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Aura Reading Kris Allen, New American Idol

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“After 620 million votes, 19 weeks, 100,000 auditions, an extra judge and a bikini girl, Kris Allen is your new American Idol.” Idol fans like L.A. Times Phil Stacey are thrilled.

I missed the show. Every show. I’ve never seen “American Idol” (except for 15 minutes watching it once in England), and now I’m not even in America but writing from Tokyo. Still, I can bring perspective you may not find elsewhere: Aura Reading perspective.

Aura Reading is the ultimate way to spot talent, even if 620 million Americans may not be doing it yet. In the time they took to watch the show’s 8th season, each loyal fan of American Idol could have learned to become a really good aura reader… a lifelong form of literacy and mega-practical skill.

But no repining.

In a recent Aura Reading workshop here in Japan, I coached each of my students to do Aura Reading on a piece of fruit. For cosmic applause after that Aura Reading, the student got to physically smell and taste that same piece of fruit. Here in Tokyo, fruit can be quite pricey. Everywhere, Aura Reading is priceless.

After I get to know Kris Allen from his Aura Reading, I plan to listen to him for the first time, via YouTube. Now, let’s just investigate those bits of his aura that are especially relevant to him as a pop singer and contest winner.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Throat Chakra Databank for Singing Charisma

Kris doesn’t have a built-in, soul-based form of charisma. But he has created his own workaround by emphasizing what he does best as a communicator.

Kris is an intensely physical guy.

Singing, he has learned to project his intense way of being centered in his own body, his interest in surface reality, his passion for being in human form. Physicality is the regular, comforting, most obvious aspect of life here on earth. Kris, as a pretty young soul, relishes that sheer physicality.

His unapologetic, intensified glee at being physical is the secret of his success as a singer.

Throat Chakra Databank for Connecting to His Audience

Most of you regular Blog-Buddies here are empaths. You were born that way and are learning Empath Empowerment® so that you can benefit from your lifelong gift(s) for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

Empaths tend to expect everyone else to be an empath, too. Thank you, Kris Allen, for providing an excellent example of what it is like to be most people on earth, talented in various ways but definitely NOT born as an empath.

Kris brings single-minded focus to his singing. Apart from adding well-practiced body language, where he uses the standard performer’s poses to suggest making a connection to his audience, Kris is all about ME-ME-ME.

He’s working hard to get the technical aspects of his performance right. As an added skill, he adds gestures that are supposed to indicate making a connection to his audience, even holding a space for others.

Such a concentrated, unapologetic emphasis on himself while performing in front of a huge audience! If you think that’s easy to do, guess again.

This perfect, even placid, self-absorption is the energetic signature that Kris Allen brings to his work. It’s comforting, even inspiring to everyone in his audience who isn’t an empath.

Why? Because a high proportion of performers are empaths. For every Jack Black or Jack Nicholson, there are hundreds of extremely talented empaths as actors, singers, etc., and they constantly merge in-and-out with other performers, even the audience.

Joe Sixpack can’t relate to that. But Kris Allen — now he’s easy to relate to. For a non-empath. Kris is a wonderful role model of unapologetic self-centeredness and concentration while performing.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

In terms of sex appeal, Kris is a guy next door. While singing, his sex appeal is presented unadorned.

Researching about this year’s American Idol contest,  while gathering photos for this Aura Reading, I learned that this season the show included someone called a “Bikini Girl.” Good chance that much of her talent involved projecting sex appeal as hard as she could! Although, no, I haven’t seen her photo in order to do Aura Reading.

By contrast, Kris either doesn’t try or just plain can’t… push this aspect of himself on the TV audience, aurically. Refreshing!

Not that most fans would notice the lack of sex appeal. Just put him on the stage. Add lights and screaming fans and millions of voters. His voice adds beauty and the rest of him doesn’t look bad, either. Automatically, the focus of all that attention becomes sexy. Fame (like other forms of power) is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Presence in the Studio

What kind of presence does Kris project physically (rather than sexually)? He seems solid, dependable, and remarkably calm given all the performance pressure.

Clearly he is focusing hard on his singing technique, doing his best physically to add nuance and variety and expressiveness. I would expect his sound to be carefully crafted and interesting to hear. Also, he gives a clear and unaffected sound.

What’s most remarkable, to me, however, is how unremarkable the man is. If Kris were standing at your local street corner, trying to make it as a street musician, most folks would pass him by, not even tossing nickels into his money jar. Apart from his singing talent, Kris would seem too average, too much like everyone else, to stand out.

But place him in a competition along side highly colorful personalities (aurically) and the man becomes curiously refreshing.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Connection to His Audience

What kind of connection does Kris make energetically while singing? In our photo at the start of this post, Mr. Allen does appear to be engaged in singing a love song, so let’s read this Aura Reading databank from this photo.

Kris is trying very, very hard to project an intense emotion. To me, it’s utterly unconvincing yet very cute.

Say that you were dating a guy who was trying to say that he loved you. As the recipient of his affections, you could tell if he really, really, really wanted to impress you and that you’re saying “Yes,” was oh so very important to him. And if your crush on him were big enough, that effort from him would be all you needed to decide, “He’s gotta be my Soul Mate.”

Trying that hard can be so winning. For Kris, it has literally turned out that way!

Let’s be clear, though. On the level of vocal technique, trying this hard may also be paying off with the technical production of sound. Here I’m not reading how he sounds as a musician but commenting about the energy flow component, specifically the patterns found within a particular part of Kris Allen’s aura. He could be a very skilled technician. But what he’s not doing is energetically connecting with the audience, other than sharing his vocal equipment and singing technique.

Solar Plexus  Chakra Databank Projecting Power while Singing

This Aura Reading Databank shows off the Ultimate Kris Allen Talent. His aura proclaims, “I can win! I will!”

Unapologetically, clearly, Kris is flexing his popularity muscles. He aims to be liked, to be an Idol.

The raw ambition in this Aura Reading Databank glares out of him like primary colors.

I’d go so far as to say that that Kris Allen is PERFECT in this role. After all, this reality show isn’t about being an artist, a soulful singer, a dedicated performer with a lifelong devotion to his craft. This is a fame show, where the ultimate goal is to be an Idol.

(Incidentally, that’s precisely why I don’t watch it. Having been a writer since childhood, I’m more interested in dedication to my art form, art for the sake of excellence and Divine inspiration, not art as a way to pump up an ego or manipulate an audience. Nothing wrong with doing that; still, it’s a different goal, and the two goals tend to be mutually exclusive.)

Celebrity is this man’s muse, not art. All he’s learned about singing techniques is focused on bringing results with an audience — making them like him, not transforming them particularly, except for transforming them into his fans.

Aurically, Kris pursues his goal like an energetic young football player. Finesse isn’t the requirement here but, instead, personal drive. And nothing else gets in his way.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Kris is so loving his minutes of fame. Think of a thirsty plant finally being watered. This is the high point of his life, singing and being idolized. Pure joy!

If you are an empath or aura reader, you’ll definitely want to use a technique to experience this Aura Reading Databank from either of our photographs here. Then you can share in Kris Allen’s contagious joy.


Do I expect Kris Allen to have a lasting career? No. In most cases, that takes talent energetically, not just technical prowess or good karma for fame.

There is the occasional exception. Britney Spears is coordinated and disciplined, brave and ambitious. She’s been having a huge career considering the lack of talent energetically, as would show at the level of Aura Reading.

Kris Allen might become another Britney (only, God willing, more emotionally stable). But more likely he’ll enjoy his Idol-sized celebrity while it lasts and spend the rest of his life learning some interesting life lessons. Externally, he has reached the pinnacle of success. Internally, which mountains (if any) will he choose to climb next?

Hearing him sing for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by his musicality, especially his intonation. Kris has worked very hard to be an expressive singer, and that physicality and focus I noticed about him in the Aura Reading works to his advantage.

Listening a second time, I did a mini-reading of my own aura before and after hearing him sing “Apologize.” The sign of a great artist, and whether or not he or she speaks to you, isn’t just how you feel at the time but whether your aura is changed.

Art, in every form, can become a means of spiritual evolution.

For that, we need an energetic shift that happens courtesy of something occurring at the level of the performer’s aura.

Or you can listen just on the surface. Were you merely entertained for the moment?

For me, I compared the results on this these Aura Reading Databanks:

  • Root Chakra Databank for Physical Enjoyment of Life

  • Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Connection to Other People

  • High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Well, there wasn’t much impact on me, at the level of Aura Reading. But I definitely was entertained in the moment.

And I did notice a lovely High Heart display in the singer while singing at his most intense. I was reminded how thoroughly Kris was doing his best, how much he loves to entertain, and how (as every true artist does) he was sharing the very best that he had.

More than ever, I can appreciate how much Kris Allen could move his fans.

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  1. 1
    Dana says:

    That’s interesting how similar Kris Allen’s physical singing presence is to David Cook’s. I didn’t watch the show either, but I am usually partial to more physical singers since I am not as grounded. I also watched one of Adam Lambert’s performances on Youtube, and I think I did an unintended empathic merge with him singing because I couldn’t take it anymore and had to turn it off and then watched a singer that I do like.

    I guess that opinion puts me in the minority. I don’t think I would have minded Lambert’s performance though if I hadn’t done the empathic merge.

    Thanks for the Kris Allen reading, Rose!

  2. 2

    DANA, you did make me laugh out loud. For the record, my previous Aura Reading of David Cook persuaded me that he has a lot to him as a person.

    It’s here, American Idol fans:

    Kris isn’t so complex. He’s more like Miley Cyrus or other very polished singers who don’t have the inner complexity of a dedicated artist. They might be compared to performing bears. Good ones, of course.

    Still, Dana, you have put your finger on a big part of the appeal, whether of Kris or David. When a performer is very physical, he can be refreshing for those who are in need of more grounding.

    Of course, some of us would prefer to just go hug a big ol’ tree.;-)

  3. 3
    tlchang says:

    I enjoyed your reading of Kris – feels right on. (I *did* watch Idol this season – it’s one of my ‘bonding-with-my-daughter’ activities that we share…)

    I found Kris pleasant but a few episodes into the season I got quite taken with Adam Lambert. He seems to be a fairly polarizing performer – people either love him or hate him – and I apparently am coming down on the loving him side. Right now, I am so appreciating his unadorned passion and glee at being able to perform in front of such a wide audience. Normally, his singing style is not one that I would seek out, however there is something about such emotionally charged performances that I find compelling (in addition to him being incredibly vocally facile…).

    If you feel so inclined, I would love your impressions of Adam. Here is a link to all of his Idol performances: . The best one is the Top 8 week where he sings “Mad World”. It gave me chills.

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    Yes, I see now in your other reading that David was more complex as a person and used his physicality for courage, also. And I do happen to find trees fabulously grounding:)

  5. 5

    TLC, you inspired me. And you, too, Jordan (although I wasn’t able to find your comment related to this, not easily anyhow):

    So here, in honor of you both, is an Aura Reading of Adam Lambert:

  6. 6
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,
    I agree with your comments about Kris Allen being a more physical singer or performing largely from a physical experience with a technically good voice. He will continue to appeal to his fans, but I do not feel he will go beyond a certain point as a long term artist. There was a time when I may have experienced him as more grounding, but I know how to ground myself consistently now. I soared with Adam…a “Yes” from my soul. I had a similar experience listening to the audition of Ms. Susan Boyle. It was as if her soul/or daimon was announcing itself on stage, saying..”Well it’s about time!”
    “We will rock this audience!”

  7. 7
    Cheryl says:

    I found it hard to believe that Kris Allen won out over Adam Lambert. I never watch American Idol, but I followed your links to hear the two singers.

    After feeling the intensity of the energy coming off of Adam Lambert when he sang and moved around the stage, Kris Allen felt like he was hardly putting anything into his performance. His voice was nice and he was “good guy” sexy, but he didn’t move me. This TOTALLY surprised me since Kris is more like the type of guy I’m typically drawn to (laid back and not too dramatic).

    Had I heard/seen Kris without hearing Adam first, the lack of connection might not have felt so glaring. It’s almost like he was singing to himself and not the audience.

    I admit that in Adam’s first few videos he seemed too theatrical at times, but he took the advice that he was given seriously and became much more genuine towards the end. For some reason he reminds me of a young Elvis. Winner or not, Adam is going places.

    By the way Rose, I want to complement you on your poetry. Just today I discovered and read the section where you have several posted. You are talented in so many ways. Will there be more?

  8. 8

    Aw, CHERYL, thanks. There are quite a few poems in LET TODAY BE A HOLIDAY, about 1 for every 9 short chapters.

    Check it out here:

    All those poems are available in the Kindle edition, which has a better name, 365 WAYS TO A STRONGER YOU: BALANCE YOUR HUMAN LIFE WITH HELPING OTHERS AS A WORLD SERVER.

    Otherwise, I write a poem every Christmas season, and not as many other occasions as I once did.

    Thank you for liking poetry. When I was in high school, I had a major, major crush on a boy named Mark Seligson. He got in trouble for writing a slogan on a paper and using a window pole to display it outside in the courtyard. It read:


    Great or what? Three cheers for Mark!

  9. 9
    Cheryl says:

    I’ve written poems from time to time since I was a kid. Sometimes you just get inspired, you know? I like to see how others express themselves in poetry too. It is like shorthand for the soul 🙂

    Speaking of deeper perception, I always felt that words (as used by some people) can be great transmitters of energy/consciousness/healing above and beyond the surface message of the words. This exists even beyond “reading between the lines”, so to speak. Your books and Eckhart Tolle’s books/audiobooks are great examples of this.

    Do you ever do empath merges on things people have written instead of pictures of them?

  10. 10

    Wow, CHERYL, now I’m really blushing. Nobody ever compared me before to Eckhart Tolle….

  11. 11

    In response to this question, CHERYL:

    Do you ever do empath merges on things people have written instead of pictures of them?

    No. An empath merge is done with a person or animal. The Mergee must have an energy field, be alive in the way that living things are alive.

    What you’re asking about is more being an English Major! Yes, I did major in English Lit. in college, and have been warped happily ever after.

  12. 12
    Pam says:

    Rose – Cheryl asked about empaths merging on things people have written instead of pictures of them. I merge with friends/family members e-mails and letters and know the emotions they had when writing. To understand your response, what I’m merging with is the person and not the writing? Does their energy travel with the letter/email? How am I merging with them through the written word? Thank you!

  13. 13

    PAM, interesting question.

    There are many ways that people intuitively connect with energy and/or emotion and get a feeling about what is happening. For instance, there is the psychic field of psychometry.

    What you’re describing sounds to me like that.

    A Skilled Empath Merge is quite different. A person doesn’t just slide into it, any more than a ballerina happens to do a perfect dance routine en pointe. A person learns a specific skill set –certain techniques and understandings.

    As part of the systematic development in my system of Empath Empowerment, one does not start with doing Empath Merges. It is the third part of three, in a systematic kind of personal development.

    Receiving information intuitively is not necessarily merging at all.

    Also, you might want to consider that the process of receiving information can be constructive for a person’s aura or actually open a person up to taking additional STUFF into their auras.

    For that reason alone, as you may have guessed, I do recommend studying Empath Empowerment. Or if you have a teacher or system you like better, apply yourself to that.

    One more comment here, if I might:

    In most fields of endeavor, people do not consider that if they are talented, they need not bother studying with anyone who has expertise, but rather, it’s fine to just experiment away. People don’t learn to drive cars by playing around and checking with other beginners about the use of the various knobs and sticks and shiftey-things.

    Now, you haven’t said how you learned the techniques which you use, but I’m guessing that you are one of those well intended, talented people who is improvising.

    All over the Internet, you can find people asking and answering questions just like yours. They are having fun, testing their talents, experimenting. Cool!

    From my perspective, however, this is the unskilled leading the unskilled — not necessarily a fast or safe way to develop skills at all.

    I encourage you, like CHERYL, to do justice to your talent and find out how much you can do — and how great you feel doing it — when you’ve learned the skill set of Empath Empowerment.

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