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Do You Dare Banish "Boundaries" for a Week?


Warning: Take no action until you have read the entire post. Because what I’m suggesting is a bold way to take charge of your life… and not necessarily what you think.

Today’s post starts with a great Face Reading and/or Aura Reading question from Blog-Buddy Nandi:

As a newer intuitive, I’’m curious about your perspective on reading people who have not given us permission to read them. I understand this is a gift, yet are there boundaries?

What Are Boundaries, Anyway?

Sometimes the terms we choose for understanding life better actually cause us to understand life worse. “Boundaries” is one of those terms.

In Face Reading, there’s a comparable term… “High cheekbones.” Bet you’ve used that term. But, with all respect, what the heck did you really mean?

If you’re doing Face Reading, your work can only be accurate as the data you read. First you see. Then you name. Then you interpret.

The technical term “high cheekbones” does have a meaning. Usually, however, the term is used in a sloppy, inexact way that would mess up interpretation for anyone serious about doing Face Reading. People could be looking at any of the following and call it “high cheekbones.”

  • Prominent cheeks
  • The “Leaderlike power style”
  • Far-set cheeks
  • Close-set cheeks
  • Low-slung cheeks
  • Fleshy padding emphasizes the cheeks
  • Absense of cheek padding emphasizes cheeks
  • Cheeks are larger, in proportion, than the nose
  • Area II predominates on the face
  • The real deal, high cheekbones

The point I’m making here is that a term can have meaning and help us to become an expert in a particular field. But that very same term can simply become confusing. By calling an orange “an apple,” we feel that we have solved a problem or explained something or learned something useful.

“Boundaries” is one of those words. Let’s consider some of the ways it is used that can hold a person back.

“Boundaries” as Ethics

Today’s question might be about ethics. Is it ethically okay to do Face Reading or Aura Reading without asking permission?

That’s a question I answered at length in this Aura Reading post. It’s great to care about ethics, telling right from wrong. But if ethics really is the question, there’s no reason to confuse that with “boundaries.”

“Boundaries” means where I begin and other people leave off. “Ethics” means the difference between right and wrong.

When somebody robs a bank, it’s more than simple boundary confusion between “My checkbook” and “Everyone else’s checkbook.”

In terms of personal experience, ethics relates to the part of the inner self known as conscience. Before taking action, such as Aura Reading, a person might feel a twinge of conscience if she still isn’t clear about what Aura Reading really is.

These days, I think many people seize upon the term “boundaries” when they feel inner discomfort (of any kind) about doing something.

If that’s the case for you, consider this. You have a certain way of feeling when pricked by conscience. Every one of the “Boundaries” ideas I’ll be listing here has its own distinctive inner ping. If you’re wise, you’ll learn how to tell all of them apart.

And So What is Aura Reading, Anyway?

Like Face Reading, Aura Reading is simply a form of literacy. The information stands before you, in the form of a person or that person’s photo. Add a technique that works and, bam! You’re getting inside information.

Of course you have the right to gain that information. “Reading” simply means that, gaining information.

You could look at a new dating prospect, Gladys, and “read” her energy in a vague way. Vibing her out is certainly better than nothing.

Or you could be doing Aura Reading in a self-taught way that is very precise, and your version of “read energy” could be much more than that.

But, as you might guess, I recommend the cause of conscious Aura Reading. That way you will develop:

  • Techniques so that you can do quality Aura Reading at will, whenever you like.
  • Understandings, concepts, language for expressing what you learn. That way your conscious mind can progress much more quickly, helping your knowledge about Aura Reading to produce cumulative results and be more practical.

In Nandi’s question, she referred to herself as an “intuitive.” Right there, somebody could have a problem. A boundary problem. Or other problems.

Does Aura Reading make you an intuitive? Does regular literacy?

Sure, my publishing company is called “Women’s Intuition Worldwide,” yet I didn’t choose this name because I advocate calling oneself an “intuitive.” Out there in the marketplace, I wanted to alert people that the range of information in my books is about Extra-Sensory Perception or Using Celestial Perception, etc. Only sounding, possibly, less weird.

I don’t think of myself as “an intuitive” but, rather, as someone who is literate. I do encourage you to do the same. Because as soon as you think of yourself as having special intuitive powers, questions come up about boundaries.

“Boundaries” about Being Special

If Aura Reading were a rare talent for people, something you could only do if you had “the gift,” a person could worry about misusing that specialness. As in:

I’m an intuitive. I understand this is a gift, yet are there boundaries? Is it okay for me to read things about people that they cannot know?

This kind of boundary fear would reflect a major misunderstanding. Aura Reading is not a special gift. Everyone has a complete gift set (as described in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses and also in Cut Cords of Attachment). Everyone can become excellent at reading auras in depth and detail.

Aura Reading isn’t any more special than:

  • I bowl
  • I crochet
  • I can repair cars

With any of these, would you worry, “Is it okay for me to do my thing?”

“Boundaries” about Intruding on Others

Just because you can Read People Deeper doesn’t mean you have the right to tell them what you know. That’s why I recommend you precede any sharing with a direct question, such as:

“I’m an Aura Reader. I’ve noticed something wonderful about your aura. Would you like me to tell you.”

That’s not really about boundaries, though. It’s simple “Good manners.”

“Boundaries” about Too Much Information

Similarly, it’s inappropriate to tell people about problems at the level of auras unless you are also in a position to solve them. And I don’t mean telling someone at a Psychic Fair, “You have a huge, perfect, purple, and very super-special Aura. Only you are also in grave danger, due to being under Psychic Attack. You really need to have some sessions with me. It will cost you only $10,000.”

Personally, I don’t tell people about problems unless we are already in session and I have the skill set to facilitate healing that problem. But surely the term for that is “Professionalism,” not “Boundaries.”

“Boundaries” about Too Much Aura Reading

One benefit of learning a system like Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® is that you will be discouraged from trying to read auras all the time.

This could be considered a “boundary” issue. But it’s also a “commonsense” issue and even, potentially, a “sanity” issue.

You are in control of your mind. You decide if you’re going to do Aura Reading or a Skilled Empath Merge or Intuitive anything. If not, run to the nearest teacher you respect. Or seek that other kind of professional help, a psychotherapist.

As Janet Mentgen, the founder of Healing Touch, once observed to me during an interview, if someone says “I can’t turn it off,” there is a mental health issue.

“Boundaries” about Being an Empath

Of course, the most common conversations around boundaries have to do with being an Empath. As a teacher of Empath Empowerment® with thousands of students and even more thousands of readers, I’ve encountered plenty about the “Boundary” method of using one’s gifts, self-protection, etc.

Of course, it’s appealing to think you can add something to the outside of yourself to solve all of life’s problems. If there really were a pink plastic life preserver that a person could wear, and it would “Firm up my boundaries” and “Solve all my problems,” plenty of those pink gizmos would be sold.

But having helped people to get real, long-term results, I feel very strongly that real skill does not come to an Empath by adding any external wall, barrier, invisible shield, visualization, imagined mirrors, etc.

  • At best, this amounts to busy work. Besides wasting time and energy, it’s a distraction from being empowered as an Empath.
  • If done strenuously, that boundary work will result in having the hard-working Empath appear distant or phony.
  • If boundary work is done even more strenuously, the Empath will develop long-term walls — structures at the level of his/her aura. Such walls don’t help in the least at protecting the empath from taking on other people’s STUFF. The walls, themselves, are a form of STUFF. And those walls make it hard to get to know that Empath, shutting out people who could be real friends.

An Aura Reader or Intuitive who is also an Empath may be especially confused about how much help is available from boundaries. The simplest answer is: NONE.

Instead, Empath Empowerment means waking up from the inside — being yourself more fully. As I explain in my upcoming book, to be published September 14, you can Become the Most Important Person in the Room. [Now in 2019 you can read the updated version:Empath Empowerment in 30 Days


This exercise is simple, though not necessarily easy. I invite you to try it for a week and COMMENT here about what you learn. Starting today:

  1. Any time that you think, “Boundary problem,” take a moment to think just a bit more. What is the problem, actually?
  2.  And what can you do about it?
  3. Do that.

Teenagers sometimes go through a phase when they use a term to replace conscious thought, such as a swear word or “You know” or “I’m like” and “They’re like.”

For many adults, “Boundaries” is just the same kind of vague not-quite thinking. I don’t mean to imply that its use amounts to laziness. Far from it. The person has just been taught that, by magically invoking a term like “Boundary issue,” a solution has just been found.

Well, it hasn’t.

If you care about improving your quality as an Aura Reader or Empath or Face Reader or Intuitive or Psychic or even a Bowler, Crocheter, or Car Tinkerer, take that extra bit of thought. What is really going on here?

Labeling something a “Boundary problem” may not help one bit. Usually it’s an “answer” that explains precious little.

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