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My Aura Reading Comment on Marijuana on NPR


Blog-Buddies, with pot in the news these days, “All Things Considered” did a segment on “What if Marijuana Were Legal?” Aura Reading of the damage that pot can do was fresh in my mind from a recent blog post. When I heard the segment yesterday, I commented for the first time ever as a listener. Today my comment aired on the show. Listen in at this Aura Reading Anti-Pot link.

Incidentally, I found the link to be a little glitchy, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while for the “Listen Now” link to load.

My original email to National Public Radio goes as follows:

Commenting on “If Marijuana Were Legal”

I read auras professionally –maybe considered as weird socially as smoking pot but really quite different. From my perspective, pot is very, very dangerous. It’s a slow poison that has very specific consequences for all long-term users as well as very individual (and heart-breaking) consequences for each user.

Recently I did a blog post about this, going into detail about problems caused specifically by the use of pot. (You’re invited to google my blog, Rose Rosetree, and check this out, along with my credentials in this field.

Not only is marijuana dangerous. Its dangers are arguably worse than those of cigarettes, tea, coffee, even alcohol.

So all the praise of pot in this story is very understandable. Understandable but ill informed. Until all NPR listeners can read auras — invaluable for all holistic forms of healing as well as many other practical uses,– with all respect, non-aura readers will perceive only the surface problems with marijuana and other “recreational drugs.”

Personally, I consider this controversy yet one more reason to wish that everyone would learn how to use their in-built talent to read auras. With aura reading, the clear and progressive hazards of marijuana are so obvious, I’m confident they would change any open mind that now is in favor of legalization.

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    If you’re interested in seeing a somewhat detailed reading of a pothead, click over to this recent post:

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    lisa says:

    Hi Rose!
    As usual, very interesting post. I enjoy hearing your perspective.

    Could you comment a little on how coffee and/or tea effect auras?? From this post, I am getting the impression that these substances effect auras negatively–is this accurate?? I was a little surprised that you mentioned tea and coffee because so many cultures have these substances as a HUGE part of their socializing/diet… I am thinking: Japan–green teas, Italy–espressos… these are what first come to mind. And such very long, historical traditions–the tea ceremony. Curious what your thoughts are on these points.

    I am going to see if I can get the link to work, so that I can listen to your NPR comment, but wanted to post these thoughts while they were fresh in my mind and I had the chance. thanks!

  3. 3

    LISA, tea and coffee don’t alter an aura in any significant pathological way. (Tell the happy news to your friends at Starbucks 😉 )

    The only reason I brought up these very benign drinks is that the usual conversation in defense of pot smoking goes, “Pot is natural. It isn’t any worse for you than…..”

    Pot users will jump to defend their drug of choice, bringing in relatively purist ideas about food, drink, environment, anything really.

    Over at “Aura Reading of a Pothead,” a blog post from few days ago, the comments have come thick and fast and incredibly negative.

    As I noted in a comment last night, after deleting many so-called “comments” that were furious attacks, I have never received so much vituperation on this blog. Or off it.

    As part of that outcry, it’s only natural to howl that tea and coffee are hideous compared to pot.

    Sumptuous espressos, gorgeous green teas — some people do have problems with them, related to caffeine, etc. Others embrace antioxidants in the tea, flavor in that coffee, or simply love the sharpness and buzz they feel with either drink.

    I’m not saying that a particular beverage won’t have its effects on a person, with some not being altogether positive. But none of these foods does the equivalent of blasting a hole through the wall, depositing long-term STUFF in an aura, or causing a person to find astral life more charming than life here on earth.

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    I was very touched when “WENDY” emailed me with this question:

    “A friend of mine caught the clip on NPR regarding their fictious scenario regarding the legalization of pot smoking.

    “I just finished listening to the story and to yesterday’s responses.

    “I would like to know more of your knowledge regarding pot’s effects on one’s aura.

    “I know you are right. I just don’t know specifics, and would love to be able to possibly help my friend stop smoking. I think that is why he brought it to my attention in the first place.”

    Blog-Buddies, in the next comment, I’ll share my answer.

  5. 5

    Perhaps my answer to Wendy, as adapted here, may be helpful for you or someone else you care about:

    One place to start reading about problems pot causes would be here:

    Other posts on my blog could be interesting weed reads, too. So lurk away!

    Most practical: You might request an Aura Reading Report for your friend, if he would be open to that.

    Be sure to mention on the order form, if you do order this for him, that you want me to include comments about pot. Otherwise, I would discretely NOT!

    Generally, I do not take requests in that order form for reports. They are low in cost because I go through a specific set of research topics. So, Blog-Buddies, you heard it here. “Mention pot in my Aura Reading Report” or Personnel Profile or Relationship Report. This is the ONLY exception to my “No special requests” policy.

    If you do a phone session with me, whether RES Energy READING or RES Energy HEALING, that’s different. You can ask whatever you like and, in that setting, I have the freedom to answer as best I can.

    As you may know, when I’m in session with you, I can read any chakra databank in any person you have ever known, and at any time you have known that person.

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