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Aura Reading Debunks Medical Use of Marijuana

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Blog-Buddies, recently we’ve been having intense conversations around Aura Reading and how it reveals major problems with smoking pot.

One conversation relates to my recent email on Aura Reading and Pot excerpted on “All Things Considered.” Another is the Aura Reading of a Pothead, where Comment #20 came in today from Mary:

Rose, how do you feel about the medical use of marijuana? It seems to alleviate suffering for a good many cancer and AIDS patients. Is that worth the risk of aura damage or do those folks suffer that at all? Thanks.

At the risk of being counter-culture (Ooh, so scary), and especially the risk of appearing uncaring, my view is that ALL use of marijuana is a big mistake for which the user will, long term, have to take the consequences.


Especially because I appreciate the suffering of those with cancer, AIDS, and other horrible conditions, do I urge all involved to say “No” to medical marijuana.

This is not a use of prescription medication that is directly related to a specific ailment, like taking the proper antibiotics to cure Lyme Disease. No, it’s an ill-informed attempt to alleviate pain.

Why ill informed? Just because scientists haven’t been able to research at subtle enough levels of reality to find where pot does its damage… that doesn’t mean the damage doesn’t happen. When more scientists do Aura Reading, they’ll be better able to devise experiments that prove the point. Meanwhile, when scientists fail to find very real problems, human beings become guinea pigs for experiments that can have dreadful consequences.

Back in 1930’s, my mother had very painful menstrual cycles. The doctor prescribed the fad of the day to alleviate her suffering: Morphine.

Mom tried it once or twice but the use of this medically approved drug gave her an ominous feeling. That “Uh-oh” feeling protected her from becoming a morphine addict.

Addiction to pot is no more desirable than addiction to morphine. Like any drug that distorts the aura while leaving the person feeling “high,” marijuana creates long-term, systemic damage to a person’s aura. There are generic consequences for any user, plus there are highly specific, and heart-breaking consequences for that individual.


One difference between now and the 1930’s is that Hypnosis has evolved enormously as a profession. Today it is one of the very best researched methods of mind-body-spirit healing, with a huge body of research supporting its effectiveness.

Within the field, there are practioners who specialize in Hypnosis for pain reduction. I’m not one of them, but I know one. My friend, Hypnotist Ali Moadab, is in demand in America and Germany, working in operating rooms and also making home visits to people in severe pain. (I’ve seen him work and he is just amazing.)

Hypnosis uses the power of the subconscious mind and resourcefulness of the mind-body-spirit system for natural healing.

For anyone who has been considering medical use of marijuana, or been using it, I recommend consulting the National Guild of Hypnotists to find a practitioner who can help you in this way.

As an Aura Reader as well as a Certified Hypnotist, I can tell you that Hypnotism is safe for a person’s aura while marijuana is extremely damaging.


Not everyone shares my belief system, that there is life after death. Not everyone believes in reincarnation.

But you might want to hedge your bets, like those who aren’t sure about God yet sometimes they do bedside conversions at the last minute, just to be on the safe side.

If you are absolutely postive that there will be nothing after the end of this life, then maybe you’re not concerned about the negative consequences of pot. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been doing Past-Life Regression sessions with clients since 1986, [now, by 2019 called Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®] and, in the words that a policeman might use, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

If you’ve been smoking pot even a few times, there will be a price to pay. You will have systematically weakened your aura, bringing astral debris (what I call STUFF) into some of the very most subtle, sacred areas of your mind-body system. You will have deposited frozen blocks of energy in your cells. Whatever your beliefs may be about how wonderful pot is, how it is “no worse than cigarettes or coffee,” etc., that doesn’t fix the damage.

Beliefs can work great for denial, but let’s not confuse denial with actual healing.

When a lifetime ends, here’s what I believe happens — based not on mere theory but on guiding clients through experiences as part of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, experiences that have brought my clients real, practical results for problem solving. You move out of your “dead” body in your body of light (a.k.a. your aura, now separate from the physical body). You move forward to your next place of development.

Fear and pain are gone! So are frozen blocks of energy… for now.

But if you should ever incarnate again on earth (and maybe in other dimensions and worlds, as well), soon as you’re in the womb, bam! All your frozen blocks of energy come back. Plus all the karmic influences that you have set in motion become a factor.

Negative karma includes any consequences of smoking pot, whether or not you were in denial over the damage it really does, whether you were so addicted that you ignored the ways your stoned lifestyle could have emotionally hurt the people you love, etc.

So, no, with all respect, I urge saying “No” to the use of marijuana for any purpose whatsoever, including medical marijuana.

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  1. 1
    Constantine says:

    I noticed in one of the newsletters I received you offer opening the “Third Eye.” What is to be expected? I’ve read literature on how to open this area and tried, but seem to fail.
    Are there myths associated with the “third eye” opening and most important dangers.
    Thank you,

  2. 2

    CONSTANTINE, so glad you asked. Yes, I facilitate a particular kind of Third Eye Opening. This is done during personal sessions, as requested and as appropriate.

    Many things are meant, or implied, by this term. They could be even called myths, or they might happen, depending on what is being offered.

    Sometimes people mean flashy experiences to open the doors of perception, a reason why many turn to pot or peyote or other substances. As you may have guessed, I don’t offer that. 😉

    Sometimes people mean moving Kundalini energy and causing it to go through a person more strongly than it otherwise would. A dear friend once was very offended when I mentioned that I offered Third Eye Openings to clients as appropriate and told me, in the politest possible tones (She is, after all, British) that “This could be dangerous, you know.” I’m pretty sure she thought I was offering that.

    But that isn’t what I facilitate doing at all.

    The type that I facilitate is done by the Divine Being of the client’s choice, e.g., Jesus, St. Germain, Archangel Raphael. It is is a gentle removal of types of STUFF in the client’s aura that have blocked having conscious awareness of spiritual experience.

    Picture a client’s real connection to Spiritual Source going out by 5 feet, sparkling and luscious. And then picture that the client only experiences a whispy 2-inch version, cloudy and boring. The type of Third Eye Opening that I facilitate simply moves out the cause of that small obstruction so the client can appreciate what he or she already has. Small shifting, really, but important to the client’s experience of self, or God, or spiritual practice, etc.

    In general, all my sessions of RES Energy HEALING are for STUFF removal.

    You can read more on this part of my work at this link:

  3. 3
    Constantine says:


    I checked out the link and need to make a comment on this particular statement: “custom designing a meditation technique for you”. **This is in regards to opening the Third Eye, I think**

    Currently I practice a form of meditation, I won’t go into detail since this may open up another subject to “blog”; but my meditation does have to do with the heart. I wonder how I would manage the two, or would I have to give up the one I currently practice. Or am I getting confused with separate processes?

    Removing the “stuff” has truly perked my interest!

    Thanks again for your time!


  4. 4

    And thanks, CONSTANTINE, for another fine question.

    First, facilitating a Third Eye Opening does not have to involve custom-designing a meditation technique just for you.

    If you’re already on a spiritual path, with a practice that benefits you, why change that? If a Third Eye Opening is appropriate for you, it will be perfectly compatible with that.

    I have facilitated such sessions with Christians, Buddhists, Jews, agnostics, etc.

    Hope this helps. If some of your question isn’t answered, ask it!


  5. 5
    Constantine says:

    Considering time constraints, resources, and the need to pick just “one” important type of session, in a person’s life (I’m thinking about self here, I’m wondering what would be best: doing a cord of attachment session or third eye opening. I’m sure you may respond it’s all about what I want to work on, or what direction to go in.
    For example, currently I do have a deep spiritual life and practice of faith. But encountering (encountering meaning “seeing”) spiritual beings is another matter. I have felt the presence of spiritual beings, both types…good and bad.
    I guess my question is this….which produces greater benefits, opening the third eye (removing stuff), or cutting cords of attachments? Now I’m talking about a single session.
    Thank you for all your help!

  6. 6


    The only responsible response to your question is this: To find out what would be most important for you in a personal session, set up the session, let me read your aura a bit and find it out based on that.

    Intelligent people, educated people, especially, have a tendency to want to “figure out” all about Deeper Perception. This would put the cart before the horse. Instead, you go into Aura Reading, Skilled Empath Merge, etc. This gives deeper information and then you use this to make choices.

  7. 7
    Tweet says:

    Rose, you said “my view is that ALL use of marijuana is a big mistake for which the user will, long term, have to take the consequences.”

    I assume you mean by that, the use of marijuana for ALL purposes (medical or other)?
    Or do you mean as well : ALL methods of marijuana use?

    And from what I read on the internet, not everybody seems to agree on what the differences are between-if there are any-marijuana, hemp and cannabis. Some say that ‘marijuana’ is the Spanish term for ‘cannabis’ and ‘hemp’ is the English term for the same plant.
    In another article I read that marijuana is the fruit of the cannabis plant and yet another says that marijuana and hemp plants are two different varieties of the cannabis sativa plant.

    Also, there seems to be different uses for the cannabis plant. Smoking marijuana is one way, but you can also use this plant to produce hemp oil (oil made of the cannabis hemp plant that you can ingest, vaporize or use topically).

    I’m just watching video’s on youtube about the benefits of hemp oil (also ‘marijuana’ oil?). It seems to be the cure for many diseases according to the people in this video. I wonder if you find these people to have damaged aura’s as well from the hemp oil or is it only the case with those who *smoke* whatever parts of the cannabis plant?

  8. 8
    lisa says:

    Hi Tweet,

    your post on hemp oil is interesting. I watched the you tube video. I wonder if hemp oil produces a “high” in someone?

    From what I gather, this mental high is one of the aspects that is harmful energetically for one, creating a “hole” or compromising the integrity in one’s aura.

    I would be interested in other people’s comments/perspectives around this… There are so many different views on whether marijauna is medicinal and/or beneficial.

    I have wondered if creating a ritual (setting an intention of why doing it…) around occasional (a few times a year) marijauna use would energetically/spiritually protect one’s consciousness from being effected in a negative way (aurically).

    thanks for your post.

  9. 9
    Tweet says:

    hi Lisa,

    I don’t think you can have a ‘high’ from using hemp oil. It seems that this oil would be derived from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant which has very low levels of THC, from which you need higher levels(like in the marijuana plant) to create the mental high.

    That’s interesting that you wonder whether taking marijuana occasionally accompagnied with a certain ritual would not be harmful, because I recently saw a video with channeling information from Bashar (maybe you already know him?) who said that if you want to use it, it is best to do it with the help of a ritual, like some indegenous people still do and once in a while as opposed to frequently, like some smokers do, because it does build up toxins overtime.

  10. 10

    TWEET, here is where Aura Reading could ground this discussion into personal reality.

    If you, or someone you know, has smoked pot in any way — with rituals or without — you can read that person’s aura to find out the consequences, going into one chakra databank at a time.

    Instructions for doing depth research are right in “Read People Deeper.” Or, if you want to have me do detailed research for you, certainly you could include that in a phone session. For that, no photo will be necessary, provided that you personally know the individual you are researching.

    Why? Your aura contains complete information about the auras of people with whom you have interacted.

    You also could do research IN ADVANCE of smoking pot, in any context. This is Soul Thrill® Aura Research.

    Obviously there are sacred traditions where substances like peyote and tobacco have been used on very special occasions, and this would be very different from recreational use. This would especially make sense if the individual practices Native American spirituality or Shamanism thoughout life. That’s different from turning “Native American” once every three months to get high and then going back to no daily practice of the religion.

    Tweet, if you know any potheads personally, you may find they consider it a sacred ritual every time. Beliefs aside, they’re still indulging in a slow poison. There are sacred rituals that do not damage a person’s aura at all. Nobody HAS to do weed to experience higher states of consciousness.

    That’s why I maintain that for most people, most of the time, it’s really wise to just say “No.” If you do detailed research into auras, you’ll see why.

  11. 11
    lisa says:

    Hi Tweet,

    Thanks for your comments to my recent post. It is great to get more information. I haven’t heard of Bashar…

    Also, Rose, your perspective is so appreciated. It hadn’t occured to me in this way to get information about different substances from my aura and how substances interact energetically with me.

  12. 12
    non says:

    Hi Rose, all this makes me wonder what the effects of green tea are on one’s aura. It’s a stimulant afterall, that billions of people drink several times a day throughout their lifetime. I’m thinking of the caffeine and theanine content in tea. I recall you recently reading a girl’s aura relating to Italian food and how it affected her (poorly turns out) and now I wonder if you’ve ever read how tea affects people. I mean, people all over the world take in this stuff in mass quantities, it’s a part of our lives!

  13. 13

    Interesting question, NON. Thanks.

    Many people, I’ve found, share your concern about caffeine, whether from green tea or black tea or coffee. Mostly these people are either into pot or major purists about food, or both.

    Personally, I do not find that these beverages put STUFF into people’s auras. Tobacco doesn’t either, apart from the damage to a person’s breathing system. Whereas pot does, cocaine does, heroin does.

    So it’s fascinating to me, Non, that people can call pot healthier than tobacco or claim that tea is far more toxic than weed.

    Anybody can learn to become a really good aura reader, and do it in depth and detail whenever you like, using the Gift Set that God gave you. Anybody can learn to read auras really well from photos, too.

    I offer techniques for doing this, and if you can find someone else’s techniques that get you there, and your prefer those techniques, do them instead. These days, there’s no good reason to simply speculate or have abstract conversations about what does what to an aura, which concerns are serious versus trivial, etc.

    Today I gave a day-long workshop for 20 new Japanese aura readers, all of whom are now successful, none of whom was able to read auras before we began our study together. When more people DO read auras, I hope we’ll have an end to fear-based statements about tea.

    Giving a workshop last weekend, I had a student ask about something she heard from a New Age teacher, saying that “If you drink tea or eat meat, angels will avoid your aura.”

    Ridiculous! Aura readers, research that one on your own and have a huge laugh, because just about everyone alive has loads of angels who work with you at any given time, delighted to be part of your aura and not the least bit horrified if you go to a Starbucks.

    Until people do Aura Reading, perhaps the confusion involves lifestyle. Pot smokers, meditators, and people who are passionate about having a pure diet often are very mellow people, soft spoken, walking gently on the earth, etc.

    These sweet people can find folks who drink caffeine to be too hyper or aggressive, also people who are not vegetarians.

    I remember eating dinner at a youth hostel in London with a mellow, mellow American traveler who seemed to have all the time in the world to make his elaborate vegetarian dinner. He was exceedingly careful about what he put in his body. But his aura was such a mess. Some of the mystery was solved, for me, after dinner… when he went off to smoke weed.

    A mellow lifestyle can be immensely appealing. It’s just a lifestyle preference, however. Definitely not any guarantee of a super-pure aura! Plenty of seemingly mellow people carry rage in their auras, actually.

    No lifestyle guarantees purity on the level of auras. From what I’ve observed, a rather huge number of ardent vegetarians and food purists are walking around in bodies that, aurically, can be quite undernourished.

    Some people whose lifestyles are based on passionate ideology may actually confuse WEAKNESS with SERENITY.

  14. 14
    Deirdre says:

    Rose, I´d be interested in your impressions of Ritalin users´auras.

    I just was involved in drama project of 14, 15, and 16 year olds here in Germany. A boisterous, bursting at the seams, creative group of Ritalin free kids with the most exquisitly beautiful auras.

    A lot of the graduates in the picture you posted the other day also have such a lovely radience.

    It made me aware of the kids I have worked with who are on medication. It breaks my heart to see children with signatures of brilliance in their auras who are forced to be like plants planted in cement because society is the wrong shape for them. Drugs are visible years and years after people are clean. What are we, as a society, doing to our kids?


  15. 15


    Although the subject of kids on Ritalin for the sake of social convenience is sad, it brightens my day that YOU are reading auras from photos.

    More of us, over time, can change the sleepy, confused consciousness that allows such things to happen.

    Thanks so much for writing, Deirdre!

  16. 16

    One more point about substance questions: If the person under medication is able to get to the Washington D.C. suburbs for a sessions in person, like “Daisy” coming here from Dresden, we could have an entirely different kind of conversation.

    There’s a uniquely effective form of Past-Life Regression, what I call Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, that can help in many cases. This is a particular set of techniques that helps the client to permanently release causes of specific problems, as located in the form of subtle energies from the past.

    Coletta Long, Ph.D., is my mentor for this. Her discoveries in the field have been tested for over 60 years, and I feel privileged to have studied with her.

    So if Daisy has become a big advocate of daily pot smoking but secretly wonders what makes her so desperate to get high, or if she simply would like to kick her cigarette habit — Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® really might help.

    You’ll find general information about it here:

  17. 17
    new says:

    Rose, if marijuana affects one’s aura as you described, then would raw dark chocolate effect people in the same detrimental manner? Chocolate, especially the dark, raw kind such as cacao contains huge amounts of theobromine which breaks down into the same chemicals as marijuana and can indeed cause a “high.” Many people get rapid heart rate from eating an ounce of this kind of chocolate. I’m talking about the dark, unprocessed kind called cacao. Do you think cacao (raw, dark, unprocessed chocolate) can damage people just as much as marijuana? Lots of people eat this because it’s marketed as a “health food”, a supernutrient.

  18. 18

    NEW, thanks for writing. Unfortunately I am not available to answer questions at the blog about effects of various substances people are curious about. Sorry. This is a blog about learning to use Deeper Perception on your own, particularly for emotional and/or spiritual healing.

    Perhaps you would like to become an expert at Aura Reading and do your own impartial research on chocolate. Aura Reading I definitely CAN teach you.

    Perhaps start with “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

  19. 19


    In the Mind-Body-Spirit community, “Judging,” as you call it, is nearly as controversial a topic as somoking pot.

    Clearly you consider judging a bad thing, and something to overcome if you feel that someone else has judged you.

    My warning about smoking marijuana is not about judging but about deeper perception and reality, as I perceive it.

    Reality is different for different people, but all I can ever do in this blog, or elsewhere, is to honestly share my views and experiences in reality.

    In the reality of deeper perception, smoking pot, weed, marijuana, the wonderful medical substance that distracts people from pain — whatever you call that — it adds STUFF galore to a person’s aura.

    This STUFF makes it harder to have a good life. Living all clogged up with STUFF is an inalienable right.

    The more STUFF you carry, the more likely that you will wrestle with issues around feeling “judged.” Life becomes simpler, and speech and action become more effective, with less STUFF.

    You Blog-Buddies are free to judge — or to discern — for yourself, and make choices accordingly.

  20. 20

    This morning I found a fascinating comment about mind-altering drugs, like peyote and pot, from the spiritual teacher known as Almine:

    She is talking about the sacred use of consciousness, for shape-shifting and other purposes. This is done through what she calls a person’s “assemblage point.”

    “This assemblage point’s sustained movement can be achieved through training and practice and particularly through utilizing the council of the elders, thereby resolving inner conflicts.

    “Assemblage points can also be shifted with the use of mind-altering drugs like peyote.

    “The Plains Cree and Anishnawbe did not indulge in the use of mind-altering drugs, believing that they disturbed judgment and clarity.

    “They also believed that peyote was grown on the soft ground where other tribes dwelt and that it was not a medicine for them to use.

    “Later, Toltec Shamans also shied away from the use of mind-altering drugs, believing that it caused an erratic movement of the assemblage point and could produce realities from which man would never return.

    “The controlled shifting of the assemblage point was valuable in releasing the tyranny of left-brain and was also a highly developed skill to be used under a trained Shaman Nagual or spiritual teacher.”

    For more about Almine’s magnificent essay, “Why Seekers of Higher Wisdom Do Not Perform the Act of Shape-Shifting,” follow this link:

    [Link No Longer Available]

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