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To cut Cords of Attachment is to be involved in one of the most powerful techniques available today for holistic healing and psychological healing.

You might have questions as a client, a prospective client, a healer, or a healer who’s considering learning my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Or you might have questions as a complete newbie, someone just learning about this amazing Cut Cords option for the first time.

Bottom line, if you want to learn how to cut Cords of Attachment, I can definitely help you. I’ve helped others, including many who now do this work professionally.

In any case, this post serves as a Q&A Center. Today I’ll respond to some excellent questions posed to me recently. Add your questions and comments below.

Got questions? Got Cords?


When you have an interest in someone new, immediately two structures are formed to connect your aura with the other person’s aura.

A Spiritual Tie contains patterns of love, learning, sweetness. This is a magnificent energy structure. Once formed, it continues permanently.

A Cord of Attachment contains the most disturbing, troubling patterns that ever arise between you and the other person, the “cordee.” Unless removed properly, it also continues permanently.

If the cordee no longer speaks to you, even “dies,” you still will have that Cord of Attachment until the last minutes of your life. At least you will unless that Cord of Attachment is cut properly.

Why does that matter. Every Cord Item in the Cord of Attachment repeats 24/7, dumping toxic patterns etc. into your aura and subconscious mind.

Since 1986, I have worked professionally with clients, facilitating the procedure to Cut Cords of Attachment. My system produces permanent results. I have never heard of a Cord of Attachment returning for any of my clients. What I have heard (often) are thank you’s about huge results for my clients, even miracles.

Eventually I wrote a how-to book, Cut Cords of Attachment, for two purposes.

It’s useful for you as a client and/or consumer. So much confusion, even outright nonsense, is written on the Internet about what it means to cut Cords of Attachment. I don’t claim to know everything, but I am an experienced source of knowledge on this topic. So I saw the need for a book that would help people to understand what this Cut Cords procedure is, how it works, even why it works.

My how-to on Cut Cords of Attachment also works as a how-to if you would like to learn a quality, effective method,  my 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R). Yes, you can learn the complete skill set right from that book, although supplementary resources are available as well. (See the LINKS section at the end of this post.)

Cord Cutting Question #1

Q. “When I work with clients, I notice cords sometimes. What is the quick way that I can adapt your 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment?”

A. Please, oh please, don’t try to do that. You’re far better off doing nothing.

The system works as “12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment, ” not “30 Seconds to Cut Cords of Attachment.”

As a psychotherapist, you might find it awkward to bring up the topic, but don’t try to do a secret, stealth version. If you don’t have the client’s permission, don’t do it. You might educate the client a bit and then make a referral to a dedicated practitioner like me. Then I (or my Appointment Coordinator Mitch) can answer the questions of the client, make the appointment.

Then I can facilitate doing a quality job. Afterwards, you’ll look better as a psychotherapist because you can move forward much more effectively. Too often, psychotherapists have to, effectively, repackage the problems from a Cord of Attachment.

Cord Cutting Question #2

Q. “I do energy work. I’ve been taught to brush away cords of attachment, but then they come back. Can I combine what I learned with some parts of your 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment?”

As a body worker, you might have been told to brush away a cord, or learned some other procedure to mechanically move out the energy of a cord. Procedures like this won’t necessarily harm your client, but they’re really a big waste of time because the Cord of Attachment isn’t being properly cut.

If you take part of my system of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®, you are not using the system. Therefore, the Cord of Attachment won’t be properly cut that way, either.

You would serve your clients far better by either dedicating an hour of your session time to cutting one cord properly or doing nothing about that particular cord of attachment.

Once an otherwise talented, ethical body worker, “Jen,”  did a session for “Roy,” a client of mine. During the last five minutes she said, “Do you want me to cut all your cords?”

This could be considered akin to putting nuts and a cherry on someone’s brownie sundae, except that Roy wasn’t receiving a dessert but (supposedly) a healing.

Because Roy has actually had Cords of Attachment cut in a quality way, he refused. Jen was puzzled that Roy declined her offer and proudly told him, “I cut my cords every day.”

Jen might as well have hung out a sign next to the one for her real work. This extra sign would read, “I know nothing, really, about how to cut Cords of Attachment. Except it sure sounds good.”

Cord Cutting Question #3

In a recent Cord Cutting comment at “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” Tweet asked:

Q. Is it possible to cut cords for someone who is very ungrounded?

The answer is “Yes, of course.”

I’m delighted with Tweet’s question because it’s like so many others I have been asked over the years. You can imagine a whole list.

Is it possible to cut Cords of Attachment for:

  • Someone who is blonde
  • Someone who has poor dental hygiene
  • Someone who dances badly

In what other field of healing today would such a question even be asked? Say that you go to a dentist to drill a cavity and save your tooth. That’s not terribly different from going to an expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality, asking to cut a Cord of Attachment so you can feel better in mind-body-spirit. What would you think of a dentist who stood before you, drill in hand, and then said:

“I’m sorry. I can’t work on that tooth. You’re too ungrounded.”

Sometimes it CAN be the case that for a new client, a different healing centrepiece is the priority, particularly healing a case of Spiritual Addiction. But trust me, Tweet. Whenever someone says, “I can’t cut that Cord of Attachment because you’re too [fill in the blank]” that person may as well hang out a sign that reads, “I know nothing, really, about how to cut Cords of Attachment. Except it sure sounds good.”

Cord Cutting Question #4

Tweet also asked:

Q. “What if the cords are the cause of someone’s ungroundedness?”

Let’s tackle the first part of this question and the second part separately. Implied here, to me at least, is the idea So many Cords of Attachment, how do I cope?

Plural Cords of Attachment, yoicks!

No matter how many Cords of Attachment, 1 or 25, the method is the same. You cut them. Obviously — at least I hope this is obvious to you — if there is a whole bunch of major Cords of Attachment, you still must cut them one Cord of Attachment at a time.

Anyone who tells you to cut a whole bunch o’ Cords of Attachment at once — or freaks out that there is more than one — is still learning basics about how to do this kind of healing.

To go back to the dentist analogy, if you go to that dentist with cavities in every tooth in your head, it might be very nice if the dentist could wave her magic wand and “fix all your teeth” in that session.

But, because most people have some concept of modern dentistry even if they are not, personally, dentists, it doesn’t seem like asking too much if the dentist were to say, “Each tooth must be worked on individually.”

I have actually been to a dentist with that problem, back when I was 14 years old.

Thank goodness, he didn’t say, “Multiple cavities? I’m overwhelmed.”

Nor did he punch me so hard that ALL my teeth wobbled around in my head.

As the smart professional he was, my fine dentist fixed up one cavity at a time.

I sat in that dentist’s chair for many hours. It took multiple visits but, hey, I had multiple teeth. And still do! (Thanks, in part, to that excellent, patient dentist.)

Cord Cutting Question #5

Q. But how can you cut a Cord of Attachment when something about that cord makes a person difficult to deal with (as a person)?

To me, that’s the other part of Tweet’s question. (And, Tweet, if I didn’t catch all the parts, feel free to comment below.)

When you learn the skill set I call “12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment,” you own a set of skills comparable to a dentist’s knowledge plus the tools right there in the dentist’s office. If the dental patient is well enough to sit, hold head up, not projectile vomit on the hygienist, etc., you’re in business.

Over the decades, I have had some clients who were frightened because a particular Cord of Attachment might (they feared) be too toxic, too scary, etc. No problem! Those were fears. Maybe those were also nasty Cords of Attachment, but I had a complete skill set.

Once I had a client, “Fred,” who was extremely scared, and he had a good reason. His ex-girlfriend, “Heidi,” was into Voodoo. So she had some Voodoo practitioner working on Fred. If you’ve ever had contact with professionals at this, you know it could be a big deal.

Before seeing me, poor Fred had been to several shamanic healers who were not able to successfully remove the Cord of Attachment. However, I was able to permanently cut that Cord of Attachment just fine. The technical difference involved making an “Energy Sandwich,” something gone into at length in the book Cut Cords of Attachment.

Actually, I am honored to have helped teach this skill set to some professional shamanic healers. For the rest of their work, they use the rest of the sacred, traditional skills that are part of their practice. For cutting Cords of Attachment, they use the sacred, postmodern skill set called “12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment.”

Cord Cutting Question #6

Q. Can you tell which of the people made the cord form? Was it me or the cordee?

Cords of Attachment and Spiritual Ties actually are formed in pairs, in most relationships. So if you meet Jose and go on a couple of dates, both of you have a Cord of Attachment. Your Cord of Attachment to Jose is the one you have control over, the one you can remove.

Jose’s Cord of Attachment to you is none of your business.

I do hear a fair amount of beginner-type questions like this one. Similar concerns involve:

  • Jose “corded” me.
  • I didn’t want a cord to Jose but he gave me one anyway.
  • I’m scared that now that I broke up with Jose, he’s going to “cord” me.

Let me reassure you. Jose might text you. He might twitter you. He might even, ugh!, sext you.

But “cording” is not a verb in reality. This concept combines fear and a lack of understanding about how Cords of Attachment work. Neither spiritual ties nor Cords of Attachment are created on purpose.

The way many people discuss Cords of Attachment today reminds me of the popularization of yoga in recent years. The good news is, more people know about it. The bad news is, they sort of know about it.

Carrying a yoga mat and wearing cute yoga clothes does not mean that a person receives the benefit of yoga.

Talking about “cording” people or “I cut all my cords every day, do you?” does not mean that a person has received the huge benefits of cutting Cords of Attachment.

Finally, for laughs, you’re welcome to read a popular online collection of confusing, ineffective techniques to cut Cords of Attachment. Sage advice includes “spending time alone.” Sure, that’s going to do “so much” to remove a real live permanent structure, full of flows of toxic energy that are very personal, circulating into your subconscious mind and aura until death.

Feel free to comment on all the cute advice there!

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  1. 1
    Tweet says:

    thanks so much for answering my questions, Rose!

    The reason why I asked these questions is because I am busy reading your book ‘Cutting Cords of Attachment’ and in there you write that there are a couple of reasons to not cut a cord of attachment, like when people are in a crisis and also when the person is very unrealistic.
    So, I was thinking if you are very ungrounded, you’re not very in touch with reality either… in that sense, I thought you might not take on a client who is ‘too ungrounded’.

    My other question would be if it is important to cut cords (if you plan to cut several-not all at the same time of course) in a certain order?
    Like, if one cord to a person or event is the cause of someone’s ungoundedness or even fatigue syndrome, is it important to cut that particular cord first (that caused this condition) in order to cut other cords succesfully?

  2. 2

    Aha! TWEET,so glad you’re reading “Cut Cords of Attachment” and thinking about questions. Excellent!

    When I discuss “when the person is very unrealistic” I don’t mean “not especially grounded.”

    Examples are would-be clients who said, “I am under psychic attack and need you to protect me” and “I need you to tell me which cords I have and fix all of them for me in one session.”

  3. 3

    TWEET, and other Blog-Buddies, on to the next excellent question:

    “My other question would be if it is important to cut cords (if you plan to cut several-not all at the same time of course) in a certain order?”

    Not to worry! Any time you cut a Cord of Attachment, you remove STUFF from the person’s aura. That brings more clarity for the rest of the person’s healing journey.

    But… the one thing that is extremely important is that you begin by cutting MINOR Cords of Attachment, as described in that book.

    Actually, the smartest thing to do is to cut every MINOR Cord of Attachment from the list of categories provided and facilitate moving out all of them before you begin to cut a MAJOR Cord of Attachment.

    Why? With more experience, you’ll do a better quality job. Using the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment, you’ll be doing a permanent job and doing it quite well. But it’s only common sense. You’re going to do a better job cutting Cord of Attachment #25 than Cord of Attachment #2.

    A better job means more nuance to the Cord Items you use for validation, the quality of discussion of Logical Consequences, even better homework, more detail and accuracy to your Before-and-After Pictures.

    And, as some of my students have told me — to their amazement — even cutting a MINOR Cord of Attachment, and doing a quality job of it, can bring huge improvement to life.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for all your questions, TWEET.

  4. 4
    Tweet says:

    aw I see now what you mean with being ‘unrealistic’.

    Yes, I understand that practising on minor cords first is important before tackling the major ones, but if I would do a session with you (who has already experience) I think it would be a good idea to tackle a big one and from that place I could have more clarity to start cutting and practicing on minor cords and remove even more stuff, right?

    Thanks again for the answers, Rose! I like the way you make these things practical and not so ‘airy’ as some others present it.

  5. 5

    Aw, thanks, TWEET.

    In a session with me, definitely bring up the biggest, scariest, yuckiest one you can think of.

    I remember once doing a session in Japan with a wonderful interpreter, “Susan.” Besides being a superb interpreter and great help to me with the client, Susan is also extremely clairvoyant — much more so than me, where I have a different gift set, effective but not so visual.

    After one session ended and we bowed goodbye to the client and closed the door, Susan turned to me. She paled. She nearly trembled visibly. She said, “I saw that Cord of Attachment, and it was without question the most disgusting thing in an aura that I ever saw in my life.”

    She added, “You must be so brave.”

    Actually, because of my different gift set, I had been spared that particular sight. 😉

    Granted, I do experience through emotions, clairaudience, Truth Knowledge, etc. But by now I have established those healing skills quite thoroughly, and much more present to me than any distress from my client is the presence of the Divine Being selected by my client to be in charge of the session, e.g., Archangel Raphael, Sananda, etc.

    Having a session with me can be an excellent way to understand more deeply the whole process of cutting Cords of Attachment. Plus you receive the healing, so it’s a very, very good idea.

  6. 6

    One service that I include during a session of RES Energy HEALING is giving my client the option of bringing up a couple of possible candidates. Then I check out just how bad each cord is, whether or not it’s worth cutting during a session, and making sure there’s permission to cut it.

    Just before this commenting here, I did a session with a client where checking like this was included.

    This can be useful if you’re having trouble deciding in advance of a personal session.

  7. 7
    Tweet says:

    That sounds like a good idea. If it were the case that you have no permission to cut a cord for some reason, do you proceed then to do something else instead, like removing debris or another type of healing that may be useful?

  8. 8
    Tweet says:

    Oh, I forgot one other thing to ask. 😉

    I think you’ve mentioned that you can do this type of work from a distance over the phone, but is it also possible for you to use a program like SKYPE, where you can talk to one another, just like on the phone, but with the use of your computer?
    I read this program is downloadable for free and when both people who want to communicate have it installed, you can also talk for free.

  9. 9

    TWEET, re Comment 7, exactly right. However, only three times in my career so far (since 1986) have I not received permission to not cut a particular Cord of Attachment.

  10. 10

    And re Comment 8, TWEET, I have tried Skype years ago and found it inconvenient.

    If it’s a session within the U.S. and you don’t get free domestic minutes, let me know when we set up the session and I will call you.

    Clients outside the U.S. (for instance, this last week, I did phoner sessions in New Zealand, Switzerland, and Japan) just find a good calling card rate.

    Perhaps I will reconsider at some future time, but that’s my current way of doing things.

  11. 11
    Tweet says:

    ok, I think I found a better solution than Skype, it’s called Freecall.
    I will contact you privately about that. 🙂

  12. 12
    Ryan says:

    I am not sure which is worse, the set of “confusing, ineffective techniques to cut Cords of Attachment” you linked to or things such as cord cutting meditations that are channeled from divine beings (not that I actually bought that).

  13. 13

    RYAN, it really is a zoo out there, isn’t it? Great to hear from you, BTW.


  14. 14
    lisa says:

    Hi Rose,

    Wondering what your thoughts are on the following:

    Do you think the cords one forms with family of origin (parents, siblings, grandparents etc…) are more important to cut because of the length of time the negative energy patterns are stuck in ones energy and the (often) intrinsic capacity of these relationships to be so formative and influential one’s development??

    I know any relationship has the capacity to be immensely influential on one, but wondering what your perspective is around this…? I am wondering if I am a little misguided in giving my family of origin cords so much weight in terms of which cords I am choosing to cut with you in sessions???

    Thanks for any thoughts/clarification you can offer…!

  15. 15
    Kathy says:

    I have read that a Mother has energetic cords to her children, that are suppose to be cut by the child or Mother when he is old enough to survive on his own strength. Do you subscribe to this belief? If so, how do you make sure you are not cutting a necessary cord & setting a child adrift?

  16. 16

    KATHY, the good news is that you are curious about Cords of Attachment and have begun to do a little reading. It’s hard to know where to start addressing all the misinformation you have read.

    The simplest thing is to invite you to go onto my website,, and read FAQs about cutting cords of attachment.

    You can also also click onto the cover of CUT CORDS OF ATTACHMENT and find loads of accurate information from someone who has worked in this field professionally for more than 20 years.

    You might also consider getting your own copy of this book, which can help you as a consumer and also teach you how to do a quality job of cutting your own cords of attachment. It’s the first book in English about how to Cut Cords of Attachment and it has been translated into Japanese. In the English edition, it is sold in bookstores in Russia, China, many parts of the European Union, etc.

    I can assure you that nothing I write on this topic is based simply on a belief. And I do encourage you, Kathy, to shift from thinking about Cords of Attachment as a matter of belief, or something to make theories about, or discuss pro’s and con’s about as though this were some interesting new topic of a philosophical nature. Cutting Cords of Attachment is a contemporary form of healing, like dentistry. Except there are many ridiculous discussions about it on the Net, where people DO treat it like a fantasy topic. As in “All mothers should…” do anything.

    I have facilitated cutting hundreds of Cords of Attachment, with many clients reporting huge results. The majority of my clients book multiple sessions with me, not because it doesn’t work when a Cord of Attachment is cut but because the results are so good that the client, very sensibly, wants more results from cutting additional Cords of Attachment.

    After you do some more reading here, come on back and let us know if you still have worries about “setting a child adrift” or anyone being “supposed to” cut cords or cords supposedly contributing to a person’s strength.

  17. 17
    lisa says:

    HI Rose,

    Wondering if empaths are more susceptible to forming cords of attachment, and does being skilled/unskilled impact forming cords? For example, being a skilled empath, is one less likely to form a cord with someone by being more aware of themselves, life lessons?

    Thanks, Lisa

  18. 18

    LISA, such a great question! I will devote a whole blog post to this when I can.

    Thanks for all your comments with fascinating questions. I’d also like to thank you for putting this on the blog as a comment.

    With all the texting and twittering going on these days, I’ve started to get requests from people who expect me to advise them with personal problems, sometimes receiving very important, detailed questions. One came just today via Blackberry.

    So, in case anyone wonders, I am NOT available to answer questions outside of personal sessions. Sometimes a client will save up a bunch of questions and reserve a session just to answer them. Or sometimes a client will add a few questions as part of a session, working them in as the time fits. That’s all fine, of course.

    The exception to my no email-, no text-, no cell-inquiry policy is when I receive a clear, interesting, respectfully worded inquiry posted as a blog comment. So you have set a fine example here, Lisa. 🙂

    When these are received, I don’t PROMISE to respond to them, but I sure would like do them as my schedule allows.

  19. 19

    LISA, the post is live now. So click here for a resonse to your fine question:

    With best wishes,


  20. 20
    Constantine says:


    I’ve been thinking…..Cords of Attachment. Theoretically, in my opinion, perception, & understanding (I may be wrong – again), a person can have these formed with-in depth contact with others. Not necessarily physically. Wouldn’t this also be true of a person who had undergone any type of surgery. How about those door to door salesman? And even counselors? I’ve been through these various phases and just wondering if cords were picked up unknowingly. During surgery, the doctors and nurses are intensely occupied with the person’s operation and well being. A salesperson tries to connect with the customer. And a counselor tries to connect with the client.

    Just thinking again.



  21. 21

    CONSTANTINE, you’re exactly right about how often we pick up Cords of Attachment. We often form connections un-knowingly and don‘t have to be physically present to do so. Keep in mind, along with forming a Cord of Attachment, you’ll also form a beautiful, sacred Spiritual Tie, which you get to keep for the rest of your life.

    When you own the skill set of cutting cords of attachment, doing a conscientious, professional-quality job of it — not just a wish — then you can cut those Cords of Attachment whenever they start to become a problem. And, of course, you get to keep all those Spiritual Ties, as well.

    You’re thinking. That’s good! Never accuse yourself of being “wrong,” not on this blog, anyway, okay?

  22. 22
    Alexey says:

    Rose, I have a question:

    When an enlightened person is interested in a new person, no cord of attachment is formed.

    So if George Clooney is free of stuff, whenever he is interested in someone new, he does not form a Cord of Attachment.

    So what is the difference between his interest in a new person and the interest of any other human being that is not enlightened and will get a cord of attachment in his aura?

  23. 23

    Blog-Buddies, I have put the answer to this excellent last question onto a different post. Check out the answer here, as Comment 105:

  24. 24
    Rhoda says:

    Hi Rose!

    My question is: Is it possible to cut a cord of attachment to someone whose full name you can’t remember?!

  25. 25

    Of course, RHODA. I think I addressed this somewhere in “Cut Cords of Attachment” but can’t give you the precise page. For instance:

    Joe who stole my slurpee at the 7-11.

  26. 26
    Rachel says:


    Am I right in thinking that once the cord of attachment has been cut between a cordee and me, if that relationship continues to be difficult it may be a question of needing to address the problems at the level of speech and action?

  27. 27
    Rachel says:

    A slightly sideways question, but I’ll ask it here since it relates to someone I’ve cut the cord to… What about if you do some research in the form of an energetic hologram that informs you that a certain person has no capacity for power sharing and that there is therefore no point in you communicating your feelings to them because they cannot listen.

    How can you communicate with a person who is not willing to communicate? Does it boil down to making tough choices about how much interaction you want to have with certain people?

    The person I am thinking of is someone who I definitely do want to stay in touch with, but I can’t help feeling that I have to ‘stuff’ all my feelings when I’m with him and that feels so degrading, somehow, as though I’m willingly putting on an act and pretending, which I HATE.

  28. 28

    RACHEL, this Comment 27 is a fabulous question. I’m going to copy it and respond over at our more popular post about cutting cords of attachment.

    Check out here:

    And then starting with Comment 411. This little lateral move at the blog will help more lurkers find your excellent question.

  29. 29

    Regarding your Comment 28, RACHEL, this is an excellent PERSONAL question, not so suitable for the blog.

    There is no “Advice Columnist” type answer here. Only a very individual answer would really make a difference for you, and that would be a fine “Healing Centerpiece” for one of our sessions of Energy Spirituality.

    The one bit of help I can give you here — and also give to all you Blog-Buddies — is to refresh your understanding of the system I use for healing in personal sessions, and for a variety of skill sets meant to work synergystically to assist you’all on your personal path to Enlightenment.

    Half of Energy Spirituality — the more famous half — involves permanent removal of STUFF from your aura.

    (“STUFF” means stored emotional and astral-level debris at the level of your aura and subconscious mind.)

    Cutting cords of attachment is ONE of the skill sets in Energy Spirituality for this Take Out component.

    The second half of Energy Spirituality — the less famous half — involves filling up with new patterns, energetically and behaviorally, that are in alignment with your soul. And appropriate for your current level of consciousness.
    My researching energetic holograms for you during a session is one of several skill sets in this PUT IN version of Energy Spirituality.

    Neither half of this system involves generalizations about advice for “everyone.” That is why, if you look over how I moderate this blog, I make every effort to avoid having this be a forum for advice giving from Blog-Buddies (including when newbies to the blog request it) or for my giving personal tips. I do create blog posts and comments for teaching purposes, which is quite different.

    Even though I haven’t supplied the kind of advice you might have wished, RACHEL, I hope the clarification is useful for you. Sessions where I facilitate “Put In” can speed you along your journey a great deal, rather than improvising the Put In on your own.

  30. 30
    Rachel says:

    Thanks, Rose. I appreciate your response.

    Sorry if my question was too personal, I totally get why you say that. Sometimes it is hard to judge whether something I am struggling with is individual to me or might help others, so I suppose I just thought I’d hazard it!

    And yes, at some point I think I will definitely want to focus on this relationship in a session. Maybe not just yet though…. too many other priorities at the moment.

    However, I really do look forward not just to losing more STUFF but to gaining more solid, concrete social skills and effective ways of being in the world.

    This particular stressful relationship is one where I have tried SO many things, you would not believe! I’ve done workshops, read books, discussed it in therapy, gone on Non Violent Communication courses etc etc… It all seems to amount to trying to change something that refuses to be changed.

    For that reason, I am so grateful to know that there is this marvellous alternative of Energy Spirituality. What appeals to me so much about it, in this instance, is how truthful it is. Knowing that there is the chance to find out what is really going on at the level of chakra databanks is such a relief.

    Thanks again for all your work and tireless input.

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