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So much for the notion that a face peaks at 20. And, therefore, photos that follow will represent a pathetic downhill slide.

The great Senator Ted Kennedy, who died earlier this week, developed the kind of face that might inspire anyone to read faces.

That means doing a quality interpretation of how faces physically change over time to reflect a person’s inner development.

Here is my tribute to Ted Kennedy, via the 5,000-year-old art of Face Reading. Let’s explore how his face evolved over time.

We’ll mostly use two photos as a basis for our Face Reading of The Lion of the Senate. They’re shown below but this pair of links may also be useful to you if you want to copy and enlarge the pictures:

  • Kennedy, when first elected to the U.S. Senate
  • Kennedy, the long-term legislator
  • Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Prepare for Face Reading

Skip this section if you have read similar blog posts by me. Otherwise, welcome, New Blog-Buddies. Face Reading Basics have been in place at this blog right since the beginning nearly two years ago.

Most simply, we’ll use my system of Face Reading Secrets®. I’ll point out one item of Face Reading Data at a time. (Spot it on the photo, if you can.) Intepretations will follow.

Each interpretation will include both a TALENT and a POTENTIAL CHALLENGE. Do keep in mind that the potential challenges in Face Reading Secrets® are not necessarily problems for the person whose face is being read. That’s why I add the question mark.

All the problems that can show in Face Reading Data can be overcome. That’s where free will comes in. And it is the use of free will, over time, that exquisitely shapes a face.

The inner person always outpictures through the physical face.

It just takes time for significant changes to show.

To read along with me now, you might want to expand the pictures I’ll use here. Copy each one onto a blank document and then you can pull on the corners to enlarge the pictures, just as I do from Face Reading Central here in my pink office in Sterling, VA.

 Ted Kennedy, newly elected: Moderate Jaw Width

Vintage Ted Kennedy: VERY Huge Jaw Width

Face Reading Data: Moderate Jaw Width

See it? Check out the bone component at each side of the mouth. Young Senator Kennedy shows a modest amount of width. It’s neither narrow nor wide.

Admittedly, I couldn’t find perfect straight-on photos. Precious few b&w head shots were easily available.

The corresponding talent: Loyalty and commitment are flexible. Depending on the situation, Kennedy would persist at tasks of importance to him, but he would also find it relatively easy to let go of a lost cause.

The potential challenge: Finding it hard to persist in trying difficult things during his role as Senator, given great opposition? Feeling discouraged as a result of obstacles in his career? Needing to amuse himself in his famous playboy lifestyle during this period? Admittedly that’s not how every senator with moderate jaw width has reacted to job stress. But it could well have been a factor for Ted.

Face Reading Data: VERY HUGE Jaw Width

See it? In case you’re wondering, that’s bone, not flab. Take another look at the photo and you can get an extremely good look at Ted’s jaws, especially on the right side.

The corresponding talent: Extreme strength for persisting, despite conflict.

The potential challenge: Besides being annoying to his foes in the Senate ;-), the problem with this long-term persistence could be…

Not knowing when to move on to another cause or topic?

 Ted Kennedy, newly elected: Out-Angled Right Ear

Vintage Ted Kennedy: In-Angled Right Ear

Face Reading Data: Out-Angled Right Ear

See it? To tell left from right in a photo, always cross over as if preparing to shake hands with the person. For this particular item of Face Reading data, notice how that right ear sticks out from the side of Kennedy’s head.

The corresponding talent: In career (which is what Face Reading data on the right always is about), the out-angled ear signals independence. With this form of leadership, a Senator will do what he feels needs to be done, regardless of how other Senators respond.

The potential challenge: Being an oddball? Refusing to play by the same set of rules as other Senators?

Face Reading Data: In-Angled Right Ear

See it? Over time, Ted evolved the exact opposite of what he had when younger. Again, our photo at the top of this post can show the Face Data clearly. Notice how that right ear now hugs the side of Kennedy’s head?

The corresponding talent: Sensitivity to other people’s expectations; understanding how the game is played. One of Kennedy’s great accomplishments over the decades was to understand and collaborate with senators who held very different beliefs, expectations, opinions. If you were going to name the one talent most responsible for this kind of effectiveness, well, you’re looking at it.

The potential challenge: Selling out, since other people expect something different from what one desires? (One inner antidote to such a challenge would be wide jaws.)

 Ted Kennedy, newly elected: Philtrum Definition is 10 out of 10

Vintage Ted Kennedy: Philtrum Definition is 1 out of 10

Face Reading Data: Philtrum Definition is 10 out of 10

See it? Here we’re looking at the overlip area, between upper lip and nose. Just how chiselled are the paired ridges, and the hollow between them? As a Face Reader, I’ve created a “Philtrum Definition Scale,” where 10 is the most clearly sculpted and 1 lies at the opposite extreme. The young senator, like his brother Jack, rates a 10.

The corresponding talent: Extreme sex appeal and interest in sex. If you don’t think politicians can benefit from innate sex appeal, you haven’t been paying attention. Sex does sell, and that includes persuading voters to cast a ballot.

The potential challenge: Did Ted, at this stage in life, suffer from over-interest in sex? (This has been called “The Kennedy Curse,” after all.)

Face Reading Data: Philtrum Definition is 1 out of 10

See it? Look for those twin ridges now and you’ll do a whole lot of squinting for very little payoff. A similar shift has happened to Julia Roberts, among others. Why shouldn’t it have happened to Ted Kennedy?

The corresponding talent: Kennedy evolved away from that extreme sex appeal. With a low-definition philtrum, other components of sexiness can do just fine.

With less of his public image involving sex appeal, it became easier for Kennedy to focus on being a senator. It also became easier for people to appreciate his overall power as a politician — something that really evolved in his aura as well.

The potential challenge: Missing those good old days of partying?

 Ted Kennedy, newly elected: VERY Right-Leaning Nose

Vintage Ted Kennedy: Close-to-Center Nose

Face Reading Data: VERY Right-Leaning Nose

See it? Even a new face reader can see this, with a bit of patience supplemented by a blank sheet of paper.

 Cover up one side of Ted’s face at a time. For guidelines, use the center of his forehead and his chin.

Now do the strange kind of treasure hunt that we physiognomists do, a Nose Hunt. The two sides of Ted’s face show very different amounts of nose.

If you remember to cross over, telling right from left, you will notice that this is one of the extremes on Kennedy’s face (and probably one of the reasons for this camera angle, typically done for Teddy during this phase, in an attempt to minimize his facial asymmetries).

The corresponding talent: A Right-Leaning Nose has another name in my books. I call it “The Fame Trait.”

For interpretation, it’s important to distinguish whether a person has it through life, like Ted or if, instead, the face data develops after a person has been famous for a while, like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, or that really famous rock star, George W. Bush.

Ted started with it, which signifies a destiny for fame. For a politician, that would definitely count as a talent.

Here I might mention that there is just one other item of face data, in all my system of Face Reading Secrets®, that relates to destiny and fame. Ted had that one, too: A large amount of Nose Thrust.

The potential challenge: Fame is a messy talent. Could it be hard handling it? Could it be hard desiring it? Could it be hard comparing oneself to even more famous older brothers?

Face Reading Data: Close-to-Center Nose

See it? Although this close-to-center was never true of Ted Kennedy’s politics, it sure became true of his nose. It became much closer to the middle of his face, which is one reason, I suspect, why more front-angle photos of him became available over the years. Kennedy, like any other famous figure, will generally be photographed in ways designed to minimize asymmetries.

The corresponding talent: Interpretation hinges on prior nose angling. For Ted, he has become far more comfortable with his celebrity. He doesn’t push. He has the fame he has and this has ceased to be a defining characteristic of his inner life.

The potential challenge: Lack of tolerance for the rest of humanity?

Ah, there it is, the most common challenge in my system of Face Reading. Here it means that Kennedy may have deplored status seeking in others. In today’s fame-crazed era, Kennedy certainly would have found many examples of this, political and otherwise. Kennedy may have found it odd, the lengths to which people would go for celebrity.

 Ted Kennedy, newly elected: Whole Right Side of His Face is Extra-Large

Vintage Ted Kennedy: Facial Symmetry Is Greatly Increased

Face Reading Data: The Whole Right Side of His Face is Extra-Large

See it? Pull out that sheet of paper one more time for today, Blog-Buddies.

Also, if you’re as squeamish as I can be, fortify yourself with a really deep breath and several shots of whiskey. (Just kidding about the whiskey.)

Cover up one half of his face, as you’ve done before. Only this time, tear your attention away from Ted’s nose and check out the overall size of his face, such as cheek, forehead, chin. You’re going to discover that the whole right side of his face is way bigger, has far more cheek padding. It even sticks out more.

Wow, right? Usually people gloss over huge asymmetries like this… unless we become face readers.

The corresponding talent: This man has been designed for a public life. Deep down, it’s more important to him than his personal life. He takes it more seriously.

Also, he has a knack for getting ahead in the public arenas, achieving high-profile work status more easily than others would in similar circumstances.

The potential challenge: Learning to carry gracefully the tendency to live large?

Given this huge potential challenge, I’m actually impressed that Ted didn’t act out even more than he did during his wild & crazy years.

Think of movie-star-offspring syndrome. Or of child-star growing up syndrome.

If people really thought through the implications of being famous, and how hard it can be to carry, perhaps we’d see the decline of our national craving for celebrity. Instead, this crazy trend rivals the vanity in American culture today.

Face Reading Data: Facial Symmetry Is Greatly Increased

See it? This is a startling shift, achieved over decades. Look at the older photo to help you to see how much development there has been to the left side of Teddy’s face. Again, take out your sheet of paper. Compare those two sides.

The corresponding talent:  Ted Kennedy has learned to balance public life and private life. You can hardly read a newspaper, or watch TV coverage, right now, without hearing stories of Ted’s quiet deeds of charity and compassion. These were personal acts of kindness he did, modestly undertaken, not to be confused with public, politically motivated gestures.

The potential challenge: For a shift like this, I don’t find potential challenge. Rather, I think that Kennedy went through challenges in life and responded to them in ways that shaped his character. And strengthened the whole left side of his face.


This was not an easy lifetime. Ted Kennedy had to cope with an extremely huge destiny for public life, and all you’ve heard and read about his upbringing in the Kennedy clan merely substantiates it.

Call me counter-culture if you must, but I consider those biographical details to be only a different hologram for the same destiny.

Why downplay the importance of belonging to the Kennedy clan, with all the expectations for every son? When I read newspapers stories, I often check out photos of newly proposed celebrities, the sons and daughters of famous parents with a first CD or acting role. It’s fascinating to find the person behind the hype.

With Kennedy, it’s easy to think of his storied family and assume, “He had it made, coming from that family.” Personally, I don’t think so.

Quite recently, I checked out the gorgeous photo of a famous singer’s daughter. Her first CD was being reviewed in The Washington Post. Obviously she is beautiful, rich and primed for celebrity — but will that be enough?

Reading her throat chakra, I’m quite sure NOT. (Which is why her name isn’t mentioned here.)

That young singer’s face is fine for beauty, but none of the tricky Ted traits were in evidence, nor was there anything else indicating a major destiny in the public eye.

If Ted Kennedy hadn’t used his free will to accomplish so much, he would have been just another spoiled wild child. But he met the challenge of handling his destiny in the public eye. He left the deeds to prove it. So, of course, he developed the face to match.

Tomorrow, I aim to add an Aura Reading of Kennedy.

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  1. 1
    violet says:

    Amazing article again, Rose!

    A very outstanding feature about Ted Kennedy is his chin thrust and it is evident in both photos.

    I have a question, could you please tell me what is indicated if the left jaw was more wider than the right?


  2. 2

    VIOLET, thanks. 🙂

    A wider left jaw than right would indicate special tenacity in pursuing causes related to his personal life, rather than work life/political career.

  3. 3
    Sharon says:

    Hi Rose,

    I was touched by the genuine appreciation for Ted Kennedy’s kindness and the many personal stories that came out about his compassion when dealing with people.

    Do you care to touch on his actions / character regarding the night Mary Jo Kopechne died? The story is sad and curious. It seems like a test of his spirit, and he was found wanting. There but for the grace of God, we all might be tested in such a dire, life-and-death matter.

    His book even mentions always wanting to atone. I wonder if you can see a difference in the man’s compassion and dedication before and after that night. Maybe for the aura reading?

    Sometimes things happen where you don’t know how you can go on. I wonder if that night could have ended his “life” too in the sense of shutting down in the face of overwhelming guilt. (Did he feel guilty the way I imagine?) Instead of shutting down, is that what fueled the fire of the lion — the desire to atone?


  4. 4
    Sharon says:

    We have lost another whose giant heart and stories of compassion came to light after his death. I had a curious experience with exploring Michael Jackson’s music, performances, and appearances as archived on youtube after his passing. It moved me to acquire some of his music, as it nurtures my spirit in many ways.

    It felt like his enlarged spirit was embracing the world after his passing. What a body of work to speak for his emotions, heart, dedication and love. This was a true gentleman, and one who shared his joy in the divine union of spirit with life in dance and song with multitudes, like no one else.

    I found myself mourning the loss of his original, beautiful face as I explored images of him. I would see the flashes of Michael’s original smile and expression in his new faces and realized he was still there. The surgeries outpictured his pain, but the faces also seemed to describe a new and evolving person. One of the psychiatrists who investigated him for one of his trials said he was a regressed 10 year old — that emotionally, he basically stopped growing up at that age. And what happened? This young man appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone at the age of 11, which questioned why he stayed up past his bedtime. It was not just the fame, and life as a star performer, it was the abuse of his father. One sad anecdote tells how his father held the young boy upside down by one leg and beat him severely. MJ’s book talked about the boys being beaten during rehearsals when they did not perform up to par. MJ talked about only feeling safe and comfortable on stage performing.

    If you look at the real damage this person suffered, it all had to do with the demands of the industry– early, childhood stardom and carrying his entire family, his head catching fire doing a commercial to benefit his family that he did not want to do (starting him on the road to painkiller addiction), savage commentary from many in the media, and finally and what may be the saddest of all — the pressure of 50 impending concerts at the age of 50 after a decade-long hiatus, when he thought he had signed on for 10 concerts.

    It is too sad for words. All the same, he left his music and all the memories. He is quoted as saying, “I live in the most powerful nation in the world — the imagination.”

    This man’s faces may be too big a project for a blog post. I would be curious as to your insights if you ever have a chance to share them.

    Thank you,

  5. 5
    Sharon says:

    Hi Rose,

    I apologize — I read other pages on your blog after my last comment about Michael Jackson.

    I did not realize that you had already declined the opportunity to engage in reading him.

    Again, my apologies.


  6. 6

    SHARON, Dear Heart, no apology needed. You’re invited to ask anything you like on this blog. I just reserve the right to manage my time in life the best I can!

    Also, to be very clear, in no way do I require that my Blog-Buddies read every comment on the blog before they dare to comment. 😉

    Nothing on the Internet perfectly captures emotions, not emails and not blog comments or posts. So, to be clear, I felt affection for you and laughter (because so many, many people have asked me to read poor Michael Jackson) when responding to your request.


  7. 7

    P.S. For SHARON and others, in today’s culture (online, in the media, etc.) there is great emphasis placed on discussing the most shocking, craziest, flashiest, weirdest people possible.

    When you use Deeper Perception, the deeper you go, the smarter it is to avoid reading such people.

    As you may already be finding, using “The Power of Face Reading,” everyone is fascinating.

    And as you’ll continue to find as you explore Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® or Empath Empowerment®, with even deeper experience of people you find even more fascination.

    Yet those deeper levels of contact are increasingly powerful, regardless of how skilled you are at reading people without taking on their STUFF.

    It’s one thing to put your consciousness smack in the middle of a flower, as Georgia O’Keeffe did in her art. It’s something else to voluntarily place your consciousness in a garbage dump.

    So, to a surface observer, even a thoughtful one, Michael Jackson is an interesting figure. Of course he was talented. But that’s not why people want to read him. He was looney. He became loonier.

    And that’s good reason not to read him unless there was some extremely compelling other reason.

    Apart from wishing to protect my own system, I want to protect my Blog-Buddies. And I also wish to take a stand against glorifying the crazies among us.

    The history of psychology began with the study of neurotics and psychotics. Humanistic psychology, however, considers sane people the norm and self-actualizing people the ideal.

    Wouldn’t you rather pay attention to that? I would.

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