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Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing — Do you know the differences?

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing: Learn the differences and instantly you’ll upgrade your knowledge as a consumer for anything mind-body-spirit.

Why, exactly, is an aura reading NOT the same thing as an aura healing?

Inspired by an anonymous Blog-Buddy, today’s post is dedicated to helping you sort out the roles of different forms of deeper perception.Because I believe this is the single most important idea for you to understand. If you are curious about forms of deeper perception. Like Aura Reading, Skilled Empath Merge, Soul Thrill® Aura Research.

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing

Deeper Perception of any kind can give a person fascinating information.

Usually folks who request “a reading” refer to Aura Readings or Psychic Readings, but sometimes a person is curious about what happened in another lifetime, as in Past-Life Reading.

All of this counts as paranormal. How best to satisfy that paranormal curiosity?

Many newbies to the paranormal are skeptics. Or (let’s admit it) dilettantes. Mostly they want to be able to brag to their friends, “I did that.” Then it’s on to the next fad.

Even the shallowest level of curiosity could lead to life-changing healing, however. That can happen provided that somebody goes for Healing to a real professional, rather than simply a Reading (however professional).

Healing at the level of your aura is a 21st century, leading-edge version of healing. It’s a huge upgrade over analysis at the surface level.

Aura Reading Versus Unrealistic Expectations

Say that Gladys has all these concerns:

  • Why do I have the problems I do?
  • How can I solve those problems?
  • What will shake this depression?
  • How can I lose weight?
  • Could I really stop smoking?
  • Might I be able to Cut Cords of Attachment as a way to improve the relationship with my husband?

Aura Reading Is Just Aura Reading!

On the surface, Gladys might think the best she can do is to analyze her problems. Or she might attempt to modify her behavior.

Best case: She could use the jet-propelled techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) to move out problems at the level of her aura. Meaning, the Energy HEALING Skills of RES.

Eventually, she could learn to do some of these techniques for self-healing. Before studying them, though, she might want to sample healing done by an RES professional.

Auras are the level of causation for many emotional and spiritual problems.

Aura Reading Versus Removing STUFF through Energy HEALING

By comparison, the surface of life is where the problems are noticed. Readings, discussions, etc. only touch the surface of life. They don’t move or change anything beneath that surface.

With healing at the level of auras, Gladys can move out real-life structures like Cords of Attachment and Frozen Blocks of Energy from past experiences. These are forms of astral-level STUFF.

Healing at the level of auras produces results that are often dramatic, definitely permanent, and very (beautifully) real. That is HEALING.

By contast, a READING is like having an expert tell Gladys “There is a big, grey blob in your solar plexus chakra. It causes you to smoke. And here are all the interesting reasons why you have that blob.”

Aura Reading Problem #1:

STUFF Versus Theories about STUFF

STUFF within your aura, like Cords of Attachment and Frozen Blocks of Energy, won’t be fixed by mere ideas. If you had a ruptured appendix, honestly, would you sit there, howling in pain, and think, “Gee, right now I sure could use an interesting idea”?

Don’t get me wrong. Ideas are wonderful. But ideas about auras are no substitute for healing of auras.

Actually, Gladys — or you — will be in a much better position to understand some things about yourself AFTER you receive an energy healing.

Ever hear the expression “Stinking thinking” of an alcoholic? When that drinker stops drinking, having a cleaner physiology is a form of healing. Based on that healing, the ex-drinker will become a better thinker.

Can’t Find It? Then You Can’t Heal It, Either.

Often, I have had first-time clients in session with me who say, “Tell me where all my Cords of Attachment are.”

They’re trying to save money, which is smart. Only this particular approach isn’t smart at all.

If you don’t have enough skill to find a Cord of Attachment on your own, trust me. You don’t have enough skill to properly cut that Cord of Attachment.

Could I teach you how to develop that skill? Sure. That’s why I wrote the first how-to book in the English language on how to Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.

That book also makes a great consumer guide, so you have an expert like me facilitate an RES session for you. If I wind up using this Healing Centerpiece, you’ll have good technical understanding about what is going on. Because you have read that book.

Aura Reading Versus Aura Healing Means This, Too

Unfortunately, I’m hearing that some people are using that book in a way not intended. In Cut Cords of Attachment, you will find step-by-step instruction for developing your skills.

  • Before you cut a single Cord of Attachment, you learn many useful techniques as part of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.
  • One of them is, of course, how to locate a particular Cord of Attachment.
  • If you’re having trouble with that, re-read that book. Or otherwise develop more skills at the aura reading. (Here’s one good, free resource.)
  • If you can’t do the step of locating a Cord of Attachment, don’t ask someone else to find it for you and then try to skip ahead to an even more demanding steps of this 12-step procedure!

In short, an aura reading is not an aura healing. And the more you understand about the real skills involved in doing quality work, the better off you’ll be.

This blog is a huge, free resource to supplement RES self-help books, personal sessions, and workshops. I’m glad to be of service to you.

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  1. 1
    anonymous says:

    Hi Rose,

    I appreciate your response. Thank you. Some comments that come to mind:

    You wrote:

    “What she doesn’t know is that STUFF in her aura is what keeps her thinking about her past, living on the sidelines. With less STUFF, she stops having that familiar, obsessive need to understand”.

    That makes sense to me… I had not thought of it like that before. I’m 42, and for all of my adult life I have had a lot of obsessiveness with my thinking: the “need” to “understand”, figure out problems only with my mind, obsessively ruminate on problems, analyzing why I have the feelings I do and if it is “OK”. It is tiring! I would like to change this. I have always accepted it as just an integral part of me.

    You wrote:

    “Instead, when a problem comes up in her life now, Gladys thinks about it in the here-and-now and deals with it. Period. Back to true living large!”

    I want me some of that!!!! Is it possible? Less or NO(!) obsessing on thoughts??? This didn’t occur to me that it could be possible for me.

    You wrote:

    “Here is where I would draw the line around “how much understanding is enough”:

    Give yourself a six-month vacation from trying to understand your childhood. Let that vacation start now, not when you understand just a little bit more. During those six months, have regular sessions with me of RES Energy HEALING. (You define what “regular” means — once a month, once a week, etc.)

    Only continue those sessions so long as you find benefit from every single one, because they are designed to produce benefit that you can notice every single time”.

    Thanks for this suggestion. I have been doing quite a few cord cuttings with you, which is freeing me up energetically. Are there phone sessions, other than cord cuttings, in which this type of orientation (over thinking/analyzing) can be address/healed???

    Wow. just taking it in… When I was half way through your post, I was thinking, “Where is the part about how great validation is and how important that is, and healing…” but I see where you were going with pointing out the underlying causes for even this desire (validation) which is still tied to thinking, thinking, thinking in my case…

    Again, thanks. : )

  2. 2

    ANONYMOUS, you really are understanding. Hooray! You are definitely welcome.

    And I know you’re speaking (writing) for many Blog lurkers as well with your beautifully phrased questions.

    You asked, “Are there phone sessions, other than cord cuttings, in which this type of orientation (over thinking/analyzing) can be address/healed???”

    Yes! You keep a VERY BRIEF log of situations in your life that are troublesome, just a few notes on where you are, whom you are with, what you did, what the other person did, what bothered you.

    Bring those notes and we move into one experience, problem-solving as we go. That includes my doing Aura Reading of the players at various times, including the time of the difficulty.

    It includes trying on types of behavior you could have done, based on what bothered you. Again, we can research the impact on you with an Aura Reading.

    What is this type of session called? For now, I simply think of it as Aura Reading Research. Some day you — or another Blog-Buddy — or I, will find a more specific name. Any ideas, anyone?

  3. 3

    Back at the practical question of what to do, when you have already had several sessions of RES Energy HEALING….

    A session like the kind described in the previous comment is a great resource, but there also could be another 10 Cords of Attachment that would, each one, make for an excellent centerpiece of healing for one of your sessions. Those would be sessions of RES Energy HEALING.

    The ideal, for you, might be some 90-minute sessions. You would bring a couple of names of candidates for Cutting a Cord of Attachment. You would also bring a couple of logged incidents. Then we can do both types of healing in the very same session.

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