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Aura Reading First Outed Sarah Palin as a Narcissist

Sarah Palin, Now a Proud Ex-Governor

Sarah Palin, Now a Proud Ex-Governor

Just when we thought we were resigned to Sarah Palin as the great hope of the Republican Party, here comes her latest gambit.

Her surprise resignation as Governor of Alaska has been greeted with wonderment throughout the land. And new articles that expose her narcissism have been oh-so-shocking.

Except to those of us who have done Aura Reading on Palin. Check out this Aura Reading of Palin, for instance.

One of the great things about Aura Reading is that anyone can do it in depth and detail — at least after they learn how to find their way in to this form of literacy.

Another is that you can do Aura Reading from regular photos.

The clincher? Nobody can hide or dissemble or spin, not where Aura Reading takes you. So when you want the truth, do an Aura Reading.

If you suspect anyone in your life may be a narcissist, that’s an extra good reason to do Aura Reading. But you can also use Aura Reading to preview a lover sexually, check out honesty with my three-part Aura Reading Lie Detector Tests, and the list goes on.

Incidentally, I have blogged on Palin using that three-part Aura Reading Lie Detector Test.

Doing Aura Reading during political debates may be the ultimate Inside-the-Beltway exercise for those of us who crave insights on politicians. Click on this Aura Reading of Sarah Palin link from the last presidential campaign.

Even Face Reading, done as a way to read character rather than expression, can reveal plenty about who a person really is. When I used my system of Face Reading Secrets® on Palin, it wasn’t pretty.

For an introduction to the practical uses of Face Reading, check out this blog post about Face Reading politicians with crooked smiles. And yes, of course you’ll find Sarah Palin there.

Keep in mind, please, I developed Face Reading Secrets® and Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® in order to open the heart and bring deeper truth into life. Outing the dismal character of politicians wasn’t my main intention.

But self-protection is a fact of life here at Earth School. If you want deeper protection, try Deeper Perception.

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  1. 1

    Blog-Buddy Ann offers this article by Maureen Dowd:

    It isn’t Aura Reading but for regular journalism, not bad!

  2. 2
    Ann says:


    When it wasn’t clear that enough of the country seemed to ‘get’ Sarah’s true colors early on, as we ‘deeper perception’ folks did, like, instantly, I didn’t find her amusing in the least (except as portrayed by Tina Fey! 🙂 . She was too close to possibly sitting in the White House and I didn’t trust that there was enough common sense out there to stop her.

    When I read the passage in Dowd’s article about the campaign staffers poring over the diagnostic manual and settling on “narcissist,” I have to admit to feeling a bit triumphant and wanting to tell them all, “we coulda told you that, like, instantly!! duh…”

    I’m still not terribly amused by her, but now that she’s, at least for the moment, safely up there in Alaska, I admit to a certain fascination with the cartoony way she seems to be playing this character she’s chosen to be in life. I decided to watch the 7-minute video of the truly bizarre, rambling, stream-of-consciousness speech that she gave in the backyard to announce her departure. It’s like the Sarah we met in the campaign, only on steroids, more confused, and more jumbled up than ever.

    Adding in the current astrological climate and watching those officials in the government and business who have acted in ways that have been, shall we say, lacking in integrity, makes for some fascinating and predictable ‘movie-watching.’

    Hooray for deeper perception! 🙂

  3. 3
    Lisa W says:

    I’ve been watching Palin and reading the Alaskan blogs since last September. It’s been fascinating to observe the drama Palin creates. I had the benefit of Rose’s face reading and aura reading insights about Palin, and that helped me not be duped by Palin’s lies. Too bad most people don’t have deeper perception.

    There is much more to come out on Palin, as if you didn’t already know that!

  4. 4
    rosum says:

    Rose, would you please do an aura read of Michael Jackson? I believe he would have been one to benefit enormously from cutting the cords of attachment.

  5. 5

    ROSUM, you’re right. And if Michael Jackson had been my client, I would have gladly done Aura Reading for him. Because cutting Cords of Attachment could have helped him a lot.

    Instead, he just never called! I have done Face Reading and Aura Reading on him many times in the past, for media interviews. It would really take another media interview for me to go back in there.

    Otherwise, sorry. It’s a lot of pathology to experience. I’d rather let him rest in peace.

  6. 6
    Lisa says:

    Hi Rose,

    I was wondering this question about narcissists…

    What variables do you find consistently in the aura of narcissists that confirm for you that they are a narcissist (or on the higher end of that continuum…)?

    I am guessing that there are a range of variables (for example, thinking that one is better than everyone else or having no empathy–either by choice or lack of ability–to other’s feelings…).

    I am curious because I have had a lot of experiences in which I later came to understand (and am still continuing to understand…) that the other person I was dealing with, was narcissistic. I couldn’t use the regular rules/ways of resolving problems, because narcissists are SO different from the thoughts/feelings/ways a more regular person sees themself and the world.

    The PAST (! : ) experiences I have had with narcissistic people is that I have taken the “blame” for problems in our “relationship” (If you could call the one sided interactions that narcissists are capable of a relationship!?). It was awful for my self-esteem!

    I am guessing that narcissism is also a mental illness that gets passed down through generations in a family?? Is there a spiritual way of understanding this???

    Any light you can shed on this is appreciated!

  7. 7
  8. 8
    Bonnie says:

    Thanks for the Palin review. I’m glad some of our journalist have validated your early and accurate analysis of our past VP want-to-be.

    Like Lisa, I have been following her bizarre legislative decisions through Alaskan blogs. On the soundtrack of her lakeside “I Quit” speech, you can hear her gasping for breath. In spite of her smile and cheerleader delivery, she looked angry and resentful to me. Did she seem that way to you?

    If you rather not take another look at her, I understand. I expect we will know more about the circumstances around her quitting in the future.

  9. 9
    Fred Smith says:

    Why are narcissists always giving a hard time to people that are not gay, by calling them gay?

  10. 10

    FRED, welcome to the blog. This is your first time here, isn’t it?

    This blog doesn’t deal in generalities. If you are interested in using Deeper Perception to understand one person in one situation, you are welcome to do a guest post here. You would need a photo of the person at that time as the basis for the Skilled Empath Merge, aura reading, or face reading…

    Or I can do that sort of research for you in a session, by appointment, by phone.

    Wishing you all the best,


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