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Can You Cut a Cord of Attachment Belonging to Someone Else?


Spring is not in the air. Nor is blithesome romance.

Although the popular mood need not prevent you from feeling quite wonderful.

I have been receiving two unusual requests from clients. In my 39 years of work with clients, both requests are new. And both requests have been made urgently by significant numbers of clients.

Okay, 3 in a row, for each. Still, that’s enough to make me sit up, take notice, and connect some dots.


Sure, there’s always the occasional client who blames his/her problems on a narcissist or psychic vampire. In the cosmic poker game of blaming, however, recent clients see that and raise that. They have begun to complain of witchcraft.

Yes, I know it is possible to visit a certain storefront operation in L.A. and order up a spell. Some people have always played with black magic, foolish though that is. But I have to say, based on my experience doing Aura Reading of clients and their significant others, the fear of witchcraft is greatly over-rated.

From what I’ve found however, poking into real-life energy fields, the number of witchcraft sufferers is teensy compared to the hoardes who suffer completely different problems that show with Aura Reading.


If you’re feeling bad these days, do something about it.

You. Do something. Get that STUFF out of your aura.

Don’t blame baddies who give the evil eye or psychic vampires or toxic people or narcissists. Threats like these are over-rated. With all respect, if you’ve been worrying, fears of psychic vampires and witches could even be called “convenient.”

Consider a session of Energy Spirituality HEALING. Bring an intention for a way that you wish to have your life improve. Which wouldn’t be, “Stop the madness around me.” or “Kill all the psychic vampires, get revenge on the narcissists and then, before the 55 minutes are over, rid the Northern Hemisphere of all witches.”

(Incidentally, let’s not make the mistake of confusing witches, or practioners of Wicca, with sorcerers who practice black magic.)

Your intention for a personal session needs to be positive and personal, such as:

  • Feel in control of my life, as much as humanly possible
  • Handle conflict better
  • Open up my heart to trust people who are worthy of trust

Fast forward to when we’re together in session. Usually that’s over the phone, but no worries! Phoners are 100% as effective as sessions in person. They’re also way more convenient. In the past two weeks, I have had clients call from Europe, Asia, Australia and that strange, mythical land known as “Texas.”


Just last week, “Minnie” did a session of Energy Spirituality HEALING because, supposedly, there were dark forces impinging upon her.

One bit of inquiry into her aura revealed the problem immediately. It wasn’t witchcraft at all. No, it wasn’t a psychic vampire or narcissist or dragon. Minnie’s aura was chock full of a particular form of astral debris known as “psychic coercion.”

This happens when the pushy messages of others stay stuck in a person’s aura. And the reason they remain stuck, for a while at least, is that Minnie has what I call a “Vulnerability Pattern.”

During the session, I facilitated moving out many truckloads of psychic coercion. It filled up her aura, her home, even her car.

As part of moving all this out, we did some permanent healing of that Vulnerability Pattern. Often, someone will have a subconscious wish or promise. It may be quite beautiful, except that it serves as a sticking place for other people’s STUFF.

Minnie is a devout Christian. Her heartfelt prayers have included patterns like these:

  • Make my home a sanctuary, where all who come can release their cares and find love.
  • Give me other people’s problems, Jesus, so that I can follow your example and help everyone selflessly.

So, you see, Minnie’s problem wasn’t evildoers. It was a misguided striving for sainthood. She was getting what she asked for. Then she didn’t know how to handle it. Minnie assumed the sweetness of her intention would miraculously transform all the energetic garbage dumped, as requested.


“Yes, it’s Rose Rosetree, your roving reporter, with breaking news straight from your subconscious mind…”

After we had set in motion the complete cleanup of all the psychic coercion, it was time for insight. So I read out that Vulnerability Pattern info, fresh from Minnie’s aura and subconscious mind.

Minnie immediately recognized what I described. We worked out some compromise new patterns for her, like “Let God’s presence actively be in my home. So if anyone needs inspiration or healing, that person can receive it directly from God.

“Also, my personal energy — and home –and car — are not available as dumping places for other people’s garbage. I appreciate that each person can connect directly to God to receive healing.

“Whether or not that person takes advantage of this potential for healing… is none of my business.”

For Minnie, and other clients, sessions of Energy Spirituality HEALING can be thought provoking. You might make very subtle, yet very important, shifts in underlying wishes, definition of self, choices about how to engage energetically with other people.

You can keep the good but refine the terms of engagement. And that can make all the difference.

Incidentally, Minnie noticed results immediately, and they have increased. In a natural way. No flash or crash required…


For students who are serious about their professional development at Energy Spirituality HEALING, I provide a Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Because it is very useful to learn the range of skill sets for detecting and healing problems like these:

  • Psychic Coercion
  • Out-dated Facade Bodies
  • Negative Thought Forms
  • Astral Entities
  • E.T. Entities
  • Spiritual Addiction
  • Cords of Attachment

And, of course, I help students develop the basic skill set for sorting out which problem is actually causing the client’s distress. That would be…

Aura Reading and/or Skilled Empath Merge. When people aren’t able to do Aura Reading in depth and detail, it’s easy to blame problems on other people. It’s easier to use labels like “Witchcraft, Psychic Vampire, Narcissist, Toxic People.” However, other people are not usually the problem.

On the subject of worrying about other people, rather than taking personal responsibility, there’s the second kind of urgent request I have received recently.

Cut Cords of Attachment Between Other People?

Since 1985, I’ve been helping clients by Cutting Cords of Attachment. Yet, far as I can remember, nobody has ever asked me to cut cords between two other people until a few weeks ago. And since then, requests have been coming, requests like these:

  • I’m worried about my mother. Can you cut her cord of attachment to my father?
  • My son is experiencing witchcraft from a relative. Can you cut his cord of attachment to her?

Ouchers! Of course not!

You know what that would be, don’t you? Witchcraft. Or, to be more precise, Black Magic

You absolutely have the right to cut every one of your Cords of Attachment. Cut the major Cords of Attachment. Cut the minor Cords of Attachment.

Any of these cord cutting choices can work just fine:

  • Learn the skill set from my upcoming annual Intensive, the Cut Cords Intensive, October 16-18.
  • Or learn the skill set from the comfort of home through the how-to book, “Cut Cords of Attachment.
  • Or have me facilitate cutting a Cord of Attachment for you in a phone session or in-person session.

But you have no right to inflict healing upon anyone else. Never. Ever. It’s that simple.


Sure they are. You may think you know what is best for someone else. You may be quite certain.

Unfortunately, good thoughts and intentions and, even, certainties like these once fueled the Spanish Inquisition. They powered the Holocaust and the Crusades. They inspire today’s suicide bombers.

Some of the worst horrors inflicted upon humanity have began the same way:

“I know just what you need.”

Forget it, my friends. “Psychic coercion” is the name for it. Or, if the person had specialized training, it might even be Black Magic.

Lying, bullying, making people do things for their own good, rescuing them — yech. Would you tiptoe into the room while Uncle Vinnie is sleeping and give him a stealth haircut? Maybe steal his nose rings, so that he won’t wear them any more? How about trying to scrub off his more obnoxious tattoos?

Uncle Vinnie has the right to his own costume choices. Everyone does.

And if you think it’s a simple matter of sorting out “boundaries,” I do encourage you to read this recent Aura Reading blog post about boundaries.

The ethical line, I believe, is that you do have the right to give people advice. Sure, inflict your wisdom upon them. Except it is only fair to tell an adult person ONCE, directly. To that person’s face. Otherwise, you’re sending psychic coercion.

Which is as close to doing witchcraft as most people get, actually.


Just today, I read an article in the Washington Post about a local five-year-old singer, Kaitlyn Maher. She came in third in “America’s Got Talent” and is now recording her debut album, under contract with Disney for her first movie, etc.

About her singing, Kaitlin told reporter Catherine Cheney, “It glorifies God and it makes people happy.”

This dialogue was also reported:

“When you sing, what happens?” [her father] Reuben asked Kaitlyn, who was enjoying Thai food at the dinner table.

“Dad smiles,” Kaitlyn said.

“And what else happens?” Reuben asked.

“People are blessed,” she answered, smiling.

Intention makes all the difference, Blog-Buddies. What kind of blessing is Kaitlyn being taught to attach to her music?

Pure simple, “I love God” is one thing.

The intention, “Make everybody into my kind of born-again Christian” is quite another.

Only Kaitlyn and her parents know which they really mean. People do sometimes put hooks into music, or dinner parties, or love affairs. (And if you could see some of the coercive bumper stickers around here, you’ll understand why I suspect there’s quite a strong missionary hook in that “I love God” message.)

Whenever there is an inner agenda, an attempt to force people “for their own good,” that counts as psychic coercion. It could also be known as “everyday witchcraft.”

Negative consequences will (quite fairly) rebound to the sender. That’s the one thing that will happen for sure.

You’re fortunate, Blog-Buddies, because you are learning to use tools of Deeper Perception. That’s one way to have more security while others around you get scared. Or you get scared yourself.

Read deeper into what’s really happening. Then you won’t have to blame the convenient cliches, names that really disempower you rather than helping a thing: Psychic vampires, narcissists, toxic people, witches.

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  1. 1
    lisa says:

    HI Rose,

    great post… Lots of information to take in. I enjoyed reading your section on possible intentions for sessions. It is an evolving process for me to learn how I can best utilize your skills, and our session time, with the direction of my “intention”. I want to get your “aura reading through all of your senses”… So much I want to learn!

    I am shocked at how much people think it is OK to try to change/coerce just about anyone to a better version of their own liking. Of course, I have to catch myself at times doing this as well. But thankfully, I am learning that I have no control over other’s choices and wishes.

    However, I do have control over how I let someone into my life, who wants to change me or “help me for my own good” because they think I am making a “mistake” (also known as, doing something that makes them uncomfortable or have to take responsibility for their own feelings etc…).

    I say this with humility, as i know that at time, I can fall into this desire to want to control others, thinking that it will make me happier. Of course it doesn’t. This is one of the reasons I love all the skills you teach–because it helps to empower me to make myself happier, while not having much to do with the actions of others, thank you very much! : )

  2. 2
    Jessica says:

    What if someone asks you to cut the cord between them and their partner because they dont know how to do it themselves is the permission thats granted then not black magic?

  3. 3

    JESSICA, welcome to my blog. It’s good to hear from you for the first time.

    You might want to reread the main post. Maybe a bit more slowly?

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