did, and I cannot recommend Rose & her skills enough.

    One tip though, see if you can budget for 2 appointments right off the bat because she generally can only do one type of healing in a session due to time restrictions, and I felt that I needed more/other types of Energy Spirituality aspects too.

    She’s the professional, she’ll guide you through it. My head’s up is to let you know that there’s more than “cord cutting” involved here.

    Speaking of which, cutting cords of attachment with all the major people in that time of your life is worthwhile too.

    I feel great after all my work with her, and have since learned the skills myself 🙂 Can’t tell you all the improvements to my life 🙂 Has worked when nothing else ever did!

    Take care – and best of luck to you!

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