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Face Reading Shows Specter’s Vulnerability

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What’s Senator Specter’s big problem, from the perspective of Face Reading? Here’s a physiognomy hint, in the form of Pat Toomey. Pat has some Face Reading data that Arlen had once, but no longer.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Normally, one would expect public loyalty to a U.S. senator who has served his state with integrity for 28 years, gaining seniority on committees, living without major scandal. One would expect loyalty, even gratitude, from within his own party.

You can’t just blame the strange new cannibalistic, demagogic craze nationwide among Republicans. Why attack Specter, of all people? Why risk further marginalizing a party that wants Senate seats and could have an easy win for Pennsylvania next year with Specter?

Yet Arlen Specter is fighting for his political life, engaged now in a primary battle over Election 2010.

(Non-American Blog-Buddies, who do Face Reading but not necessarily American civics, what does this means? America has two main political parties. Before an election — in this case, LONG before an election – someone within Specter’s own party is competing… and leading him in the polls.)

If you’ve done much Face Reading, our picture of the Senator tells you what you need to know. To clearly see the Face Reading data I’m about to describe in detail, see if you can open up this following Face Reading link.

Then use this Face Reading, Super Sleuth tip. Copy the photo onto a blank document and right-click, then pull on the corners to expand the whole face. With Face Reading, the more clearly you can see the physical face, the better.

And just in case you’d like an extra hint about what’s happening with the Face Reading data in the “cheek padding” category, look at a photo of a third Republican politician, a huge success story for his party. Senator Jesse Helms served in the U.S. Senate for 30 years.

Helms had staying power. For instance, he proudly staged a 17-day philbuster in order to prevent the adoption of Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday. And he stayed in the Senate, promulgating views that included homophobia as well as racism.

The Good Ol’ Boy had certitude, unyielding opinions. From a Face Reading perspective, Helms had something even better. Every one of you Blog-Buddies who entered our weekend Quiz will instantly see the difference. (You’all did great, incidentally! Congratulations, Face Readers.)


Helms had fabulous, muscular, smooth, ample cheek padding. (“Cheek padding” is my Face Reading term for flesh — fat and muscle — covering the cheek area. You can read a whole chapter on “Cheeks,” full of Face Reading terminology and practical uses, in “The NEW Power of Face Reading.)

Pat Toomey’s cheek padding isn’t exceptional, but is smooth at least, with moderately strong muscle tone. By contrast, check out the Face Reading data on Sen. Specter. He has lost just about all his cheek padding.

You Face Reading Blog-Buddies, responding to my Quiz, found a variety of ways to describe this Face Reading data. Essentially, Specter couldn’t have less cheek padding without oozing blood. You can even see what’s left of muscles that used to support his cheek padding. Now they look more like — to use a technical Face Reading term — “string.”


Dana made an interesting point, in her answer to our Face Reading Quiz, that people can have power without necessarily possessing ample cheek padding. Mr. Toomey is a great example of this.

Remember, when doing Face Reading, seek just one item of Face Reading data at a time. Don’t do global face gazing, like “Young, strong, energetic.”

Behold the Face Reading data required to see power style, where you see if any part of the face is wider than the cheeks at their fullest. Observing Toomey as a face reader, you’ll notice that he has the Face Reading data I call the “Passion Power style,” with forehead wider than cheeks.

According to my system of Face Reading Secrets®, this means that Toomey has a passion for ideas, believing strongly in them, motivated by his ideas to take action, highly intense as a person. This is a secret of his political success.

Also note, bringing your Face Reading perspective: Toomey doesn’t have a lot of cheek padding, but what he does have is moderately well toned.

By contrast, Arlen Specter’s cheek padding has changed dramatically over time. Check out a picture of him earlier in his political career.

Arlen’s cheek padding is extremely muscular, especially on the right side of his face. (Special points to Face Reading Quiz respondents Lisa W. and Jennifer for noticing Specter’s right-side characteristics.)

Early in his career, Specter had more oomph to his cheek padding than either Toomey or Helms. But Face Reading data changes over time.


Apart from Face Reading, you may have another way to interpret Spector’s changed cheek padding. If you know much about Senator Spector, you know he has been through two rounds of chemotherapy for cancer.

Besides admiring his courage — does anything take more courage than chemo, unless it is choosing alternative healing instead, in direct contradiction to social and financial pressures from America’s huge cancer fighting industry?

You might say the Face Reading data has changed for Specter because of the chemo. Or simply because he is older.

And then, you’d be right but also be wrong.


Face Reading, in general, isn’t just about the surface of the face. Face Reading starts at the surface and then moves through it (as in “Aura Reading THROUGH All Your Senses“) .

My system of Face Reading Secrets® is about emotional and spiritual growth. That’s because I notice these aspects of life, have developed techniques for bringing healing to them. These Deeper Perception aspects are the areas where I live.

By contrast, some of you Blog-Buddies may be specialists in physical healing, which can involve Deeper Perception but must, by definition, emphasize life on the surface. In that case, you might want to do Face Reading as if you were an acupuncturist. There are systems of Face Reading that emphasize diagnosis of health conditions.

Face Reading Secrets® does not do that. Personally, I’m not interested in doing that… because I don’t care to diagnose problems that I can’t help fix. Finding triumphs and problems of inner life, it is my joy to facilitate healing through Energy Spirituality HEALING and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®

Often, people who ARE especially interested in the health aspect of life treat the rest of life as though it can’t possibly matter as much. Even more, this perspective to Face Reading data shows with people who are big fans of cosmetic surgery, which takes the surface value of life to the max.

A cosmetic surgery fan, taking a decidedly un-holistic perspective, might say, “Gaunting of cheeks is an established fact. As people age, their cheeks grow thinner.”

And such a person would be wrong. Sometimes cheeks become thinner, definitely not always. Why? Even on a physical level, everyone does not age in the same way. For more details, check out the heavily illustrated Face Reading book that I researched over 9 1/2 years, Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup.

From a Face Reading perspective, there is good reason why some people lose cheek padding while others gain it. Likewise, there is good reason why some people maintain or improve muscle tone for their cheeks while others lose it, why some even develop jowls and others don’t. These changes coincide with what is happening inside a person.

Mischa Barton, for example, has cheeks even gaunter than those of Senator Specter. (More on her to follow.)

Face Reading celebrates human will. At least, my system of Face Reading does. For 5,000 years, physiognomists have called it unethical to do Face Reading on anyone under 18. I agree. But other face readers usually leave it there, while I have gone on to emphasize doing Face Reading about how people’s faces change over time.

The more I learn about Face Reading, the clearer it becomes to me that every change to Face Reading data is meaningful. And so are those Soul Signature traits that stay the same. Face Reading data that might seem quirky isn’t just quirky but meaningful.

Take One More Look At Those Cheeks

I invite you to revisit that photo of Senator Specter’s cheeks, especially the right one. (Cross over as if shaking hands to locate the right side of another person’s face.)

Check out that Face Reading data, ideally, by opening up this Face Reading link and copying and clicking and expanding the photo shown at the left.

What does it mean, having no cheek padding but a super-developed cheek muscle? Because those muscles aren’t just exposed clearly because there’s so little cheek padding.

Usually when a face loses cheek padding, you won’t see that muscle at all. For example, check out a photo of Madonna!

You can also look at current photos of other celebs with VERY gaunt cheeks, Courtney Cox and Mischa Barton.

You won’t find muscle here, nothing like the way Arlen Specter has developed extra muscle.

Instead, you’ll simply find a lack of that Face Reading data that I call “cheek padding.”

What does it mean, when Specter does have a super-developed muscle in each cheek! And it emphasizes the very high and prominent cheekbones on his face.

Senator Specter’s will to take action has grown stronger than that of most politicians. Think of a racehorse who pushes himself to win, not because he’s got exceptional speed but because he has heart.

The Republican powers that be might want to start studying Face Reading. They will be able to supplement what they observe politically with the truth about character. (That, of course, is what Face Reading is for, when you’re using it to help make political choices. Face Reading is a supplement to, not substitute for, observing a politician’s record and positions.)

With a Face Reading perspective on Specter, Republicans could be overjoyed to present him as a candidate. Not just because he would most likely win the Pennsylvania election but because — from that Face Reading perspective — here is a man who has gone through life’s challenges with redoubled courage and convictions, a true form of power that is uniquely individual and very, very human.

When this man has reached within him to find new ways to muscle his way through life, doing what he believes is right and important, his face changes to out-picture that. Face Reading tells us, “Honor this man. Follow his lead.”

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    Breaking news today…Sen Arlen Spector has just switched to the Democratic party…that is how strongly he feels about what he is putting forth and is evident of the lack of support he is getting from his, now former, fellow Republicans!

    This all seems to “support” your face reading, Rose.

  2. 2
    Dana says:

    That is amazing that he’s switching parties! I wonder if he will get some of his former cheek padding back if things work out for him as a Democrat.

    I didn’t realize that someone could have a super-developed cheek muscle like that without a lot of padding (or any?). That is fascinating. And the courage that that combination shows is wonderful. What a courageous move to switch parties, too, given his circumstances it sounds like. I’m so struck by how his example shows how meaningful face data is.

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