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Your Wonderfully, Very, Human Life

Yes, a new book is in the works, Become The Most Important Person in the Room. “The baby” will officially be published in exactly one week. But today I want to put in a word for a book I don’t talk about much.


365 Ways to a Stronger You:

Balance Your Human Life with Helping Others as a World Server


It’s also called “Let Today Be a Holiday.”

When I put this whatchimacallit daybook together, I was thinking of Blog-Buddies like you — except that I hadn’t started blogging yet. What do all you Blog-Buddies have in common? You’re not beginners.

Sure, some of you may not have been involved for too long, overtly, in “New Age” anything. But if you have found your way here, you’re a spiritual sophisticate anyway.

It’s like living in India, where the culture has jumped what, 60 years?, in the last 10. Sometimes people are inwardly ready to take a great leap, whether you think about it or not.

Just surviving on earth, growing as needed, with formal study or not, wowee! You’re spiritually sophisticated.

Most of you Blog-Buddies, however, are more like me. You’re not new to personal growth, not by a long shot. For years, you have been reading in fields like SELF-HELP, SPIRITUALITY, PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, MIND-BODY-SPIRIT, PARANORMAL.

Well, have you ever noticed that most books in these fields are NOT published for you? Instead, books are aimed at total beginners.

Dummies Books Galore

The big publishers in America can’t help themselves. Given all those bright neon dollar signs in their eyes, plus financial pressures to bring out a “big book,” editors favor the broadest possible market.

As a reader, you’re used to reading books for beginners. It happens even if the writers aren’t beginners at all. In exchange for being published by the biggies, the poor writers make a sacrifice. Their words and meanings are massaged, edited as close to the Dummies level as possible, in hopes of capturing the biggest market.


With this how-to, I chose to do the opposite. Beginners are certainly welcome, but the primary target is the experienced reader.

Here are some of the goodies I incorporated into Let Today Be a Holiday, a.ka. 365 Ways to a Stronger You: Balance Your Human Life with Helping Others as a World Server:

  1. Spiritual techniques and beliefs are “made accountable.” (Especially see the cool Foreword by Japanese mega-entrepreneur Masumi Hori.)
  2. Fresh ideas include “Multiply miracles,” a dozen games with rubber bands, the laughing pool, upside-down prayer, discover your genius.
  3. Also included are advanced versions of well known techniques, like Creative Visualization.
  4. You’ll gain a clear understanding of your TWO great potential roles in life:
  • Being a World Server, someone who helps others spiritually and materially.
  • Having a great Human Life, seeking (and deserving to have) fulfilment as a human being.

Healing Old Heartache

Doing personal sessions of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, I have discovered the syndrome of “Flying OVER the Radar.” This pattern limits money, respect in career, love relationships, sexual fulfillment

  • If you’re often treated as if you’re unimportant
  • If there seems to be a huge gap between what you try and what you accomplish
  • If you keep trying harder and harder to grow spiritually, yet don’t notice much in the way of results

There’s a good chance you are suffering from this syndrome. In which case, I could help you one session at a time. But you also might get the job done simply by reading this book. Just read one chapter a day. Usually, that’s a page a day. Experiment with the ideas, tips, techniques.

Nothing about this realignment is hard or time consuming. You’re just bringing a slight shift that day to your aura, a shift in the direction of balance.


Yesterday I spoke with a client, Gladys. She told me “I ordered all your books from Amazon.”

Excellent! Given the growth opportunity Gladys had, overcoming “Flying OVER the Radar” I was about to suggest that the very first thing she read was Day 1 in “Let Today Be a Holiday.”

Except Gladys didn’t know that this book existed.

Yes, there is an oh-so-funny catch about finding my books at (And one of many reasons why I recommend finding my books instead at Amazon lists books in order of sales. Unless a book manages to sell well, it won’t be listed where you can find it.

Last time I checked under books by Rose Rosetree at, I couldn’t find Let Today Be a Holiday or my novel for empaths, The Roar of the Huntids. Not unless I scrolled into many back pages. One is more apt to find flower-related items under my name, after the more popular books that I have actually written.

I think it took years for the second editions to show up for Aura Reading Through All Your Senses or The Power of Face Reading. Only the first editions showed up, because people had bought them. Then the books appeared to be out of print. Sigh!

Anyway, however you find it, Let Today Be a Holiday could be a natural next step for you. If it can help you, I hope you’ll buy it, play with it, have holidays with it. And not just over this Labor Day Weekend.

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  1. 1
    Lisa (aka Bexley) says:

    I’m an “over the radar” chick and thank you for the reminder to go back to that book and start at the beginning. (Pulls it off her bookshelf and puts it right next to her bed – on TOP of the latest in the “Twilight” series so you know you rate!)


  2. 2

    LISA, aw, you’re just saying that because I didn’t write about “Your Wonderfully, Very, Vampire Life.” 😉

  3. 3
    karim says:

    Very thoughtfull post on self-confidence. It should be very much helpfull



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